Chick-Fil-A Employee offer; Need Help

My wife and I frequently go to a local fast food restaurant called chick-fil-a. We go so often that the employees usually recognize us and automatically know what we want to order. There is a girl working there named Jackie, who always serves us. She's 18, short, with dirty-blond hair and kinda gothic-looking. Not normally my cup of tea, but there's something about her that I can't resist. This past weekend I stopped in b/c I had a coupon for a free drink. As soon as I walked in, Jackie was there and said hello to me and asked “Where's your other half?” I told her she was working and that I had just stopped in to get a free drink with my coupon. After she got my drink, she said to me, “what's your rush?” I was a little confused by this, but because there were other employees and customers around I couldn't exactly ask her right there what she meant. In response, I just told her I wasn't really in a rush, but was just cashing in my coupon before the month of July was over (it expired the 31st). She said, “honey, your coupons will always be honored when I'm serving you, especially if you are coming here alone.” Caught off-guard, I smiled and said in a flirty way, “Well that's always good to know.” I left the chick-fil-a and haven't gone back yet, but was thinking about going again today to see if she is there. Should I be more direct with her this time? What should I say or do?