Discovering sex

I was 11 in the mid-1950's northern England. The mechanics of sex were not something we were really aware of, although there was a vague attraction to the opposite sex.

Mom was particular about the k**s I associated with out of school. As a result I was allowed to play with neighbours' k**s in their gardens. So my playmates were s****rs Molly (11) and Jean (12), Kathleen (13) and Sylvia (12).

The garden at the s****rs' house included an old air-raid shelter that became our den.

I can't remember exactly when the game of 'doctors and nurses' became our staple activity.

There was a low table in the middle of the shelter on which the 'patient' would lie naked. Female doctors were unusual at that time so, of course, I was elected to the role permanently.

The girls took turns to be the patient. My examination technique consisted of getting them to open their legs wide so I could fondle their hairless cunts. Kathleen had the starting of breasts. This fascinated me and I could not get enough of rubbing my hands over them. I also enjoyed getting them to lie face down while I squeezed and massaged their buttocks.

The girls also examined the patient and I noticed that they rubbed their fingers up and down the patient's slit. I also saw that they often slipped their fingers inside the cunt hole and moved them in and out. Sometimes the patient would thrust her buttocks off the table as if trying to get the fingers deeper into them. I began to do the same, getting my fingers quite slimy and wet.

One summer day during the school holiday I was examining Kathleen, fingering her cunt, when a shadow fell across us from the doorway. We, by this time, decided to play totally in the nude.

Molly and Jean's 17-year-old b*****r had returned from work amd had decided to look in on us.

“I think I'll have to tell mom and dad about this,” said. His s****rs began to cry and the other two looked at him with fear.

“Maybe I won't if you do as I say and let me join the club, he added.

We were all so relieved that we nodded gratefully.

He moved deeper into the shelter and told Kathleen, who had sat up, to lie back down. He stood between her legs, took his cock out of his trousers and began moving his hand bakwards and forwards along its length. It to what seemed to me to be an enormous size. I was just fixed in amazement as I watched him.

He then spit on his fingers and inserted them into Kathleen, moving them in and out before bring his nob to the entrance of her cunt. After rubbing it up and down her slit for what seemed like ages he suddenly pressed forward and I could see his cock moving in and out of her.

He moved faster and faster. Suddenly he pulled out of her with a gasp and a whire sticky fluid shot cross her belly and as far as her breasts. He leaned forward and began to sqeeze her tits while rubbing his cock up and down her mound.

After he left we all got dressed and, with an unspoken agreement, did not meet again for more than a week. When we did meet the other girls were full of questions for Kathleen.

“It did hurt in a nice kind of way,” she told us. “As he pushed into me faster and faster I felt like I was falling. I was disappointed when he pulled out, but think some of that sticky stuff came inside me first.

“I was sore inside for a few days, but now I'd like to try it again.”

“Want you to do it to me Ian,” she said as she began to strip. She lay on the table with her legs in the air. I dropped my pants and stood between her legs, manipulating my cock in the way I had seen Tony do. After what seemed like and age I was still as limp as when I started.

Kathleen got angry with me and in desperation I grabbed and broom handle and slipped about six inches of it into her cunt. She calmed down and began to move as though she was enjoying it. Several minutes later she began to moan and thrash about before lying still and gasping.

Needless to say I had to do the same to the other three girls.

Tony never visited us again.

We continued with our game with the broom until, shortly after my 13th birthday, I felt my cock getting hard as I worked on Kathleen. I threw the handle down and quickly pulled my cock out. I was surpised at its length. Pushing it inside her wet and warm cunt I thought I had arrived in heaven. I just wanted to push harder, deeper and faster.

I just felt like I wanted to climb inside her as I gushed deep into her cunt.
Kathleen was bucking like mad, pressing her fist into her mouth in order to stifle her moans.

The other three girls wanted the same. I obliged, although it becme more difficult to get a hard on and and did not cum for them.

Thus began one of the most special times of my life.