Club Cuckold

Rick's hands griped the steering wheel so tight that
his fingers were turning red. He was looking for the
address he'd printed out from the welcome package the
club sent him last week.

Jen sat nervously on the passenger side of the car
trying to see the address's on the buildings as Rick
slowly drove down the street.

“It's the next building, Honey. Turn into the next

Rick eased his foot on the gas peddle and turned into
the next driveway. The address on the huge red brick
building matched the one he was given on the
information pack the club sent him.

Rick pulled the car up to a gate where he saw a guard
shack to the left. A man walked through the small
walkway and came up to the window of the car.

“How may I help you tonight?”

Rick nervously smiled at the security guard as he
replied, “We're Mr. & Mrs. Rick Miller.”

The security guard looked on his pad and found their
names and leaned over to look at Jen as he replied,
“Can you give me the security code they gave you?”

Rick looked over at Jen who was fumbling through the
papers and handed it over to Rick as soon as she found

“Here it is. It says fresh kitty.”

The security guard took another look at Jen before
standing straight up again and opened the gate by
remote control and pointed toward another man standing
toward the rear of the building.

“Dive up to that man you see standing there and he'll
park your car for you and tell you were to enter.”

Rick drove up to the young man who was waiting for them
and opened the door for Jen as Rick got out of the car.
The guy rushed over to Rick's side and pointed toward a
door then gave him a claim ticket for his car and
quickly got in and drove it around the back of the

Rick took hold of Jen's hand as they walked up to the
door. Rick pushed the bell and the door opened a few
seconds later. A huge bald man looked out at them and
asked for their names and the code.

Rick felt embarrassed saying the code name to the tall
muscular man but he smiled back at them both and
pointed to a bench where they could wait. Jen sat down
at the same time as Rick still holding onto his hand
tight as she crossed her legs.

She was wearing a new green cocktail dress. It was
rather modest with just a touch of cleavage showing and
not too short in length. Jen was wearing high heels.
They were the typical three inch pumps she wore at her

Jen had long dark hair and pale skin with pretty green
eyes. Rick was dressed casually in a dress shirt and
pants without a tie.

Jen's body nervously tightened as a door opened and a
tall handsome man walked out. Rick and Jen stood as the
man extended his hand out to Rick.

“You must be Rick and Jen Miller? I'm Bob Perkins. It's
a real pleasure to have you both at the club tonight.”

Bob leaned over and gave Jen a little kiss on her cheek
then motioned for them to follow him through the door
he came out.

Bob took them down a long dark hallway that eventually
came out into a large dark nightclub. There were people
standing around starring at them as they walk past.

Bob took them around and introduced them to a dozen
couples all of which were dressed very flashy. The
women appeared dressed like street hookers rather then

One of the strict rules of the club was that all
members had to be legally married and willing to
participate in all club activities.

Rick got quite an eye full of cleavage and generally
bare skin as they were introduced to each couple. They
were introduced to another couple who were attending
their first night at the club named Cindy and Dan

Rick's eyes practically budged out of their sockets as
he shook hands with the petite blonde woman. Her boos
were exposed down to her nipples and even those were
practically showing above the thin material of her
white dress.

She was wearing a lot of makeup around her eyes but Bob
pointed out that she had just been dressed by the
welcome committee and suggested to Rick that now was
the time Jen should meet with them to get changed and
ready for their initiation ceremony.

Bob waived at a woman who was standing near the bar and
got her attention. Bob turned back to Rick and held his
shoulder as the woman approached them.

“I would like you both to met Margie. She is
responsible for arrangements for our initiation

Margie focused her attention toward Jen as she shook
her hand. “We spoke on the phone earlier this week and
I explained a few things to you on what we'll be doing
tonight. I took all the measurements you gave me on the
phone and picked out a wardrobe for you to wear

Rick was surprised to learn that his wife, Jen had
spoken on the phone with this woman during the week and
didn't mention it.

Margie turned her attention to Rick and smiled as she
said, “I'm going to be taking your wife back to prepare
her for the evening festivities. Please excuse us while
I work with Jen.”

Margie grabbed Cindy's arm saying, “You might as well
follow me now since you'll be the first wife on the
initiation stage tonight.”

Jen barely had enough time to kiss Rick on the cheek as
Margie lead her away though the dark club.

Bob took both men around and introduced them to a few
of the fellows playing pool. Rick shook hands with
several men as Bob called out their names. Rick
couldn't help notice that Dan appeared as nervous has
himself as Bob introduced them to the members.

Bob laughed and referred to the men as he said, “These
husband's, wives have been selected to perform after
the initiation ceremony tonight. You're not going to
want to miss that if you still have enough energy after
your wives are initiated tonight.”

Rick and Dan starred at each other as they watched one
of the men take a shot on the table.

Bob pointed to a group of men standing along the wall
and motioned for the two husbands to follow him. As
Rick approached them he saw that there were six black
men huddled together holding drinks.

Bob introduced them by name to the two husbands while
they starred back at them with piercing eyes.

Rick smiled at Bob as he asked, “We have black couples
in the club too I see?”

Bob laughed. “We do have several black couples that
have joined us recently but these gentlemen are here on
invitation for our festivities tonight.”

Rick felt very uneasy as the black men starred at them.
Rick tried not to stare back as much but noticed they
were all muscular and tall with jet black skin and
typical African features.

Bob excused himself to the six black men as he took the
two husbands up to the bar and got them a drink. Rick
was sure glad to be away from those guys. He felt
intimidated by their street looking appearance.

Bob laughed to himself that he was old fashion and just
wasn't into the hip hop culture. Seeing these big guys
with lots of jewelry and tattoo's just made him
uncomfortable at the least.

Bob made a toast to the two husbands and bought them
around of shots. “This will help you two relax a little

Rick quickly chugged down the whiskey as he looked over
at Dan who was doing the same.

Someone started talking over the public address system
and everyone in the club listened.

“May I have your attention, please?”

“Where going to get started with our first initiation
in just ten minutes so if everyone will gather around
the arena and take a seat until the show begins.”

Rick and Dan looked over at Bob wondering what they
should do but they didn't have to wait very long as Bob
calmly said,

“Let me get you men another drink that you can take
into the arena. There is nothing to worry about, just
relax and we'll go in and find your seats and you can
enjoy the show.”

Rick was handed a new drink as a voice came over the
public address system again. “Will the male
participants for tonight's show please come to the
staging area?”

Just as Rick and Dan started to follow Bob, the six
black men walked quickly by them making Rick very

Bob turned to Rick as they made their way to the arena
and said, “I don't think there is going to be enough
time for you to see Jen in her outfit. They'll probably
still getting her prepared tonight's show.”

Rick appeared worried as he asked, “There not going to
f***e Jen to do anything she doesn't want to do are

Bob put his arm around Rick's shoulder as they walked
into the arena. “Your wife is going to be fine tonight.
Margie has been talking to Jen all week and she is
aware of the plans.”

The arena was a large room with seats all around in a
circle. Each roll was elevated as it descended away
from the stage in the center of the room. It reminded
Rick of a small version of an arena built for boxing
matches and concerts.

People were starting to fill up the seats. Bob took the
two husbands down to the front roll and point out their

“You both get front roll seating tonight but don't get
yourself too spoiled with this. It's just for the new

Rick sat down next to Dan and looked around the arena.
Rick imagined the place held about two to three hundred

Rick leaned over and asked Bob, “How many people does
this place hold?”

“We can get all of our three hundred and forty members
in here.”

Rick was so focused on the way the seating was arranged
that he barely took notice of the bed in the center of
the stage.

A few minutes later the lights started to dim until the
arena was almost pitch dark except for the lights over
the exit doors.

Rick heard someone on the stage and suddenly a small
spot light illuminated the bed area. A man holding a
microphone stepped into the light. He was holding
Cindy's hand as they stood near the bed.

“Good evening, Ladies and gentlemen. I'd like to
introduce you to our first housewife tonight. Would
everyone please give a warm welcome to Cindy?”

Everyone clapped as Cindy stood in the spot light. She
was wearing the tight fitting dress that Rick had seen
her wearing.

The man looked around the arena then whispered into
Cindy's ear. She smiled at the man and shook her head
up and down.

The man smiled as he looked back at the audience and
said, “Cindy says she is ready so enjoy the show.”

He put the microphone down next to his waist but Rick
could still hear the man wishing her good luck as he
shook her hand and walked off the stage.

Everyone gasp as they watched six black man step up
onto the stage and circled around Cindy like a bunch of
Vulture's stalking out their food. Tow of the men
started to touch Cindy and one leaned down to kiss her
on the lips.

The sound of buckles could be heard as the six men
started to get naked and the first one naked took hold
of Cindy and lead her onto the bed. He embraced her as
she wrapped her arms over his shoulders as they kissed.

Rick was surprised when Plasma television screens went
on near the floor around the stage. Rick starred at the
screen in front of him which was giving them a nice
close up shot of the black guy as he shoved his tongue
inside Cindy's mouth.

Rick turned his head to get a look at Dan. Dan's eyes
were fixed on the screen as Rick turned back to see
what was going to happen next. The men circled around
the couple and one of them took hold of Cindy's legs
and moved them onto the bed.

She lay back as the guy kept kissing her. There were
black hands feeling her body everywhere as another guy
moved in between her legs and buried his face in her
pussy mound.

Cindy wasn't wearing any panties nor was she wearing a
bra. She only had the thin dress and a pair of
extremely high heels on her feet.

Rick saw Cindy move her hand down over the guys head.
She was pushing his face into her pussy as she kissed
the other guy. Another man moved near her shoulders and
pulled the dress down her arm and began kissing around
her breast.

They started to lift her back up but decided to rip her
dress. They were being careful but the room filled with
the sound of Cindy's dress being ripped apart. Two men
started to suck on her tits almost immediately as
another kissed her thighs.

Another man kneeled on the bed hanging his huge black
cock over her head and waited for her to take it in her
hand. She stroked the massive shaft as she looked over
her head. The man lowered himself down enough so that
she could take it into her mouth.

Cindy appeared to be examining the cock before finally
giving it lick then taking it into her mouth. Two men
held her legs as another began licking her pussy.

It didn't take long before Cindy's body was arching up
into his face. All six men were working on her as the
guy between her legs got up and positioned himself at
the pussy mound. He whacked his thick cock down against
her belly leaving a wet trail across her skin.

He moved down enough so he could get the head between
the slit of her pussy and pushed forward. Cindy groaned
and everyone heard her. Rick took another look at Dan
who was starring intensively at his wife.

The big guy started to fuck her hard as two men held
onto her ankles. She was still sucking one guy off and
playing with two other cocks while being screwed. Her
body movements said it all as the guy between her legs
started to fuck her hard until his legs slapped against
her upturned ass.

The guy screwing her looked at the others then grabbed
hold of Cindy's waist and hoisted her up off the bed
until he got his legs stretched out and lay back while
keeping his cock lodged inside her pussy.

He started to move Cindy above his legs as she rode his
cock. She had big tits and they swayed back and forth
as the man moved her around his thick black cock. Rick
starred at the plasma screen and saw a nice shot of
that huge black cock slicing into Cindy's pussy.

Another man moved around and kneeled onto the bed. He
scooted forward and began poking his cock near Cindy's
ass. He smeared a gob of lubricant around his cock and
took his finger and slowly inserted it into her ass.

She moaned and squirmed as he moved his finger inside
her ass. The man she was riding held onto her waist to
keep her from being dislodged from his cock. The guy
behind her eased forward and everyone gasped when they
heard Cindy yelp out when they knew the guy had entered
her ass.

Bob leaned over and whispered to Dan, “Has your wife
done this before?”

Dan shook his head that she did then said, “She was
riding another man while I screwed her ass once.”

Rick felt differently about Dan now that he learned
that he and Cindy had swung before. He gulped as he
looked at the screen and saw a close up shot of both
men inside her ass and pussy at the same time. She was
stretched to the hilt as they began screwing her.

Another man stood on the bed and moved toward her face
until she took his cock into her mouth.

Bob leaned over again only this time he directed
himself toward Rick. “I don't think the other three men
are going to fuck Cindy. They'll probably want to
remain fresh for when Jen comes out.”

Rick's heart was pounding now as he learned that these
same men would be on stage with his wife. He felt
sweaty as he watched Cindy being screwed on the stage.
She was moaning and moving around between the three men
until she finally screamed out.

She was having an orgasm and the guy below her was
holding onto her ass as tight as he could keeping her
from moving off his cock while she came. Cindy finally
settled back down.

The two men kept screwing her ass and pussy until the
guy in her ass began to grunt and groan. He was
shooting his hot load of cum into her ass while the guy
in her pussy began to cum.

The camera zoomed in and got a great shot of her ass
when the guy pulled out. It closed up tight once he
removed his cock and the camera man waited until the
man inside her pussy pulled out.

Cindy's pussy remained gaped open as thick black
African seed slowly dripped out onto the bed below.

It was all over in thirty minutes as the six guys sat
around the bed while Cindy wiped off her pussy.

“Let's give a great big applause to Cindy for giving us
a wonderful show tonight.”

Everyone clapped and cheered as one of the black men
helped Cindy to her feet and helped her get off the
stage. She walked out of the arena with the men as the
announcer walked back on stage.

“Cindy will be back later for another show in a few
minutes but first I want everyone to do a little
stretching and get a drink if you wish before our next
housewife entertains us tonight.”

Everyone started to cheer and a few of the men began to
chant. “Bring her on now! I want to see how she reacts
with her first lovers!”

Rick felt nervous and embarrassed. He wanted to crawl
under his chair at that moment. Everyone knew his wife
was coming on stage next.

Bob patted Rick on the shoulder and smiled. “Everyone
is aware that this will be Jen's first time anywhere so
they are excited to see how she reacts!”

All Rick could do was sit back and wait in his chair
until the moment his wife would be on that stage.

Bob began talking to Dan and heard them mention about a
few swing clubs they had belonged to before joining
this one. Rick felt strange being a newcomer and hoped
that Jen wouldn't be too afraid.

He only wished he could see her before the show
started. He was just about to interrupt Bob and Dan and
ask him if he could see his wife before the show
started when the lights began to go dim again.

Everyone began to cheer and clap their hands. Some
people looked over at Rick to watch his reaction. Rick
sat with his heart beating faster then ever before as
the spot light came on and everyone got quiet.