BtVS: Rainy Day Distraction

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Rainy Day Distraction

“B, get the popcorn!”

“I’m getting it, it doesn’t pop itself… Well it does, but.”

“We get it B, damn! I thought Red babbled.”

“Hey leave me out of this,” Willow poked her head around the corner and tossed some sl**ping bags. “Since the rain is bad, your all spending the night,” Willow plopped down on the couch and smiled. “So what are we going to do?”

“How about some movies?”

“Sounds fun,” Tara smiled.

“Got just the ones too, saving them for a rainy day,” Faith smiled and pulled out a few DVDs, Tara turned pink.

“Is that what I think it is?” Willow asked.

“Sure is.”

“Buffy, I think Faith has lost her mind,” Willow called out, Buffy came in moments later with three big bowls of popcorn.

“Why?” Faith held out a couple DVD’s and took them, “I’ve seen these,” Buffy smiled, “good choice.”

“We can’t watch them here, what if my parents come home?”

“Wil, there in Egypt,” Buffy added.

“They might come back early.”

“They left tonight.”

“I just don’t feel comfortable…”

“Come on baby, shouldn’t be that bad. Plus there will be snuggles.”

“More than snuggles later probably,” Faith added which earned her a smack from Buffy.

Willow blushed and wrapped herself in a blanket, Tara smiled and pulled Willow to her. “You okay baby?”

“I don’t think I am going to like this.”

“You’ve never watched porn before?” Willow shook her head, Faith just laughed. “How about you T?”

“Once, against my better judgment.”

“Really, what kind?” Buffy asked.

“Some creepy kind, something to do with Midgets and a****ls… I had a very freaky friend and in honesty he traumatized me.”

“Don’t worry T, a****l and Midget free,” Faith smiled and plopped down next to Willow. “Hey, come on, it will be fun. Plus, you get to see naked chicks.”

“Don’t need to see naked chicks, I see Tara,” Tara’s face pinked and she buried her face into the blanket.

“Well I and B want to watch porn and I’m sure once you hear it… so will you,” Faith smiled and headed for the DVD player, popping in the disc. Buffy sat next to her on the love seat as the movie began to play. Tara watched with Willow on the other.

When the movie started Buffy gasped; “Faith, where did you find this?” Buffy’s eyes widened in shock. “My god.”

“Is that?”

“HA!” Faith laughed her ass off, “Yeah, it’s her.”

“My god… Cordelia chase!”

“Who’s the girl with them?”

“One of Angel’s crime fighters, Fred I think her name is,” Willow chimed in. “I went and helped ensoul Angel, and Fred’s the one that called me.”

“My god, can we watch something else?”

“This is the best part…”


“Come here,” Fred walked over to Cordelia with a smile, kneeling down on front of her. “On your hands and knees, now,” Fred did as she was told as Cordelia ran a slender hand over Fred’s ass. “Such a cute little ass, so small and round,” Fred trembled. “I bet you like me to take that ass with my dildo, wouldn’t you? Answer me.”


“I knew you would,” Cordelia smiled and continued to caress and tease Fred’s ass. “Ever have anal sex before Fred, ever been fucked so hard your ass hurt for days?”


“Would you liked too?”

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?” Cordelia stopped, and Fred whimpered. “It’s either a yes or a no,” Cordelia knelt down next to Fred and lifted her chin. “So what’s it going to be, a yes or a no?”

“Mmm, yes.”

“I thought so.” Cordelia’s hand went up than down, causing Fred to squeak with surprise. “I’m going to take your ass, hard and until you scream for more. Or maybe I’ll have Angel do it, maybe he’ll rip you open?” Cordelia smiled as Fred moaned.


“More what?”

“Spank me again, I like it.”

“So you’re into a little spanking, are you?” Cordelia stood up and sat in the middle of the floor on a chair. “Come here,” Fred was about to get up when Cordelia yelled, “NO!” she stopped. “On your knees.”


“Where or how did you find this?”

“Is that really important?”


“Alright, cuz I filmed them. They asked me to watch, more exciting or something.”

“Faith, would you ever… ya know, be in a porn video?”

“Already was, T,”

“Really?” Willow finally asked through her blanket, which had finally slid down to reveal her head.


“Anyone we know?” Buffy asked crossing her arms.


“So you going to tell us or what?” Willow asked

“Watch the movie.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The hand went down for the tenth time, and Fred’s little ass had turned a bright pink. As Cordelia’s hand landed and soothed each reddened cheek. Each time Cordelia’s hand landed it was harder, and the more Fred moved her little hips the harder the hits. “Stay still or I’ll make them harder,” Cordelia let down a sharp hit on Fred’s thigh, Fred tensed but didn’t wiggle. “Good girl,” Cordelia stood up and removed her top and bra before walking over to the couch, Fred followed on her hands and knees. “Up,” Cordelia patted her lap and Fred crawled onto it before nuzzling into Cordelia’s arms. “Suck.”

Nervously Fred latched on to Cordelia’s nipple, nibbling and sucking. As Cordelia’s hands travelled over Fred’s ass, “Mmmm,”

“Good girl, suck that nipple… ouch don’t bite.” The hand came down sharp, right below Fred’s ass. “Be a good girl and kneel up,” Fred knelt and never broke contact with Cordelia’s nipple, until Cordelia slid a slender finger into her pucker.


“Keep that nipple in your mouth,” Cordelia kept moving her finger in and out as her other hand kept in rhythm as it land on one cheek to another. “Good baby,” Cordelia moaned as Fred’s sucking became more fast as if she were trying to gain a reward.







“Mmm, good girl.” Cordelia smiled, “You deserve a reward…”


“I’m going to get some more snacks…” Willow took her now empty bowl of popcorn and headed for the kitchen, Tara followed.

“You ok Sweetie?”

“I can’t keep watching that.”

“Why not,” Tara giggled.

“I went to school with Cordelia, it’s kind of weird.”

“It’s turning you on isn’t it?” Faith asked from the door way.


“Slayer smell…”

“What are you a frikkin dog, keep your nose to your own senses!” Willow tossed a cup Faith’s way.

“In fact you all are, Tara here too,” Tara blushed again and headed for the living room. “Ya all missed the end, Cordelia took Fred with a dildo, right in her little ass… I think B is traumatized.”

“I’ll never be able to look at Cordelia again,” Willow sat down next to Tara and cuddled against her.

“I don’t think I will either,” Willow buried her face into Tara’s neck and rested there. “Scary.”

“Come on girls, I have one more Video, I think you might enjoy it,” Buffy gulped and became suddenly very nervous, “An old memory actually…” Faith stuck it in and walked over to where Buffy sat and sat directly on her lap. “I missed you B.”



“I can’t do this right now.”

“Got your period or something?” Faith teased.

“You know why,”

“Is it because Red and T are here? They were going to find out anyways, might as well tell them.”

“Tell us what?” Willow asked.

“Me and Faith had a history when she first got in Sunnydale,” Willow was listening. “Faith got me to do several kinky things on patrol, she even videotaped us once…” Willow’s eyes trailed back to the Video, and she stared at it in shock.

“Who recorded you?”

“Remote,” Faith smiled.


Against the cold tomb of a crypt, Buffy leaned. “Mmm, can’t–”

“Sure ya can B, it’s just like we normally do. Only this time I got proof,” Buffy smacked Faith in the head and pushed her away, but Faith had her back against the crypt wall; hard. “Faith!”

“No way B, you got me all worked up. And now you have to finish it,” Faith moved in closer and nuzzled Buffy’s neck. “You want me happy, dontcha B?” She nodded and ran a hand through Faith’s hair, “Than make me happy…”

“Are you sure?”


“Ok,” Buffy turned the tables on Faith and pushed her against the wall hard, “you asked for it.”

“Always do,”


Willow and Tara were no longer paying attention to the Video as they watched Buffy and Faith make out on the couch, Willow was a slight pink as Tara was intrigued. In fact they were both unsure how it happened, all of a sudden Buffy had turned to Faith and taken control, and now the Movie forgotten, Faith was again on all four kissing up Buffy’s skirt…

“Tara, what the hell is happening?”

“I think Faith and Buffy are going to have sex in your living room.”

“That’s what I thought,” Willow watched as Faith crawled back up and whispered into Buffy’s ear.

“I don’t think they’ll go for it…” Tara knew what that meant and decided it was time to go, she grabbed Willow hand and tried to leave. “Don’t run off girls, Faith was just k**ding.”

“Actually I was serious B, can’t have all the fun, can we?”

“That’s very sweet, but I am a one girl kind of girl,” Tara and Willow both nodded. “That’s a shame,” Faith pouted and just as she was about to walk over Buffy grabbed her.

“If they don’t want to, we can’t make them.”

“Would you want too?” Willow asked, and Tara looked at her in shock. “Tara not like I would, I was just asking Buffy. If she’d want to.”

“Never thought about it before, it’s not something you think about really.”

“How about an ice breaker?”

“An ice whata?”

“An ice breaker, like seven minutes in the closet or maybe spin the bottle?”

“Ok.” Buffy smiled.

“And if you feel ok with kissing another girl, and decided to do more, than good,” Tara looked at Willow and sighed, but they nodded. “B, get the bottle,” Buffy ran off into the kitchen and came out with an old wine bottle. “Perfect.”

In a circle sat Faith, Willow, Buffy, Tara in that order…..

Faith spun the bottle round and round until it landed on Buffy. “Easy start,” Faith smiled and Willow and Tara both gave a collected sigh of relief. They watched as Buffy and Faith leaned over the bottle with smiles and began kissing and nibbling on each other’s bottom lip. “Your turn B, landed on you.”

Buffy smiled and spun the bottle….

Willow watched, Tara, Faith, her, Tara, Faith, her, Tara, Faith, her, Tara, Faith, her……Willow paled. Buffy smiled, “It’s not that bad Willow, only if I had bad breath… Faith?”

“Minty fresh, B,” Tara couldn’t help but smile at the joke, Willow wasn’t smiling, she was nervous.

“Go ahead Wil,” Tara nodded and leaned over and place a nervous kiss on Buffy’s lips, before pulling away a few seconds later.

“See Red, lived another day,” Faith grinned and watched as Willow spun the bottle and it landed safely on Tara.

“You ok, Wil?” Tara leaned over and gave her a few reassuring kisses before they dove into heavier kissing.

“Am now,” Tara nervously took the bottle and spun it until it landed on Faith, she gulped.

“I don’t bite,” Faith smile and met Tara in the middle before placing a hand on her hair. “When you want to pull away let me know,” Tara didn’t get a chance to say anything, because Faith pulled her close and began an assault on her mouth that Willow had only done before. Finally she pulled away flushed and rather embarrassed.

The game continued until each kiss began to get more heavy and heated, the last time the bottle was spun was Willow and she landed in the center of both Buffy and Tara; “why not a three way?”

And thanks to Faith that was about to become a reality.