E-TYPE CHRISTMAS-(true event)

I HAVE TO THANK RETROLOVER, as a result of talking with him, my memory was set back to Christmas DAy morning 1980 at 0134 me and Two Work Mates who i will call “TOM and DICK” were waiting for the Staff Coach to take us home, these coaches were either 24 or 82 seter jobs normaly. TOM says “Hay whats this coming our way” Dick “no Can`t be for us shorly” along came the usual coach driver exept hes driving my boy hood dream car the E-Type Jaguar Sports Car, For those who don`t know it, a two seater, the driver had not checked-in to see if there was anyone who needed it, he was aparently just passing and decided to drop in just in case someone needed a drop off, he was not expecting anyone to actualy be here needing the coach ? so why bother ? ok so we have surrounded the car and gave him a pice of our minds telling to bad mate you going to some how have to take us all 4 into a two seater plus bags going to be a tight fit, hang-on what this, he got a slut sitting in the passenger seat with him 5 into a two seater, well i tock charge well nmate your taking us all as i got the girl out and sat inthe seat and got her to sit on my lap, Very nice, well i was going to be the last one out he-he-he, TOM & DICK managed to get inside it was crazy but funny too at the time and iv got this short skirt slut must of fellt my hard on, pressed hard up against her fanny with just her knickers. i cant rember were my hands were propably press around her just under her tits, nice that will do me, i do rember the driver complaining, but we told him get on with it lets go, so of we went, dropping off my fellow work mates off on the way. god i don`t know what was worse getting out took ages the driver getting out and untageling someones arms and legs, he was woried about the cops, well being who i am at the time both NO1 & NO2 were waiting for me with there own surprise planned for me, so when the car pulled up, with this slut getting out first then me, you should of seen their faces of disbalif, he-he-he it still makes me smile, i said TO THE SLUT & DRIVER “OK YOU MAY GO NOW” As she was sorting out her clothes ect. which they did of corse, as for me & my two half naked slaves when in-side to have our Christmas fun, it was only my resent talk with RETROLOVER That both NO1 & No2 thought i had fucked her on the way home HE-HE-HE, yes when i saw the coach driver again, he still had the hump, she told him to take her home so she could change, and she just left him sittting out-side in his e-Type car. no christmas present for him i take it. he-he-he-he