Discovering the truth

Finding the truth can be painful or pleasurable. Sometimes it can be an intense combination of both and that is where I find myself now. After a couple drinks and thinking through all this maybe I can convey what I mean.

I have been married to my wife, Maggie, for 14 years. I never questioned her fidelity but admit I enjoyed how she flirted and always got the attraction of so many men. My wife is 34, only an inch over five feet tall and even after two k**s she wears a size 8 and has a set of legitimate 36D's with a 27 waist and 37 hips. Maggie has light brown hair, shoulder length and wavy and hazel eyes. It's hard to say what I love about her body more but judging from the collection of compliments over the years it would be her tits, thighs and ass. She also has a full bush – something different nowadays – of thick, dense brown hair between her full thighs and she keeps it neatly trimmed – just full.

My suspicions were finally aroused about two years ago. Our k**s, a boy and girl, ages 12 and 10, were at the stage of wanting us to buy everything they saw. Maggie was also looking for a job outside the house and found one through a friend of ours named John. He works as a real estate adjustor and almost as soon as Maggie expressed interest in working John found her one in the office where he works. He and Maggie were friends before we got married and she introduced him to me and we became friends. John's wife, Terri, is friendly but it's obvious she and John have different agenda's in their relationship so it is John with whom we are better friends.

Over the years there was always joking about the 3 of us. I never paid attention to how John and Maggie always managed to be together – she said just because they were friends. But once they began working in the same office building I detected something more. They began riding to work together – it seemed natural for economic reasons. But Maggie quickly got into the habit of coming home late – well after her 4 o'clock quitting time. She always said she was just acclimating herself to the job. But it was always with John. After a few months it began bugging me. Then, purely by chance, I happened to be driving on an errand and saw John's car parked in the driveway of our house. He wasn't supposed to be there and when I parked and came in, I immediately suspected I had either interrupted something or the two of them had just hurried finished. John was “leaving” and his face was flushed and he had a very superficial grin on his face. “Maggie called me over,” he explained nervously (and quickly) to check a report she had finished for me. I guess she wanted to make sure it was the right format.” I accepted his explanation as innocently as I could and let him go. I went upstairs looking for my wife since she wasn't with John as he left. I found her in the bathroom next to our bedroom – wearing a blouse open down the front and a pair of tiny bikini panties. Her big tits were partially exposed and the brown nipples were hard. The panties were super tight across Maggie's ass and thighs and her bush made a thick bulge in the crotch. I glanced at her crotch quickly but didn't see any signs of outright sex – although Maggie had a nervous, anxious look on her face.

“You were with John dressed like that?” I asked. Maggie made a face and shook her head.

“Of course not,” she swore and made me sound stupid. “I am getting dressed. I had on jeans and a sweater.” She pointed to the clothes on the bed. I couldn't argue. I had second thoughts. Maybe I jumped the gun. “You think we were fooling around?” Maggie almost laughed. “Damn. I like John but he is just a friend.” She said it so easily I felt guilty.

But there was now a question mark in my mind. Suddenly I began thinking of all the years the two of them had had total access to each other without any suspicions or comments. That little chink in the armor was enough to get me thinking. And that led to more thinking. Our sex life was okay – nothing smashing but acceptable. We usually found time to fuck once a week, maybe every two weeks. Maggie would lay back, let me mount her and we'd ride together easily and she'd climax. Once I was done that was about it and nothing more was said until the next time. Hey, after all those years and two k**s I figured it was the norm. But after that episode finding John at the house I began wondering.

I decided to be more cautious because if they were fucking on the side I knew they'd suddenly get more cautious also. And I began checking Maggie's purse every night when she was asl**p – something I never did before. On the second night I found the 'smoking gun'. It was her little calendar she used to track her schedule for the month. I paged through the little book and began discovering days circled in red ink – nothing more – just circled. I wondered what they meant and looking further, saw that the next month had three days circled with a small addendum that said: 'K 2 NYC – k**S 2 MOM'. My mouth went dry. It was a three day trip I was making to New York to visit a buddy of mine I hadn't seen in four years. Maggie obviously planned to have her mother take care of our two k**s – but why?

The first thing I did was call my buddy and re-schedule my visit. He was fine with it. I'd go up the next month, no problem. I didn't tell Maggie things had changed, though. I really had to marvel at how nonchalant she acted. It was like nothing was wrong, everything was just hunky dory. But I also noticed a subtle change in our sex. In the two weeks prior to me leaving I was horny. The idea of Maggie getting fucked by another guy was arousing me. So I started coming on to my wife.

For her part, Maggie gently resisted me. In bed at night I would run my hand over her round sexy ass and squeeze it. “How about some pussy?” I asked. Maggie stirred and sighed. “Not tonight. I really just don't feel like it.” She let me keep feeling her bare ass. “I am really horny,” I said. Maggie sighed again and rolled over. “How about if I jerk you off?” she suggested. Her hand went to my cock, gripping it gently and beginning to pump. I let her stroke a few times and then ran my hand over those thighs and felt her bush. She wasn't wet and he pussy lips were closed tight. “Let's fuck,” I urged and Maggie actually tightened her thighs and rolled slightly. “Uh uh,” she murmured. “Just lay still and let me jerk you.” I was heated and frustrated. I guess she must have felt the tension because she turned to me and said, “Feel my tits…” and those heavy 36D's pressed against my chest. I began feeling them as she pumped my cock. I was rock hard. As an added touch Maggie turned more and pressed that hairy pussy against my thigh. She did all this very mechanically, no second thought. Her pussy was totally dry but she gently rubbed it against me. “Tell me when you're gonna cum,” she murmured. My hips were pumping and her hand felt good. “I'm cumming,” I managed to say. And at that moment Maggie gripped my cock and held it pointed away from her and I shot a load onto my stomach. She gave me a couple more strokes and then released my cock, wiping her hand on my stomach to get off some of my cum that had slid down over her fingers. I guess I should have been pissed but the very distant and mechanical way she handled me had actually been arousing. I also began thinking about her being fucked by someone else. That same episode happened three more times during the days before I was supposed to 'leave'. No fucking – just a mechanical hand job with me feeling her tits so I'd cum faster.

I was to leave on Friday. I packed everything just as planned and Maggie was cheerful and helpful. She gave me a big kiss as I went to the door and told me to just have fun and not think of her and the k**s. “You don't even have to call,” she said, smiling brightly at me. “I'll just plan on seeing you in three days.” She watched me drive off. I went about ten miles down the road and checked into a local Marriott –parking m car deep in the garage. I wasn't taking chances someone would see it and later mention it to Maggie. The whole time my cock remained hard and throbbing and I had a knot in my stomach the size of a g****fruit. “What if I am wrong?” I kept wondering. “I will be the biggest fool on the planet! What if Maggie is just gonna go shopping with some friends?”

As soon as it was dark I got in the car and drove back home. Maggie's car wasn't there – she'd taken the k**s to her mother's. I parked at the end of the street, back from the corner and under a tree. Since nobody expected me there they'd not be looking for the car but I still took no chances. I waited about 15 minutes before seeing Maggie's car approach and turn up our street. I waited another ten minutes and got out and began the longest walk up the block in my life. Maggie's car was in the driveway and in front of it was JOHN'S! My heart was racing, my mouth was dry and my hands trembled as I went to the back and into the basement entrance. I had a little pencil flashlight to use in the dark basement and carefully went up the steps, listened for sounds and then quietly went in the house. The first floor was dark but lights were on on the second floor and music was playing. It seemed like forever to get up the stairs but they are carpeted and kept my approach silent – besides, nobody expected me and music was playing.

At the second floor landing I could kneel on the steps and look through the bannister railing around the corner into our bedroom. The lights on both nightstands were lit. As I looked in I felt like I was looking through gauze. My head felt stuffed with cotton.

Maggie wore a pair of tiny panties – so small her plump round asscheeks were bare and her pussy hair stuck out. Her big tits were swaying back and forth as she was leaning over on the bed sucking John's cock. Her head bobbed up and down and deep wet sucking sounds came from her throat. Both her hands gripped his shaft, sliding in motion with her head. Maggie's lips are ovaled and tight around John's cock. He was big – very big. Maggie used both hands to hold his hard meat and John was stroking Maggie's hair and reaching under to fondle those big tits. “That's it, baby,” John was saying softly. “Suck that big cock you love so much.” There was a pause and Maggie mumbled. “Mmm hmm,” and kept sucking. “You love that big cock, don't you?” John asked her. Again a pause and Maggie lifted her head and looked at John. “Yesss,” she hissed before going back to sucking. “You need that cock, don't you,” John teased her. Maggie groaned and sucked loudly. “Does my girl need it?” John asked.

“Mmmmmm,” my wife just murmured around the cockmeat in her mouth. “Tell me where,” John urged her. Maggie reached for one of John's hands and pushed it between her soft thighs. “There,” she hissed. “Tell me,” John pushed her. “I want it in my cunt,” Maggie said, almost desperately. She NEVER used that word with me! “” want it in my hairy cunt,” she said hoarsely. “I want to get fucked.”

With that, John pushed Maggie back. She immediately lay back in the bed, eyes locked on his, and slowly spread her thighs. She brought her legs back, bent at the knees, until she was wide open. I could smell her wet pussy from where I was. John knelt beside her as she grasped his big cock and stroked it. The cock was long AND thick and John's balls were the size of plums – tight and swollen. He ran his hand between her thighs, rubbing her open pussy, dipping fingers into the open hole. Maggie's pussylips were swollen and hanging open. “Fuck me,” she said fiercely.

John moved between her legs. Their eves never left each other. Maggie's big tits lolled on her chest and as John bent to suck a nipple Maggie groaned, reached between her legs and gripped his cock, bringing the big head rght to her fuckhole. The moment she felt the cockmeat against her, my wife's hips began churning. She jutted at the cock but John kept it an inch from her. “Fuck me,” Maggie almost pleaded. It was then that f******n years of life tumbled down.

“Tell me why,” John asked sternly. Maggie whimpered. “I want a baby,” she gasped. John grinned. “That's right. Whose baby do you want?” He gently patted her stomach. “Yourssss,” Maggie hissed. “Ourssss.” John nodded. “Are you fertile?” My wife nodded, her eyes glazed over. “Yes…yes I am,” she said urgently. “I always tell you when I am.” John smiled. “Your husband hasn't cum in you, has he?”

Maggie shook her head energetically. “No. No,” she answered. “Hand jobs. I don't even let his sperm near my cunt.” John approved. “Good girl.” He wiped his cock over Maggie's hairy slit. “And he thinks the other two are his also?” Maggie SMILED AT HIM! “Yes, baby,” she cooed, her hips still rolling gently. “He has no idea. I told you a long time ago I wanted to give you all your babies…and I have.” I felt like passing out. All these years I had never suspected a thing! All these years John and Maggie had been making their own private f****y!

“Then it's time to add another,” John said. Maggie just sighed, bringing her knees further back. Her pussy was so wide…the hole was flooding with juice that had pooled under that round, sexy ass and made the asscheeks shine and glimmer. She took John's cock in her hand and wedged the head up into her hole. “Mmmmmmmmmmmm,” she groaned in pure satisfaction. “Ready?” John asked. He didn't wait. Placing his hands on my wife's waist, he pushed in. The thick cock slid right up into Maggie's pussy -effortlessly. “Perfect fit,” John declared and settled atop my wife's body. Maggie's arms came up arond his neck and her legs went around him. Maggie took John's tongue deep in her mouth and her hips began humping at him in a slow rhythm. I could hear the wet sound of cock pumping pussy, Maggie whimpering and groaning and John's breathing. His ball sac smacked at Maggie's asscheeks and the room was filled with a steady sound of sex – the bed creaking, cock in pussy, juice slurping, Maggie's whimpers… everything.

“You're gonna be pregnant when your husband gets home,” John grunted. “Uh…huh,” Maggie grunted back. “You're gonna have my third baby in your belly when he comes through the door,” John reminded her. “Oh yes…oh yes,” Maggie squealed, pussy churning. “Does it feel good having me get you pregnant?” John asked. My wife's head nodded. “Always,” she gasped. “Always. I want so many babies with you.” They fucked deep and hard. John settled into a steady pace, reaching under to grasp Maggie's asscheeks in his hands and driving deep.. “Uh-uh-uh-uh…” Maggie grunted in time with each thrust, her head jerking, hips rocking. “Gonna cum,” John snorted. Maggie embraced him, her pussy churning. “In my cunt,” Maggie hissed loudly. “Put it all in my cunt. Fuck my hairy cunt….you love fucking my hairy cunt,” she kept repeating. “Put that baby in me….put your baby in my belly.” Suddenly Maggie stiffened and began squealing loudly, head thrashing back and forth. She was climaxing deeply.

John groaned and shoved himself deep. I watched his ass flex and clench. I realized I was watching him spurt a huge load of sperm into my wife's pussy. They were locked like that for several seconds before stopping. Maggie's inner thighs were a sticky mass of sperm, her engorged pussylips leaking the gooey, pasty semen. When she finally parted her thighs her bush was a wet, matted mass of semen causing some of the hair to be glued to the smooth skin inside her thighs. “Do it again,” she whispered, gently rotating her hips. “I want a baby so bad.”

I knew the truth. I was shocked, stunned, betrayed, depressed…and incredbly aroused. My biggest problem would be keeping quiet. I know Maggie and John kept at it even when I “returned”. I started isolating myself…trying to be inconspicuous about it. I didn't bother Maggie about sex. I would wait til she was alseep at night and jerk off alone. Maggie didn't seem to notice or care. She never bothered to ask if I wanted sex. Everything else was just normal as could be, like the lack of sex wasn't even noticed. I started noticing the slight telltale bulge appear in my wife's belly. I know she told John she was carrying their third baby. I don't know if Maggie forgot that we hadn't had sex or what but she made no effort to hide her swelling stomach. It all came to a head soon enough.

We were laying in bed. Maggie's belly was round and swollen, the skin taut over the surface and her big heavy tits now fatter with milk, the nipples wide and dark. As thick as her bush was it disappeared under the heavy stomach with John's baby nestled inside. Maggie sighed and rolled toward me. “You want to be jerked off?” she asked quietly. I put a hand on her pregnant belly. “Why now?” I asked. Maggie gripped my cock. “It's been so long,” she said. “Since you got me pregnant.” There was an awkward pause, I think she realized what she said. “The baby is John's,” I told her in an even voice. I felt her handrelax on my cock. “Keep holding it,” I told her and she did. “You're carrying his baby,” I said. “And both the other k**s are his also.” Maggie just stared at me. “How long have you been fucking him?” Maggie didn't answer at first. “Two years before we got married,” she responded softly. I nodded and felt my hips move, fucking her hand. She felt it also and tightened her grip, letting my pump her hand. “Do you want to keep fucking him?” I asked. “Y-y-yes,” she said. “And have babies?” I asked. Maggie nodded. “Uh huh.” “How many?” My wife didn't answer at first and then said, “Two more.”

My hands moved over Maggie's swollen, pregnant belly. I squeezed her tits and kept fucking her hand. “Then you can keep it up,” I said. My wife's eyes flashed open in surprise. “But at a cost,” I said. “What?” she asked quickly. She rubbed my cock over her belly, the belly holding John's third baby. “You'll jerk me off any time I want it,” I told her and she agreed immediately.