Decades pass ( Sarah's Story)

This is somewhat of a repost of a response I gave to the thread “General / General Discussion, Talk about everything here / Re: Your fist experience”
In this installment I decided give you the back story. Its long, but I hope you will find it worth reading! Far less typos too Grin Hopefully!

It was decades after my first fisting experience with Nancy. I was recently divorced and decided to explore my remaining sexual fantasies. I joined an Adult lifestyle site and met a woman named Elizabeth who was both BI and a switch. We had a Dom/Sub relationship for a while but the responsibility and the role- play got to be too much for me. Elizabeth had moved on but we remained friends. A couple of months later she called me and asked how I had been and whether I’d be willing to meet this woman/ Liz had met this woman at a BDSM party, she was very submissive, very green, wanted to explore but didn’t necessarily want to be immersed in that lifestyle. Of course I agreed and arranged to meet Sarah.

Sarah was in her late 30’s, a single Mom, extremely plain but not unattractive. Sarah was a big girl, 5'9″ 165lbs, but very curvy. 40D breasts with long nipples and large Areola. She was shy and self conscious because she had an unusually big clit and large labia. She only shaved her Bikini line and left her pussy natural to cover her largeness “down there. The overgrowth did its job of camouflaging the parts of her anatomy she was self-conscious about. I personally love big clits and labia, to be honest I have a pussy fetish if you will.

On our first meeting Sarah loosened up after a few cocktails and some heavy petting. I asked her what she wanted to try, she giggled nervously and through a shy smile said “everything.” “ My husband was a d***k, never really satisfied me then ran out on us, the guys I have been with only fuck me so they get off, you know? I want to learn, I want to cum, I’ll let you do anything you want to me…anything, as long as it doesn’t permanently mark or disfigure me, and you don’t have to love me or take me out, just tell me when its over!” It was an offer too good to pass up and so it began.

We started with some light bondage. I bound her wrists and ankles to my brass bed and blindfolded her. I left her bound and in the dark. I came back with a peacock feather and a burlap glove. I wanted to tease her with the different textures but that bush got in the way. I left her again and came back with my beard trimmer, my shaving brush, soap bowl hot water and a towel. I buzzed her bush low and tight, she squirmed with the vibrations from the trimmer. I wet her remaining pubes with a hot, wet, corner of the towel, lathered up the brush and applied the hot lather to her mound and labia. I could see her juices seeping out as I deftly denuded her once bushy cunt. Her clit and labia now showed prominently between her wide open legs. Sarah's pussy was actually very lovely. I folded back her generous labia with my fingers and stood back. I know this might sound trite but with her long clit and labia folded back, her pussy looked like a wet pick butterfly!

I removed the blindfold momentarily and showed her, her new look with a hand mirror and asked “do you like how your pussy looks? Sarah replied “Yes Sir! I haven't seen my pussy look like this since I was a little girl but then everything was smaller” Admiring my own tonsorial handiwork I offered, “Well I think you have a beautiful pussy! and asked, “Shall we begin?” ” YES SIR!!! Sarah replied. So I replaced the blindfold Sarah's nipples were are already taught with excitement. I fetched two clothes pins from my drawer and placed them on each erect nipple and tugged to make sure they were secure, she winced but did not complain. Sarah's nipples were so long at least a ¼ inch stuck out from above clothes pins!

I took an ice cube from my drink and rubbed it on each swollen nipple, then applied it to her big throbbing clit then slid the remainder inside her hot wet cunt. I saw her shiver, so I began spanking her pussy saying this will warm you up. I went back out to the kitchen and brought back my grocery bag of tricks. I put a pillow under her ass, untied her ankles and bound her ample tits with the ankle ropes. This made Sarah's tits and nipples bulge. I produced another clothes pin and taking her big clit between my finger clamped her clit, this was too much for Sarah at this point. Being blindfolded, tits bound and nipples clamped, so I removed the clip from her clit and began to suck and nibble on her “little penis.” Sarah went off like a bottle rocket! As she did, I slid a large banana into her waiting pussy, and began to fuck her with it hard, fast and deep! She came again I removed it and started to work it into her ass.

“Hey, she exclaimed I’ve never had anything in there!” “Oh really,” I replied, “you said anything I wanted.” So, I lubed her rosebud and slowly slid my cock into her virgin ass. Giving it to her first an inch at a time, then to the hilt, then all the way out and all the way in, then fast hard and deep. As I pounded her no longer virgin ass, I slid two fingers into and began strumming her g-spot. “OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD” she exclaimed, as I felt a familiar gush of warmth covering my cock and lower abdomen. I felt like I was going to cum any second, so I pulled, out straddled her chest and told her to open her mouth. I shot my load into her open mouth and onto her face. I scooped up the cum from her facial onto my fingers and told Sarah to suck them clean, which she did without hesitation. Sarah confessed was embarrassed about “peeing” on me, I assured her it was a good thing, it was a feminine ejaculation and not pee! That night I fucked her with the banana, a cucumber, a Corona bottle (both ends) and even got five fingers into her but only to the knuckles. Sarah said she was getting sore from all the activities, but she loved everything we did especially the anal sex. So we stopped and just hung out for the rest of the night.

The next couple of meetings we did more of the usual stuffing. She graduated to different fruits & veggies, (squash, corn, carrots, Daikon radish,) larger bottles bottles, cans etc. We even tried a wine bottle (bottom first) but couldn't get it in. One night I was inspired. After our usual preliminary insertions, I lubed up the eggplant I had bought for her but I couldn’t get the large end to go inside her. So, I peeled the cap and stem off and worked the smaller end into her. Then I commanded her to sit on it. I held the large end while she squatted on the deep purple invader, her large labia hugging its slick sides. But the mattress gave too much, so I pulled up a wooden chair and repeated the process. That was the ticket! She gasped as she bore down on the eggplant with her full weight.Once she had accustomed herself to having something that long and wide inside of her, I grasped her hips and pressed her down onto the eggplant. She quivered and came, then to my amazement began to bounce up and down as hard and fast as she could. Sarah was stretching herself for me and enjoying every minute. I made her push down as far as she could and showed her what it looked like with the hand mirror. “I can’t believe I can take that much,” she exclaimed. I rolled my hand into a fist and asked “are you ready for this?” YYYESS Sir she replied tentatively, ‘’your hands are so big.”

I pulled up another chair, made her put the small of her ass on the edge of the bed and a foot on each chair. Creating a poor-man's gyno chair. I then slipped on an exam glove and lubed it well. As I approached I noticed Sarah’s nipples were taught and standing like two soldiers, she took rapid short breaths in anticipation, her sizable clit throbbed and her pussy oozed a mixture of her cunt cream and the lube from the eggplant.

I tweaked her rock hard nipples with my ungloved hand the ran my hand down over her tummy and asked her to relax. The glove hand spread more lubrication over Sarah's clit and labia as I inserted a couple of fingers deeply until I could feel her cervix. She quivered and sighed with excitement and anticipation. I moved to four fingers, her waiting pussy easily stretching to accommodate them. I tucked my thumb under gently opening my fingers and thumb forcing the walls floor and ceiling of her womb and stretching her even more. Without warning I pressed harder driving my whole hand inside of her. She gasped, then convulsed in the throws of a huge orgasm. Remembering my first time with Nancy I began fucking her with my hand twisting and turning my fist inside of her. She exploded again and again but she was much larger than Nancy so it presented no problems.

“Wait , stop, please, I need a break,” she implored, “whew! That was amazing!” she told me breathlessly, her legs still quaking “I need to pee.” Her legs were wobbly and I helped her to the bathroom. Again remembering my first time I told her, ‘”you are going to pee for me and I am going to watch!” “ But I’ve never had anyone watch me, I don’t know if I’ll be able to,”
she informed. “ Now Sarah, of course you will,” I demanded, “now sit on the back ledge above the tub and pee for me.” I stood at the other end of the tub, probably making her even more nervous. It took her a bit of time, first a little trickle then a hard stream started to run between my feet and down the drain.

“ Spread yourself for me,” I again demanded. Sarah spread herself with the fingers from both hands but nothing came out. Perhaps it was watching her pee, I was semi-hard and realized I had to go too. “Hold on I have an idea,” I told her. I was holding my cock getting ready to pee on her, when she said “I dunno about this!” “I said “remember you said anything and you love having cum on you, besides you’ve made me wet before, remember?” “Oh yeah I guess I did,” she recalled “go ahead.”

Still holding herself open, in my semi-hard state when my stream finally started, it hit her full on in the chest, cascading over her tits and nipples, running down her tummy, over her clit and down into her pussy. “OH MY it’s so hot!” Sarah exclaimed. I said, “of course its is!” ” Well, I meant your pee is hot,” she retorted. Her stream started anew, but I had only just started. I took a step closer and directed my stream to her chest, some splashed up and a few drops landed on her face and lower lip. u*********sly her tongue darted out and licked up the errant droplet. I told her to keep spreading but put her heels up on the sides of the tub.

I got about six inches from her open pussy and trained my stream directly at her engorged clit. She must have loved it because her foot came off the side of the tub her legs visibly quaking.
Sarah spread herself even wider and arched a bit to accept my stream directly into her gaping hole. I watched it fill up then overflow. I knew she was cumming so I pressed my semi-hardness inside her. It felt amazing, but I was done. When I straightened up when Sarah grabbed my ass and pulled me closer to her. She took my cock into her mouth and sucked it. Then she said, “MMMMM tasty, that was wild I can’t believe I let someone pee on me let alone in me! I feel like such a slut. But I did like it!” We both laughed.

I drew the shower curtain turned on the shower and used the removable shower head to douche her out. I began soaping her up which must have got her started again, because she grabbed my cock and began rubbing it against her pussy while she kissed me. Then with the water running Sarah got down on all fours her ass in the air and said “Fuck me!” I inquired, “fist or cock? Pussy or Ass?” She said “any, all, I don’t care just fuck me!”

Sarah’s cunt was wet and gaping. My hands were still slick and soapy so I took the bar of soap and slid it into her waiting hole. She giggled and pushed it back out. Then I used the soap and lathered her up and shoved my hand inside of her with one quick stroke. Sarah gasped and hissed “Fuck ME hard” reaching back she grabbed my wrist and jammed my hand so deep inside of her it hurt. “Damn” I said, “easy girl you’ll break it” So I proceeded to fuck her with my fist, hard and fast.

She fucked back and I could see that my hand was in way above the wrist. She was cumming hard and her juice was flowing down my arm. Sarah was way over the top at this point, “I want it in my ass!” she hissed again. I guess, I was a bit confused I thought she meant my fist so I began working my fingers into her rectum. I had four fingers in up to the knuckle when she said , “NO I meant your cock!” I wasn’t about to stop so I tucked my thumb under and began to push, she began to relax I was into the knuckles but no father. She reached back and pulled her cheeks open and pushed back. No dice, her stretching and the loss of lubrication were conspiring against us.

I grabbed the bottle of conditioner and lubed my hand and her ass and tried again but I still couldn’t get my hand in. She grabbed the conditioned bottle and said, “use this!” So I grabbed the bottle and plunged it inside her gaping asshole. “AHHHH yessss!’ she hissed, ”fuck me with that bottle” I began fucking her ass with the bottle when my cock pulsated. “I’m gonna cum, damn it!” I reported. Sarah got up wheeled around the conditioned bottle still halfway in her ass, and took me into her mouth.

As I began to cum she grabbed my butt and pulled me deep into her throat. I heard her gag a bit as I deposited my load right down her gullet! Sarah must have cum as well because it was then we heard the conditioner bottle come out of her ass with a thud then roll along the floor of the tub.

We both laughed finished getting cleaned up and went to sl**p. When I woke up, she was gone, but there was a note for me.

Wow! What a night! I have done so many things I have never even thought of and I have loved them all! I hope you will continue to help me expand my sexual horizons.
Until next time ~ Sarah