Craigslist Suprise

I was looking on craigslist one day for some stuff I needed around my ranch. I notice the section titled “casual encounters” and thought I would check it out. Now I am country boy,
about six foot seven tall, two hundred fifty pounds. I am told I look all cowboy. I have been married and divorced four times.
Looking at the ads I could not believe what these ladies had posted. Then I came across one that caught my eye. It said: couple looking for sperm donor-no strings attached. I had done this for my second wife's s****r. Her husband could not get her pregnant, so me and three other guys volunteered to all come over several nights in a row. We each went into separate rooms and masturbated into turkey basters then our wives ran the turkey basters to the waiting s****r and then she would squirt the sperm up her cooch hoping to get pregnant. The reason to have four men was so no one would know who knocked her up. It worked and she had a baby boy. I figured this was one of those kind of deals so I replied to the ad.
Almost a month went by when they responded to me. They wanted to meet at some restaurant. When we met, I found out it was a lesbian couple. A petite, ugly girl in her early thirties. Maybe eighty pounds, about four foot ten inches tall. Her name was Wendy. Her partner was named Paula, about five foot one inch tall, early fifties,maybe one hundred ten pounds. We talked and made plans. They liked me because of my rugged looks.
A few nights later we met at their house and got started. They decided that the turkey baster was a bad idea and that I was to cum on her cunt as she held it open, squirt in there without touching her. We got started, Wendy laid on the bed without pants and I stood a few steps away with my pants down and started to jack off. Paula sat in a chair and watched everything. After about thirty minutes, Wendy was dry as a bone and I could not get a boner with those two staring at me. So we had another powwow. We decided that Paula and Wendy should have sex as normal and I would watch and masturbate. Then when Wendy was starting to orgasim, I would move in and ejaculate on her snatch and Paula could push it in her.
So we went to work and everything was going as planned. I was nearing my point as well as Wendy. I moved in and placed my cock right at the entrance to Wendy's love hole when she moved suddenly causing my fat cock to slid halfway into her. I instinctively pulled out and then thrust back into her this time going in to my balls. Wendy was so zoned into Paula I don't think she realized what had happened and I made about three more hard thrust deep into her tight little snatch and released a massive load of hot sticky spunk. Wendy screamed out she had her orgasim at the same moment. We all three collasped on the bed beside each other.
Wendy was satisfied having her womb flooded with my semen, Paula seemed a little put out that I had penetrated Wendy to do it. I was happy that I got to sink my cock into some fresh pussy, a bonus for me as I was just supposed to squirt in there and not touch her. We waited thirty minutes and Wendy wanted more. So I jacked off till I was ready to cum then I was allowed to bury my cock deep into Wendy's snatch and again flood her womb with my semen.
We did this same routine for the next four nights, Paula grew okay with me planting my cock in Wendy's tight pussy and draining my balls. The more we did this the more I fucked Wendy a little more each time I entered her. That fourth night Paula and I really worked Wendy over good and she crashed hard after were done fucking her. Paula and I went into the kitchen to have a few drinks and relax. Paula sat on the counter, naked with her legs open, much like a man would do. But she was not a man, she had nice tits, a nice wet pussy shaved with a racing stripe above her slit and she had great legs nicely shaved. She was manly but she was still a woman and not bad looking. As we talked and I looked at her, my cock grew to about fifty percent hard. Then our conversation turned to sex, just like most guys would talk about while standing around drinking. All the past women we each had fucked. Then Paula looked at my cock and asked me what is was like to be deep inside a woman and explode in her. I told her it was one of the greatest feeling ever. I asked her what it was like to have a man explode deep inside her. Paula replied that she had never been with a man but that Wendy and some of her other girlfriends had told her about it. Paula stated that she wished she could be inside a woman like I could do.
Paula took another long drink, I noticed she kept eyeing my cock. We were both getting pretty hammered. I could not keep my eyes off her cunt, which now seemed very wet and inviting. My cock started to harden. Paula noticed my cock getting hard also. Paula asked me why my cock was getting hard and I asked her why her pussy was getting wet. We both blushed. Then Paula wondered out loud what it would feel like to have that inside her. I told her there was only one way to find out. But she said she could never do that. We both took another shot. Then I said no one would ever know what could it hurt. I could tell she was really thinking hard about it. I prodded her a little more then she gave in. She pulled me over to her, my now rock hard cock lined up perfectly to her cunt. I pushed slowly into her, she was tight and very wet. I pushed into her a little and then would pull out then back in again till I was balls deep inside Paula's cunt. We both sat there looking at each other. I started to slow fuck her and her breathing grew more heavy. We were trying to be quite as my pace picked up. I had a good pace going, her sloppy wet cunt made sloshing noises with my every thrust. Paula said she could feel my cock swelling, then she said she was going to orgasim and I told her I was close too. We both orgasimed together, her cunt muscles held my cock tight as I flooded her womb with my spunk. We stayed like that for several minutes afterwards. Then we slowly pulled apart. We were both covered with each others cum. We looked at each other and laughed quitely, Paula said she liked that but would rather stick with girls, I told her I felt the same way. We laughed some more and made a toast to women.
I was lucky enough to fuck Wendy for another two weeks even though I think we all knew she was probably all ready pregnant. Paula did lick my cum from Wendy's cunt once or twice thinking neither of us noticed. I did get to fuck Paula two more times but she claimed she was way d***k and does not remember. They had a baby and went on to live a happy life. They did contact me when they were ready to have second c***d a few years later. I swung into action and fucked Wendy till she was pregnant again. And yes I slipped it to Paula a couple of times also but she will not admit that she liked it.