aunt offers it all

Offering my nephew a helping hand, cunt, ass and mouth:
I am a 50 yrs old housewife. I have a23 yrs old nephew who has just graduated and was preparing to start a career. One day he came to visit me. My husband was away so I asked him to spend the night in my place. I have a habit of sl**ping while watching TV so he kept watching it while I went into deep sl**p. As he told me later, my dress went up so he was able to see my voluptuous thighs. My underpants shifted so he was able to see the slit of my cunt. This made his cock hard and he could not control himself any longer so he took his shirt off, took his cock out, went to me and in one push plunged it in my cunt and pumped hard. I took few seconds before realizing what was being done to me. I resisted, saying “No you should not do that” but this excited him further so he held me down kissing my lips and neck, sucking my ear, telling me how sexy I was while fucking me like wild a****l. My resistance subsided and I let him have his way with me till he exploded in a powerful orgasm. I tried to push him off me saying that he should not have done what he did. Some tears ran down my face. He held me tightly telling me that he loved me, and that I am so sexy that he could not control himself. He begged me to forgive him. He kept kissing my lips, neck and sucking my ear. This pleased me and I told him that my husband has lost interest in me years ago.
Then I asked did he really think I am sexy and he said yes kissing me passionately. Then he turned me around; my tears have been replaced by a little smile so he kissed me again inserting his tongue into my mouth. I moaned so he took off my clothes till I became naked. I did not resist so he kissed me again guiding my hand to his cock, which I milked to hardness, while he fingered my cunt. When he became ready he inserted his cock again into my cunt and began long deep strokes, which eventually turned into quick thrusts. I orgasmed which was my first since quite a long time. He continued pounding my cunt till he filled me with cum.
He went to the bathroom, washed his cock then came back to me. I did not even try to cover myself so he offered me his cock to suck. I hesitated a bit since I have never sucked a cock but with a little encouragement I put it in my mouth sucking its head while rubbing it. That was enough to get him going again so he turned me around filling my cunt with his cock while playing with my clit using one hand while the other hand played my her tits. This combined assault made me moan with pleasure and after few minutes we both came noisily. He turned me again to my back and went onto my clit like a hungry a****l holding both my hands so that I could not move away. I moaned loudly begging him to stop which he did not since I was grinding my cunt at his face enjoying what he was doing. Few minutes of suck made me erupt like a volcano. I was panting heavily begging him to stop but he had one more hole to fill so he turned me around “again”, lubricated his cock with spit and went deep into my virgin ass. I was too exhausted to resist so he pumped hard till he filled my ass with cum. Then we went to sl**p tired but satisfied.
The next day I was in the kitchen preparing breakfast but he wanted me for desert first. As he approached me I said that we should not do it again and that it was wrong but he insisted on having his way with me. He held me tightly, kissing my lips and neck, sucking my ear and when I moaned he raised my dress squeezed my ass cheeks then pulled my underpants down. He went onto my clit sucking then as I rocked with his attack on my clit he brought a chair so I put my foot on it allowing him better access to my clit. Few minutes of sucking made me shudder in a powerful orgasm. He turned me to face away from him and made me put my foot on the chair, took his hard cock out and plunged into my cunt. As he fucked me I asked him to spare my ass for a while since it was hurting from last night initiation. This excited him further so he pumped faster and harder playing with my clit and twisting my nipples simultaneously till we reached our earth shattering orgasms. Afterwards he smiled and asked me for a breakfast then he picked up my underpants saying that they are not sexy and asked for scissors. I handed them to him and he turned my ordinary dull looking underpants into g-strings on both sides so when I put it on they hide almost nothing. Being a bit overweight they almost disappeared completely within my flesh which made him look at me with such lust I have never seen at anyone before. I begged him to wait till after breakfast so he left the kitchen. After preparing the breakfast I called him but he said we will have it on the floor in the living room. That was odd but I brought it to the living room. We sat facing each other. My dress rose up showing large part of my thighs. He looked at them with lust then pushed the dress further till he was able to see my almost naked shaved pussy. He could not hold himself any longer and asked me to back away a bit then he laid me and had me on the floor there and then. Afterwards we finished our breakfast and he went out promising that he will come for supper.
I slept for a while then after waking up I adjusted my pants the way my lover wanted. As I was preparing supper my husband came. I told him that my nephew would come for supper and may spend the night. He did not comment. When my nephew came they gave each other the cold shoulder. But something came over my nephew and me. I felt that he wanted to assert himself as my man and, funny enough, I liked it and wanted to be his woman. He came to the kitchen, while my husband waited for supper, saying that he will give me a hand. Instead he held me firmly kissing me passionately feeling me up then inserting a finger in my aching ass. I whispered to him that my hobby was in the living room and that I have to prepare the meal so he let me go but kept feeling me up and whenever possible he rubbed his hard cock at my almost naked pussy. I prepared supper with his precum flowing down my thighs. After supper my husband went out and as he closed the door my nephew went on me like a wild a****l putting my legs on his shoulders pushing his cock so deep I thought it might come out of my mouth. After few minutes of high quality fuck he came noisily then sucked my clit till I came all over his face. I spent the rest of the evening in his arms trading kisses and touching each other. When my husband came I went to sl**p beside him while my nephew slept in the guest room. My husband slept soundly while I dozed for a while but woke a bit later when I felt a hand feeling me up. It was my nephew's. I got up quitely and my nephew took me to his room keeping his finger in my cunt. Once in his room he went on me wildely telling me that I am his woman and asking me to say it so I said to him I am yours do what you want. He put me on my hands and knees and fucked me like there is no tomorrow. After satisfying both our needs I went to sl**p beside my snorting husband. My young lover left next morning but came back few days later saying he could not stay away from me which made me happy since I knew how much I wanted him to satisfy me. This night he suggested that I put a sl**ping pill in my husband's drink for fun. I did, so after hobby went into his snorting symphony my lover came to me and we fuck while my husband was inches away from us which excited us further. After our first orgasm he told me to tease my sl**ping husband (in contrast to the sl**ping beauty) as we fuck describing what was being done to me. So I whispered to the sl**ping non-beauty: oh husband my lover is pushing his cock in me, oh he is fucking me hard, come on save your wife, oh he has turned me on my hands and knees, oh he is rubbing my clit playing with my nipple while his cock is thrusting hard in me, cannot you stop him? oh I submit to him, oh we are coming.
Few days have passed without seeing my young lover so I was worried and phoned him. He told me that he was busy applying for a loan but it seemed that the manager would refuse. Then he looked at me saying that the manager is known to have a week spot for women and that I may be able to help. I understood what he ment but surprisingly I obliged. It knew that I was willing to do almost anything to keep him. So on the day to meet the manager I had a shower, shaved my pussy, lubricated my ass, wore one of the panties that cover almost nothing then put on a light dress. When we met the manager he looked at me with lust. My lover summarized his application for the loan and when he sensed the manager's refusal he stood up, took me by the arm to the manager then told him my aunt was so concerned about this loan that she accompanied me despite her thigh was giving her great pain. As he said that he bent me over the desk, raised my dress exposing my thighs and most of my cunt to the manager. My lover asked the manager to see for himself and to feel the part giving me pain(which did not exist). The manager felt me up pushing his finger in my cunt then stood behind me, took his cock out and plunged it in me and pounded me with his thin stiff cock. I moaned my approval till he exploded in me. I took a tissue, cleaned myself up thinking that it was all over but my lover told the manager that I would like to suck his cock. I looked at him angerily but I knew I have to oblige so the manger sat on a couch and I knelt before him, took his cock out and sucked. My dress moved up exposing my bottom so my nephew took his cock out and filled up my cunt This made it easier for me to suck the manager's cock and after sprutting his cum over my face and chest he signed his approval of the loan.
My lover has asked me to attend the opening party which consisted only of him and his three partners. After some drinks someone has played some music. My lover danced with me for a while then he put my hands around his neck while his hands went down my dress then pulled it up. I tried to stop him but he brought my hand back to his neck. He pushed both his hands under my dress then pulled it up a little exposing my ass and cunt to his partners. I knew they have were looking since the room became silent apart from the music. He pushed my underpants aside pushing a finger deep in my ass. I whisperd “No please do not” but he pushed it deeper bringing me closer to him . As he kissed me passionatley I felt a hand taking off my dress so here I was almost naked in front of four men. Within seconds I was on the floor riding the cock of one of the partners like a wild cowboy while another partner lubricated his cock and went into my ass in on go. Once the two fuckers adjusted their thrusts which relaxed me the third one offered his cock to me which I sucked hesitantly. Sucking was not my strong point. They took turns on me till we were all satisfied and exhausted. Afterwards my nephew told me that he made me one of the partners. I asked him what was my duty and he said to keep the partners satisfied.
It is nice to offer my nephew a helping hand, cunt ,ass and mouth.