B.T.V.S.: Dawn's Wish Part 4

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Dawn's Wish Part 4

Buffy was in the best shape of her life. She felt stronger, faster and like she always had pent-up energy to burn. However she had never ran across town before, stopping only to stake the odd vamp who was luckily so stunned from being confronted by a naked Slayer that they didn't put up much of a fight. If they had Buffy might have been screwed because she felt exhausted. Her entire body was covered in a thick shiny coat of sweat, her feet were on fire with pain and probably covered in blisters by now, and she felt lightheaded from blushing for nearly a whole thirty minutes.

At first Buffy had tried vainly to stop herself from running, to turn herself around and get back home, even to take detours to the Magic Box or one of her friends' homes but it was no use. Eventually when she had run out of tears Buffy simply concentrated on trying to cover herself and avoid as many people as she could. The former did little to help as while Buffy could cover her pussy and nipples her beaten red butt and the simple fact she was obviously naked was an attention grabber, which had garnered an unwanted following.

The Slayer was barely able to f*rce herself to cross the road which did little to shake the horny dr*nk guys who began following her. They were the type of obnoxious jocks Buffy would shoot down without a second thought and not hesitate to fling across the room if they tried to push the issue in anyway, but since they weren't vampires or demons she couldn't stop to deal with them. She couldn't even say anything because she didn't know them, the mighty Slayer having to suffer through the most degrading comments of her life, at least from boys.

Buffy blushed again as she remembered how Dawn had talked to her earlier in the evening, the Slayer convinced now more than ever that her baby s*ster was under the effects of an evil spell. There was no other acceptable explanation.

Luckily the end to this misery was in sight, and while Buffy had originally dreaded returning home it was now a relief because surely Dawn couldn't do anything worse to her than she'd already done.

With this thought in mind Buffy increased her speed as she approached her house, relief flooding her body as she quickly opened and then slammed the door behind her. Then she noticed Dawn chomping away on some junk food on the stairs.

“You look terrible.” Dawn said through a mouthful of food.

Buffy opened her mouth but stopped herself from saying anything. She just wanted to take a shower and go to bed and deal with this nightmare in the morning. Maybe if she kept her mouth shut that would happen, although Buffy somewhat doubted it given the way Dawn was looking at her.

There was a long moment of silence and then there was a knock on the door.

Dawn frowned, “Who's that?”

“I…” Buffy began before she was interrupted.

“Hey, open up. We just want to talk.”

Dawn frowned again, then smiled, “Open the door Buffy.”

Powerless to stop herself Buffy opened the door to reveal five guys who's faces fell when they noticed the little brunette in her pyjamas, “Oh… hey…”

“Hey…” Dawn said, getting up from the stairs, walking over to them looking them up and down. Noticing large bulges in their pants a wicked plan quickly formed in the brunette's mind, Dawn's eyes lingering on those bulges before she looked up at the clearly dr*nk men and asked, “Are you guys vampires?”

The unanimous reply was, “No… what?”

“Good, come in.” Dawn cut them off before they could say anything else, waiting until they were inside before ordering, “Buffy, close the door.”

“What…” One of the guys tried again.

“She lost a bet.” Dawn said quickly, gesturing to her beloved s*ster, “So she has to do everything I say tonight. Everything. Like say, running naked. Or taking a spanking.”

“Dawnie!” Buffy warned.

“Turn around and bend over! Hands on the door!” Dawn said sharply, a grin crossing her face as Buffy was f*rced to present her beaten red butt to Dawn and the group of horny men, “I always thought she had such a spank-able butt. I was totally going to give her another, but hey, since you guys are here, why don't you do it? Go on, form an orderly queue and give her one spank each. Once you spank her go back to the end of the queue. Oh, and spank her as hard as you can. She likes it better that way.”

“Why would we do that?” One of them asked, even as he got into position.

Looking directly at the guys Dawn firmly said, “You don't care why you would do this. You don't care why this is happening… because this is a dream. You're all passed out in your own homes right now, so just enjoy whatever comes next. Then tomorrow you're going to forget this ever happened. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” Buffy and the five guys said, sounding for all the world like mindless zombies.

“No, not you Buffy.” Dawn said quickly, leaning into whispering her s*ster's ear, “Forget everything I just said. I want you fully aware of everything that's going on and to remember it all tomorrow.”

Awoken from her brief haze Buffy looked at Dawn with a look of pure horror. She opened her mouth to say something but this time was cut off by the first stinging strike to hit her backside. It was quickly followed by another, and another, and another, for a few moments Buffy unable to do anything but squeal with pain as the dr*nk guys she'd tried so hard to get away from began taking it in turns spanking her.

Once she had, for the lack of a better term, got used to it Buffy gritted her teeth and complained, “Dawn, owww, please don't, owww, ahhhh Gawwwwd, Mom will be back…”

“Oh, don't worry about Mom.” Dawn grinned, “She called while you were out to check up on me. Turns out she's staying out late with her mystery man and we shouldn't wait up, which means we should have plenty of time to have some more fun.”

This revelation horrified Buffy into silence, the Slayer helplessly remaining in place where her butt was taking a hell of a beating. These guys were much stronger than Dawn, and while they didn't pack the punch vampires or demons did the concentrated blows to her already extremely sore ass had Buffy yelping in pain with every vicious strike.

As she suffered this latest agony and humiliation Buffy felt grateful that at least her Mom wouldn't see her like this, but it was of little comfort, especially when Dawnie began touching herself.

The horrifying revelation that her k*d s*ster was rubbing herself while watching her get spanked at least woke Buffy up enough from her horrified daze to scold her sibling, “Dawnie, don't!”

“Don't what?” Dawn moaned as she continued rubbing herself through her pyjama bottoms, “Don't enjoy watching you getting what's coming to you? Mmmmmm, don't get off on watching you getting put in your place? What exactly do you want me to do Buffy?”

“I, owww, I don't want you to touch yourself, owww, while I'm getting spanked!” Buffy found herself practically weeping between cries of pain.

“You mean like this?” Dawn asked as she pushed her hand into her pyjama bottoms and let out a long loud moan.

“Yes Dawnie, owww, please don't do that.” Buffy whimpered.

“Well tough.” Dawn said bluntly as she began sliding her fingers up and down her pussy lips, occasionally gently teasing her clit and the entrance to her love hole.

It was extremely tempting for Dawn to slide her fingers inside herself, especially as she watched Buffy's butt turning an even darker shade of red, her stuck up big s*ster once again crying pathetically. However Dawn had had enough of fucking herself. It never really satisfied her anyway, why would she ever get herself off again when there were two slutty Slayers she could use and abuse for her pleasure? No, she just wanted to make sure Buffy was uncomfortable as possible. That, and while she could resist making herself cum it was hard for Dawn to just sit on her hands while Buffy was receiving such a nice little spanking.

Of course it could have been better. From the look of them if Dawn's power wasn't compelling them to continuously spank Buffy at least one of them would be unc*nscious by now. They were all bleary eyed, staggering around, and reeking of who knows what and more than once missing the target on the first try. It was kind of pathetic really.

Dawn could probably do better. In fact it was very tempting to try, maybe walk outside and demand the first sober guys she saw to replace the dr*nk guys in giving her s*ster a spanking. However given how dr*nk they were there was a good chance they wouldn't have remembered this even if Dawn hadn't ordered them not too, and the little brunette was curious to see whether such a command as 'forget all this later' would work or if some very hung over guy knocked on the door tomorrow asking if he'd been here the previous evening. So Dawn decided to work with what she had, happily watching them beat on her big s*ster's butt for a good twenty minutes before she opened her mouth to tell them to leave.

Before Dawn could she was interrupted by the sound of Buffy crying out, “Please Dawn, AHHHHHH, make them stop, OWWWW, I'LL DO ANYTHING!”

“Anything? Really?” Dawn beamed wickedly.


“Ok.” Dawn said, pausing to allow one more hard spank before ordering, “Guys, stop spanking my s*ster and stand in an orderly line.”

Without a word the guys did as they were told.

“Buffy, get on your knees in front of the guy furthest from your right.” Dawn ordered, Buffy of course obeying quickly with a soft whimper before Dawn added, “Now slowly pulled down his pants. Now his boxes.”

Dawn paused as for the first time in her life she saw a real cock. Not counting the Internet, a magazine or a weird Sex Ed book of course.

It was… weird. Kind of ugly. But kind of not. It was… something she could think about later.

For now Dawn concentrated on ordering Buffy, “Take his cock in her right hand and start stroking it.”

Again Buffy whimpered and did as she was told. His dick was already semi erect and it didn't take many strokes of Buffy's hand to bring it into full hardness. This fascinated Dawn, the young girl licking her lips unc*nsciously just as Buffy turned to her with an open mouth. The Slayer clearly about to try protesting again but it seemed that Dawn's little lip licking horrified Buffy into silence. That in turn made Dawn smile.

Looking to further horrify, and more importantly humiliate, her big s*ster Dawn asked, “Buffy, did you suck Angel's cock?”

“No.” Buffy found herself answering.

“How about Riley? Did you suck his dick?” Dawn pushed.

“Yes.” Buffy replied, before trying to stop this horrible conversation, “Dawn-“

“How many times?” Dawn interrupted.

“Five times.” Buffy said, immediately cringing at her words.

“Really? Only five?” Dawn murmured in surprise.

“Yes, really.” Buffy said.

“Wow… you must be a really lousy cock sucker.” Dawn said, barely pausing before she added, “I mean, didn't you date Riley for like a year? And you guys had sex a lot, especially at the beginning, so either he was just so vanilla and boring that he never really asked and after the first couple of times you just stopped doing it, or he just gave up on your sucky-and-not-in-the-good-way mouth in favour of your tight little Slayer cunt. Or was it not his decision? Huh? Did you hate sucking cock so much that after forcing yourself to do it a couple of times you just told him no more? Or did you slowly phase it out of sexy fun time? Well, which is it? Why did you only suck his cock five times?

“I don't know. I did it a couple of times then we just kind of got stuck in a rut. We never talked about it.” Buffy whimpered, trying to defend herself by adding, “We only ever did it in missionary, so maybe he's just one of those guys who isn't into anything else.”

“Oh please, what kind of guy doesn't get by getting his dick sucked?” Dawn laughed.

“I don't know.”

“A weirdo.”

“A freak.”

One of those three responses echoed throughout the room from each person except Dawn, something which again made the little brunette smile.

“Exactly.” Dawn said, before looking thoughtful, “But let's face it, it wasn't him, it was you. You were the problem, and we both know you're a great little pussy eater, so maybe you're just gay-“

“No Dawnie!” Buffy said f*rcefully, “I'm not gay. Those stupid fantasies I was talking about don't mean anything. Everything I said before was a lie. The Wish you made is just making me say terrible things. Please Dawnie, you've got to believe me!”

Dawn looked thoughtful for a moment, clearly giving Buffy hope, however Dawn was just thinking how to phrase her next question, “Do you like boys?”

“Yes.” Buffy immediately answered, actually wanting to this time.

“Do you wanna suck their cocks?” Dawn pushed.

“Yes.” Buffy replied.

“Then do it. Suck that guy's cock!” Dawn ordered.

Before Buffy could even think about trying to protest she found herself with a cock in her mouth, the Slayer leaning forward and swallowing the head of the dick she had been jerking off throughout the conversation and began gently sucking on it. Of course after the initial shock wore off Buffy tried to stop herself, but it was to no avail as she was still helpless against Dawn's words. However since Dawn hadn't elaborated Buffy found herself sucking on just the first few inches of the dr*nken guy's dick, although that didn't last.

“Come on Buffy, work that mouth up and down.” Dawn commanded, a grin crossing her face as Buffy's head started bobbing up and down on the dick, “That's better, suck it! Suck it hard. Not that hard. Gently, but firmly, and increase your suction. That's it… better… now rub the shaft. That's it Buffy. Keep this up and you'll be a great cock sucker. Maybe then you'll finally be able to keep a man.”

Buffy whimpered around the cock in her mouth at Dawnie's words, desperately trying to ignore them and pretend she wasn't slurping away at a stranger's cock like some kind of shameless hooker. Not that Buffy could truly ignore Dawn's words, but she did her best to ignore the ones designed to merely insult her. At first it proved futile, as did any attempt to pretend she wasn't sucking cock. That was when Buffy tried a different approach.

Alone at night Buffy dreamed about acting like a shameless slut. She fantasised about guys, girls, even the monsters she slayed on a daily basis. Often they would be her friends, and frequently they would take her in groups. One night Buffy could be thinking about bouncing up and down on a dildo strapped around Tara's waist while Willow use the same type of toy to pound her ass, the next she would be in a similar position with a couple of guys DP-ing her. Then there were the nights Buffy dreamt of orally worshipping guy after guy and/or girl after girl, her own needs completely ignored as others used her mouth and tongue to get themselves off.

So to cope with the humiliation of her k*d s*ster seemed to be making this particular little fantasy a reality for her Buffy closed her eyes and imagined she was just masturbating alone in her room. That was kind of… freeing, Buffy allowing at least most of her worries to slip away as she focused on the idea that this was nothing but an extremely perverted fantasy. Sure, there was the thought that she seemed to be enjoying this a lot more than she should have, but as everything before Buffy just concluded that was the evil magic of Dawn's wish.

It may have been the imagination of both s*sters but after a while Buffy seemed to become much more eager to suck the cock that was in front of her. Buffy knew it was just a result of her becoming lost in the idea that this was just a fantasy, but of course Dawn didn't know that.

“Yessssssss! That's it s*s, suck that cock!” Dawn practically squealed, “Suck every inch of that big cock into your slut mouth! Yeeeeeeeeesssssss oh Gawwwwwwwd, that's so hot! My big s*ster looks sooooooooooo hot with a cock in her mouth. Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, suck it you stuck up a little bitch! Not so high and mighty now are you! Not so much the perfect little goody two shoes when you're sucking on a cock like a $2 whore! Mmmmmm yeah, deep throat that dick! Suck that cock you stuck up little cock sucker! Take every damn inch of that big, juicy piece of meat into your mouth and fucking suck it until he shoots his load down your throat!”

Dawn had never been more excited than she was now. Sure, Dawn had been as excited, but it was a little surprising to her that she found watching her big s*ster suck a cock as exciting as fucking Faith up the ass and making Buffy eat her pussy. Then again Buffy was sucking cock with such… enthusiasm, Dawn feeling like it was more than just her wish which was making Buffy slurped so greedily on that dick, that her seemingly prudish older sibling was finally embracing her inner slutty desires. That thought, along with the sheer joy of the power she had over the situation, was really getting Dawn off. And it wasn't the only thing.

At this point Dawn's right hand was firmly buried in her pyjama bottoms and her left was underneath the top fondling her tits. It was kind of awkward, but also kind of hot. Besides while Dawn liked the idea of stripping off so she could get to her sensitive areas more easily she wasn't ready to be such an exhibitionist. She wanted the first time she got naked in front of a boy to be special, or at least to be in front of a guy she liked and knew well. None of these guys fell under those categories, and the mind-less groans of the guy getting sucked off were a little annoying. Not that that wasn't a small price to pay of course.

Grinning wickedly Dawn acknowledged the main reason why she wanted to remain clothed, that being it emphasised Buffy's shame. After all she was the only one truly naked in the room, her mouth a receptacle for cock, the centre of attention of every-one's lust, Dawn shamelessly fingering herself to the sight while the other guys stared at the bobbing blonde's head longingly.

Buffy was the slut here.

The whore.

Dawn was now powerful enough to turn her stuck up prude of an older s*ster into a dirty little cock sucker, blowing a guy she didn't know in the middle of her own home.

As she threatened to become lost in her thoughts Dawn heard an extra loud and long moan from the guy Buffy was blowing. After that Buffy made this weird gurgling noise, Dawn frowning as it took a few seconds for her to realise what was happening. Then her eyes lit up.

“Is he cumming in your mouth?” Dawn asked excitedly.

“Yes.” Buffy mumbled around the cum spurting cock in her mouth.

Grinning wickedly Dawn demanded, “Swallow it all! Swallow, no, shove every inch of that cock down your throat! Oh yessssss, take it all you little cum slut! Let him shoot his load right down your throat!”

By the time Buffy pushed the dick down her gullet most of the guy's cum had been unloaded into her mouth and quickly swallowed. However there were a few hot spurts left over which were blasted directly down her throat, the Slayer finding herself eagerly milking the last few drops of cum out of the dr*nken idiot's dick as it softened in her mouth.

“Done?” Dawn asked the guy, and after both he and Buffy grunted “Yes” in response Dawn added, “Good, you take a step back and pull down your pants and underwear. Buffy, you move onto the next guy. Take his cock into your mouth and give him the same kind of passionate blow job you were just giving the last guy.”

Helpless to resist Buffy moved onto the next guy, quickly taking his cock into her mouth and then down her throat. She bobbed her head up and down, enthusiastically sucking his cock, cradling his balls with her free hand, occasionally switching it up so she was sucking on those balls and stroking the shaft with her hand but mostly just concentrating on the deep throating action. Throughout this Dawn was mostly commanding Buffy to do it, but after a while Dawn's words just seemed to sink in and it almost felt like Buffy was doing it of her own accord.

As much as it shamed her that thought turned Buffy on. On the bright side it made it easier for the Slayer to pretend this was just a fantasy and she wasn't really sucking cock in the middle of her home where her Mom or anyone else could just walk in and see her. In turn the thought of being caught sucking cock was an unnatural turn on, a terrifying idea which would bring Buffy unbearable humiliation, and yet almost a welcome proposition as it might mean the nightmare which was this night would be finally over.

Dawn certainly wasn't helping them avoid getting caught as moments before the second guy was ready to blow his load in Buffy's mouth the bratty little brunette ordered her big s*ster to move on to the next guy's cock. This process was then repeated over and over, Dawn watching carefully for the tell-tale signs that the guy Buffy was blowing was about to cum and then ordering her sibling to move on just in time, forcing the Slayer to continuously suck cock until her jaws ached.

Things didn't get much better when Dawnie helpfully ordered, “Ok guys, gather around. As close to each other as you can. A little more. Not that close. Ok that's good, stay like that in a little semicircle. Now Buffy, reach out and start jerking off two of the guys. That's it, jerk them good. But not too good. I don't want them cumming just yet. And don't slack off your cock sucking duties either. Come on Buffy, I'm trying to help you here. No man wants to date a lousy cock sucker. You've got to get better or you'll never be able to keep a man. Mmmmm, that's it. Think of that guy as a test dummy. Give him a proper deep throating. Take every inch in your mouth and down your throat. Give him a real blow job, then switched to the next guy before he cums.”

Again Buffy couldn't do anything except obey, hope that one way or another this nightmare would end soon and wonder what exactly her little s*ster was up too.

There were many perverted things Dawn had dreamed of doing and seeing. This particular setting gave her chance to see two perverted things in particular.

The first was getting to see her stuck up big s*ster on her knees sucking cock. And not just one cock but five, the lucky guy who'd already shot his load down Buffy's throat lining up with the others as per Dawn's orders and then quickly getting sucked and stroked into full hardness. Dawn loved this sight of Buffy sucking cock so much she made sure it went on for quite a while, choosing her words very carefully and keeping a close eye on things to ensure the guys wouldn't cum until she wanted them too.

At the same time Dawn made sure she didn't cum herself. All the excitement of watching her older s*ster's head bob up and down on dick after dick had made Dawn horny as hell so it hadn't taken much fingering before the brunette found herself on the edge. Dawn had promised herself she'd never cum that way again, but fucking herself was a lot more fun when she was watching Buffy being a nasty little cock sucker and Dawn thought she could finally cum nice and hard from touching herself. However as tempting as it was Dawn continued to refrain, wanting to cum at the same time as the guys did.

Of course that affected her decision to ultimately call out, “Ok Buffy, stop sucking their cocks and let go of them. Now kneel there with your mouth open and your tongue sticking out. Good, now guys start jerking your cocks. Jerk them nice and hard until you're ready to cum. Then cum. Shoot your gooey loads all over that blonde bitch's face! Yesssssss, that's it! Cover Buffy's face in cum!”

For the next minute anything else out of Dawn's mouth was more or less an incoherent moan as she came on her own fingers while watching her big s*ster get covered in cum.

It was easily one of the hottest things Dawn had ever seen. Blast after blast of white liquid shot out of each guys' cock at random, covering Buffy's cheeks, nose, chin, forehead and closed eyes. A lot of it ended up in her hair, but most of what wasn't dumped directly onto her pretty face was squirted onto her tongue and directly into her mouth and down her throat.

The facial lasted for close to a full minute, first one guy, then another, then two more, then finally the last guy blowing his load onto Buffy's face.

There was a long silence and then Dawn ordered, “You five guys get dressed and go home. You're not going to remember anything about tonight.”

After a few groans of agreement the guys quickly did as they were told, Dawn waiting until they had closed the door behind them before kneeling in front of Buffy who was now trying to blink her eyes open. Helpfully Dawn used her thumbs to push most of the cum from Buffy's eyelids, Dawn then pausing to stare at the liquid collected on her thumbs before taking one then the other into her mouth.

The second she tasted sperm for the first time Dawn moaned. It wasn't the best taste ever, but Dawn thought she could definitely get used to it considering the fun she could have getting it. Speaking of which…

“Pull your tongue back inside your mouth, close it, then swallow all that yummy cum.” Dawn ordered, grinning wickedly as Buffy pulled a disgusted face while swallowing. Then Dawn added, “Now don't move.”

With that Dawn lent forward and started licking Buffy's face clean of the cum, Buffy whimpering softly at this latest act of perversion. Like everything else it seemed to last an eternity to the Slayer who could still taste the five different loads in her mouth as her baby s*ster greedily lapped away the remaining cum on her face.

Not that things got much better when Dawn finally pulled away, smiled wickedly and asked, “So, what should I do with you now?”

To Be Continued