bbc fun

My boyfriend Conrad has this black friend of his named Troy and this guy is quite the character. From the first second I met him, I knew he was trouble. He flirted so openly that it almost became a game between us. Conrad would tell me that it was just harmless fun and to enjoy it. One night, I was kind of out of it, and in a weird mood while everyone was over at our place partying. Troy asked me what was wrong and I told him nothing really, just in a mood. “I think I've seen this before. You know what you need Kathy…A big black cock. Will change everything you know and feel. I swear.” I looked at him with my mouth open in shock! Did I hear him right? Around all these people he's casually telling me I need black cock? He reached down with one hand and grabbed at his groin real quick and for some reason my eyes followed his hand. Now my eyes grew wide in shock. By grabbing it, I could actually see its outline on his pants and it was huge!! I looked back up at him and he was smiling at me. I snapped out of it and told him he was crazy. “Yeah…and by 'black cock' were you talking about yours?” He smiled at me and grabbed me by the hand and took me into the backyard where our mini bar is and he said we could talk more about it. I don’t know why I just didn’t pull my hand from his and walk away, but I didn’t. We even passed my boyfriend on the way out who gave me a quick kiss and turned away. I instantly felt a wave of sexy pressure take over me. What would my bf think if he knew what we were discussing. I felt so naughty and bad that my panties started to dampen. He sat me on a tiny bench and went to make us something to drink. My head was still filled with dirty/sexy thoughts when Troy came back and handed me my drink and sat down next to me. He began to tell me that his black cock has brought much joy and happiness to many white girls all around. I laughed at him as he said that it was my turn to be happy. “I am happy Troy. You're crazy!” He put our drinks down and grabbed one of my hands and set it on his crotch! Right there in my backyard! I looked around quickly to see who might have seen and we were pretty much alone back there. Then I realized that his hand wasn’t holding mine down and it sat there on him on its own. All of a sudden I saw as my hand started to gently squeeze at his massive bulge. I think I was in shock! I wanted to be squeezing it but I didn’t think I was. He whispers, “Imagine what it must feel like…deep inside your sweet white pussy. Going deeper than ever before.. making you cum like never before!” I heard the back door slam and I freaked out and jumped out of my skin, pulling my hand off of him. I thought it was my bf for sure but it wasn’t. Someone making a drink at the mini bar. He was laughing at me again making me feel totally emberassed! What was happening to me!! I must be pretty d***k. He pulls me to my feet and hugs me tightly against his body while whispering in my ear, “I gotta go for tonight, but I'll be back tomorrow night and I need you to be waiting for me in a short skirt with no panties. I'll let you decide what you wanna do and if you wanna tell Conrad or what..” I told him again, that he was crazy and not to hold his breath about tomorrow. He saw we were alone again in the backyard and pulled me even closer and put his black lips on mine, kissing me right there for the world to see! Again I just froze! Well, my mouth and tongue didn’t, they were kissing him back! He pulls away fast, leaving me standing there in shock as he walks away. “I must be pretty wasted Troy, don’t expect anything…I might not even be here tomorrow.” I don’t know what I was saying as he turns and smiles at me and left. I was dizzy and out of breath just standing alone in my backyard. What just happened? Did it happen? My soaking panties confirmed it did. I rushed inside and went right upstairs and locked myself in our room, throwing off my clothes and getting out my toys. I must have cum three or four times before taking a shower and getting ready for bed. When Conrad finally came to bed, I attacked him, pulling his bottoms off and sucking him off till he exploded in my mouth. I wanted to climb up on top of him and get some hard pounding but he drifted off to sl**p leaving me there hornier that I’ve ever been. All I could think of is the nerve Troy has! Who does he think he is? Who does he think I am? Some white slut who will jeapordize everything for a moment of crazed lust?
The next night I told myself I was putting on my sexy skirt(with no panties)to prove my strength and tease Troy to death! Telling me what I need…I'll show him. 9pm and I’m sitting alone in the kitchen fidgeting. My bf asks me what’s wrong and I say nothing. Jeez, I am in a fowl mood. All of a sudden I hear a voice. I stand up to see and Troy has just arrived saying hello to everyone. I get real nervous (and happy again)waiting for him to notice me. What’s happened to me? He was right? Maybe I do need this? What? All of a sudden I’m being hugged from behind. I look down at the hands embracing me and they are black! Troy! His head is buried in my neck as he kisses my cheek. Then he whispers in my ear, “Boy am I glad to see you here tonight Kathy. Been thinking about you all day…And in a sexy skirt too. Let me guess…no panties?” I was through playing games. I nodded yes to him and he tells me how pleased he is with me. I am so happy and proud inside that I’m shaking. He whispers again, “You know your large walk-in closet in your room.. go there now. Get down on your knees and wait for me there. I will be right up.” I have the biggest smile, hidden of course, as I practically sprint up to the room. Im waiting exactly as he said and I start going crazy because its been over a half hour! My nerves are a mess! Maybe Conrad caught him or something? Maybe he doesn’t want me? What to do? Right as Im about to run out of there, I hear the room door open and lock. Someone’s coming and if it isn’t Troy, I have no explanation for being on my knees in my dark closet! When I see its him I jump up in joy and end up jumping into his arms, hugging him and kissing his face. “Wo, wo.. I see you want this a little more than you let on huh baby?” I tell him that I didn’t at first, and I don’t know what’s come over me but I do now. He has the biggest smile on his face as he asked me if Conrad knew anything and I told him no. “Ok…get back down on your knees slut. Immediately! We don’t have much time ok? You have to do as I say all night or its off. We don’t wanna get caught. Right?” I nod yes again and cant wait for whatever is coming next. I stay still(on my knees) in front of him as he begins to unbuckle his pants. My heart is pumping in overdrive. He asks me if I need it like he said I did. I nod again but he tells me to tell him what I want and need. “I didn’t think I needed anything. But you were right. I want to feel something I’ve never felt before. I want your black cock so bad. You shouldn’t have made me touch it!” He pulls it out and holds it in his hand, pointing it at my face. “Oh my god Troy. Its beautiful. Like I imagined. So big…” I whisper to him. He tells me to kiss the head. I do. Again. And again. Its leaking and I could taste it. I start licking the sides, kissing it more. Smelling it. Wanting to devour it! To my disapointment, he pulls it away from me real quick and as I’m about to get him, he slaps it down on my face. We both laugh as he finally feeds it back in my mouth. “Shit baby. You're a dirty little white girl, aren’t you.” I look up into his dark eyes with his cock stuffed in my mouth and mumble yes to him. “Well, we're out of time for now.” He pulls his deliciously beautiful black cock away from me again and I’m about to cry! He bends down and kisses my lips as he puts his black cock away. “Nooooooo” I sadly say. “Don’t worry baby. This is just the beginning. You’re gonna be getting alot of this black cock baby.” That made me feel so happy and I was all smiles as he left the room.
Back downstairs, Im talking to my bf when Troy says he’s going to get some more beer and he'll be back in 15. He looks at me and says, “Wanna keep me company on the drive real quick Kathy? We'll be right back.” I look at Conrad who's nodding to me and I say sure. We're walking to his SUV a couple houses down and he opens the back door instead of the front. He tells me that there is a ton of beer in the house and we weren’t going anywhere. How sneaky! I love it! I jump in back and he follows. We embrace and he’s kissing me all over my neck and face but I’m too busy looking out all of his darkened windows to make sure no one can see us. I realize we're safe and I begin to unbuckle his pants in a frenzy while we kiss. He's so hard that I struggle to free him. When I do, I tell him I’ve had his cock taste in my mouth and I want more, alot more. I get on my knees on the seat next to him and bury my face in his crotch, taking his hot cock in my mouth. MMmmmm. I suck and slurp and spit all over his beautiful cock and give him the best bj I probably(….no, it is!) have ever given. With my ass in the air, he reaches back and lifts my skirt up to my waist and begins to play with my soaking wet pussy! This is way too much and I cum quickly on his fingers while I do my best to keep sucking. I start playing with his huge balls and I hear, “Godamn Kathy. You’re gonna make me cum already! I cant believe it. Oh yeah baby. Just like that…uhhh!” He starts bucking his hips up at me and I start swallowing about a gallon of his warm cum! There’s so much that it spills from the sides of my mouth down onto his hairy black balls and some on his backseat. He’s moaning pretty loud and I hope no ones walking past his car! About 5 minutes later, his huge black cock finally starts to stop dripping and begins to soften. He tells me to leave and go in through the back door and he'll join up in a few so no one suspects anything.
I feel so dirty and sexy while I mingle and keep my eyes on my sexy black affair while I keep tasting his sperm in my mouth. About an hour later, everyone had pretty much left except Troy. We sat talking and Conrad finally says he’s too d***k and tired and he was going to bed. Troy says he should probably leave too and I walk him to the door as Conrad goes upstairs to our room. Before we even get to the door, Troy has grabbed me into his arms and kissing me hard up against the wall. I cant take it! I push him off of me and tell him to be quiet. I open up the front door and say loudly, “Ok.. Good night. Drive safe.” and slam the door shut. I grab Troy’s hand and tell him to SHHHHH as we tip toe quietly through the kitchen and down a hall to our adjoining two car garage. I lead us inside and tell him I’m going to make sure everything’s ok and I'll be right back. I go up and clean myself up and lay in bed next to Conrad. We start talking as I gently rub his head and within two minutes, he’s out cold, snoring. I cant find words to define how incredibly sexy/naughty I feel. Its like a d**g. I want more! I go back into the walk in closet, where earlier I had my boyfriends black friends cock in my mouth and begin to change into a sexy black teddy. I pull black lace thigh highs up my legs as I look out to my bf, still snoring. I slip on some heels and walk right pass my bf and out the door. I get inside the garage and when Troy sees me in this outfit, he attacks me! I see that while I was gone, he has made a bed area with cushions and some blankets we have stored in there. He lays me down and unfastens the crotch of the teddy and burries his mouth and tongue into my aching pussy. Oh my god! It feels so good, I cant stop moaning and rubbing his head in my hands. He starts nibbling on my clit then shoves a finger inside and I explode violently! I have never felt like this before! I have given myself to this black man completely. I am his and would do anything he asks of me. The sensation between my legs keeps going and I’m going crazy! Next thing I know, he has crawled up me and is rubbing his fat cock head against my pussy! The moment of truth! “Please Troy. Give me your black cock! Shove it in me now! Please, show me what you do to white girls.. please!” He puts his mouth over mine and starts making out with me as he shoves his fat cock slowly into me. It was so fat I couldn’t breathe. He would slide in an inch, then back it out. Then another inch, and back it out. I began to have feelings I never even dreamt about. I squeezed my arms and legs around him tight as he started to pound me harder and faster. A climax came over me that was so powerful I thought I might pass out. Actually, I may have passed out because next thing I knew, Troy was kneeling by my face squirting cum all over me! I opened my mouth as wide as I could because I wanted to taste all of him, but it was a losing battle. He collapsed next to me and we both passed out in each others arms, naked. Almost got busted the next morning. Anyway, this secret hot affair went on for a few months. It was so hot and naughty, sneaking around. Almost getting caught dozens of times. I’m afraid to say, it would have been worth it. I didn’t really have feelings for Tory, but I sure had feelings for his BBC. He was right. I have never felt so satisfied and wanted in my life.