An old High School friend

Jane and I went to school together from elementary school, through High School. Her last name and mine shared the same letter, so we had the same home room every year and she lived about 8 blocks from me, when we were growing up. I liked her, we were friendly, but she was like a little s****r. (meaning petite, she is 6 months older than me) Jane was part of my inner circle of friends and we all went out clubbing on the weekends and went on “group” dates were went out to eat, drinking or movies. I was never really attracted to her, I found her cute, but in a sibling kind of way.
Let me tell you about her….Jane is around 5'2” tall, proportional in figure (32B-22-36), dark brown hair (short, in a bob), brown eyes and pixie like face. She is always well groomed, smells fantastic and has always dressed well, but never flamboyant. She has 4 s****rs who all look about the same, same height, hair, etc. She was always a little prudish toward me especially in school and as we were growing up.
Sandy, another friend of mine, is my hair stylist, her and Jane are very close,. One day, while I was getting my hair cut, we were alone in the Salon and Sandy and I got on the story of Jane. Jane had married about three years after I did, and she married an ex-friend of mine. I say ex-friend, because this guy is a turd. He is an abusive liar, who is dishonest and does things that verge on the criminal. I urged her not to marry him, but she decided otherwise. They were married, had two k**s and stayed together for 16 years when he started to abuse her, physically and emotionally. My wife and I helped her get away from him. She had a hard life from there, abusing her body with alcohol and losing most of what she had. She got cleaned up and straightened up and got hr life back on track. Anyway, Sandy related to me that Jane really liked me, and that if I wasn't married she believed that Jane would be all over me.
I was intrigued because I never thought of her that way.
Fast forward a couple of weeks later, when my wife was out of town on business. I ran into Jane while grocery shopping. We always had some witty banter when we spoke to each other and usually bordered on the sexual. I asked her how she was, and she said she was doing well, she was shopping for her elderly parents, who she was caring for. I told her that my wife was out of town and I was a bachelor this weekend. She smiled and said, she should come over and cook me dinner. I made a crack about that would be all that would be cooking, she smiled and hip butted me with a little over the shoulder smile. We finished shopping together, and when she went out to load her car, it would not start. I checked it out thinking maybe it was the battery, but it wasn't. The started had gone, so I asked her if she wanted a ride home. She said if I could she would be grateful. So we loaded up her groceries and I ran her home. We said our goodbyes and I went home and unloaded my stuff.
About an hour later, I get a phone call. It is Jane, she asked if I wanted some dinner company this evening, as her s****r was taking her Mom and Dad out for dinner and a theater show and she didn't want to eat alone either. I said that would be great and I asked when I should pick her up. She said to give her an hour.
I, of course, started to get interested in how the night would be. So I ran upstairs, got a shower, changed and headed over to pick her up. When I got there, she was wearing a skirt, sweater and was all dolled up with make up, red lip stick and the whole 9 yards. This was unusual for her, and a major change from the grocery store. I opened the car door and said “My you look great!” she told me she doesn't get dressed up a lot so she figured it would be a nice change. (It was)
So, back in the car and off to my house. She said she would cook, and I told her I would be glad to or we could do it together. We decided to do it together. We had a ball. We were carrying on and joking. We finally sat down and ate and talked. She asked, “You know why I came over tonight, don't you?” I replied, “Probably because my wife isn't home and you want to play with my huge cock!” laughingly…
She looked me in the eyes and said “Actually, yeah, I want to play with your cock and I want you to fuck me like I always wanted” Well, to say I was surprised would be an understatement. I never heard Jane talk like this, we were both stone cold sober and now my cock began to get erect.
I stood up from the table, took her hand, helped her stand, and while looking in her eyes, kissed her firmly on her lips. We started gently, it then progressed to a hunger, like we both wanted to crawl into each other. I grabbed her ass with both hands and picked her up as we kissed. I walked her to my bedroom and we collapsed on the bed. She pushed me away and said she wanted to make sure I wanted this. Did she have to ask? She then stood up and told me she wanted me to see her naked and that I should sit there and watch. Who was I to argue at this point?
She began by slowly rubbing her body and gently gyrating as she rubbed. Starting at her hips, moving to her breasts, and then bent over to her thighs and ankles. It was very erotic. She then removed her sweater and began to undo her skirt waist buttons. She dropped the skirt to the floor and stood in front of me in bra, panties, and thigh high nylons. I asked her when she started wearing thigh highs? She said she had them, someone bought them for her and she NEVER took them out of the bag. She figured tonight would be a good time! I was wowed! She continued to sway and then unhooked her bra as she turned her back to me. Dropped the bra and teasingly slid down her panties. She looked over her shoulder and then turned around, completely naked.
The sight was awesome. I had never seen her naked, the closest was a one piece swim suit in High School. Her she stood, Nice mouthful B cup breasts, with nice dark nipples, and a small tuft of pubic hair above her vulva. I asked if she shaved for me, and she said that she had been shaving for a while, it was more pleasurable when she used her vibrator. I said she wasn't a prude anymore…she smiled and said she had to learn to do things for herself as she lightly stroked her pubes. She stuck a finger in her mouth with a pout y grin and then entered her vagina with her finger. She withdrew her finger and held it out to me to taste. It was delicious. I reached for her and she stepped back, and told me “Not yet, I want a show too”
She reached out her hand and beckoned me to stand. My cock ached inside my pants and my bulge grew. She patted my crotch and said “Now, now, I am going to sit and watch you get naked” She sat on the bed with her legs spread, and gently massaged her mound as my show began. I unbuttoned my shirt slowly ala Chippendale’s, and I felt I wasn't being any too sexy, but took my time. I left my shirt on, unbuttoned and turned my back to her, undid my belt and pulled it from my trousers in one pull. Well actually it got stuck halfway and we both laughed. I undid my trousers and they fell to the floor. I turned around and my “tent” was growing in my boxers and wet spot formed where my cock was straining to get out. In one move, I pulled my boxers down and my cock sprang out, dripping a little drop of precum out of the slit. I touched the drop and held it out for her to taste. She bent forward parted her red encased lips and licked the precum off my finger, then sucked my finger in to the knuckle into her mouth. I reached down and cradled her face in my hands and she stood up w began to kiss as she stood.
We stood there for a little while kissing and fondling each other when I guided her down on to the bed. I kissed her cheeks, made my way to her neck, then breasts. I licked each nipple and sucked on them intently. She let out a little moan and I flicked her nipples with my tongue. My tongue and lips made their way down her belly to her public mound. I breathed in the heady aroma of her excited womanhood and I licked her trimmed bush and tongued around her vulva. She laid back on the bed and parted her legs, as she did, her glistening labia parted and I could see her clit was erect already begging for me to kiss it and tease it with my tongue. I made circles around her clit with my tongue, gently probing the hood. I licked the edges of her vulva and then gently sucked each lip slowly into my mouth as my nose rubbed past her clitoris. I entered her vagina with my tongue and gently tongue fucked her, in and out tasting her sweet juices. I wet my finger and probed her vagina as my lips and tongue began to suck gently then harder on her erect joy buzzer. I looked up at her and noticed she had her head back and was pinching her nipples and her breathing was getting very heavy. I found her G spot with my fingers as I stroked it, sucking on her clit like a little cock. She became wetter and then, as my probing got faster and faster, she began to squirt and wet my face with her pungent juices. When her orgasm subsided, she pushed me away, but grabbed my hand and told me that it was my turn.
I got up off the floor and sat on the bed. She knelt between my legs and told me to stand. I stood up and she licked the head of my cock tasting the wetness she caused to flow from me. Then slid her red lips over the head and into her tiny, hot mouth. She slowly withdrew my meat from her mouth and said that I was bigger than any guy she had ever been with and that I should be patient with her. She told me she wanted to take it down her throat, but was afraid I it may gag her. I motioned for her to get up and I kissed her and said “Let's lay on the bed and do this together”
She was agreeable to that so I laid down and she straddled my face and put her wet pussy back on my face. She then started to take my cock into her throat, slowly but surely she got most of it in. I heard her gag a bit but she was a trooper. She kept on and so did I. The deeper she went, the more her pussy got licked and sucked. I was getting close to cumming, so I started to think about other things, like rotating tires…. Funny, but effective. I rubbed her shoulders and licked her thighs in an effort to get her off my cock. Eventually she got the hint and rolled off me. I did not want to cum yet, because it takes me a while to recover. She crawled up to my face and we kissed, I pulled her on top of me and she straddled my cock, placing the head between her thighs she sat down on it. She moaned a big sigh as my cock disappeared into her womb. When it hit bottom she gave me a big smile and a look of relief. She began to bounce up and down on my shaft and I could feel a small puddle form on my pubes from her cumming again. Her tight twat on my cock was getting me close to the point of no return, and I she picked up on that quickly. She cradled my cheeks and told me she did not want me to cum in her, she wanted to finish me off in her mouth. I told her that that will be very soon because of her hotness. She slid off and told me to slide up on the bed and watch her as she finished me off.
Slowly she slid her lips down my cock, while squeezing my balls with one hand and jacking the shaft with the other. It did not take long until my cum filled her mouth. As it pulsed in her mouth she withdrew my cock, little by little until just the ti was between her red lips. When I was completely drain she looked at me smiled and swallowed. She licked her lips and crawled up to me, placing her head on my shoulder, and kissing my neck. We embraced for a while, basking in the afterglow of a great orgasm.
I thanked her for some of the best sex I had ever had. And she said she wished she had not waited so long to do this. Then asked what my wife would say. She was worried that she would lose her friendship, and I told her I had no plans of telling my wife. She smiled at me and said I was probably right. I asked her to stay for a while and she agreed. We laid there on the bed and fell asl**p. Somewhere around 930 pm she woke me up and suggested we get a shower. I was all rested and ready to go at it again. We got in the shower and soaped each other up and played with each other. As we rinsed off I paid particular attention to her ass and pussy. I tongued both intently. This went on for a while and we fucked in the shower until we both came again. After we rinsed off, she realized how late it was, and asked if I would run her home. I said sure, what was the rush? Since we are both in our 50's I think we are adult enough! She said that her s****r would be bringing her parents home soon, and that she did not want to do the “walk of shame”, let alone the fact that my wife and her f****y were friends. It just would be too suspicious. So, we got dressed, I ran her home, and as I turned the corner, saw her s****r pull up…dodged that one, at least this time…