Back in Town

I caught your eye from across the room as I headed towards the door. One small gesture was all it took for you to follow. It was much too loud, much too close, much too crowded for anyone to notice. We were both banking on that.

Outside, a warm breeze blew from the south. You met me on the steps, looking equal parts nervous and excited. Shakily, you asked if I needed a ride somewhere. It was dark and very late. I told you I didn’t need a ride, and for a moment, the smallest hint of disappointment flitted across your face. But when I held out my hand and told you I’d like to show you something, curiosity kindled itself and you allowed me to tow you to the sidewalk.

You followed close behind as I ducked down a side road, escaping from the few cars that still cruised down the main street despite the lateness of the hour. Further and further I led until, after crossing the last street. The sidewalk ended. The ten minute walk had seemed like an eternity as you fought questions the whole way.

You looked around, now very confused, seeing nothing but a deserted street and a seemingly endless lawn that stretched on into the blackness. Without a word, I took off across the grass. You hesitated slightly, squinting into the distance trying to decipher my endgame, though part of you was already sure you knew. In one moment, you decided you didn’t care and followed me towards the darkness.

Seconds later, we reached a walking path. Thinking this had been my target, you turned, ready to follow its snaking trail into the trees you could just start to make out, darker shapes rising out of the night. But a second look told you I hadn’t followed the path, but had continued on, off of what had looked like the edge of the earth.

Looking down past your feet, you realized that it was actually a steep, short embankment and I was picking my way over huge rocks that led down to, now that you’d stopped to think, a tiny stretch of beach, as you heard for the first time the small ripples that washed up against the shore.

You teetered down behind me until I stopped on a particularly large boulder, smoother and flatter on top than the rest. I sat carefully, tucking my cotton dress under me for some protection against the wind that had now started to pick up across the lake. For the first time since leaving the show, I turned to look at you, patting the empty spot beside me.

Still slightly unsure, you joined me, glancing up and down the shoreline. It really was incredible. Desolate to either side, nothing but more rocks to be seen, completely hidden from the path above and the street just a couple hundred yards behind, and at the very end of what seemed like… anything. Looking out across the water, you knew that there were things there. Ships and towers, docks and mills, but in the blackness, it looked like the last step in the universe.

You eyed me sideways, wondering if I really was thinking what you both hoped and feared I was. I inched over slightly, until my arm, hands resting in my lap, rested along the length of yours. You could feel the goosebumps rising on my bare skin, definitely not in reaction to the warm weather.

Feeling a burst of confidence, you moved your hand to my inner thigh, just above the knee, an inch or two under the hem of my dress. Just testing the waters, you thought to yourself. The touch hit me like a brick, sending a jolt of electricity though my body. I hoped you didn’t notice.

Ever so slowly, your thumb traced the side of my knee, small circles that sent more small currents rippling through me, though more concentrated now, a slow inferno beginning to build. I couldn’t take it anymore. I knew what I wanted. I also knew I would have to be the one to ask.

“Please,” was all I had to whisper. You turned to me, a smile beginning to play at the edges of your lips as your fingers slowly moved up, grazing my skin, feeling the heat that was rolling off me in waves. They stuttered when they reached where the barrier should be, searching along the length for the small scrap of cloth waiting to be pushed aside. Little did you know, the first thing I had done after I’d noticed you in the crowd was remove my panties in the bathroom.

I saw your eyes widen in surprise, a full grin breaking out across your face. That was all the encouragement you needed. I gasped as one long finger reached the bottom of my pulsing slit, gently teasing the wetness that had been gathering there since we’d reached the shore. So slowly it should be criminal, I felt as your finger buried itself in my soaking hole and dragged the juices up, stopping right at my throbbing clit. You massaged the tiny button, teasing gently and ignoring my gasps to go harder. You’d been fantasizing about this for too long, and you wanted to make it last.

Up and down, so very slowly, you teased my aching pussy, the flowing juices now soaking my thighs. I couldn’t stand it. I needed you inside of me. I reached over in your lap and, without pretense, let my hand glide over the massive bulge that was barely contained in your jeans, stopping only to gently squeeze what I knew would be the extremely sensitive head. Only a small sound escaped as you glanced around nervously. But we were completely and utterly alone, shielded by the darkness.

In seconds, I had your belt undone and your pants unzipped as I wrestled free the eager monster that had been awaiting my touch. As a little payback, I grasped mid-shaft, ever so lightly, and agonizingly stroked along the length of your cock. Your hips rose to meet my touch, your eyes closing and a sharp breath escaped your lips. Deciding to play nice, I scooted closer still, head in your lap as you knotted your hands in my hair. I let my wet tongue circle the very tip of your cock just once before taking the huge throbbing head into my mouth.

I’d expected to have a little trouble, but you were so much bigger in person. I stroked the length of your shaft with one hand, letting the other run over your balls, gently squeezing, as my tongue massaged what little of your cock it could manage. You strengthened your grip on my hair as your cock began to shudder. We couldn’t have that. I let you slide out of my mouth as you groaned impatiently and met my eyes once again.

I slid down off my perch on the boulder and hitched my dress up around my waist, turning my back to you. Understanding immediately what I wanted, you scooted to the very edge, roughly grabbing my hip with one strong hand. I could feel the other guiding your pulsating cock towards my pussy. You stopped right at the opening, your final act of hesitation, before plunging through the opening to meet my tight wetness.

You pulled me back onto you, one arm clamped around my waist, the other reaching around to massage my tits. I leaned my head back on your shoulder, your lips just a tiny fraction away from my ear. I felt the whisper before I heard it, your breath tickling the back of my earlobe. “Finally,” was all I heard as your grip tightened around my waist, as your cock plunged deeper into my soaked pussy, the rhythm sending me closer to the edge with every firm stroke.

I knew it was only a short matter of time for the both of us. The chase, the anticipation had been building for so long, there was too much energy to contain any longer. “Please,” I moaned one more time. As if reading my mind, your hand slipped from my breast back down to my engorged clit. One small stroke was all it took to send me over the edge as my pussy clamped down on your cock and I turned my head into you, biting down on your shoulder to hold back the scream threatening to escape.

Feeling the strength of my pussy squeezing your cock finished you off. I felt you stiffen, felt your cock give one more feeble throb inside of me, before an even warmer wetness flooded through me. You buried your face in my hair, and I could hear the satisfied moan from deep inside your chest. I slid down before you, taking your cock into my mouth one last time. You shuddered as my tongue licked the cum mixed with my juices off your sensitive head. With one last swirl of my tongue around the tip, I straightened up, adjusted my dress, and clamoured back onto my spot beside you, looking out over the water as if daring it to share our secret.