Calling a Doctor?

My wife was just in to have a routine Doctors visit. I had just dropped her off and I had to run out and take care of my errands. She was at the counter and the nurse asked for her information and asked her to take a seat. When it was her time they positioned her in the room and few minutes passed and in come a man around 74 in a white lab coat and heavy set belly beard not her regular doctor. My wife is 38 mind you, she ask him what happened to my regular doctor? Oh he is out due to f****y issues but I am taking his patients today. I am doctor Findley. I noticed you have not had the new procedure we have posted here for all women your age now. Is there a reason you are not taking this new exam? She asked him “no I am not sure what it is and never was told what it was.” What does it entail or cover? Well it is a new procedure just the doctor can do to feel inside the vagina for Endometriosis or ruptures to the vaginal chamber. He said I will need to have you bend over the table and I need to place this over my cock and slid it in you medically only to feel it. Your doctor will have to do it as well. She was having a hard time with this but she was very turned on by her doctor and the thought of him doing it was a major turn on. She asked him can I wait for my doctor. He replied back to her, no unfortunately today you just hit the mark if we do not do this you won’t be able to participate in future screenings. She thought about it and said to him”ok”. She pulled her panty’s down turned around and bent over the table. He put the condom on and she could feel him lube her vaginal area up. She goes how long will this take he said I have to do like we are having sex a few stroking motions should be effective. She said ok, I was not sure.
She felt him slid his large member in she was surprised and she was oh my I am sorry it is so large doctor. No it is ok I have been told this it is ok if you like this procedure. She mentioned it does feel very nice I hope that is ok to say that. He said yes if you want me to continue a bit I can? Will that be ok? Yes I can.. She moans a little and he pounds a little harder and harder…. Then she cums hard and he shoots! He turns her around and says I think you are ok she is out of breath and looks at his cock and says I am so wow love your cock doctor. He says well here is my personal info if you want to reach me on a personal meeting to do this again. She says is that ok? He says just d not say anything! She goes I won’t! He walks out she is dressed and about to walk out and her regular doctor walks in and says hi! Are you ready to have your physical?