black gaurd and indian wife

I was outside walking my dogs while waiting on hubby to get home from work and the security guard where we live walked up to me and started talking to me and as we talked he told me how attractive I was to him. I must admit I felt the same. Bare in mind my hubby is white and me indian have never even touched a black man other than a hug.

Well I have to go quickly cause I know hubby is enroute home and so the guard asks me if he can have a hug and so I agree and he said if so it would have to be inside the stairwell to play it safe and no one would see us. So again I agreed, we went inside and as we stood on the stairs he embraced me and then he looked at me and kissed me, it was AMAZING.

Then he decided to take one of my tits out of my shirt and suck on it. He asked me if i had time to go inside a empty apt and I told him no. Well hubby was off work the next night, I ran into the guard outside and he asked if I wanted to walk with him to check on a apt, of course I said yes.

Well while we were in there, he sat down on the couch and he proceeded to rub on my back and i started rubbing on his hardness thru his uniform pants, and I told him that I had only seen black cock in the movies but I wanted to his in person, so he took it out and I went right down on him and started sucking on it and gagging cause he was a good 11inches or better.

It was AMAZING!!! He kept saying oh fuck, oh shit, damn you suck dick good baby. So he said come on lets go in the bedroom, so we did and i got on my knees and he stuck it in from behind and while he was pumping it I was hollering come on T**** Fuck me, and he would HARD. He finally cum real hard and so much inside of me, then I left in a hurry to get back to hubby.

That was the best sex I have EVER had!!!