Dominating Neighbor

To think it all started with a slight indiscretion. There we were, two ordinary couples, living in a small French village. From the outside, so ordinary, so traditional, but behind closed doors lay another story all together.

The following is based on fact, but the names and locations are changed to protect the not-so-innocent.

But perhaps, I'm getting ahead of myself. Firstly, I should introduce the characters of this story. Myself (Lee), and my wife Sophie, a mid-thirties, happily married couple who enjoy, even if I say so myself, an interesting, varied, yet rather orthodox sex life. Sophie, like many French women is slim and petite, possessing a gentle character and a dazzling smile. Then we have our neighbours, Chantal and David, yet another (or so it seemed) middle of the road couple living in rural France. Chantal, a petite yet buxom blond with a piercing blue-eyed stare, complemented by David, a Martinique dark-skinned, gentle (and extremely reserved) giant.

However, underneath the veneer of respectability lay hidden desires, something Chantal recognised well before the rest of us. As events would unfold, I discovered (but alas, too late) that she manipulated us all expertly.

As I said, it all started with a slight indiscretion. After an evening of good eating and good drinking, in the company of our neighbours, I let slip that we had our own sex blog. For a country like France, this was nothing special. The French internet is full of couples with explicit sex blogs, and MSN traffic is inundated with couples sharing web-cam sex sessions. However, that little faux pas, would lead to the consequences described in this story.

Our blond haired neighbour began her offensive the following day. She happened to mention, in the most virginal blushing manner, how she'd loved visiting our blog, how she enjoyed the photos (blush) and especially the articles describing our fantasies. She hinted how she'd love to do something similar herself, how she'd love to let her sexuality express itself, but that her husband was just too shy. In hushed tones, she confessed her admiration for the both of us; for our variety, our imagination. All the while, her ample breasts pressed up against my arm. With her mental barbs in place, she smiled and timidly asked if I'd help her discretely (“but please don't mention it to Sophie and David!”) start her own blog.

Soon after I saw her first articles. A series of photos of her sucking and fucking her husband's cock. And what a cock! Gentle, reserved David was blessed with a long, and extremely thick cock, complemented by a huge pair of balls that hung heavily beneath. This choice of first images was not random; Chantal knew from reading our blog, that I fantasised about watching Sophie being fucked by a well-hung stranger.

The phone rang. “Do you like the photos? I thought you might appreciate them.”

I replied, “I'm speechless. You're a very lucky woman!”

“In some ways, yes. In some ways, no. David can fuck me senseless for hours with that cock of his. His stamina and staying power is as impressive as his mensurations. But on the other hand, he's so straight-laced. He doesn't enjoy anything off the beaten track, and that includes giving me oral sex. So you see, I'm as in awe of your sex-life, and you of mine. So why don't we allow David to fuck Sophie, fulfilling a fantasy or two you both may have? And in return, I get to use you in all manners imaginable, pushing even you to your limits. Interested?”

Was she k**ding. Would I mind that she persuade my wife to realize one of my favourite fantasies? And in return, I get to fuck this woman? My cock was rock hard. My mind full of erotic images of my beautiful neighbour and the recurring vision of my wife impaled on that huge, thick black cock.

“Sure, but I warn you now.. Sophie's not going to go for it”

Later on, I discovered that Chantal had already begun weeks before a calculated campaign to convert my Sophie to her cause, realizing intuitively that any neighbourly sex would only be secured through her approval. Her intoxicating, raw and frontal approach with me, was complemented by a subtly, gentler approach with Sophie. During many a neighbourly coffee mornings, Sophie & Chantal would casually discuss sex, life and everything. As time went by, the topic of discussion focused more and more on sex. She began to discuss her husband – a quiet, unassuming man, who had been blessed with the most well endowed cock. A powerful combination which slowly worked its affects on Sophie – the idea of such monster cock in the house next door, attached to the most non-threatening and gentle of men.

Chantal slowly worked her way into Sophie's mind. She would sit next to Sophie, coffees going cold, describing the intense feeling of having that cock, whilst in the subtlest of ways, slowly acclimatising Sophie to the proximity of her body, and the sensation of her touch. Sophie in turn would describe to an enthralled Chantal the variety and enthusiasm of our sex life. As time went by, unknown to me, each would read the other's sex blog, to discover the latest pictures and articles, fuelling the discussions for the following coffee morning. Then finally one morning Chantal began to introduce the idea of an exchange.

“I wish you could experience David's cock. Its a once in a lifetime experience. Look, I've bought this dildo to show you how big it is.”

Chantal handed over a large dildo to Sophie, which in fact was significantly smaller than David's cock. She saw no point in frightening her off. Sophie shuddered as she held the dildo. In silence she caressed the monster, lost in her erotic thoughts, until finally she said “I could never cheat on Lee!!”

“I know that! I was thinking about something .. well, innocent. A web-cam link, for example, so you could watch him fuck me. At the same time, in the privacy of your own home, you can play with this dildo and imagine its him? A bit of fun between two desperate housewives? Where's the harm in that?”

Sophie agreed.

That very evening, Chantal set up the web-cam link. Sophie, trembling with anticipation sat in front our our computer caressing the huge dildo. The screen came to life and Sophie got her first glimpse of that huge cock. She felt a seeping wetness between her legs as Chantal took the tool in her two hands, and licked, sucked and nibbled it from top to bottom. Sophie's hand shot between her legs and began frantically rubbing her clit. The sight of his cock was purely intoxicating.

Her pussy was on fire. She picked up the dildo and placed it at the entrance of her hole. The cool plastic send shivers through her body. Suddenly she was concerned. This dildo was ridiculously long, she'd never get it in. Distracted by her thoughts, she forgot about the webcam, until a long moan came through the speakers. She looked up and saw Chantal easing herself down on her husband's thick pole.

Sophie seeing this, forgot her concerns, and slowly pushed the dildo into her eager cunt. The toy stretched her wider than ever before. She matched Chantal inch for inch, and soon her pussy was stuffed full. The orgasms washed over Sophie in waves as she rocked back and forth. She sat there and watched in awe as quiet, gentle David fucked and fucked his wife into sweet oblivion.

Sophie was hooked. From there on it was only a matter of time before we found ourselves naked in David and Chantal's bedroom.

= * =

“Just think about it. He's going to push that monstrous cock deep into her poor innocent little pussy, and you're going to simply stand there and watch.”

My eyes were fixed on my wife, and therefore, I could not see this haunting woman whispering filth into my ear. However, I could smell her perfume, sensed her breath on my neck, and felt her long blond hair falling over my naked back. Her lips caressed my ear lobe, her mouth spurted even more delicious obscenities as her hand squeezed my hard cock

“David's going to give your wife the fucking she's always dreamed of, and you've secretly craved.”

Her ample breasts pushed against my back, her erect nipples pushing hard into my flesh.

“And in return, I'm going to give you and her what you need. Oh yes, what you need .. and what you crave deep down.”

I gasped as my beautiful innocent wife, reached out timidly towards our neighbour's huge cock. I could see the look of longing and anticipation on her face as she licked and sucked that cock head. Her hands looked so small, gripped around his cock and cradling his huge balls.

“Look at her, she can't wait to get that cock inside her” .. Chantal whispered in my ear, whilst squeezing my balls. “You really want to see that cock stretching her pussy? To hear her scream through orgasm after orgasm?”

I whispered, “yes”.

“In that case, it'll be you that takes that cock and guides into her.. Do you agree?”

Her other hand wandered down to my ass and her finger began caressing my ass hole

I gasped “YES!!”, and involuntarily raised myself on tiptoes.

Chantal walked confidently towards Sophie and David. Her hand moved across Sophie's body. Her breasts pushed against Sophie's back as she leaned over and asked, “You want to feel David's cock inside you, don't you?”

Sophie nods. She whispers something into Sophie's ear. Sophie gasps “yes”.

On the bed, Sophie & David lay on their sides, with his huge cock resting on her inner thigh.

Chantal called me over “Get down on all fours and lick your wife's pussy. We need to make sure its ready for that cock”.

I got down on all fours, and approached my wife. Doing so, I saw that imposing cock close up. Even as a man, I could appreciate the beauty of that thick cock. Dark veins ran from the base up towards an enormous glistening bulbous head. The base was so thick, I wasn't convinced my own hand would reach around. To complete the view, a pair of heavy, clean shaven balls lay on Sophie's thigh. As I leaned inwards to lick my wife's pussy I sensed the familiar, yet different, musky smell of his cock. I began to lick her pussy, following Chantal's instructions whispered into my ear. David was obviously enjoying himself, since his cock jerked rhythmically, bumping into my face.

“That's it .. Lick her well … Good. Now take hold of David's cock”

There's a feeling of disgust, trepidation and excitement as I reached out. My hand slides round his veined thickness, and I feel his cock twitch and pulse.

“Now rub his cock head over her virgin cunt .. “

Sophie's cunt was dripping wet, her pussy lips engorged with her lust for this cock. Within seconds his cock head was glistening with her juices. The dominating bitch leaned over, and tied a shoe lace half way down the length of his cock. She pulled it tight, raising a gasp of pain from her husband.

“David, chéri, lets not forget that Sophie's a 'virgin'. You're only to work your cock in up to the shoe lace. For the rest, we'll see later if our guests deserve more.”

I guided his huge cock towards her cunt, and slowly pushed it into her hole. A long moan escaped from Sophie's lips as the tip of the cock head disappeared inside. Chantal whispered into my ear “You're going to help them with your saliva. I want you to keep everything well lubricated. You will lick her pussy lips, her clit. You will also lick my husband's cock. If its not well lubricated your poor wife is going to suffer as that cock head stretches her out. Believe me, I know what I'm talking about, I was his virgin once. And don't even think of pulling it out. Your wife, deep down, would never forgive you.”

Chantal watched as I hesitantly ran my tongue across that huge bulbous cock head. David's cock jerked suddenly and my wife gasped loudly. Frantically, I licked her clit to help her relax. I returned to licking his cock head, hoping it would help its passage into her hole. For sure, my work added extra lubrication, but equally my licking caused his cock to jerk once again, and the bulbous head thicken even more. David slowly pushed upwards and I watched as his cock head disappeared inside my wife's stretched pussy. Her pussy would never be the same again! He eased up, letting her cunt adjust to his girth.

Sophie lay on her side, her eyes closed. Her mouth, half open, let escape a low but persistent moan from her lips. David, constantly watched Sophie's face for the slightest sign of pain or panic, whilst with the utmost care and tenderness, rotated his hips, causing his cock to explore every last nerve ending in her dripping pussy. As her pussy stretched and adjusted to his cock, he would gently pull back and then thrust a little further into her wetness. A loud hiss escaped from Sophie's mouth, as her quivering pussy clamped down on his manhood. The view was utterly memorizing. Sophie's engorged pussy lips, glistening with a torrent of juices, were stretched tightly around that dark, thick veined cock. The tautness of her pussy was almost palpable. Even though he'd only worked three inches into her cunt, it was obvious she'd never experienced anything quite like this before.

I continued to gently lick her clit, helping her to relax. After ten minutes of gentle work, the shoe lace tied around David's cock finally touched Sophie's pussy. Sophie was panting heavily as Chantal leant over.

“There's another 5 inches of cock. We're talking about 5 inches of virgin territory in that pretty little cunt of yours. Do you want it?”

Sophie, her eyes closed in concentration, nodded her agreement. The smouldering look on her face said everything. Backing out was not an option. If we did, she would be forever haunted by the thought of that cock.

Chantal turned to me, “Do you agree? Do you want to see your wife fucked like never before? If so, in return, I get to use you as I please.”

David, withdrew his cock, and rested it on Sophie's thigh. It glistened brightly with her juices. Her pussy remained stretched open.

Sophie cried, “NOO!! Please put it back in. Lee do whatever she says. I can't stop now…Please”

My shoulders slumped, as I mentally prepared myself for the rest of the evening. Chantal's persuasiveness and manoeuvring had left me with no alternative. I untied the shoe lace from David's cock. I grabbed his cock once again, and slid it back into Sophie's waiting cunt. David slowly pushed his cock deeper and deeper, in one long motion.

Sophie's moan raised in pitch. “URGGGGHH”.

Frantically I licked the monster cock, spreading my saliva along its length and across its girth. All that counted now was that Sophie came out of this experience intact. David's strokes maintained a slow, teasing rhythm, but began to increase in amplitude. Relentlessly his cock ploughed deeper into virgin territory .. 7 inches .. 8 inches .. 9 inches .. and then finally all 10 inches buried in her pussy, his huge testicles rubbing up against her labia.

Sophie's face was covered in a thin layer of perspiration. Her constant moans now transformed into deep, frantic panting. David remained perfectly still, letting her adjust to his girth. Once her panting had abated, David flipped Sophie onto all fours. He then began his task in earnest. Sophie's eyes shot open, her face set in a rictus of surprise and pleasure. We both realized that what she'd experienced up until now was nothing more than foreplay. Now, she would experience the real worth of this cock.

David began to gradually pick up pace, his huge testicles slapping obscenely against Sophie's clitoris with each long stroke. Chantal positioned me so I could see Sophie's face. The look of bliss was total. Sophie gripped the bed post. She wriggled and bucked, frantically pushing back with each thrust. She was behaving like a dog on heat. A woman possessed. A long stream of obscenities came forth from my gentle wife's mouth. The whole bed shook wildly each time David slammed 10 inches of solid cock deep into her poor cunt. Her body seemed in constant orgasm, as relentlessly stroke after stroke, he took her higher and higher.

The stamina of this man! The relentless pounding carried on for another twenty minutes. Sophie's face and shoulders had collapsed onto the bed, leaving her ass pointing skywards. This just gave David an even better angle of attack for burying his meat into my (poor?) wife. Finally, David let out a cry, and shot his load deep into Sophie. The two of them lay there panting heavily. Their bodies covered in sweat. Sophie's hair plastered over her face. She looked as if she'd run a marathon.

The silence was broken by Chantal, “Sophie, remembered what you promised me, at the start of the evening? Its time.” I looked between the two of them, wondering what promise had been given.

Sophie looked at me, “Come here Lee. I want you to clean out my pussy. I want you to eat David's cum.”

I finally understood how far Chantal has worked her way into our couple, as Sophie's cum splattered pussy was lowered down over my face. A constant stream of her juices, mixed with huge quantities of cum, slipped out of her pussy. I frantically swallowed.

My cock twitched. My God, I was enjoying this! Then the realisation hit home. Deep down, I'd enjoyed it all. The humiliation, Sophie's fucking, even licking and holding that monster cock. That was Chantal's gift. She knew what you needed better than you did yourself. I was going to enjoy being their sex slave. And I knew for certain that Sophie was going to enjoy more of David's company in the near future.