Daddy cant stop

He had watched her grow, pushed her on the swings, Sammy was a beautiful teenage girl now, her firm body sat nicely in what ever she wore, she was quite a quiet girl never wore anything to revealing and always dressed appropriately. She was in the prime of her budding, her breasts were small but perfectly formed and when she wore her night shirt her puffy nipples showed through. Her bum had formed into 2 little peaches, fit to bite and touch. She always looked her best…never any makeup except a small amount of mascara to highlight her beautiful green eyes. She was a brunette, like her mother and a natural beauty just like her mother, her skin was soft as silk and her hair radiated sunlight like a highly polished car bonnet. She had very long legs again after her mother, but tiny feet, she wore a semi high heel as she was already 5'8″ tall, very tall for a teenager of her age, but she carried it well, she easily got away with being an eighteen year old, when she had to.

Her mother had passed away when she was 7 she couldnt remember her very well but had watched a lot of films and looked at pictures so remembered her more from those.She had her Grandmother to thank for her female upbringing her father worked away a lot so was only home weekends…but he adored his daughter.

Harry would look at his daughter and remember the woman he married or more the teenage girl he fell in love with in school the person he had adored and lost his virginity to. They were very much in love and proud of their only daughter when an accident had taken her from them.

Harry and Sam were inseparable they had a love for each other that you could sense as you walked into the room, the feeling so intense that everyone said she could be Harry's wife…she was the spitting image of her and also even spoke in the same soft way. Harry and Sam would spend the weekend watching Tv or going out on their bikes or just relaxing and staying in their PJ's all day.

They had decided to go on holiday to Spain for a week they'd hired a house in Alicante with its own pool situated 10 miles from the beach on a secluded mountain side, they chose it together and they booked it together, Sammy was very excited and had told her school buddies who were very jealous, they all secretly fancied Harry, he was the typical tall dark and handsome charming man, graying side burns and still liked to wear hair gel even in his 40's, he had a strong body everything was where it should be.

They arrived at the house and placed the key in the lock, they hadn't been away together for at least 3 years, work had kept Harry busy and Sammy was happy to holiday with her school friends and their parents. They pushed the door open and the stale air hit them, guess nobody had been here for a long time….but mainly it was just due to the heat and the fact the shutters were closed and no air had circulated. Sammy rushed around the house exploring every room and opening the blinds and shutters as she went harry carried the luggage through, how could such a small girl require so much stuff…he thought to himself.

Harry dumped Sams bags in her room and his own in his bedroom, Sam said she was hot and needed a shower, so harry opened the patio doors to the pool. It looked very inviting white with blue tiles were inside the pool and terracotta around its edge, four wooden sun beds were spread neatly around the pool. Harry heard the shower go on so went back inside to poor lemonade, he shouted to Sam to let her know it was in the kitchen when she wanted it, she never replied. He walked to the bathroom and Sam had left the door open Harry noticed a mirror which looked straight at the walk in shower and could see Sam washing her hair with her back to him, she had grown into such a beautiful young lady and he innocently studied the curves of her back and the wonderful shapes she made as her arms stretched to wash her hair, her bottom was perfect like her mothers…someone would be a very lucky man when they got together with Sam she was a real catch. He shouted through that her lemonade was on the table and she shouted great back, unaware she was being watched, for the first time Harry suddenly felt attracted to this gorgeous young girl, he started to notice his penis reacting to her like never before…he was getting turned on by his own daughter…he closed the door and shook his head….how wrong that was to feel that way, she's your c***d for god sake, he wrestled with his thoughts for a while then dismissed them as fantasy and went back to his room where he changed into his swimming shorts, he was still semi hard when he changed and touched himself he couldn’t help but pull back the foreskin of his 7 inch cock, it felt nice and the image of his daughter came back to the fore front of his mind. He kept just gently pulling the foreskin backward and forward stood at the mirror imaging the hand of his daughter doing just that. He heard the bathroom door open and Sam walked across the hall and pushed open his door he quickly grabbed his shorts and covered his aroused state and sat on the bed, Sam stood with a towel round her head and a towel loosely hanging over her breasts she smiled and asked if he was up to something…she giggled and Harry stuttered no and explained he was just about to get changed. She laughed and told her dad to chill, she walked off to get changed herself and Harry pulled his shorts on, still slightly aroused.

Sam came skipping out to the pool, her bikini was bright yellow and just covered the essentials…her dad admired her gorgeous body and said how wonderful and grown up she looked, she just said she wished her boobs got bigger…her dad laughed and tried hard not to imagine her soft breasts in the palm of his hands and her puffy nipples filling his mouth. He again dismissed the thought and watched as |Sam settled into one of the wooden sun beds. She wiggled her bum to get comfy and said what a great choice they had made and no one over looking or nearby…result. They both sat reading their individual books; hers a slushy teen love story, his a frantic search for some mysterious manuscript which contained the true meaning of life.

The day rolled on neither ventured into the pool but three lemonades and a couple of visits to the loo Sam wanted to ask her dad a question…would he mind her going topless, there was no one around to see…he reluctantly agreed and had to remind himself who he was and their relationship. Then she made the fatal mistake in taking her top of or undoing the bow on her bikini top she had got it knotted, she asked her dad to sort it and she came and sat between his legs as he fumbled with the knot. He couldn’t help feeling things he knew he shouldn’t with her closeness to him, he started to go hard and his cock became an uncontrollable f***e as he touched her soft skin, knowing that any second now his daughter was going to reveal her breasts to him for the first time….she seemed a little excited and keen for him to sort out the knot, he did so fairly quickly but pretended to still be struggling. His cock grew longer and closer to her bottom, it poked out from his shorts and touched her bikini bottoms, now fully aroused. he didn’t want to pull back as she would notice at the moment she hadn’t seen or noticed anything, he could already see pre cum weeping form the hole and smearing over her bikini bottoms this turned him on even more. Precum dripped out of him and dripped down her bottoms onto the towel oh god he so wanted to grab her tits from behind and make her into the woman he so desired. He eventually told her it was done she stood up and he took the opportunity to cover his aroused state with a crumpled towel, she turned round and did a little wiggle and dance so he could appreciate the strip he was flabbergasted.
She slowly lowered it revealing pink puffy nipples as he had imagined and two of the most pert little tits he seen in years, she threw the top towards her sun bed and asked her dad if was ok with it, he was really flying high and in heaven…he said yes fine. He sat and stared at her as she laid back and closed her eyes, he followed every contour with his eyes looking down to her flat belly to her pubic peak and then down her legs, she was crafted from marble, so perfect so smooth and just asking to be stroked. He watched as she opened her legs and let them drop either side of her sun bed, spreading her legs wide open, he imagined his hand between her legs right now, touching the hard mound of her pubic bone so he could finger her juicy little cunt.
He stood up and ran over to the pool and jumped in he had to sober himself up before he was smothered in the intoxication of his young daughter wonderful body. She laughed at him and asked what the rush was, he could only splutter to hot when he managed a reply. The cold water did the trick and he quickly regained composure. What he didn’t realize is that as he had dived in his swimming shorts had come off, a genuine mistake, Sam saw them floating in the top of the pool and she quickly ran and grabbed them. Now Harry could see the funny side but pleaded with Sam to give him back his trunks. She ran off into the house and came back empty handed…come on Daddy you’ll have to get them back. Sam dived into the pool and pulled off her own bottoms and slung them to the side. She explained that they were now equal and that he should chill as no one could see, he swam over to her and picked up her delicate body and threw her half way across the pool she giggled and swam back for more this time he grabbed her bare backside and launched her again across the pool. She swam back again but this time she wrapped her arms and legs around him, he could feel her pussy and bare breasts against his muscular torso, and this made him hard…she asked if she reminded him of mummy and he had to admit it was like seeing her when they first met. She hugged Harry and he hugged her back as they remembered his wife, her mum. Harry was in another world right now he didn’t really want to think about his dead wife as he had his very live and very gorgeous daughter in his arms both of them naked. She kissed him on the cheek and then on the lips he couldn’t bare it he so wanted kiss her passionately, he didn’t have to wait long his gorgeous young daughter began to kiss her father with a burning passion so deep it was like a bottomless cenote, they started very gently pecks almost and then she bit his bottom lip and she then kissed him and her tongue slowly pushed its way into his mouth slowly investigating the soft inner warmness of her father’s mouth, he reciprocated and they kissed for what seemed an age, she held herself against him her pussy rubbing on his stomach, this excited her, his cock was now throbbing despite the water around him and he caressed her back, moving his hands to her firm buttock cheeks, she ran her hands over her father’s back and dug her nails into him, they both knew this was wrong they just couldn’t stop.
He walked to the side of the pool and carried his precious ;little girl with him kissing her passionately and feeling her pert ass at the same time his hands wandered all over her porcelain skin and explored every crevice he ran his hand over her anus and she shuddered when he did it she liked that for sure.
He perched her up on the side of the pool and examined her closely scanning every inch of her firm fresh figure, he didn’t feel ashamed as she wanted him to look at her she stroked her fingers through his hair as he looked upon her. She smiled and asked if he thought she was beautiful, he could feel a lump in his throat and he cried a single tear and said how absolutely perfect she was in every way her beauty and her wonderful smile could melt the hearts of many men.

She cuddled her Dad to her breasts and he felt the firm skin of her breasts against his cheeks he swung his head round and took her nipple in his mouth licking around the areola. They were puffy when she first took off her bikini top now suddenly they stood erect and he couldn’t believe how wonderful they were, real nipples just so wonderfully suckable and lickable he tongued them then took them into his mouth she slung her head back as she enjoyed the feeling of her dad sucking her erect nipples, her pussy tingled as it had the night before when she masturbated herself to sl**p over the excitement of a full week alone with her dad….she loved him so much she wanted to give herself to him whole and wholesome. He stared to kiss down her chest towards her belly button he licked and kissed to he reached her tummy he nuzzled into her and took in the aroma of her, her very essence, she smelt of everything right the most fragrant flower the best vintage wine…she was perfect and he could not control his impulses, he knew no stop….but he couldn’t he was entranced by this beauty before him, giving herself to him like the virgin sacrifice.

His mouth slid over her skin and he could see the goal below him she lifted her legs up out of the pool and laid back on the hot terracotta tiles, exposing her pink bald pussy to her dad, she preferred it that way her friends all shaved and it made her feel in with the crowd, she parted her legs wider her pussy lips opened so Harry could see inside to the juices that flowed from within, her pussy was on fire. Harry placed a hand on her pussy and gently rubbed it feeling the soft tissue of her delicate pussy lips the hard clitoris that was now jutting from its hood, he opened her lips with his fingers and placed his mouth onto her cunt, she squirmed a little at the lust that flowed through her the passion of i****t and the love of her father so many different sensations of wrong and oh so right she was floating on a wave of pleasure her body arched as her father thrust his tongue into her wet pussy it felt so good inside her he explored her inside walls and deep tongued her and rubbed her clit with his fingers. She couldn’t think of a better way to lose her virginity to the man she adored and loved with all her heart.
He slipped his finger into her pussy as she writhed around and he started to tease her clit with his tongue, her back arched as he hit the g spot and fingered her so deeply she thought she might see his hand in her stomach. She could feel herself reaching the point of orgasm as her body started to shudder as ripples of pleasure flowed through her body as her orgasm reached its peak…love juice filled her father mouth as he dived his tongue into her as he watched his daughter cumming, her pussy pulsing in and out as waves of ecstasy shot through her gorgeous body.
She recovered quickly and asked for him to follow her to the house; they grabbed a towel each and headed straight to her father’s double bed.
They lay on the bed just looking into each others eyes…Harry saw his wife in her eyes and he just went back in time to the first time he’d made love to her…the first touch…the first taste..but now this was Sam his gorgeous daughter …wanting him the way she did so many years ago…Sam looked at her dad his firmness…he’d looked after himself his body tight and lean….his cock was rigid with bl**d pre cum oozing from him she slid down the bed and took his cock in her hand slowly moving her hand up and down the stiff shaft feeling it pulse as she did so. She then started to kiss his cock and slowly slipped her mouth around the shaft slipping deep into her mouth…his pre cum tasted good she wanted every inch deep inside her mouth touching the back of her throat…she tasted her father’s very essence his love seed the very thing that had made her and it made her passion enlightened deeper than ever her father’s cock was in her mouth pumping pre cum onto her darting tongue….the taste as he gently thrust himself into her mouth. She sucked his cock for at least 10 minutes as she enjoyed the taste of him the smell and the pure wrongness of what they were doing…..eventually her father had to have her his very own flesh and bl**d with the most amazing and incredible body he had seen for years. He pulled her up to him and kissed her his tongue deep inside her mouth his hands finding her cunt….the juicy lips were parted and swollen and her juices flowed. His fingers entered her easily as they stretched deeper inside her every single ripple of her cunt felt like another step towards sanctuary…..her cunt full of her juices flowing over his fingers. He pulled them out and lay on top of her his cock poised over her juicy quim….ready to penetrate his gorgeous daughter…..she guided the head of his cock into her juicy hole…..she felt the head against her swollen lips as he thrust deep into her…she shuddered as the length of his hard cock filled her. It touched her cervix and she pulled him tight to her….their bodies joined as her mother and father had done to conceive her…this made the emotion greater the pleasure higher the peak of orgasm all the more intense…her body stiffened as her dad thrust his hard cock inside her lovely tight pussy. He grabbed at her buttocks and felt the softness of them in his hands….fuck me he thought this girl is all I want …all I need….the guilt of i****t had long past he was now making love to a woman a woman who wanted and loved him deeply….his cocked filled her …she began to cum for this was so intense har body filled with waves of pleasure she wanted to erupt and scram she did she screamed as her cunt convulsed as spasm after spasm of orgasm raged through her body her father pumped harder his cock reaching far deeper that her fingers had ever gone when she masturbated…she yelped a small yelp as the orgasm began to subside. He pulled out of her and turned her over this time his fingers found the entrance to her ass hole. she never thought she would want anal sex but she couldn’t stop the passion…she wanted to be abused and used by her amazing father…to feel every inch of his cock inside her…wherever he wanted to put it. Her ass was already well lubricated …..He fingered her asshole and she loved it. She thrust it higher so his fingers went deeper into her…he remembered her mother loved to have her ass fingered and then fucked hard….so hopefully he thought his daughter was the same.

He then placed his cock at the entrance to her ass…she turned and said that she wanted it so give it to her….he pushed his cock into her…her ass first would not give but then after several thrusts her ass gave in and his cock slipped into her deep inside her…..she falt a pain but it was a great pain so good she pushed harder against her dads cock to get him deeper inside her her body was brimming with the want to cum she held it back till she couldn’t any longer her body again convulsed as the ripples filled her body her very being was being stretched but oh so wonderfully….her father started to make small noises…he wanted to cum she pulled off him and turned she needed to taste his cum to feel the hot sperm hit the back of her throat she took his cock in her mouth he filled it easily…his sap rose inside his cock the burning sensation hit him as he tried to hold back just to make sure the cum pumped into her hard and fast and powerful…he felt the point of no return as his cum exploded deep into her mouth hitting the back of her throat she loved it her father’s seed filling her mouth she swallowed hard as it seemed like he would never stop cumming pumping hot cum into her throat he cryed out in pleasure as his cum filled her gorgeous mouth ……

After they lay on the bed and slept for hours…..who knows what happened after that……well I do.