Cum to The Darkside!

Believe it or not unlike the majority of the stories here; this is actually factual; the dirty have had their identities obfus**ted; after all discretion is a prerequisite in this lifestyle (whatever that means)!

Back in the days when you actually made contact via Contact Magazine and the written word dispatched by Royal Mail I received a letter from a couple with a newly liberated HotWife who had acquired a taste for Big Black Cock. The photos were of a early 30’s blonde woman (M) in her underwear of slim build (generally I prefer women of curvaceous build), and a definite sensuality behind the eyes.

I made contact with the couple mainly speaking to the S; but having a brief conversation with the S, who came across quite shy and reserved. Being young, hung and full of cum; I booked my train tickets down Suffolk.

The journey down to couple was uneventful and waiting to be picked up at the train station the nerves kicked in; was I being setup by timewasters? S arrived with no sign of M; who I was informed was getting ready for me. The journey to the f****y home took me into the deepest, darkest countryside; at the back of my mind was the question; have I been setup.

On arriving at the f****y home I entered a well appointed house and heard a welcoming voice from the lounge. On entering the lounge I was met by the M in her works uniform; immediately my BBC started to cum alive and all the apprehension and foreboding vanished.

I was offered refreshments and opted for a vodka, to calm any remaining nerves (M &S were only the 2nd couple I had met; and this scenarios was still taking some acclimatisation to). I sat down on a chair with M & S on a sofa the other side of the room. Some Smalltalk ensued and at some point S made her way over to my position and sat on the arm of the chair. I could breathe in her intoxicating aroma, and instinctively put an arm around her back resting my hand on her thigh. S leaned into me, so I took this as my move things along and started gently stoking her back down to her thigh. S immediately responded by moving my hand down her thigh to the top of her lace knickers; I did not need any prompting; so I gently explored the lips of her pussy with my finger. I could feel S trying to get my finger into her pussy, but I remembered M’s information, that S liked to be dominated, so I resisted the urge to finger S, and enjoyed teasing her by circling around her lips and brushing against her clit intermittently. S surprised me and the initiative by straddling me, so I took her top off and massaged her pert breasts; smallish but amazingly erect nipples which sucked on like a calf trying to get milk.

As well as a submissive side I was informed S had an BDSM side, pain not pleasure is my game, but I couldn’t help nip S’s nipples which elicited a strong reaction, and she made no effort to pull away. Moving away from her nipple we locked lips, and an extremely passionate kiss developed. Eventually when we broke for air; S told me how she had been thinking of my BBC all week, and that she had to go off and masturbate to relieve the tension; this being music to a young bucks ears. All the time S was speaking she was stroking my BBC in my trousers; which I helped S get off; no sooner than my BBC was liberated was S’s mouth engulfing my cock head and doing her best to deepthroat me. The sight of S looking up at me with those wide lustful eyes with her cheeks bulging trying to swallow my BBC was a moment to treasure.

S made her way up my body from my BBC; kissing me every inch of the way until we were locked mouth to mouth, then she was grinding her pelvis against my groin. S reached back gripping my BBC, at the same time lifting her body up, before I knew it she had positioned my BBC at the entrance of her moist, MILF pussy, which she ground down onto my cock all the way to my balls. S transformed into a wanton woman possessed with the sole purpose of milking the hot spunk from my balls. S was working up a good head of steam, my meeting her downward thrusts with a hard upwards thrust of my BBC, the sound of sex reverberating in the lounge, my pelvis smacking into S’s pelvis. The sweat of our mutual exertions built up, and the pressure deep in my balls steadily grew, and S instinctively sensed my impending release; which only triggered her into more energetic riding of my BBC; the tipping point was her begging me to “fill her white sluttish cunt up”.

The rest of the evening went in a blur of extremely intense; passionate SEX, with a truly wanton MILF that could not get enough of my BBC, and took my anal cherry with extolling me to “ride her like a mare in heat” that with my BBC buried deep in her ass.

At the end of the evenings/early mornings sexual exertions I went to bed in the spare room. To my pleasant surprise I was awoken to a pair of eager lips of S sucking my BBC to life, whence I proceeded to empty the last remaining contents of my balls in S’s every hole!

I went home light of balls, and a changed man; somewhat spoilt, as subsequently it has shown that unfortunately S&M are in the minority of secure and liberated couples that both genuinely enjoy the lifestyle. This was most definitely an awakening to the DarkSide, which I have dabbled with in-between relationships. You can see my meet with S&M on my profile video for yourself; so if you feel like walking on the DarkSide, say hello!