Camping with Stepdaughter 12

I continued to work on Susan’s bike while the two sat and talked. Susan stood up and leaned over my shoulder to show me a problem that she had on her bike. I could feel her firm young breasts pressing into my shoulder. Her wet hair hanging down my back made me shiver. She was making my hands shake and I was having a hard time concentrating on her bike. I dropped my allen wrench and quickly turned around. Her breasts were right in my face. I told her that she was lucky that my hands were greasy or I would have a handful. She cut me off and pulled her top down exposing her hard nipple just inches away and said these. She giggled and told me that if I did a good job on her bike that later she would do a job on me. I asked her what k** of a job. She said that I was going to have to wait to get answer to that question.

Men were walking up and down the trail quite regularly now. It was even worse than it was before. Susan sat behind Lesly on the bench and started braiding her hair. Lesly reached behind her and pulled her top down exposing her breasts just as one of the men walked past. Susan dropped Lesly’s hair and said it’s on. She grabbed the straps on Lesly’s shirt and pulled it down to her waist and reached up and grabbed her soft pink nipples and gave them a hard tweak. Lesly let a scream and yelled oh hell no, turned around and reciprocated by grabbing Susan’s nipples and giving them a hard twist. I told them that they needed to save their energy for later.

I asked Susan what she and Lesly had done to each other in the past. Her face turned red and she looked at Lesly. I told her that Lesly had told me that they had felt each other up and about then rubbing pussies together. I asked her if they had only done it on one occasion. Lesly looked and Susan as to say don’t tell him, but she did. She said that they had played quite a few times while they kissed. Two more guys walked past before either of them pulled up their tops.

I was done with the bikes and told them it was time to get dinner on the fire. I built a fire and then washed my hands. The two hot little nymphs looked at each other then looked at me. Susan surprised me as said you are all dirty I think that you need to take a shower. You watched us now it is time for us to watch you. I will even wash your back for you if you want. Lesly piped in and said ya I think it is about time for you to get cleaned up. I new this was going to be a great night.

I filled the water container and lit the burner. I took off my boots and socks. I turned away and let my shorts drop to the ground. Susan said hey that’s not fair. I turned around and her sweet little mouth dropped open as her eyes locked onto my hard cock that was pointing right at her. Lesly said I told you that it was bigger that it looked in the video. I turned on the shower and got wet down. I soaped up and washed my chest and legs. Susan and Lesly came closer. I handed Susan the soap and said you can wash my back. I tuned and as she started to soap up my back and said you have to wash this first and looked down at the rocket that jutted out from between my legs. She just stood there. I said well are you going to wash it or not. Lesly grabbed the soap and went to stoking up and down my shaft. Susan then placed her shaking hand on me and expressed that she had never seen one this size. I told her that there was nothing to be afraid of. With that she started sliding her hands up and down in time with Lesly’s. Men were still walking by in disbelief. How could this man be so lucky? I finished and let them rinse me off. I dried and went to the van. They followed me in and sat on the bed.

I got between Lesly’s legs and removed her top and her shorts and pushed her on her back. I then pulled off Susan’s tube top and pulled down her little shorts. I pushed her on to her back and pulled her to the edge so her pussy was accessible. I slid the tip of my cock between her wet swollen little pussy lips. I moved up and down for a minute. With every stroke she would raise up her hips to meet me. I then moved over to Lesly and gave her the same treatment. I looked at them both and told them that they would have to wait until after supper. That we would come back and I would please them if and only if they would make love while I watched. That meant they each had to get the other one off with their tongue and fingers. I sigh slipped from each of the mouths. Their faces turned red and Lesly said we have never done that before. I looked them in the eyes and said that there is a first time for everything. I slid a finger in to each of their pussies and told them that it would be worth it. I licked my fingers pulled on my shorts and told them to get dressed. With that I walked out to prepare our supper

Once again they came outside to get dressed. Men were falling all over themselves. Lesly put on her little silk robe. Susan saw this and pulled out her robe that was the same style only a different color. They came and helped me cook. Bending over every chance they got to flash their hungry pussies.

More to come.