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Author : Hi Hi
Book : Slut Mother
Story : Slut Mother
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One of the most perverted stories I have ever written. This was for a
very close friend of mine who has seen naked and semi naked photos of
my mother. We hope that one day I will fuck his girlfriend while he
fucks my mother on the same bed, side by side.
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I met Terry on the internet. A fellow story teller, Terry and I shared
our passion for seducing and fucking older, plump women. Like most
boys our age we both liked a woman in her 40s or 50s, with big
pendulous tits, a very wide, fleshy ass, soft hips and well used anus
and pussy.
The only difference between us was that while Terry liked women who
fucked anything, I only enjoyed those who preferred rather large,
black men. Women like my mother.
For months, Terry and I had chatted and as we grew more comfortable
with each other, we shared pictures. I sent him naked and half naked
photos of my mother and told him all about her immoral ways, her
lovers and her desires to get fucked by young black men week after
week and he told me about his girlfriend who worked as a prostitute.
Finally, Terry and I decided to meet.
It was about 3 on a Saturday afternoon. Terry had traveled all the way
to LA to see me. As I waited for him at a seedy cafe close to
MacArthur Park.
“Hi, Larry?” I heard a male voice and turned around.
The man standing in front of me was in his 30s and not at all like how
he had described himself. He was white, 5' 8″, about 160 lbs, with an
unshaven face and receding hairline. He also wore glasses. At least
his jeans and t-shirt was clean and I was glad that he looked more
hygenic than I had imagined.
“Hi Terry” I replied without smiling. I was disappointed but he was
still the closest friend I had.
We looked at each other unsure about what to say? What do you say when
you meet a man who wants to fuck your mother? What do you say when you
see a man you want your mother to fuck?
“Are you ready?” I asked.
“Yes. I have been waiting for this for last 10 hours.” he replied
“Good. It will take us about 40 minutes to get there. Mom is home and
she knows you are coming.”
“Does she know why I am here?”
I simply smiled and picked up my little bag.
It took us almost an hour to get to my home in Chesterfield Square, a
largely black neighborhood my mother and I moved to after she realized
that she only enjoyed sl**ping with black men.
“Whoa!” Terry cried when we stepped out of the bus. “Lot of niggers
in this area!”
“Shhh….” I said looking around. You will get us both killed!”
“I am sure your mother loves it. She can have all the black meat she
wants right here.”
I grinned and nodded. He was right. My mother hardly left the house.
Week after week, she could find new lovers by just going to the
neighborhood store. Boys, some as young as me loved to fuck my
mother's ass and then tease me the next day.
We walked over to my house. It was a townhouse, pink with flowers on
the walls. You could spot it from a mile away and it seemed like my
mother had bought it only because it was closer to freeway and could
be easily identified.
I unlocked the door and entered the hallway. Terry followed me
looking around. I could see he was a bit nervous.
“Mom we are home” I said loudly.
We heard loud steps and then my mother appeared on the top of the
At 48, she was quite beautiful. Her face was soft, with slightly
plump cheeks. She had big, beautiful hazel eyes and long curvy lashes.
Her lips were full and red and she had a small, delicate nose. She had
done her hair in a bun.
She was in a very tight red top but it was clear she didn't have a bra
on. Her large, 40″ pendulous tits hung down to her navel and her
nipples poked through the sheer material obscenely. Her 37″ belly had
just the right fat to make her look plump but not obese.She had long
black skirt and even though she didn't turn around, her massive,
almost 58″ hips could be seen bulging out from both sides, straining
against the thin material of the skirt, threatening to tear it apart
at seams.
Terry watched open mouthed. It was obvious he had never seen a woman
like my mother.
“Come” I said breaking the spell. “She will come down in a minute”.
Terry followed me like a sheep. The living room had a large, L-shaped
dark brown, leather couch with a 42 inch LCD TV on the wall. A square,
dark wooden table in the center and thick brown carpet added to the
garishness of the room.
I took off my shoes and fell back on the couch. Terry sat down facing
me. I knew he couldn't relax. He wanted to see my mother as she came
in and in a few minutes he had his wish.

Mom came in from behind me.
She ran her fingers through my hair. “How was your day honey?”
“Fine mom. How was yours?” I asked smiling.
“Fine. So are you gonna introduce me to your friend or what?”
“Mom, this is Terry. I told you about him. He is gonna live with us
for a few days.”
“Hello Terry.” my mother came around and presented her hand to Terry.
Terry still hadn't come out of his trance. He barely shook her hand
and mumbled something.
“You are much older than Larry.” mom said as she held his hand.
Terry went 8 shades of red before I rescued him. “Its okay mom. He is
my friend and he knows about us.”
“Does he know that he is sitting where a nigger fucked my ass just a
few hours away?” mom said seriously and all 3 of us laughed. That
simple joke took the tension away and suddenly helped everybody
“I will get you boys a sandwich before Carl comes home.”
“Carl is mom's new boyfriend.” I explained to Terry. “Mom and I don't
hide anything from him. He knows how much I love watching my mother
get fucked.”
“Yeah.” mom said, “When I brought him home the first time, I told him
he can cum in me all he wants but Larry gets to watch and eat his cum
from my cunt or ass. I mean, I can't deny my son the pleasure of
worshiping my body.” mom explained to Terry.
“I wish I could just be a fly on the wall and watch you two.” Terry
Both mom and I laughed.
“That's why you are here b*o!” I said patting his thigh. “Just
remember our agreement. I have first dibs on any cum in my mother's
asshole. You always get what I leave behind.”
Terry nodded and Mom smiled and then turned around to go to kitchen.
Terry looked at her ass. As she passed me, I grabbed my mother's big
hips and massaged them roughly.
“Aren't they beautiful?” I said buring my face between her fat cheeks
through her long, dark skirt. My mother squirmed and rubbed her
massive ass on my face.
“She once held the cum of 7 niggers in her ass, drove all the way
from West Hollywood and then fed me!” It was amazing.
My mother looked over her shoulder while I still played with her huge
“I had to sqench my hips tight for almost an hour. Every time I
relaxed, I could feel the cum flowing out. But I have a duty. My son
needs to feed on men's sperms in my ass and what kinda mother would I
be if I can't fulfill his one little hunger.”
“As soon as she came home, she fell on all knees. I knew what to do.
I immediately went behind her, bent her forward, raised her skirt and
glued my lips to her asshole.” I said, continuing the story.
“And then i relaxed. I could feel thick slurry running out of me and
into his mouth. It was so relaxing.”
“She filled my mouth within seconds. I couldn't gulp it down fast
enough but because the cum had stayed in her ass for almost an hour,
it also tasted very good.”
“Oh you liar!” Mom squealed. “It must be very pungent and nasty.”
“It was delicious mother!” I said slapping her ass. “It was so sweet.
Remember, how I rolled it around in my mouth, savoring the taste?”
“Yeah! It was beautiful!” mom said lovingly. “You made me feel so
good. Almost like a Goddess, giving her nectar to the faithful”
“You are my Goddess mother.” I said and kissed her amazon hips
Terry watched us mesmerized.
“Its okay Terry. You can take it out and masturbate.” I said when I
noticed a bulge in his pants.
“I will wait.” Terry said. My mother had now managed to free herself
and went into the kitchen to fix us some dinner before the night of
fun began.
Since we had only one bathroom and we didn't have much time, Terry
and I showered together while mom prepared herself for Carl.
I noticed Terry hadn't lied about his stats. He was almost 6″ long
with big balls. I had an advantage of an inch but it didn't matter as
tonight none of us was going to get a pussy.
At about 7:30 the door bell rang and I mom went downstairs to let
Carl in. She had a fishnet bodysuit pantyhose on. Her white body
glowed under the black fabric and her voluptuous figure all but
spilled out of the fishnet. She had applied deep red lipstick, purple
mascara and an eyeliner. Her massive tits bounced uncontrollably on
her chest and her big hips barely managed to stay within the
In a few minutes mom came into the room holding Carl's cock. He saw me
but didn't smile. then he saw Terry and ignored him.
“He is Larry's friend” my mother explained as she went closer to Carl
and rubbed her near naked body against his black, muscular one.
Carl didn't waste much time. He grabbed my mother's ass and spread
her cheeks apart. For the first time, Terry got an unobstructed view
of my mother's legendary asshole. Dark and red, it was a huge gaping
hole that was too big for his cock, or mine for that matter. Carl,
with his thick, almost 6″ girth cock however could have stretched my
slut mother's ass another inch or two.
As they kissed, my mother looked over her shoulder and said lightly
“Prepare me hun.”
Terry was a bit confused but I motioned to him to stay quiet.
I quickly grabbed a bottle of lube and Terry's hand. We crossed over
to the other side of the room where my mother, her back towards us,
was still kissing her black master.
I rubbed my hands together and then spread my mother's massive ass
cheeks apart. I looked at Terry and he understood. He took lube and
pured a little on his index and middle fingers and then inserted them
into my mother's wanton rear. Mom squirmed as she felt the warmness
spreading inside her anus. She thrust her hips back making more of
Terry's fingers and knuckles to go inside.
Terry looked at me nervously. I nodded, encouraging him to play
He took more lube and now inserted all his fingers in my mother's
delicious rear. Soon Terry was fisting my mom's ass while I held her
hips apart and a tall, nigger with cock like a flagpole kissed her and
mauled her large tits.
Mom moaned as she enjoyed attention from all three of us.
In a few minutes, mom stopped moving her ass and I motioned to Terry
to pull his fist out of her anus. Mom now grabbed Carl's penis and
slid down, dragging her massive tits along rock solid chest and abs.
Once on her knees, she took his massive cock in her mouth and
stretched her face attempting to put her lips around the head.
“This is the cock of a real man Larry” she whispered.
“I know mom. I am so glad you have huge cocks like these to fuck.”
Carl never enjoyed blowjobs, not even when the cocksucker was an
expreienced whore like my mother.
He soon pushed her back and on the bed. He kissed her while his cock
rubbed against mom's ass crack trying to find her holes.
After a few attempts he groaned in despair and I swung into action. I
quickly sat down and lowered my mouth on his black ass. Then with one
clean motion, I grabbed his cock and put it in my mouth. I sucked him
for a few seconds and then I gently inserted that massive black organ
in my mother's open and very wet cunt.
Both of them groaned as Carl thrust his hips forward to bury his
massive tool deeper into my mother's cunt.
For next 15 minutes Carl fucked my mother while Terry and I took
turns sucking his dirty , black anus.
Then the groaning began. First my mother, then Carl started talking
“Fuck me you dirty nigger!” mom yelled.
“You white fucking whore” Carl whispered. “You sick old slut”
“Yeah! Fuck this whore baby! Fuck my white pussy” mom now had both
her legs in the air as Carl fucked her pussy mercilessly.
“Hold on! Wait! I want you to cum in my ass” mom said grabbing Carl's
It took them a second but Carl came out and I grabbed his cock and
inserted it into my mother's gaping anus.
The fucking began again abut it didn't last long. In a few minutes,
even before I could get up, Carl started cumming in my mother.
“Oh baby! That feels so good!!” my mother yelled “I can feel you in
my ass. I love it! I love when you cum in me!”
Carl came a lot in my mother. Both Terry and I could see his thick
black cock jerking as dark veins carried thick cum from his balls and
through his 10″ shaft deep into my mother's ass.

After he was done, Carl collapsed on my mom. Her tits hanging on
either side, Terry started sucking mom's nipples.
I helped Carl by gently holding his cock and pulling him out of mom.
It was wet and the tip still seemed to be leaking cum. I took it in
mouth, trying to clean it of any residue. I knew my mother didn't like
me to waste even an ounce of precious white sperms of her black
I sucked Carl's cock with passion. My mother's pussy and anal juices
were spread all over it like peanut butter. I licked it all up.
Next I lifted my head and whispered – “Terry, now!”
Terry leg go off mom's nipples and came to where I was.
Together we helped Carl roll off my mother. His large cock was still
hard and stood up straight. Terry took a hint from me and licked the
balls and cock of our black master while I positioned mom's massive
white ass on a few pillows.
“You okay honey?” mom asked as she planted her rear on soft pillows.
“I am ready mom” I said holding mom's ass cheeks apart and putting my
mouth close to her butthole.
“Here it comes baby” mom said taking a deep breath in. Then she let
A wisp of air escaped my mother's ass and then thick white sperms
filled my mouth. I massaged my mother's hips, helping her relax and
excrete more cum from deep within her asshole.
Terry watched mesmerized as my mother shot thick globs of cum all over
my face and chest and I gulped every drop down.
Then after there was none left, I moved away and grabbed Terry's
pushing him down, next to mom's asshole.
“Eat it you dirty asshole” I cursed. “Eat my mother's bunghole”
Mom laughed and farted loudly. She then let loose her sphincter and
thick slurry ran out and into Terry's mouth. I was jealous. I didn't
know Carl had left so much sperms inside mom. But Terry didn't seem to
mind. He chewed on the nigger cum and ate it all up with reverence. We
don't know how much time we spent sucking my mother's ass and cunt but
when we were done, Carl was gone, leaving the three of us alone in
the only problem was that neither of had cum today.
Mom never went to bed unless she had cum and I never fucked my mother
because we hated i****t. However, today we had a solution.
We all knew that Terry's 6″ cock was not enough to satisfy a Goddess
like my mother but she could masturbate while he inserted it into her
ass or cunt.
This is exactly what we did. Once again I spread my mother's ass and
lubed Terry's thin cock. He entered my mother's ass and started
fucking her while she masturbated. When he came, mom suggested I
should eat Terry's cum from her anus too and tell her if he tasted
different than her black lovers.
I did and I could tell that his sperms was lighter than Carl's thick
cum. Even mom tasted Terry's cum straight from her ass.
Then Terry sucked my cock and made me cum while mom masturbated next
to us.
That night we slept with mom in between and Terry and I on either
“Look Terry” my mother said to him seriously. “I usually don't fuck
white men. But since you are Larry's friend, I don't mind if you enter
my cunt or ass. However, if you wish to cum in me, make sure you wake
Larry up so that he can clean it all up.”
“I will Mrs. White” Terry said.
“Thanks b*o.” I said from behind my mother. I had her large tit in my
hand and my cock was rubbing against her soft, wide ass.
“I am Larry's Goddess Terry.” my mother said genuinely. “I can never
say no to him. I can't even have sex anymore unless I know he will get
to eat the fresh cum from my ass. Do you understand?”
“I do Mrs. White.” Terry said genuinely. “You guys have a beautiful
relationship. Your son worships you and you fulfill all his desires.
This is heaven for both of you and I am so glad you let me experience
“You are welcome” mom said smiling. “Now why don't you come behind me
before this little ass monster ****s my poor asshole!” she said
slapping my cock away.
We all laughed. It was just 10 in the night and none of us was ready
to sl**p.
Terry and I decided we will find a few more niggers for my mother so
that we can feed on her beautiful cum holes before we call it a
night. Mom liked the idea but she is not sure if she likes Terry
stealing cum from her anus.
We will figure out what to do but tonight Terry and I are going to
feed on my mother's dirty, cum filled asshole!