Caught Mum Cheating With My Best Friend

Hi I'm Kev,17 ,Uk

This is the true story of how I caught my mum fucking my “best friend” on holiday .

A few months back my mum and dad booked a holiday to italy for a week

Nearer the time my dad got a huge job request and would lose out on a lot of money of he didn't accept .

My dad would have to miss the holiday which he was looking forward to but the amount of money at stake was enough to make his decision .

Now with their being a spare ticket, my mum suggested I brought my mate kyle and I said yh good idea and asked him

He agreed to come with us straight away after my mum spoke with his mum and dad .

My Mum Suzanne is a very glamourous, fashionable 48 year old . She is forever buying exspensive Clothes and Loubiton Heels with my dads hard earned money .

She is around 5 Ft 6 , shoulder length blondey brown hair , Lightly Tanned , She Has Blue eyes and Hot Natural 38 C Breats (which I think she had a little lift on them when she turned 40 .

She has a hot slim body for her age as she goes to the gym quite often .

My Mate Kyle is 6 ft , Dark Brown Hair and has a dark tan with brown eyes , his party Piece is his cock it must be around 9 inches and pretty thick.

Because me and kyle go to the gym together a lot , we both have slim ripped up bodys and decent sized muslces .

Last year we fucked 2 girls on holiday in the same room and he really knew what he was doing and had the girl screaming .

My performance was more satisfactory but he had the advantage of a 9 inch Pole haha.

Anyway back to the story,

We arrived at the hotel which was 5 star and was really modern and swanky.

We was shown to our rooms , me and kyle shared a room with 2 big single beds and my mum had a huge suite next door .

The view from our balconys was stunning , it was definatley the best hotel I'd been to so far .

We unpacked and had a good look around the hotel before going down to the room and relaxing for a few hours before Dinner .

When the sun started to fade a little most people head up to their rooms to change for the evening meal and so did we .

Most of the women in the hotel was really dressed up in exspensive dresses and jewellery .

We had our meal and had a few drinks at the outdoor bar before going up to the room for an earlyish night .

The next day my mum got speaking to a women and she advised we went down to the riviera as it had loads to do and lots of shops .

We walked around with my mum for a few hours , she work a skimpy bikini covered by a see through beach dress.

I kept catching kyle glancing at her arse and tits and jokingly i give him the I'm watching signal with my fingers and we both laughed .

As we were walking around we noticed some jet skis and me and kyle hired them for an hour while my mum had a look around

The jet skis were quite exspensive but so addictive we payed for an extra 30 minutes .

When we got off we were both ruined , our legs were pretty weak and the sun had taken the energy out of us .

We walked back up to meet my mum and she said it was like something out of a bond movie when you both walked up here then dripping wet , we both laughed

We all headed up to the hotel had a few drinks by the pool bar and had a little swim as my mum lay on the sunloungers soaking up the sun with her book .

After an hour or 2 we went upto the rooms had a shower and get ready for the meal .

Me and kyle just dresses smart casual in jeans and smart tops , we sat on the balcony waiting for my mum nextdoor .

After what seemed to be about 3 hours she was finally ready ,

She was dressed in a blue skin tight dress which was abit to short for my liking , and a pair of her huge daft loubiton platform heels ,

I was used to the way she dressed so it didn't really bother me , as we walked behind her down the hall I noticed the outline of her tiny thong through her dress .

As we was in the lift kyle was pretending to squeeze her arse joking around

When we got to the ground floor I got kyle in a head lock as a laugh and told him to stop it.

We had a drink in the bar before going for our meal , the amount of hot sexy women in the hotel was great ,all very sexy dressed middle aged women , I was in heavan .

After our meal we went outside to the bar and watched the entertainment show it was like acrobatics and flame spitters .

We was not old enough to buy beer ourselves but my mum was happy to get them for us .

As it got to about 12.45 at night and it got abit boring, I started getting abit tired and said I was going to go to bed soon ,

We were all abit d***k and I decided to go upto the room for some sl**p , the jet skis just simply ruined me .

I asked kyle if he was coming up , and he said no not just yet pal gonna stay and have a few more drinks .

Anyway I went upto the room and soon enough I was fast asl**p , something in the corridor must of woke me up

I looked at my clock and it was 3 o'clock and kyle wasn't in the room .

I thought where could he be ? I got out of bed and went onto the balcony and noticed my mums room light seeping through the shut curtians .

I climbed over and looked through the gap in the corner to see if she was in there

And to my total amazement shw was on the bed with kyle totally naked fucking him .

I couldn't believe what I was seeing , I looked away and my mind could process it but I had to look back .

Kyle was ontop in missionary pumping her passiontly as she run her hands over his back and arse .

I had the side on view and could see everything , my mums natural tits shaking every time he pumped her .

They were kissing passiontly as they fucked quite intimatley and slow .

I could see him pulling his huge tanned cock right out of her before driving it back deep inside her pussy .

As wierd as it was to watch I started to become hard in my shorts and continued to watch in amazement

Kyle pressed himself up with his hands and started to pound my mum hard and fast as they looked into each others eyes ,my mums hands were on both arse cheeks squeezing them as he pumped her mature cunt

I couldn't help but rip down my shorts and start to wank my rock hard cock .

Just buy the look on my mums face and the light moans I could hear through the window told me she was loving evry minuted of it .

They stopped and kyle lay on his back , my mum crawled down the bed and began to suck his big cock as she wanked him ,

He lay back in total pleasure running his hand through her hair.

She sucked his cock so well ,taking it pretty deep before licking up and down the shaft and sucking his balls .

She climbed onto him and aimed his big cock back inside her soaking pussy with ease .

He sat up and started kissing and sucking her neck before moving onto her tits as she slowly rid his cock .

It was so hot , seeing a young guy with a toned up body giving my hot 48 year old mum probably the best fuck of her life .

He lay back and she began to ride him in full f***e taking it deep inside her then grinding her hips around ,

Shortly after she leaned back onto her hands and pressed herself up abit letting kyle pound her from underneath .

Her tits was making me so hard , bouncing up and down each time he thrusted her .

The stopped and he stood up at the side of the bed , my mum got into doggy facing me towards me .

They began fucking again I felt like they could see me , as my mums moaning face looked towards me and kyle pounding her .

Her big tits dangling down facing towards me barely 2 metres away , it wass too much I'd been wanking hard for over 30 mins

I started to cum hard all over the white wall which seperated the rooms .

I looked back and it felt a lot wierder now I'd cummed ,

He continued to fuck her doggy , he leaned over her arched back and whispered somthing in her ear,

She replied to him but I couldn't hear , he started goin really fast and then pulled out , my mum rolled over onto her back and pulled her hair behind her head ,

He leaned over her and began cumming all over her tits and face .

She kept her mouth open the whole time as he blew his huge watery load all over her .

It was hard to see your best friend cumming in your own mums mouth but me being a dirty bastard made it a lot easier haha .

He wiped the remaining cum of her tits and face with his cock and she licked it all off , she looked asif really enjoyed the taste .

She stood up and walked into the bathroom probably to clean her face as kyle just lay on the bed exhausted .

My mum come out of the bathroom picked up her cigs and headed right towards the balcony .

I dived back over the wall didn't have enough time to open my door so I hid behind the wall lay on the floor ,

I heard the door slide open , my heart was in my mouth , what if kyle come into my room and saw me ? What if my mum looks over ?

These are just a few things running through my head ,

I heard her sit down and kyle joined her minutes later ,

I heard him say ” the lights off looks like he still asl**p “

I put his hand on the wall and it must of gone in my cum ,

“Eww he said , my heart stopped ,

My mum said ” what is it ”

He said “nothing must be sun cream or something ,

I sighed in relief

My mum said ” right kyle you can never tell a soul about what's just happened ” promise me !”

He said” yh I promise I wouldn't dream of telling anyone “

My mum said “good, now u best get ready he will wonder where you are if he wakes up “

They both went back inside , I watched him dress and head towards the door after kissing her goodbye and squezzing her naked ass .

I ran into my room closed the door and dived back in bed ,

I heard him come inside , trying to be quite , I rolled over turned the light on pretending to look tired ,

I said its 4.30 where the fuck have you been , he seemed nervous !

errr I met a girl and let's say I got lucky , I asked him to tell me the details

He said ill tell you in the morning I'm tired .

I hardly got any sl**p that night and when he woke up I said ,” go on then tell me what happened “

Kyle said ,”I just met a girl pissed up last night at the bar and it was her lastnight , and we ended up fucking “

I asked him how old she was and he replied ” 21 not bad ey ”

He sed she was blonde and hot ,

I started laughing

He said what's funny ?

I said ” you lying bastard I fucking saw you lastnight with my mum you little dick head ,

He tried to lie to me , I said listen kyle your my mate and I'm fucking pissed off more at her , but I don't give a fuck to be honest ,

But whatever happens here stays here and if you tell a fucking person I sware ill kill you ,

When we went to breakfast I told my mum and she wouldn't accept I knew ,

I told her the same , I don't give a fuck its only sex but if it ever happens when we are back home or he tells anyone then there's gonna be trouble !

She apolagised over and over again , I said I don't wanna hear it in my mind its not even happened , you can do what you like while your here but it stays here and never happens again when we get back or ill tell dad .

Later that night thing were proper akward , and kyle the cheeky bastard. Said ” so we can do it again while we are here ?”

I said don't fucking push it kyle I don't care what you do ,I told you before what happens here stays here .

The only reason I let them get away with it because secretly it turned me on so bad knowing my mums fucking a 17 year old .

For the remainder of the holiday they fucked every single night , he slept in the same room as her for the rest of the holiday aswell and even fucked most mornings

4 out of the 5 remaining nights there was still a gap in the curtians and I watched and wanked myself to death each time I watched .

At the airport home I told them again it ends here have you both got that ?

And they both promised ……

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