Cindy fucked dad, I pushed my finger in

It's not uncommon, to come home late and find a f****y member passed out and snoring after a heavy boozing session. My father took to drinking more after my mother divorced him, and coming home from a friends, I would find him passed-out and looking uncomfortable on the sofa.

Ever tried to rouse a d***k from a deep sl**p, as most of you know, it's a pointless effort, unless there are two of you.

Cindy my friend and I came home from the cinema, close to midnight. She had decided to stay over because it was late, and the last bus from town was a poor option because of the trouble with d***ks and m*****ers.

When we got in daddy was flat out on the settee, and the smell of whiskey permeated everywhere. We were planing to watch late TV as dad had satellite, but when we saw him lying there, we were put off, until Cindy suggested we put him to bed.

At first we tried to arouse him by shaking him, but he just snorted, then Cindy, who was now in a jocular mood, undid daddy's flies and put her hand inside, and felt around.

'Your fathers dick is bigger than my fathers'.

To say I was shocked would have put it mildly, as she pulled it out and into view, 'See, is that not a beauty', she said, and started to masturbate it.

I was panicking, what if he woke up and found himself being manhandled by a girl and with me watching.

'Relax', she said confidently, 'he will never know he's being jacked-off by a girl', and as I watched I saw daddy grow and thicken, he was getting an erection, and she was right, my daddy was bigger than most men.

He snorted a couple of times, sending my into heart stopping tizzy, but Cindy just ignored both him and myself, she certainly knew how to give a man a wank, well just to get him hard, as she had other things on her mind, as she stood up and pulled of her tights and panties.

'I'm going to fuck your daddy, don't worry, just keep quite and watch, you might learn something', and without further ado, she raised her leg and eased herself onto daddy, and guided his cock into her and started to fuck.

Cindy was always more sexually savvy than our other friends, she always had an answer and always appeared more knowledgeable, and now, watching her copulate with my father I understood why.

'How can he be enjoying it', I asked her, not understanding how an u*********s man would even know he was having sex.

'His fucking cock is hard and his hips are moving', she replied breathlessly, and as I watched, she began to spasm and jerk, my friend was having an orgasm, and I was amazed at how it effected her.

My eyes were darting from her to my father, who just lay there letting all this movement on top of him happen.

Once Cindy regained her composure, she resumed her grinding down on my fathers cock, 'You like to have a go'?

She was half turned to look at me, her bum cheeks were contracting as she spoke, as if she were chewing on him, 'No', I replied shocked that she would think I would sit on my fathers cock and fuck him.

But she just laughed, 'You're a fucking prude', she commented, 'I fuck with my father all the time', and with that comment she resumed her humping.

'What if he makes you pregnant'? I could visualize her walking into school with me, with her swollen belly carrying my s****r, then the sudden realization struck home, Cindy might finish up marrying daddy and become my mother.

'You need to get off him right now', I said sternly, but she was too busy shagging to pay any interest to what I was saying.

'Put your finger up my bum', was all she said, and when I remained transfixed at what she suggested she stopped her humping and looked at me.

'What', was all I could say.

'You want me to finish quickly', I nodded I did, 'then stick your fucking finger up my ass, and wiggle it about' was all she said.

'Why', I asked her totally lost by her crude suggestion.

She shook her head of beautiful hair, which cascaded around her shoulders, 'It feels like another man wants me at the same time', was her defining answer to my question.

I stepped over and sunk onto my knees, the strong smell of sex was evident, not repulsive but alluring as I watched daddy's cock move in and out of Cindy's tight vagina.

I had watched porn with Cindy of course, and had seen this sight many times before, close ups of the interaction, but smelling Cindy's vaginal odours and seeing her sheen on daddy's thick cock, took on a mesmerizing effect on me, as I lent in and felt the heat of their sex organs on my face, at one point daddy's shaft actually touched my lips, and when I licked them I could taste the sweetness of Cindy's young vaginal fluids.

'What are you doing back there', she asked?

I ignored her cheeseparings, and lent in close again, this time pressing my lips to daddy's scrotum, and began to lick his balls, the velvety feeling his scrotum imparted on my cheeks and mouth, and the tightness of his testicles as they brushed my chin, I just had to open my mouth wide and suck one inside and close my teeth around it, that's when I heard my father groan.

My action had triggered a daddy/daughter orgasm, he was cumming inside my girlfriend and I was literally chewing on his balls, I did not seem to care anymore, as I applied more pressure and teeth into his sensitive organs of my own creation.

Then as suddenly as it all kicked off, it all went quiet, and I released my paters testicle, covered in my saliva.

Cindy was started to gasp, and I guessed she was having another big one, so as she had requested I placed my fingertip into her crinkled puckered butt hole and pushed up inside, feeling daddy's cock move around.

'Oh fucking hell', she screamed out loud, as she squeezed my inserted finger with her powerful sphincter muscle, in a numerous rapidity, so strong were her convulsions, I simply remained trapped inside her bum, she held my tightly, and I could only image how tight she must have been on daddy's cock.

Orgasm's over and everybody relaxed, my finger retrieved and daddy's one-eyed trouser snake subdued and slipped from Cindy's wicked pussy, the smell of his semen running from her as she dismounted and ran to the toilet.

I wiped daddy's cock and began to fee it back into his pants, noting the heavy white staining on his flies from Cindy's juices. 'Thank's love' was all he said, and the wide smile on his face appeared to make him look a lot younger than his 56 years, perhaps old men fucking teen girls did do them some good.

I fed my fingers back into the bare skin of his penis and touched him as I lent over his prostrate body, 'You owe me one daddy', I whispered, gave him a kiss on his smiling mouth and pulled his zipper back up.

'Leave him there and throw a blanket on him', it was Cindy, she was completely nude, 'come to bed, I want you', she said, and like a mesmerized play thing, I got up and followed her into my bed.

This is a fantasy story from a girls dirty mind, the fact I think of such things does not mean I would enact them out, unless I get very horny.