Asian Flower

It's been a while since I wrote about my asian flower, because she and I have not been together for a while, schedules, jobs, k**s, all the areas of life have been in full swing. Well let me tell you, I thought my Asian Flower didn't want any more loving from her black prince, but I was wrong. I was at her home while she worked, and she knows the things that turn me on! I love when she wears those very small shorts where you can see the ass cheeks hanging out, and she has the most gorgeous legs I've ever seen on a woman. SHe knew I would be coming by her house so she was dressed in my favorite outfit, she also likes to rub her warm body overy mine, no matter where our skin can touch she makes sure it happens. This day everything was right, she had been working hard and told me her shoulders were hurting, which has always been my que to give her a massage, which feels so good to me, I started massaging her in the chair and she said can I lay on the floor, I said sure. I removed some body lotion from the bathroom so the moving of my hand would be easy over her body. I started massaging her back and arms, slowly going down her gorgeous legs, and in between her thighs, I was so horny while doing this I could hardly keep my composure. She layed there in front of my ready to be fucked hard but she just didn't want to say it. I massaged her for a good hour never letting my hands leave her body, I went inside her pussy massaging it very carefully with my hands and mouth, so began to squirm and rotate her hips to my hands and pushing back onto my hand as hard as possible. I was so horny my dick was about to explode, so I mangaged to open my pants pull out my massive cock stick, and she could tell I was doing something, she asked me what “what are you going to do?”
I said I”m going to fuck that pussy as hard as I can, she was concerned about me not having a condemn, i told her don't worry I brought several (always have to be prepared). I said “do you want me?” She said yes I have been wanting you for months, but we have been so busy, I spread her legs as wide as I could and slammed my 12 inches of meat up into her pussy as hard as I could. Her eyes rolled back in her head and I was hoping she had not passed out from the pleasure. I stroked her hard for more than hour, me pushing and hitting that pussy as hard as I could, now remember I had only so much time left at her house because I had to go and pick up my k**s from school, so we both counted down the strokes before I left, I told her I have ten minutes before I have to leave. So if you are good in math I hit that pussy hard 60 times a minute until it was time for me to go. She moaned and screamed and scracthed my legs and back. it felt so great. I watched and listened to her orgasm which is music to the ear. I got up and she kissed my dick, and said don't be late picking up the k**s call me later. She also had to go pick up her k**s too, but we loved each other for a while. Rememebr Chinese food is always good for the body!! She told me later, her husband and son were going camping soon and she didn't want to be home by herself, stay tuned…….