Couriosity Kills the Pussycat

The next day, after our party, Linda was feeling just a little bit sore. The three girls were sitting outside on the patio eating their breakfasts. Mai, who didn't get d***k the day before, asked Linda if she remembered what had happened. Linda told her that all she remembered was coming home from the beach, taking a shower, (with the door open) and all of us watching her. She also remembered all of them taking off their panties, so all of us could see their pussies. After that, she said, she didn't remember anything until this morning. All she knew, for sure, was that she had been fucked several times, as she was still leaking cum from her pussy. Hum remembered that and a bit more. She remembered being carried to the bed.

Mai was smiling, as she told the other two what they had done. She especially enjoyed telling them that they had fucked ALL THREE
of us. Hum and Linda were both amazed that they had both fucked a black guy. Mai really enjoyed telling Hum that she had fucked him twice, and that he had cum inside her both times. Linda was laughing at Hum, when Mai, with a smile, told her, “He fucked YOU FOUR times, and he shot his cum INSIDE your pussy EVERY time. You tried to get him to fuck you, again, but, he didn't have any more cream.” Linda couldn't believe it. She had never, before, let a black man touch her pussy.

She thought about it all day, and that night, skipped going to work.

The next morning, when we came home, she asked me about what had happened. I told her about her taking a shower with the door open, and about the three of them getting d***k, her more than Mai and Hum, and about them taking off their panties. She stopped me there, and wanted to know, or have confirmed, that she had been fucked by ALL THREE OF US. I, smiling at her, told her that she had. I had fucked her twice, Dave had fucked her twice, and Shakey had fucked her FOUR times, and we had cum inside her pussy EVERY time. Her next question was, “Did I like it?” I told her that I had never seen her NOT like getting fucked. I also asked her when she was going to keep her promise. “What promise did I make?” she asked. “You promised Shakey you were going to fuck him crosseyed. He has been talking about it all day.”

Shakey came to the door, just then, with Mai beside him. He looked at Linda, and asked, “Are you ready, yet?” Linda was taken by surprise, but, recovered, quickly. She was standing there naked, as she hadn't been out of bed but for a few minutes. She looked at me, then, at Mai, and finally at Shakey. He had gone into Mai's house just long enough to take his clothes off, and take a quick shower. He was as naked as she was, and his dick was at “half-mast.” Linda looked at him, and swallowed hard. “You want to fuck me, right NOW?” she asked. “I want you, now, when your pussy is its tightest, before you get anybody else's dick. I want to be the first, today. In fact, I am so horney, I think I will fuck you six or seven times.” LInda looked at his dick, again. It was completely hard, and standing up at a 45 degree angle, and visibly throbbing.

Knowing she was being backed into a corner, she simply took his hand, and lead him to the bed, where she lay down on her back, and spread her legs. “Come fuck me, Shakey, darling. Give me lots and lots of your cum inside my pussy. I want you to cum inside of me, all you can. I am your little gook Whore-girl, now. Just, please, don't fuck me in my ass. You can fuck my pussy, you can fuck my mouth, and cum in both. Just don't fuck me in my ass-hole.” Shakey smiled, and told her, “Don't worry, I never liked fucking a girl's ass. Just her pussy, but only after I eat it.”

Suiting words to actions, he kissed her, and starting at her lips, started kissing his way down her face, neck, breasts, sucking both of her nipples for a long while, then, working his way the rest of the way, until his very long tongue was stuck inside her wet pussy. She was bucking and hissing, holding the back of his head tight to her crotch. She came over and over. Each time, it seemed, harder that the time before. The rest of us were amazed at her. We knew she was hesitant to follow through on her promise, but, now, she was getting possibly, the best sex of her life, and she didn't even have a dick inside of her, YET!!! That was about to change, though.

After her last orgasm, Shakey had sat up, and placed a pillow under her ass, took an ankle in each hand, and pushed her legs up over her head. She opened her thighs, knowing what he was doing, and reached down to open her pussy with her fingers for him to enter. He rubbed the head of his dick up and down her wet pussy, until it was well-coated with her pussy juice. He placed it directly over her love hole, and began pushing gently, until he had sank completely inside her. Then he began to slowly withdraw until only the head of his dick remained inside. Then her slowly re-entered, gradually picking up speed as he went along. Linda had wrapped her legs around his neck, and was telling him, “FUCK ME, FUCK ME. GIVE ME THAT BIG NIGGER DICK. FUCK ME HARD. PUMP ME FULL OF YOU CUM. I WANT YOU CUM INSIDE ME ALL YOU CAN DO. MAKE ME DRIP YOU CUM FOR A MONTH. I WANT ALL THE CUM YOU GOT. I WANT YOU KNOCK ME UP. I WANT YOU GIVE ME YOU BABY. I BE GOOD MOMMY. HE GET OLD ENOUGH, I TEACH HIM FUCK LIKE HIS DADDY. HE GONNA LIKE FUCK HE MOMMY.”

Hearing all this was more than Shakey could stand. He raised up on his toes, slammed his dick as deep as it would go, and gushed her pussy full of cum. He told us, later, he didn't know he could cum like that. He felt as if his whole body was going into her. She lay there, semi-conscious, and he just laid there, on top of her, unable to even pull his dick out of her for several minutes. Mai had gone and got a hot wet towel, and a bowl of warm water, so they could clean up.

Finally, they stirred, and sat up. Linda took the towel, and wiped her pussy, sat the towel on the bedside table, and began to lick Shakey clean, sucking the remainder of his cum out of his dick. Dave handed him a lit cigarette, and an ashtray. I handed him a Coke, as it was only 0900. Much too early for a beer.

We sat there talking about what had just taken place. Linda smiled at all of us, but, especially at Shakey, and stated that she had just, probably, had the best fuck if her LIFE!!! This worried me a bit. I asked her, “Does this mean you are going to dump me for Shakey?”
She quickly answered, “NOT EVEN IF YOU BEAT ME!!!” I am just saying Shakey fuck me so good, I remember for all my life. I want you to fuck me EVERY day, for my whole life. I want be with you, forever!” She got up from the bed and stood in front of me, putting he arms around me, and told me, ” I love you, so much I can't stand. You my whole world. I wish, every day you ask me to marry you. I love to fuck, too much, but, you tell me don't fuck nobody else my whole life, I do what you tell me. Nobody else can touch my pussy, forever. I be happy for just YOU fuck me.”

This HAD to be the biggest revelation of my life. I had never thought of someone offering total obedience to me. It was like she had offered to become my slave, if I wanted her to.

I was totally dumbfounded. I surprised myself by looking her in the eyes, and asking, in front of God and everyone there, “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” She kissed me, long and hard, and answered, YES!!! I WILL MARRY YOU! What do you want me to do? You want me don't fuck nobody else. You do, all you gotta do is say so.” I told her flat, so she would know I meant it. “That is YOUR pussy. You give it to anybody you want, any time you want, anywhere you want, just as long as you NEVER tell ME, NO.” She asked me, then, if I liked watching her fuck, and I told her, ” YES!!! VERY MUCH!!!” Then I told her, “Go give Shakey some more pussy. He looks worried.”

Shakey was still flaccid, so Linda knelt down in front of him, and took his dick in her mouth, sucking and jacking him, until she had him hard, again. She gently pushed him onto his back, and straddling him, lowered herself until his dick was totally buried inside of her pussy. She put her hands on her knees, using only her thigh muscles, to raise and lower herself, Cowgirl fucking him, so he could watch his dick going in and out of her pussy. She devoted probably ten minutes to fucking him this way, and, turning around, to fuck him Reverse Cowgirl. She was on her knees, at first, then raised up to fuck him as she had, before. She fucked him like this for another ten, or so, minutes, pausing occasionally, so he wouldn't cum.

She asked him how he would like to fuck her, next. Did he want a lazy fuck, or did he want to fuck same-same dog. He elected to lazy fuck her for a little bit, and finish her off doggy-style. She climbed off of him, and as he rolled to his side, pushed her ass against his stomach, and raised her upper leg to give him access to her pussy. He slid it in, and started pumping her. Every time either of them felt he was close to dropping his wad, they would freeze, until he had subsided enough to fuck some more.

After he had done this several times, he told her he didn't think he could hold his cum, much longer. With a super sweet smile, she told him that she was more than ready for him to cum in her pussy, again. Then, looking at me, she told him, “If my love says it's okay, we can fuck like this every day one or two times.” He looked at me, and I told him, “It's HER pussy.”

Linda had moved to the edge of the bed, on her knees, and was presenting he pussy to him. Shakey took a hipbone in each hand, and slid his dick inside of her, once more. He told her not to stop, this time. He was ready to shoot his cum into her wet, STILL VERY
TIGHT, pussy. He pumped into her, her pussy clinging to his dick when he pulled back, and kept on fucking her.

A few short minutes later, he groaned and pushed completely inside of her. We could see his dick throbbing as it shot wave after wave of hot baby-gravy inside of her womb. If she didn't get pregnant, I would be VERY surprised.

Dave and I had moved to either side of him, and took his arms so he wouldn't fall. Linda simply collapsed, face down on the bed, completely out cold. Mai had re-wet the towel, and began to gently wipe Linda's pussy clean. This took a while. Every time Mai wiped Linda's pussy, she would have another groaning orgasm. She was so sensitized a mere touch would set her off.

Hum waited for a little bit, and went to the vendor down the street to get all of us some lunch. It was just short of noon.

Finally, Linda and Shakey both woke up, and took a shower together, fucking one more time in the shower, and came out to eat.

We went to sl**p, but woke up at 1630. Linda gave Shakey another shot of pussy, and after another shower, we dressed to go to work.

We had to help him walk to the taxi.