Becoming their “Son”

Hey Everyone, this is just a short story about my current three way relationship!

A bit about myself; I'm 19 years old, 5'9 and 150 lbs. I have blue eyes, brown hair, and a fair complexion. I am 100% Italian with a 6.5 inch dick and a nice bubbly ass!

I had been looking for a couple to have sex with for quite a while before this all started. I searched all over the internet hoping that one day I'd be able to connect well with someone!

One day during my search, I found a very good looking couple on Craigslist! At first, I was a bit put off because of the lack of security when it came to Craigslist. However, after exchanging emails and phone numbers, we quickly became acquainted.

I had been conversing with a husband and wife couple, both in their thirties and very good looking. The wife is about 5'5, 115 lbs, and has small perky breasts. The husband, about 6 foot, 200 lbs, and has a nice 7.5 inch dick. They were looking for someone to sl**p in between them, that is, go back and forth between male and female.

Before I go any further, I want to mention that I had never been with a guy before; in fact, I had never even gone so far as to flirt with one in person. I have however, had multiple online experiences with men; between skyping, chatting, etc. Throughout the entirety of my life, I had been solely with girls my age. I lost my virginity relatively young, and I have been sexually active with girls for about 5 years. I have experienced just about everything with girls; from eating pussy and ass, to anal, to creampies and facials. I have always tried to be as kinky as possible with the girls I have been with! However, as I am sure all of you have assumed, I have always been curious with men, which is why I took the opportunity to contact this couple!

Back to the story, the couple was looking for a younger, bisexual guy to pleasure them both. The wife was a bit demanding and dominant, which was a complete turn on to me. She had instructed that I shave my entire body and not cum within 7 days of my arrival! I gladly obliged by her demands. She had described the things that turned her on the most, which included lots of guy on guy contact and toying her guys' asses. She enjoyed playing a very dominant role, which scared me quite a bit at first, but was a huge turn on at the same time. She instructed that I would be their “son” for as long as I am with them. I would do what they tell me to and would be expected to comply. Again, this was a huge turn on for me and was very much motivated by the reward which would be fucking her pussy.

Upon the days leading up to my arrival, the wife, lets call her Danielle, would send me pictures of herself; at first, they were pics of her in her bikini, and short shorts. They, however, escalated in nature very quickly; it wasn't long before she would send pictures of her pussy and ass with fingers, dildos, and even cocks inside of them! I paid particular attention to the one picture of her being fucked in the ass by her husband. I have always loved anal and by the looks of the picture, it seemed as if there would be a lot of anal involved.

The day I went to go meet with the couple, I was beyond nervous; scared of meeting strangers from the internet and even having “first date butterflies”. We met at a coffee shop near their home and chatted for quite a while; from our conversation at the coffee shop, it would have been hard to believe that this couple was the kinky and extremely sexual couple I had been talking to for weeks on end. They told stories about their marriage, vacations, friends, f****y, etc. It was very normal and lighthearted. They then invited me to go to their home!

Everything changed as soon as I followed them home! Upon arriving at their home, I was immediately greeted with graphic and demanding language. The first thing Danielle had said to me when I walked in was to strip my clothing so she could inspect my shaven body. I did so hastily, not wanting to disappoint her. She rubbed her hands all over my shaven body and said “that'll do”.

She then gestured something to her husband, and he left the room. She led me to the master bedroom and told me to lay down. I did so and awaited my next orders.

“I am going to wax the stubs off of your body so you are nice and smooth for me, got it?” Danielle said.

I shook my head in approval and waited there in the chill room until she was ready. She poured a bunch of sticky ointment on various areas of my skin and waxed all of the remaining stubs off my body. About a half hour later, we were all done.

“All done,” she said.

She reached over to her night table, opened the drawer, and pulled out a bottle of lube from it. She rubbed it all over my body and began kissing me. She started my tugging on my dick; after which, it grew quickly to size. She then lowered he head down to my dick and began sucking. After about a minute or so, she lifted her head, and said,
“I hope you like that, because from now on, you are going to have to work for that!”

I liked what I was hearing and became even more turned on.

She took her clothes off relatively quickly after that. She lay alongside of me, fully nude. She the stood over my head and lowered her pussy down to my mouth. No commands were necessary as I began ferociously licking and sucking all of her pussy juices into my mouth. She began moaning as she rocked her hips back and forth on my face, spreading all of her cunt juices all over me. I was loving every second of it. She then moved down more so I could have access to her ass. I began licking and tonguing as much as I possibly could. At this point, my dick was harder than it had ever been before. My tongue was so incredibly deep in her ass that I could taste her insides and what a taste it was!

Danielle then lowered her mouth to my dick, as I was still continuing to pleasure her holes. It didn't take long before we were fully on our 69 position. She sucked my dick as I sucked her pussy and ass. This went on for about 5 minutes until I finally blew my load into her mouth. I pumped about 6 times before I was fully spend; it was an incredibly powerful orgasm.

She did not swallow my cum; instead, she gestured for me to go on my stomach and spat the cum on my ass hole. She then began licking and spitting up all of my cum; she would stick her tongue deep into my ass as I began to moan. It wasn't long before she had her fingers inside my ass. She finger fucked my hole for about a minute before she stopped. She got up out of bed and told me to wait for her.

About two minutes later, she came back with a small box containing a bunch of sex toys. She pulled out a bunch of butt plugs and told me to suck on the second largest as this was the one that would be going up my hole. My heart skipped a few beats, but I happily accepted as she returned to fingering my ass. I sucked on the butt plug for a few minutes before she reached over and grabbed it. She stuck about half of it up her pussy getting it even more wet before she began working it up my ass. It took about five minutes before the entire thing was in my hole. It felt very big and filling as it stretched my ass wide open.

“You deserve a nice reward now! I know how big that must feel up your boy pussy!” she said.

Referring to my ass a pussy puzzled me a little, but not enough to care as she was now lowering her pussy on my already hard dick. My dick slid right into her warm, wet pussy as she rode it steadily. I began thrusting as much as I could to get as deep into her as possible. Our rhythm met as I became closer and closer to cumming again.

She then lifted her pussy off of my dick and began sticking the head of my dick into her ass. I felt her sphincter gripping and releasing my cock as she worked her way further and further down my dick. She finally got the entire thing in her ass and began riding it. Her ass felt so warm and juicy as she bounced up and down my dick. I began smelling the ever so familiar scent of anal sex as it became more and more intimate. My cock was pulsing as my ass was gripping the butt plug. I felt her warmth against me as my cock rubbed against the walls of her ass. She was moaning very loudly as my dick entered and left the deeps of her ass. She then sat deep on my dick and rode it very quickly. After about 30 seconds, I blew my load straight up her willing ass. I moaned and yelled as she did. She let up off my dick only allowing a small amount of cum out of her ass.

She then proceeded to make her way over my face, holding whatever cum I blew in her ass inside of her. She ordered me to open my mouth, I did so happily. Danielle then pushed my load out of her shithole and into my mouth. I slurped up all of it and absolutely adored the taste of my cum mixed with her ass juices.

After all was done, she reached over to her night table, and retrieved a small chastity that she secured firmly to my limp dick.

“Get on all fours!” She commanded.

I did so. She then pulled out the butt plug that had been spreading my ass open for the time we had been fucking. My ass now felt very empty and I craved for more. At this point, I was expecting my ass to get fucked; what I did not see coming was her replacing the butt plug with a much smaller one. She then led me to her closet and handed me a small bag.

“I want you to change into these, I want you to look nice and pretty for Adam.”

The bag contained lacy boy shorts, a small black skirt, stockings, a white vneck t-shirt, and a training bra.