A K little s****r Alyssia


I had been watching Paul and Nicole's two c***dren for a while. She was
very pretty, about 5'8″, nice legs and loved to show them off. She towered
over my 5'6' in her heels, Paul was about 6'1 or so, clean shaven and a
trim wide shoulder athletic build, they made a very good looking couple.
They would go out, she in a sexy dress and heels, and he in nice pants and
shirt, or a suit sometimes dancing or parties I guess, I never really
cared. It was a cool gig, the k**s were young, and went to bed around 8 or
so, so I had lots of time to myself. One of the best things was she would
have Vanity Fair, Cosmo, that sort of thing in the coffee table. I would go
out back, smoke some, and jack off looking at the pictures, of the models
and ads, even reading about guys and sex, pleasing your man…. I would see
a sexy dress, or shoes, etc and wish 'why can't I be you?'

My s****r was a couple of years older than me. I had been dressing in her
clothes and wearing makeup for some time, she was actually the dream girl
of my friends, but as she is older she was unattainable for them. Maybe
that's what I subconsciously thought, that I could be as attractive to my
friends/guys as she was when I dressed up? … She had gone away to
college the fall that this all happened. I was a bit smaller than her as
well, so I loved her dresses, skirts, and especially her shoes. I loved how
sexy I felt in panties, stockings, with a tight dress stretching against my
waist, butt and legs, my eyes and face lightly done, my hips swaying with
the heels as I walked, danced, bending, twisting and squatting poses in
front of a mirror. My ankles soon got used to wearing heels, her sexiest
were 4.5 inch silver ankle strap sandals. Most of her pumps I could easily
slide into as well..

One of my favorite outfits was a plaid shortish skirt, white blouse and
these really sexy white lace anklet stockings with her red 4 inch strap
sandals. Another was a white lace bustier that showed off my flat tanned
tummy, red bolero jacket, matching red skirt, and of course red pumps. Man,
she had it all for me to play with. I'm a dark brunette with hazel eyes. My
hair was feathered back, a little past my shoulders with long bangs that I
can do many different looks with, oh and I was able to get a really deep
tan that summer. My mom and s****r (my dad had died when I was quite young)
left me alone quite a bit during the day as they had to work. My s****r and
my mother as well would always be buying new shades of this or that, and
never seemed to notice that the makeup was either missing or used up more
quickly I had lots of time to practice getting my eyes and lips just right,
a couple different looks, and lots of practice taking it all off quickly.
Make up was easy to buy too, I would be buying a “gift for my s****r”, who
has the same eyes as I do, same complexion, etc. Maybe show a picture of
her and if nothing else, get a free lesson on shadow for our eyes, what lip
color, etc.

So of course I started looking for Nicole's clothes when the k**s had gone
to bed. I found heaven! She had a walk-in closet, so many pretty dresses,
sexy skirts and a lovely collection of shoes. At first I would just look,
touch, and eventually hold them up to my body in her mirror. I began to
wear my favorite lace thong under my jeans to their house (it keeps my um,
thingie, lol hidden well when it gets excited). And yes, then I started
trying her dresses on. It was just quickly at first but they were out late
usually. I also started bringing a bra and some stockings and a make-up
clutch in my computer bag and would put a touch on my eyes and lips. I was
so paranoid at first and would only stay dressed for as long as it took,
then make sure I cleaned my face and hung everything up so all would be
“normal” when they got home around 1am or so. But as you know, as time goes
by, we get a little bolder, so I got to wearing a sexy dress or tight skirt
around the house in her heels, imagining I was one of the models in the
magazines playing pool at a party in the basement bar area (some nice big
mirrors too!), dancing around, posing and flirting in the mirrors, etc. .

One particular night I decided on a mini black cocktail dress, black pumps,
icicle dangle earrings (mine!), a couple of silver bracelets and a little
choker style necklace. I love how my bare shoulders and arms, and well,
cleavage look in black with my dark tan. I love this dress as it has an
open back and loose neck that hides my lack of breasts. It also shows lots
of thigh! I slid the dress on, it had the distinct aroma of her Eternity.
And there is something about putting dangle earrings on too, my eyes seem
to sparkle more. I felt so pretty and very feminine, I imagined I was
getting ready to go out clubbing! I slid into the pumps, about four inches,
and although I thought I looked sexy with my bare tanned legs I thought
that next time I'll paint my toes and wear a pair of her strappy sandals. I
decided to look a little more elegant tonight and took black thigh highs
out of my bag. I loved watching myself in the mirror as I slid the
stockings on, then the pumps, the feel of my hands sliding up and down my
now sensitive legs smoothing the stockings, wondering what it would be like
to go shoe shopping….. What would it feel like to have the salesman
touching my ankles and calves through the stockings… Would he think I was
a girl? Would he get a little tingle in his pants? would I? Would he ask
me out? As I walk down the stairs I imagine I am walking down into a
nightclub, slowly, sensuously, heads turning my way, I feel the eyes on my
legs and butt.

I was finishing up my lashes at the bar downstairs and crap! the door to
the garage opens. Paul looks in as I turn having a panic attack, Nicole's
going to kill me, I'm so busted, my clothes are upstairs, shit, he's going
to beat the crap out of me, everyone will know now, my mom! etc all doom
and gloom rushing through my head in that instant, my clothes are upstairs!
nowhere to hide, or run, too late! as well as my face probably turned white
as a ghost! ..

He quizzically looks at me, then a look of recognition.

“Amazing! …. I thought you were your s****r for a second.”

I'm not sure who was more astonished, but I was still mortified! Holding my
breath, shaking, feeling faint. .Hoping I just poof, disappear.

“I'm sorry, so …. oh, um…” I blurted out, holding my hands to my face.
I was too scared to even cry, speechless, and then wondering where Nicole

He must have been able to see the panic, he took me by my shoulders and
said softly “It's OK, It's ok, relax, don't worry, she's asl**p in the car,
she won`t know.”

He didn't know what to more to say, then “I guess the k**s were no trouble”

I nodded my head, glad for the change in subject, then shook it, the
earrings dangled. :”No, just fine” I was able to gasp.

“You're not mad?” I whisper looking at the floor

After a second, which seemed like eternity, he said '”No, you look
good. yeah, with your s****r around I guess you know what to do. but I'm
just surprised, pleasantly, no, not really surprised I guess.”

Then he shocked the hell out of me and said “You might as well finish
freshening up while I take Nicole upstairs. She's kind of passed out' Then
he stammered “You really do look like a version of your s****r, that dress
fits you well”

“Seriously, we can play pool or something unless you need to get home
early, kind of a wasted night, early,” he still couldn't speak right, but
all I could do was nod my head.

I'm still shocked and can't move while he opens the door, blocks it, and
next thing I see his Nicole in his arms, light, like a feather, so gentle,
but seemingly u*********s.

He whispers to me “Go ahead, make yourself at home, you're safe here, no
one will know”, and with a weird smirk “especially not this one!”

And then the clincher: “I could use the company, it's way too early, it'll
be fun.”

And for some reason that gave me so much relief. So what the heck, not sure
if I was just relieved, or did I really think that this was a chance I
shouldn't pass up, to be with someone? I know I was so relieved that
someone I trusted finally knew my secrets, and didn't seem to mind.

I finished my lashes, and put on pink lips and gloss, wondering what the
hell am I doing, but he did tell me to go ahead, and we get along well
anyway, so I took the balls and racked them.

So he comes downstairs,

“Glass of wine? I need to unwind, dang what a strange night, you could
probably use one, you're still shaking”.

“Sure, please!” I nod. “You really scared the crap out of me, I wanted to
run, hide, disappear!” I really needed something to calm me down.

“Sorry about that, but can you Imagine my surprise, coming into my house
and seeing a strange young woman?”

I laugh, “I guess”, then I add playfully “so you think I'm strange?”

He smiles “Um.. an interesting surprise, you' really are pretty like your
s****r, pretty eyes.”

I'm thinking now here I am, just a guy, I'm wearing one of the sexiest
dresses I've ever seen, earrings, high heels and this man is telling me I'm
pretty, I'm so overwhelmed, but I notice how much larger he is than me. His
eyes linger on mine, I blush, I kind of look down and just say 'Thanks”
then demurely look up, smiling into his silver/grey eyes, so striking, I
felt like I could fall into them….

He breaks the moment “Lets play some pool”:

I love how the heels make me taller, stretch my ankles, add a wiggle to my
hips as I saunter around the pool table. I begin to realize how comfortable
I am all dolled up with him, my second nature feminine movements and
mannerisms have come out, and dare I say I'm a little bit flirty. He's
funny, and makes me feel at ease. We joke and laugh at a lot of things. I
start to notice things about him, how his strong shoulders and chest taper
down to his waist, strong looking arms and legs, good posture and nice
pants, yes, I do notice his firm butt. And again that he is so much bigger
than me!

He asks me if I have a boyfriend……..

“No” I shake my head, laughing.

“Not yet, anyway” he smiles “You should get out more, lots of guys would
love to have you to show off.”

I'm not sure what to make of this, but I'm happy for the compliments, and
his personality helps to calm me down.

“Thanks for asking me to stay, It's more fun playing with you here than by
myself” then I laugh, “but I usually don't drink when I'm on the clock!”

We stand closer and closer at each opportunity. I feel his eyes on me when
I bend over to shoot, and smile when I catch him, pull my hair behind my
ear. I feel so free I dance around a little when I make a shot. I love how
the dress hikes up my thighs as I bend to take a shot, standing one leg
straight, one bent, and know he's watching me. I am exaggerating my hips a
little when I walk, my posture enhanced by the heels, love how my hair
feels on my bare neck and shoulders when I turn. and the tightness of the
dress on my waist, butt and thighs. Of course I'm getting a little worked
up, my nipples even feel tingly against the softness of the dress. His hand
held mine as I held the wine glass up for a refill, our eyes meet again,
and I know I'm blushing because his face is becoming very pleasing to look

I decide we need to share his cue stick, and walk over close to him. I want
him to hold me tight against his body in those big arms. I so want him to
kiss me now!

I feel him suddenly next to me, he slides his fingers on the inside of my
arm, entwines my fingers in his as he pulls me closer. I feel his warmth as
I stumble into him (I'm a klutz sometimes, but I was hurrying!), lean
forward and lift my face up lost in his eyes. I close mine and feel his
lips slowly cover mine, his hand on my waist pulling me tight, the other
sliding up from my waist to my breast, palming my nipple through the
dress. I wish I had breasts I think, but his touch sends tingles through me
and I'm lost in his lips. I fold into his arms, his hand feels like it is
grasping halfway around my waist it is so big, then he slides it down to
pull my hip closer as our lips work together. Being kissed by this
attractive man, his hands all over me, in the sexiest dress I've ever worn,
in stockings and heels…… that excites every nerve is almost too much, I
feel my dick struggling against the panties, wondering if he feels the
same, if he knows what he is doing to me.. Thinking I'm just going to cum
right now!

Our lips unlock, and he looks in my eyes. I gasp smiling “mmm that was

He gently pulls my hair back and slides his lips up my neck, causing
shudders through me and gasps, then kisses up under my cheek and he nibbles
on my ear. My mouth open in a silent gasping moan it feels so good. He's
leaning against me and me against the pool table and my stockinged thigh
rubbing on him and his thigh between my legs and him kissing my neck, he
pulls back looking at me with those eyes…

and I cum, alot, and again, gasping for breath, soaking my panties, my hips
humping against his thigh, staring into his eyes. Gasping, mouth wide open,
he held me tight, my eyes rolled back in my head, I think I fainted with
pleasure. He leans in and kisses me gently, holding me tight as I catch my
breath, my shuddering subsides

My hand slides up his chest, wow, what a thrill. I've never felt this way
before. Having him watching me cum and holding me released so much energy?
fear? relief? Inhibition! I open my eyes halfway as he looks down at me
with those incredible silver eyes, then begins to kiss me more
aggressively, his lips hard against mine. Then his tongue parts my lips and
I'm floating away again as I accept his tongue in me and want to kiss him
forever as he grabs my butt with his huge hands and pulls me tight. I have
to gasp as I think I can feel him through his pants up against my tummy. As
his tongue explores my mouth, tingles against my own.

He puts his hand to my cheek and says “Look! ever thought you'd look like
this?” and turns my face to see us in a mirror. There I am, folded against
a man, my little body against him, his hand covering my butt, my dress
hiked up my thighs, my legs look sexy on my toes in the heels and my hair a
bit tussled. I lean back from him, his hands holding me up by my butt, and
I whisper, “You look so good too”. {I can't believe that has come out of my
mouth! but he does, and I feel so warm and vulnerable, sexy and available,
that I need this man to, to. To what?, he saw me cum, we share something
now, and I'm getting really horny again) I slide my hands up his chest
palms on his nipples (his muscles are really beginning to turn me on so!)
slide my wrists and elbows around his neck and stand up on my toes to kiss
him hungrily. sticking my tongue through his lips. He twirls me around to
face the mirror again, rubbing up my sides to caress my “breasts, kissing
my neck and shoulders so I can see how sexy we look together. He slides his
hands down my waist to my hips.

“Do you have a boyfriend now?” he whispers into my ear.

Every nerve in my body tingles, he's driving me so nuts, mad with desire.

To answer him, I reach my hand back over my head to pull his face closer as
I twist my neck back to kiss him and it just happens, I gasp as he holds my
butt against his hardness. I freeze in place! I feel so close to him I
would let him take me back there, I think I want him to, I want him to fuck
me! He puts his hands on my hips and grinds softly into my butt as we sway
together, him kissing my neck and shoulders, me just melting. He takes my
right hand in his and slides it between my butt and his cock, grinding into
it. I'm about to die, feeling another man's hard cock for the first
time. Especially knowing that I'm the one who made him hard! I know I'm
past the point of no return now, and I really want to touch it, see it, so
I turn to face him and slide my hand down his tummy into his pants. (my own
is rock hard as I touch his)

“Oh Paul” I gasp. There is alot of cock in there, it feels hot, fleshy,
kind of like mine I guess, but way thicker, longer, and not mine! I don't
think it's really really hard yet. I grasp it lightly, and pull it up,
softly stroking it as I kiss him. I'm about to jump out of my
skin.. Unbelievable, I'm kissing a man while stroking his dick! He undoes
his pants with my hand in there, and it is free.

I smile at him looking in his eyes and whisper “Will you be my boyfriend?”

“What would my girlfriend do?”

I smile so much, nod, and slowly squat down on my heels, mesmerized by the
cock I'm holding, it's getting harder in my hand. And that is a sexy thing,
him getting hard for me, just at my touch!

I must have been staring as I looked at the cock pointing at me (I remember
the first time I really noticed another guy's dick in the locker room in
jr. high, Kevin something, never thought I'd be this close to one)

“It's yours” he said. then “You've never seen one up close I guess”, more
statement than question.

I'm thinking I have to paint my nails next time as I slowly grasped it and
pulled the skin back from the head. then I was rubbing the thick vein
underneath with the tip of my thumb as I noticed the drips forming on the
hole. I rubbed them underneath and around the head with my thumb, he gave a
little gasp and his cock jerked. I squeezed some more out on my thumb then
took it and curiously licked it. I looked up at him and he smiled, then
“that's so fn sexy”.

I never dreamed I would be doing this!! I leaned in to suck the drips into
my mouth to taste more, sucking only the tip of the head, like a thick
straw. Now I'm not sure I can fit it in my lips. I pulled off and licked
underneath. I was entranced by this hard veiny thing, much bigger and
thicker than mine, if you must know, about 8, 9 inches I guess, and I
couldn't put my fingers around it. I stroked it down to his balls and
wanted to touch them too. Looking at him I rubbed the head on my cheeks,
under my chin, and my lips, kissing underneath, it felt so sexy rubbing the
tip of the head on the inside of my lips, getting it wet. Then slid my lips
and nose down the shaft to his balls, stroking it, pulling the skin tight
nuzzling the balls with my lips and chin. I felt so sexy with his hard cock
on my nose and forehead!

“You're driving me crazy!” he gasped, “put it back in your mouth.”

“Is that what you want your new girlfriend to do? You like me down here?”

He chuckles “yeah, you look so sexy down there, such pretty lips!” he
reached down and slides his hand over my hair. He has unbuttoned his shirt,
I wanted to kiss up his tummy, his chest, but I so wanted to please
him. And he had his hand on my shoulder!

I shook my hair back and began kissing the tip, then sucked the head into
my lips, clamping on it and trying to suck it off the rest of his
cock. Then I opened wide and it stretches my lips as I slide it in on my
tongue, clamped my lips tight and began to suck it in and out, licking it
inside my lips. I loved the head rim coming out of my lips and back in, the
feeling of it sliding through my hand, my lips, on the roof of my mouth,
then back to my throat. I was trying to bend it as I worked it in and out,
sucking. I had to pull it out and look at it. I couldn't believe I was
really sucking his dick. And enjoying it, I feel so sexy wearing a sexy
dress, heels, with my man's cock in my mouth. And admiring his body from
down here. I cupped his balls with my other hand and rubbed gently, just
amazing, I slipped it back in and looked up at him, as he gently took hold
of my head and began to thrust softly in and out, slowly working it to the
back of my mouth, I try swallowing against the head, but it wont fit. He
thrust a little harder, more quickly. I hold on to his powerful butt and
thigh, as he tries to get it deeper in my throat, I happened to glance over
at the mirror, can see my face with a big cock sliding in and out, so sexy
squatting in my heels, my dress up around my waist, I sucking my
boyfriend's cock! I'm so hard, I have to feel his strong butt, I slide my
hands up his thighs and six pack tummy. I squeeze my thighs together and as
he begins to take long slow strokes, holding my head, fucking my mouth, my
own orgasm builds. I don't think I've ever been this hard.

“I want to watch it” I somehow groan. and rubbing my thumb underneath the
head stroking it tightly, rubbing it on my chin it erupts. I know I jerked
my head back a bit as it landed on my cheek and lip, but I keep stroking
it, and it jerks and shoots a big one up my cheek, then a few more
times. Half in and out of my lips. I look at him, trying to pump more out
of his cock. I'm sure I was ear to ear grin, I made him CUM!!!!! He has
this look of oh, satisfaction? happiness? bliss? He takes his cock by the
base and rubs it around my lips, my cheeks as I kiss and lick. I have to
reach down and rub myself through my panties and I explode gasping as he
rubs his cock on the cum on my face. Humping my hand I shoot load after
load as he sticks the head in my moaning mouth.

I slowly stand up, still shaking from my orgasm, my hands on his chest. he
holds me tight. I want to kiss him but I tell him I should clean up
first. I just am smiling so much, so happy, really just amazed that I could
make him cum. He tells me I look sexy when I have just been ravaged! I
feel so warm and feminine, sexy and complete, as I pull my dress down and
float off to the powder room in my most sensual walk. I grab my makeup
clutch off the bar and I feel his eyes on me, my legs, my ass.

Hey! he says.

I turn coyly looking over my shoulder, run my hand through my hair.

“I don't even know your name!”

I give him my sexiest wink and close the door.