Ari Looses her Inhibition

Ari woke up late Saturday morning. She had slept pretty well even though she still felt a little nervous about what had happened. She was late for coffee with some classmates though and didn’t have time to consider the events of the night before. She did open her curtains before she left. The room across the way was vacant. She ventured out into the warm New England air wondering if she would recognize the man if she saw him.

Her friends spent the day shopping and chatting. With only one week of classes under their belts, the young women didn’t have much school work to do. At dinner that evening, the talk turned to men. Several of the girls had boyfriends. Not knowing each other, they asked each other questions. Ari hadn’t been with many men and none of them had ever made her feel the way some of the girls described. She enjoyed their stories and was interested on how many of them talked about how they were taking care of themselves so far from their men. Some talked of toys or using vegetables. A couple liked to look at porn like her. They realized that she hadn’t said much and asked Ari what she does to get off.

She decided to tell them about the man. She was surprised how comfortable she felt telling them about the stranger watching her. To her shock, all of the girls encouraged her to do it again and some even wanted to come over and see for themselves. They all decided to go to a local boutique that sells toys and lingerie after dinner. Many of the girls said they felt horny and Ari couldn’t help feeling horny herself. The girls were all attractive and it felt good to feel like one of the group.

Ari had never been to that kind of store before. She was in a sex shop before with some of her friends from home. They were curious and the group was mixed. They had gone in and were surprised by what they saw. But it wasn’t nice and clean and geared towards women like this place. The girls had the place to themselves and spread out looking at all of the merchandise. Vibrators, dildos, oils, candy, clothes. You name it, it was there. A couple of the smaller girls were heading in to the changing room to try on some sexy bras. Ari found herself looking over the toys. They were very expensive and she didn’t have the money. The group was gathering by the counter. The sales girl was showing off some kind of lube that was supposed to make you horny. The girl wanted to know if anyone wanted to try it. Everyone did and so did Ari. They took turns going to the changing room in pairs. Ari and the other girl, Jennifer, who didn’t have a boyfriend, went together. The sales girl told them to put enough lube on their finger to cover their clit. Ari was nervous but the other girl went first. She unbuttoned her shorts and Ari squeezed a little bit on to the Jennifer’s finger. The girl was nervous too but she put her hands down her shorts, spread her pussy lips and rubbed the clear lotion all around her clit. Ari had never watched another woman touch herself up close. She couldn’t see anything but was fascinated. The Jennifer’s legs buckled a little and she said if felt so good. The girl grabbed the bottle from Ari and said, “Your turn”. Ari loosened her shorts. She was suddenly aware that she was feeling sexy when she left the apartment and that she had on her yellow sexy panties. Jennifer squeezed some of the gel on Ari’s middle finger. Ari was suddenly very self conscious. But she wanted to do it. She slid her hands into her panties, spread her pussy lips with one hand and rubbed the gel on to her clit. It felt so good. It was cool and tingly and seemed to be touch activated. It felt so good that she forgot herself and continued rubbing her clit. She suddenly noticed that Jennifer was rubbing her clit also and watching Ari intently. Jennifer was attractive and had full large breasts. Ari could see that her nipples were stiff. The girl was obviously turned on. Ari wanted to cum but they were interrupted by the sales girl asking if they were okay. Both of them quickly buttoned their shorts and hurried out of the changing room. Ari was so horny and her clit felt so good. She couldn’t wait to get home so she could have her orgasm. Everyone else must have felt the same way because the group seemed to be in a rush to end the evening. Ari and Jennifer lived near each other so they walked together.

Both girls were quiet until Jennifer confessed that she had never done that in front of someone. Ari told her it was okay and joked that it had been like that for her until the night before. Both girls were very aware of how good their clits felt. Ari couldn’t help thinking how sexy Jennifer had looked with her fingers working her clit and found herself secretly wishing she could see more of the beautiful redhead. At the end of the block, the girls made plans to meet for lunch the following afternoon and go over their notes for the week. They exchanged cell numbers and went their separate ways. Ari was happy that she had made a friend as she walked towards home. Jennifer seemed in a hurry. After shooting a quick glance around, Ari slid her hand into her shorts and gave her clit a couple of quick strokes making the tingling intensify. She was so horny now and found she had quickened her steps.

She was unlocking her apartment door when her phone went off. It was Jennifer asking if Ari’s neighbor was there. Ari had forgotten about the man and reported to Jennifer that he was laying on his bed reading. Jennifer responded that she was jealous and wished she could put on a show for the man. Ari was surprised and hadn’t considered that openly showing off for the man could be a turn on. He was naked and Ari thought it would be fun to tease Jennifer a little. She quietly crept in to her room and snapped a picture of the man and sent the picture to Jennifer. It took a few moments for Jennifer to respond. “He’s hot. I would love to finger my pussy for him but I’m all done.” Ari smiled that it didn’t take very long for Jennifer. She wished the pretty redhead goodnight and thought about what she should do. She was going to cum. That much she was sure of as she thought about how good her clit felt. She decided that she would tease a little.

She went back over to the door and pretended to just walk in. She flipped the light on and walked in to her room. She closed the curtain slightly and pretended not to notice the man. He had noticed her but was doing his best to not show it. Leaving her light on, she opened her computer and trained her webcam on the window so she could see what the man was doing without having to look. As she suspected, he was watching her. Her shirt was off and she loosened her bra and let her tits fall out facing the dresser that was next to the window. She walked over and spent a few seconds putting her bra on the corner. She wiggled out of her shorts as her heart thumped nervously. It was so exciting and she was very aware how cool the evening air felt on her naked body. She walked over to the bathroom and looked back at the computer screen. He had positioned him self for a better view sitting on the corner of her bed. Perfect she thought. She fiddled in the bathroom for a moment and grabbed a towel. She slid out of her panties. They were soaked and she studied herself in the mirror for a moment. Her pussy felt so good. She knew it wouldn’t take much. She went over to the bed and spread out the towel. She lay down so she could easily see the computer screen. The man was stroking his cock. It made Ari feel good to know she could turn the man on so easily. Her hands ran over her body. She thought about how sexy Jennifer had looked and how Jennifer watched her so intently. The thought of another girl watching her was exciting. The man had drawn closer to the window and was back on his chair with his legs spread stroking his cock. Ari spread her legs wide and pulled her pussy lips apart showing her neighbor how wet she was. Rubbing her clit ignited the gel again and she suddenly felt her body react to the pleasurable feeling. The man’s cock looked so good. She wished she could fuck the stranger right there but not until she could wrap her lips around that cock. The man was stroking faster and like Jennifer, she knew she wouldn’t last long. She slid fingers into her pussy and continued to rub her clit. It had never felt as hard as it did right then under her fingers. She forgot herself and for the first time in her life, she was moaning openly and loudly. It surprised her but she always had to worry about who could hear her before. Now she didn’t care. She was stroking her clit, dreaming about the nice hard cock that was being stroked on her computer screen and how great Jennifer had looked in that changing room. It was all too much as she felt her pussy creaming up. She glanced over to the computer and saw a huge load of cum shoot out of the man’s cock and land on his chest. He was still stroking hard as more jets shot on to his belly. It was too much for Ari and she could feel the first waves of orgasm washing over her body. Her body convulsed as she heard a squeal come from her lips. Another wave of orgasm washed over her. She didn’t wan to stop and continued to rub her clit even harder. The man looked surprised as she rubbed harder and harder as she tried to push her fingers deeper. She noticed her hair brush lying on the stand next to her and without even thinking about it, pushed the handle inside of her. She fucked the handle skillfully as her fingers continued working her clit. Another wave of orgasm washed over her. She felt her juice squirting out of her pussy. That had never happened before but she didn’t want to lose this feeling. She fucked the brush handle for a few more minutes until the last wave of orgasm had subsided. She laid there for a moment with the brush deep in her pussy. Her hands were soaked and her clit throbbed. It had become so sensitive that when she brushed her hand over it, it hurt a little. She was out of breath and felt so good. She had forgotten the computer but he was still there. He seemed stunned by her show. She pushed on the brush with her pussy and it slid out of her on its own. She had cum hard before but she wished she could cum some more.

She sat up, a little dizzy and wandered over to the bathroom. She had grabbed the towel and couldn’t believe how wet it was. It was soaked with her juice. Looking back at the bed, there was a trail to one size where she squirted. She laughed a little to herself. She cleaned herself up, brushed her teeth and turned out the light. She shut down the computer and realized that the man was still watching her. She was naked and laying on top of the covers. “What the hell,” she thought and got up and went over to the window. She opened the curtains, still pretending to not notice the man and returned to her bed. She turned the light on the nightstand on and laid there, very aware that he was probably watching. She didn’t care. She liked knowing he was there. She set her alarm and drifted off to sl**p. It had taken almost thirty minutes. She still felt horny. She touched her clit. The gel was gone but it was still stiff. It ached when she touched it. It was okay. She was tired. She drifted off to sl**p with the curtains open and the light on. (To be continued)