it all started about 15 years ago when phone party lines were really big. not having a girlfriend i would call them all the time and enjoy some good phone sex. at 1st i used lavalife and it was really good. a lot of freaky women on there. sometimes i would even hear adds from men,and i thought to myself,why would men be on the woman's side? then i realized it was cause it was free and they probably wanted to suck cock. after calling this line for months and spending a decent amount of money it started getting boring. now i had never really listened to any of the mens adds,and some even sent me message's but i always just skipped over them. till one day i caught the add of a guy who said he was a Tranny,and that he was very well built and looking for other well built black men to suck their cocks on a regular basis. for some reason this particular add really got my heart racing. maybe it had something to do with my c***dhood and me sucking off my mothers black boyfriend for 5 years,but that's another story.

i responded to his add and started asking questions,had he ever met anyone from here,and does he really like sucking cock,and how big was the biggest cock he's ever sucked on. i knew i wasn't what he was looking for,i'm white,a little on the heavy side and an average size dick. but i was hoping that maybe i could join him ON one of his BBC's. after a few weeks i realized it wasn't gonna happen that way,and stopped spending my money to talk on the ladies side,and decided to try doing what this tranny was doing to try and get me some BBC.

so here i was talking on the woman's side of a phone chat service and getting more responses than i knew what to do with. a decent amount of black men,but none it seemed really willing to hook up. seems most people just wanted to do what i was doing and that's jerking off on the phone. every time i picked up the phone i could feel a fire building inside of me wanting,craving a BBC the thrust down my throat,and feel it erupt. this went on for a couple years and then i finally got this thing called a computer. on the computer there was so much porn i didn't know what to do with myself. chat rooms where you could watch someone on cam and i could really get off,but it wasn't the same as actually talking to somebody. i knew i hadda try something cause i was really dying for some BBC at this point.

then i found it. a site called craigslist. they had everything,including casual encounters. thousands of adds of people selling themselves. i responded to an add with a picture of a black guy with an amazing built,and a huge cock. not really convinced that that was him in the pic i specifically asked him if it was ,and he assured me it was. his add was for a rub and squirt session with mutual touching,and a happy ending. i was ecstatic. made an appt to see him at noon on a saturday,and he lived in manhatten and i brooklyn,but only one train ride away. so off i went,and when i got there i called him that i was downstairs. he came down to greet me,but i was still standing by the phone. we looked at each other for like 30 seconds and he went back in and upstairs. i was shivering tho it was summer time. i was close to leaving but decided WTF i'm here. i called him back,and he was angry. he felt i was wasting his time,but i told him i wasn't sure that it was him,and if he came down again i'd be by the door and ready to go up with him. he said ok and came down within a minute,and we went up. he had a nice apt that faced the street,and i went in where we made some small talk for like 2 minutes when he said,calm down,and if you paid me the money,we could get started. so i did.

now he had me strip down to my birthday suit and i was kinda shy,but i also could hide the fact that i was fully erect.when i turned around he response was WOW,you really been thinkin about this huh? i said yes more than you could ever know. he laid me down on his table where he started to message me. it was average at best but we both knew what i was really there for. for him to finish me off. he asked me if i would mind if he undressed and i was like HELL NO i don't fact i want you to. so he did,and when he dropped his pants his huge cock bounced up and down ,and was dangling right there in front of my face. my hard on was raging now and on fire. with everything that was my being i just wanted to devour this tremendous cock. i asked him if i could touch it and he said by all means do,so i did. then he told me to kiss it,so i did. as i opened my mouth to slide it in,he backed away and made me turn over to finish me off. with one little squirt of jelly in to his hand,he stroked me for less than a minute and i came like a madman. the hardest i ever came in my life. the session was over,but i didn't want it to be,and he knew it. he let me use his shower,and he sat there while i showered watching me. this turned me on again. i told him i only had $50 more,but i would really love for him to join me in the shower,so he did.

the next installment will be called in the shower if i get a few comments