Anita and the biker

Anita and the biker

One summer evening I returned home from the airport. I had been out of town for almost a complete week and I really wanted to be at home, between my sweet Ana’s arms…

I had not told Ana that I was arriving that late night; she expected me home next morning.
It was almost midnight when the taxi dropped me at my house.
In the darkness I stumbled down and I saw there was a bike in the middle of the driveway.

I entered the house, and wandered over to the kitchen, taking a glass of water.
The house was fully illuminated, but Anita was nowhere to be found. Having wandered briefly around most of the ground floor, I walked upstairs, expecting that she could be in the master bedroom.

So, after first checking the bathroom, I made for the bedroom, calling out Ana's name. Then I saw them. Ana's clothes, lying on the floor. I recognized a red top she used to wear in summer time. The top was close to a short skirt, socks, a black bra and a little thong. And right beside all that stuff, there was a pair of boxer shorts. They were not mine…

Surprisingly, I didn't find myself particularly angry.
I hadn't expected to come home to find this, but now that I had, I found myself considering the logical aspect of my sweet wife being naked in my bedroom with another man.
Indeed, I found myself somewhat turned on.

Walking quietly over to the bedroom door, I placed by ear gently against it. I heard no words being spoken, but the repetitive squeaking of the springs in our marital bed mattress was pretty unmistakable.

Slowly, I pushed the door open, and entered. Ana was on the edge of the bed, completely
naked, facing away from me, on her hands and knees. Behind her was a black young guy I did not recognize him at all. He was completely naked too; he also faced away
from me. His ass was in motion, slowly but rhythmically, pulling first backwards, and thrusting then forwards; on each forward stroke, my wife jolted forward in time with the slap of his balls against her skin. Her round firm breasts bounced in time with every thrust, causing beads of sweat to drip from her hard erect nipples onto the bed.

I stood for a long moment, watching the sexual engagement continue, and his thrusts, at first long and slow, become quicker and shorter, before I let out a small, intentional cough. Both their heads span around at once, and after settling on me, both their eyes became wide. The guy`s ass pulled sharply backwards, and he turned around to face me.

My first glance took me to Anita`s pussy, freshly revealed. Her pussy lips were stretched very wide, engorged, I suppose, by their recent encounter with that black cock; her cunt entrance hole was reddish, terribly inviting, and so absolutely flooded with pussy juice
that her sexual arousal must have been great indeed.

I then glanced at the black guy. Looking down, standing proud in front of his well-toned body, I saw the reason my wife`s snatch had been stretched so wide: a broad, ten inch pole which was fucking Anita bare back…

Anita`s mouth was open, either in a gasp of shock, or an attempt to speak, I suppose. I spoke first. “Why did you stop?” I said, quite simply.

In no time at all, the black guy was positioning himself once again behind my wife. His large left hand clutched his yet larger cock, wanking slowly, while rubbing the tip of his giant serpent along the length of my wife's crack.
After a few moments of this rubbing and coating himself with plenty of Ana`s ever increasing lubrication, he offered up his cock to her open cunt.
Ana`s pussy lips at once parted, and as he eased slowly forward, were soon completely smothering his tip.

My wife`s face dropped back into a state of ecstasy, even more intense than that in which it had been immersed when I first entered the room. Her eyes were closed and she let out a soft, prolonged groan as the black guy´s tip pushed further and further inside her…

Very soon, they were fucking wildly and I'm sure both completely forgot that I was there.

In the race to climax, the boy was not far behind her.
While Ana moaned loudly and her body bucked wildly, his low, soft grunts became more and more louder and his fierce expression told me that he was indeed, right at that moment, emptying himself into the pussy of my gentle wife…

The black guy withdrew quickly and moved aside. The last view of him was his naked buttocks running down the stairs desperately looking for the front door.
I heard the front door opening and closing again.

I approached the bed where my sweet wife was lying head down, with her thighs spread open, her pussy leaking sticky semen from the escaping black guy. I reached forward, and massaged her pussy lips and clitoris. Ana moaned, half in pleasure, half in protest, at this new manipulation.
Then I got naked and with my hard cock in my hand I climbed onto the bed, positioning myself behind Ana’s firm body, between her open legs.
I pushed forward and entered her asshole with the head of my rock hard cock. She screamed in pain and tried to escape, but I grabbed her by the waist and pushed down her head onto the mattress. She cried again, but soon she started moaning in pleasure.
I pumped her asshole until I felt my own orgasm, filling her anus with my warm seed.

Then I left her lying there, recovering her breath…

I asked Ana how she had ended up fucking that black young guy.
So she told me that he was riding his bike around when she came from shopping and asked her if she needed some help with the grocery bags.
Once inside at home the guy had offered Anita some “action” and she was already horny as hell. When she felt the bugle in his pants she knew she had to fuck him.
They had been fucking since late afternoon. His black dick was really huge and she had felt it almost tearing apart her sweet vagina; but it had been an intense fucking session.

My sweet wife went to have a shower and then she came back to bed, where I was waiting for her. She claimed her asshole had not been used by any other man during my absence; so, she wanted me to sodomize her wildly again…
I fucked her ass during the whole night; she made me cum three times deep inside her anus and she had two intense and vocal orgasms at the same time.

The next day I stayed at home, writing some reports about my trip in my laptop.

Anita woke up telling me she was in a good mood for getting a big black cock again and she suggested me she could find the biker guy, so I could watch them fuck again.
She put in a nice summer dress and went out. About an hour later she was back with him.

Once the garage door was closed, I told the black guy that everything was cool and he did not have to run off this time. I wanted to see them fuck inside our car.
They got in the back seat. I knew Ana was already wet and the black guy’s dick was standing hard at full attention. I told him to shot a huge load in her for me.

In five minutes that boy filled up her wet and stretched sweet pussy.
The load of his warm semen was really huge. He withdrew and I took my turn again in Anita`s asshole. When I stuck my rock hard dick inside of her anus, she turned her head round and gave me and odd look. I asked her if there was a problem.
Ana smiled and said: “You feel bigger than normal; I love your cock in my ass”.
I smiled back to her and pumped her ass with intense strokes until I came inside her.

When we looked around, the black biker had disappeared again…
Bad luck for him… said Anita…