Distractions – part 2

The train continued to move at speed, the motion creating a welcome friction in my panties. My pussy was hot and slippery, and my nipples were rock hard. My neighbour across the aisle was getting bolder. His fingers traced the outline of his cock, showing clearly as a huge bulge against the denim of his jeans. I looked up, and our eyes locked. He had a playful smile, I was biting my lip in anticipation of what may happen next.

He was the first to speak. “Hi” he said “are you enjoying the journey?”

“Oh yes” I replied without hesitation “are you enjoying the movie?”

“I am enjoying the view more” he said as he applied more pressure to his clearly rock hard cock

We continued to touch ourselves for a few moments – my eyes moving down to that tempting bulge, him staring at my ever more exposed cleavage. I opened another button – the view was not beyond teasing and downright obscene. I pulled the fabric of my top to one side to expose my large dark nipple through the lace of my bra. Licking my finger, I moved it down to rub the tip of my breast, dampening the fabric to expose me further. I heard my audience grown and allowed myself a smile – I was getting more comfortable with this,and my confidence was growing.

With the power all mine, I really started to get into it. I hitched up my skirt and spread my thighs a little – now the damp pink lace between my legs was visible across the aisle. His eyes fixed on my swollen pussy, straining against the flimsy fabric of my panties. I thrust my hips forward, offering myself to this stranger, this guy I had hardly spoken to.

His response was more urgent. He undid his belt and buttons, freeing his hard cock to spring up against his pants. His prick pushed up through the fabric, giving me a preview of the treat that was in store. Long and thick, it leaked pre cum which I was just dying to taste. We both almost lost it at this point – ready to leap on one another, regardless of the fact we were in a public space.

Only the train announcement stopped us from losing control – we were pulling into a major station. As our fellow passengers began to rise from their seats, we hurried to make ourselves decent – him, pulling his jacket across his jutting cock; me, pulling down my skirt and buttoning my blouse. Only the flush on our faces gave away the fact that we had almost succumbed to our desire, right there and then.

This respite gave me a moment to think – what am I doing? Almost exposing myself in public, displaying myself like that for a complete stranger. Dear god, what is wrong with me?

The train pulled away, our carriage now almost empty except for us. My neighbour smiled a broad and friendly grin before saying “well that was bad timing”….

I laughed and relaxed again. Clearly, this guy was only after some fun in the same way I began my journey.

“So where were we? Shall we carry on?”

“mmm well I need to do something about this – I can't greet my wife at the station with it!” He pulled back the jacket to show his cock still stiff.

“Well what shall we do? I have a situation of my own here. It hardly seems fair to leave me out” I slid my skirt back up and spread my legs wide, showing my sodden knickers.

My new friend sat back in his seat, twisted round to get the best view of me.

“Open your shirt. 3 buttons this time. Let me see those tits in all their glory”

I did as I was bid. Opening the shirt and pulling it back to show my 32FF tits encased in pretty girly pink lace. My nipples poked through, hard and dark.

“mmm very nice. Now, why dont you lick them for me?”

Again, taking my orders well, I lifted my right breast to my mouth, flicking my tongue over my nipple, messy and wet, so as to make the lace translucent. I looked up to see my new friend licking his lips, staring hard at my tits.

“Very good, now how about the other one?”

Moving my mouth to my left breast, I hungrily licked and sucked my nipple, moving one to the other, my bra wet and see thru.

I sat back, running my hands over my tits, tweaking my nipples. I wanted him on me now. Wanted his tongue on my nipples, his hands all over me.

“Take it off. Show me your tits you naughty naughty little traveller”

I scooped my enormous tits from the bra, so they stuck up and out obscenely.

“Tell me what you would like me to do with them, you horny little devil”

“mmm i want you to touch me. To lick me. To suck my big hard nipples. I want your cock between them”

As I finished my wish list, my voice must have risen. My new friend pressed his finger to his lips and sat back, throwing his jacket to me to indicate I should cover up. I did so, watching and waiting for his next move.

Just as I covered myself, and saw him pull down the table shelf to disguise his own state of undress, one of our fellow travellers walked by. He looked down at me, and I swear he was smirking. Had he heard us? Did he see that we were in the middle of something? I felt a hot flush of shame, and at the same time, a tingle of excitement. What did I want more? To continue with my handsome stranger in our own secret, or to be caught by yet another man, maybe letting him watch? My pussy throbbed at the thought and I glanced over the aisle, where my new friend winked at me.

“That was close” he said, looking more excited than concerned

“Yes it was – do you think he knows?”

“I think he certainly looked like he does – did you notice the bulge in his pants as he walked by?”

So concerned with covering myself , I had missed that! The thought of two hard cocks almost pushed me over the edge. This journey was shaping up to be a good one!