Are You Gay? Answer to the Gay Debate

7 Signs you're Gay

You fucking wish you were a real man… well just get over it because you never have been and you never will!
In fact, Ill bet you that you're actually gay… even if you dont want to be!!! haha – homo!

Okay seriously bitch, you need to be honest with this mini-quiz… you need to get over the denial and fear and when you know your should answer yes, just do it…
If you really want to know once and for all if you're a cock smoking queer, or not – then just be honest when you answer and then we will see… if you're a raging homo gay lord!

1. You have thought or said “Im not gay because After I jerk off and cum I dont think about another mans big cock and I dont really like it that much and especially after I cum”
NEWSFLASH hahaha No straight guy ever thinks about some mans grisly body and throbbing fat cock while they are jerking off, and they dont even get hard thinking about much-less actually cumming thinking about another mans cock taste.
This is a gay thing!

2. Sometimes you over-think or overanalyze your “occasional” attraction to men… But usually in the end you decide that you're normal and the gay thoughts you have are just fantasy
Haha, no thats called lying to yourself! you dont have passing thoughts which rarely happen to straight men, about being with another man… You think about it MORE then a REAL straight man. Thats a struggle only a homo in the closet gay guy would have… If you didnt think about dick so much you would have to over think it the way you have trying to make yourself feel better! If you experienced this – You Are Gay!

3. You've fantasized about a wedding day where YOU were in the wedding dress.
yeah sure, it might have been just a fantasy… but HELLO?! You wore the wedding dress in your fantasy – you're a fucking queer!

4. You get hard faster thinking about sucking dick, kissing a stud, or something gay, then you do having heterosexual sex.
This is a huge sign you're a raging flaming gay! If you can get your dick hard faster by thinking about something gay then you can when you're about to have sex with a woman… Theres no question about it, and its obvious how gay you are… I mean what straight man would even want his dick to get hard from thinking about another man? Much less get his dick hard faster over cock then hot wet pussy?! Only a gay guy would have that happen to him!

5. You put masculine men on a pedestal and consider other men irrelevant.
Idealizing men who are masculine and putting them on a pedestal is a way of sorting through men and categorizing them, is something normal straight men dont do… Straight men dont pick out the real men/masculine men and almost adore them and find themselves attracted in some what to these men. Thats something gay guys do to men they have a special place for and to men they are secretly attracted to. If you weren't into men – you never would have sifted through them and put a certain type on a pedestal and noticed them allot more then other other men!

6. You think other men, or other people consider you inadequate.
Because your a submissive type, AND you're gay you often feel like the “real men” out there have been put on pedestals by other people, just like you do with certain types of men out there… and you think you have been “left out” because you're a bottom and not a real man, AND you think everyone knows it too. This is something gays in the closet think and feel… Yep you are gay!!!

7. You use sexual fantasies as an escape from your daily reality.
Unlike normal, and straight men who jerk off to get their rocks off… you spend time with your masturbation sessions and take time to fantasize and build up situations that include story lines which include gay activities you could never let happen in your real life. You jerk off and enjoy that time to think about all the little homo thoughts you have… your gay sexual fantasies are more like an escape and experience rather just you wacking your dick off to cum. This is a big sign you're gay… not curious, not just fantasizing… but you are GAY!

These ś Signs You're Gay” are carefully chosen signs that dont mean anything to most people… they are SOLID signs! If you answered yes to 2 or more then you are 100% GAY!!!

This means you are a Queer, fag, gay-boy, cock sucker, fruit-loop, twink, and hahahaha You're A Gay Homo boy who likes dick!!!!

Thats okay though, because when you are serving Me,a nd one of my gay slaves… That means lots of gay fun for fags just like you… because I love exploiting “men” and turning them gayer and gayer and gayer… all you need to do now… is have me push you out of the closet and then you can finally experience life as you so desperatly want!