Bhua's daughter Pinky with Raja

Bhua told us that her daughter Pinky is coming to India in 3 days.
We should pick her up at the airport.

Bhua and I and Pari went to airport to pick Pinky.
At the airport we huged pinky and bhua introduce us to Pinky.
We were happy to see Pinky. She was 5.8” tall with nice figures.
Her breast were nice size and looks full figures. I looked at Pari she gave the sign
of aprovel by touching her breasts.

We talked in the car on the way to home. Pinky was not shy. She talked very nicly.

By the time we reached home Pinky was tired from long trip on plane.But we did introduce her to Nalni and Raja. They both liked Pinky.
We reached home and Pinky wanted to go to bed. We showed her room. She took the shower and slecpt.
Bhua went to her room and we went to our room. We talked about Pinky how beautiful she is.
I said her breasts are right size for tit fucking. So that is all you saw, Pari said?

No I saw whole of her. She is very nice girl. Hope she is open as much as her mom.
Pari said she love to lick her pussy in the morning. Or when we get time with her.

In the morning Pinly woke up early and went down to see if there is coffee.
When Pinky went in kitchen our made was there in the kitchen. Pinky asked her if there is coffee?
Nalni said yes I will make it for you in couple of minutes. Pinky talked in hindi with maid. Nalni was happy that Pinky could speak Hindi. They both got along fine. Coffee was ready. Pinky took her cup upstair to her room.

After one hour every one was awake. Every one came down to kitchen. By the time Nalni had made the breakfast for every one. Nalni looked at Pari and licked her lips. Pari did that too. They both were aproving Pinky.

After breakfast Pinky went out to see our yard. There were some vegitable were growing. She admired what she saw. Raja went out to yard too. They both talked. Raja was explaing Pinky what was growing in the garden. Then Raja came in side Pinky was still out in garden. Raja huged bhua hard said Pinky is very beautiful girl. Bhua said so you want to fuck her? First AJ has to fuck her then if she allow me to then I will make love with her. Pari said that is very nice of your Raja to give first place to AJ. For that you can fuck me any time u want.

We all went to farm where we grow fruit. Pinky liked our fruit farm. We came home by lunch time.
Nalni and Raja was asking Pinky questions about UK.

Pari and I and bhua went to our room. I said looks like Pinky like it here. She seams to like Raja and Nalni.

Pari asked Bhua if she gave any hint to Pinky about Raja's big dick (lund).
Bhua said she told her that Raja has big one and I told her that I am satified by Raja.
We did talked on phone few times that is the reson she got ready to visit India.

So Bhua what do you want to do let Raja and Pinky do it alone or in group?
Bhua said It be better if they both do it alone first. I trust Raja will take care of Pinky.
Do we stay home or we go out and let them have fun?
Bhua said I will ask Pinky about that. We do what she want.

Pari and I went down. Pinky and Raja was still talking normal talk.
We sat there got involved with their chat. After 10 mintutes Pinky went up stair.

So it was us 4 in the kitchen. Nalni said Pinky look like those white people. She is very
fair color. Pari asked Raja what he think about Pinky? He got up and held his dick under his pant.
It looked hard to us. Is this give you the any idea? Pinky is very sexy girl. Nalni said I bet her pussy be tasty.

Raja and Nalni and us were talking about pinky and Bhua. Nalni said Bhue is nice, she know how to lick pussy. Raja said she also know how to suck cock too.

Nalni said Bhua tols her about how good Raja fuck with his big dick. Bhua just cant get enough of Raja's cock.

Pari said I too love his dick. AJ said what about me am I chop liver? Pari and Nalni said we love you too. You have more exp then Raja.

We sat in living room to watch TV. We have TV in all the rooms. This living room is big. It is fully carpeted. We had many custions on the sofa and on floor too. Many people who visit like to sit on floor.
It make them comfertable. We always had our house gate locked. Also have Video cam at the gate for privacy.

Pari and Bua were siting beside me. Raja was sitting with his Mom. Pinky was on chair.

Pari had her arm around me. Nalni put her arm around Raja.
Nalni put her hand on Raja's dick over the cloths. She started to rub his dick.

Pari started to do the same with my cock. Bhua started to rub her pussy. Pinky was just looking at what we were doing.

Bhua started to kiss me on the lips. By that time Raja had his cock hard and took it out of his pants.
His mom started to play with Raja's big dick.

Pinky looked at Raja's dick and sais OMG. That is one big dick u have there Raja! Pinly started to lick her lips and had her hand on her pussy.

Nalni said to Pinky dont be shy Raja is getting it hard for you. Come and feel his dick.
Pinky kneeled in front of Raja and took his cock in her hand. She could harly hold that in her hand.
Thsi cock is like horse's cock. Nalni removed Raja's cloths he was standing fully naked with his cock standing up. Pinky started to push his cock down and let it go that cock jumped up. She did that few times.
By then every one was naked in room.

Pinky got on floor and motion to Raja to fuck her. Raja kneel between Pinky's legs and started to flick his tounge in Pinky's cunt. Bhua went to her daughter and started to massage Pinky's boobs to get her in heat. Soom Pinky was moaning louder and louder. The juice was dripping from Pinkys cunt and Raja was licking it.
Pinky could not take it any more. She told her mom to push Raja's cock in her pussy. Bhua did what her daughter asked. Raja pushed his dick in 4” in Pinky's pussy. And started to go in and out of Pinky's cunt.
Bhua started to kiss her daughter deep kiss. While Bhua still had her hand on Pinly's boobs. Bhua told Raja now push all of your cock in my lovly daugher's pussy. I want to see her get fucked by your cock as u fucked me many times.

Raja pulled back his cock and banged it in Pinky's cunt. Pinky oooooaaaaaaaa . Hai mommy he is going to rip me apart. Remove him from me. But Raja started to fuck Pinky hard and fast. Raja had her legs up on his shoulders. He was banging Pinky like no tomarrow.

Pinky had tears in her eyes. Bhua wipe her tears. Daughter are you hurting if so I can stop Raja?

No dont stop him the tears are of pleasuer. Raja dont listen to my mom just fuck me hard.
Bhua nalni and pari and me were around Pinky and Raja watching him fuck my cousin.
Now and then we touch her boobs and massage her clit.
Pinky cum many times but Raja was still fucking Pinky hard.
After 20 min fuck Raja said said he is redy to cum. He ask Pinky if she want cum in her cunt or on her tummy. She said she is on pill so shoot cum in my pussy. Raja shot the cum and Pinky pulled him with her legs. Legs were w****d around Raja. Raja lay on Pinky for little while.

As the cum was coming out of Pinky's cunt her mom started to lick daughter dry. Pinky's pussy was tender. She started to moan very loud. Pinky said this it the thickest cock she ever had. MY pussy is streched out now. Raja took his cock out and went to his mom so she can lick his cock with Pinkys cum on it. Nalni love to suck her son. She sucked him while we watched.

More of group sex later