All Alone

All Alone

It was one of those cold winter evenings and I was alone, Rob was away for 2 weeks on business, I missed him so much. I grabbed a TV dinner and a glass of wine and curled up on the settee, there was this travel programme on TV, it was about Jamaica, white fine sands, swaying palms and a turquoise blue sea, what I would give to be there now!

I was lying on the beach at Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort, the warmth of the sun caressing my body, the sound of the waves kissing the soft sand, that evening I decided to go into the capital, Kingston, the streets thronged with people, reggae music playing in the background, I picked a table outside this bar and ordered a rum punch and started to people watch, it was not long before I heard this voice behind me.
Excuse us dear lady” came a heavy Jamaican masculine voice.

I looked up and two very good looking, tall, dark Jamaican men in their 30s were standing in front of me. My cleavage was very visible as were my nipples in this almost see through blouse I was wearing, the short mini skirt showing most of my legs I sat back slightly, I felt their hard gaze appraising my body.

“Yes, what is it?” I asked.

“Well, Dear lady, you are alone, that is easy to see, a beautiful lady like you should not be alone in Kingston .”

“Well, I am alone, please don’t bother me. ”

The other man signalled something to the first and I watched as they both smiled.

“My b*****r wants to know if we can help you, perhaps see a movie to help you enjoy yourself and relax. Oh, he cannot speak.”

“That’s just what I need,” I said a little sarcastically.

With that they both sat down in the vacant chairs and ordered drinks including another one for me. After a while I slowly warmed to them and we ended up being quite friendly, when he reached out his hand and pulled me firmly but gently to my feet I did not resist. They were both well over 6 feet tall and very muscular, their skin the colour of coal. As I stood I noticed a long bulge down each of their trouser legs which made me squirm with a familiar feeling between my legs. They were both dressed smart casually. I stood there wondering what to do, call for help or go along with the invitation.

The one that spoke introduced himself as Winston and his b*****r was Michael. Winston took my hand and we walked into a warren of back streets still full of people, lots of bars and little shops. We came to this little movie house and Winston bought the tickets. I think it was a romance of some sought but I did not really care. I was looking at the bulges in their trousers, they were growing.

We went into a movie and it was so early that we three were the only ones there. Winston took us to the very front row saying he did not like people walking in front of him. We sat down and I was between them. The arms between the seats went up so we were sort of sitting on a love seat, well, the previews were going and I felt a hand brush my bare leg. It was Michael, the one that could not speak. I touched his hand and smiled and I did not move it away. The bulge was almost all the way to his knee now; I drew in my breath because he smiled wider. Then Winston's hand touched my other leg and I looked at him and he was smiling too. The bulge had grown the other way with him. I could see it was at least up to his belt and maybe more. I sat there thinking my mind racing and finally said, “I have to go pee, be right back guys.” I said. When I got up I kissed each of them on the lips and went to the rest room. I went in and , I undid the button on my blouse down to just above my waist and the skirt was unbuttoned to just below my pussy. I walked back and sat down between them and they had noticed the undone buttons, my nipples were hard and swollen now. The hands went back to my legs now and they were at the knees.

I moved my legs apart so that one was on each of their legs and my skirt pulled open. Their hands stayed on my knees and I took them and put them up till they were just below my pussy and under my skirt. I was soaking wet already. Winston turned towards me and said, “So Lady, what else is there we can do for you tonight?” I pulled his face to mine and kissed him deep, his tongue darting into my mouth taking my breath away. Suddenly my left breast was being massaged and then my right had Michaels mouth on the nipple. My legs were apart further now and a finger slipped into my wet pussy. They both had huge hands and long fingers. My hips went forward onto the finger and soaked it with an orgasm. I turned to Winston and slipped my hand inside his shirt and I was right, his cock was above his waist and all the way to his navel, the head was thick and there was pre-cum leaking out. Winston smiled and said, “Oh lovely lady, are you ready to finish what you are starting?” “I laughed a little and said, “The question is, are you two ready to finish what you are starting.”

The movie went on so the theatre was dark. There were still only us three in the theatre. I opened my blouse all the way so that my breasts were out in the open. I unbuttoned the skirt all the way to the waist band and pulled my legs all the way apart over their legs. I opened Winston’s pants and let his throbbing cock out and was amazed by the length, must have been 10 to 11 inches, I turned to Michael and took his cock out, it was about the same length only thicker. Suddenly I felt hands on my breasts, Winston had my tits in his huge hands massaging them

Michael snuggled up and sucked the nipples biting them hard as Winston fed them to him. I leaned forward and found Michaels cock near my face and took it into my mouth, sucking it in a few inches at a time until it went past the back of my throat. He leaned back letting me get to his full length and soon I felt it bulging at my base of my throat in front. His hairs tickled my nose and I began going up and down on him. Winston was behind me and he was fingering me with four fingers and then his hand slipped into me. “Oh fuck yes” I moaned. “Yes, do it.” He began fisting me as I sucked Michael off and was rewarded by a huge load of cum spurting down my throat. I sat up and went to Winston and pushed him back taking his cock into my mouth. After a while he rewarded me with his load of cum. I sat up almost totally nude, my clothes s**ttered on the floor. “Look guys, I need some serious fucking, can we leave before we get arrested.” I said. They dressed and helped me and we left my arms around their waists.

We walked past people looking at us, my breasts swaying and barely staying in my blouse that I had not really buttoned up much, my skirt was buttoned to just at my pussy and my thong was gone. We went to a nice BMW and Winston opened the back door and let me in. I got in and he got in behind me and Michael drove. Inside I attacked him again pulling out his cock and sitting on it all at once. He leaned back and let me ride him till I felt him swell and fill me. “Oh damn that was good.” I moaned. “Michael, switch and do me please.” I said. He pulled over and got in the back seat. I was now totally naked and pulled him out and sank him into me. They both hit bottom and drove me wild, soon we pulled to a gate and Winston put in a code and drove through when they opened. I looked up while still sitting on Michael and watched as we drove down a long drive to a house. I got out, naked, Michael got out, now shirt and pulled off his pants and tossed them back in the car. Winston got out dressed but tossed his shirt off. He opened the door and I walked in between them.

They led me through the house and to a patio that had a nice rain forest look, rocks, a pond that had lots of foam and then I saw two more men stand up, both in tee shirts and shorts, both had big bulges in them. Dale, Jim, this is Linda, she wants to be taken care of well.

All had Jamaican accents and Dale and Jim dropped their shorts and both were hung like stallions. Winston was naked too now and they took me to a sort of flat couch/bed and laid me on it. Then my legs were spread and tied at the ankles and my arms out at chest level tied also. It did not hurt but I felt a little afraid, then a good looking woman about 50 stepped out, naked with large breasts, huge dark erect nipples and carrying a huge dildo. She had a type of whip in her hand and was laughing as she came towards me.

“What have my sons brought home to play with tonight?” she said.

“This is Teresa our Mother.” Winston said.

“Good, another little white slut to make our slave.”

“Yes Mother” all said at one time.

“Now, slut, you want my sons to train you to enjoy real men?”

“Oh yes, please, please fuck me.” I heard myself saying.

“You gave her the d**g already Winston?”

“Yes Mother.” he said.

“But I never took any d**gs.” I protested.

“Dear, she said very close to my face, d**gs can be given in many ways. In your case, He slipped it into you pussy while playing with you at the movies. Didn't you notice you wanted to fuck more?”

“Yes, yes I did, but I love fucking anyway.”

She leaned down and kissed me then got over my face,

“Open slave, open your mouth.”

She leant over me and placed a huge nipple in my mouth and told me to suck it and at the same time I felt fingers exploring my wet open pussy.

“Now dear, we shall discipline you.” and a whip came down across my tits leaving red marks.

“Oh, damn, that hurt” I yelled.

“Gag the slave Michael.” He did and tied it good so I could not really yell. Then the whip came down again and hit my nipples drawing bl**d this time. She moved around my body even aiming between my legs while one of her sons held my pussy lips apart and hit the clit several times making me jump and at the same time arousing me again. She stopped and said,

“Okay, now fuck her for a couple hours, make sure to fill her to the brim with your cum. I was entered by first one then another till I had three cocks in me deep pounding me hard. Orgasms followed one after another then they switched and filled me again.

After a while I was feeling great from the cocks and cum and she came out again and began whipping me again.

“You will find out that sex and pain are the same Slave, you will be whipped then fucked and whipped then fucked again all night, you will have no will of your own except to be a white slave for anyone I say.” she said laughing making me fear but also making me want more.

“I have one request.” I said quivering.

“What is that slave?”

“Please fuck me too, please.”

“Untie her and bring her to my bed.” she told them and they did. My legs were weak and they carried me and put me on the bed. The dried bl**d was on the sheets and the Mother put on a large dildo and got on the bed and grabbed my nipples and pulled them hard from my chest and made me moan with a mixture of pain and ecstasy.

“Good slave, you feel pleasure.”

“Yes.” I said and kissed her deep. She laid back and told me to suck her dildo. It was huge and long. I took it in and began sucking it when she suddenly pushed my head down on it making it go into my throat. She let me go up and down some then held my head down on it. It was blocking me breathing and I began to move and her sons held me down. I was not able to breathe and was needing air.

“Feel good now you white slut.” she said laughing.

I could not move and still she held my head down the dildo blocking my airway. I passed out and came around I did not know how long later. She was on top of me riding my pussy with her dildo.

“Back with us Slave?”

“Yes Mother.” I said. “Good, do it again, suck my cock.” I moved to it and knew it was going to happen again and it did. She held my head down and again I passed out. Again I woke to her fucking me with the dildo.

“Again slave.” she laughed and again I swallowed the dildo and again passed out, I do not know how many times this happened but I found myself under one of her sons being fucked hard. He filled me and another man mounted me and another until they had all filled me again and again. I was a rag doll now and moved as they wanted to move me. I had dildos in me and all sorts of things, some toys and some not. I looked down and saw a needle pushing into my arm then a feeling all over me of warmth and a fog in my mind. I do not remember much after that and all I know is I was sore as I woke up dripping cum and my body having been cleaned off but red stripes all over my body.

Mother was there. “Time to see if everything worked Dear.” she said and she dressed me and we walked out and went downstairs. The room was full of people all dressed formally. “This is Venetia , our new white slave. She will do anything with anybody. Just tell her what you want her to do.” I looked at her and suddenly felt myself floating.

“Take off your clothes.” said a man. I did and dropped them on the floor. “Damn, very good training.” he told Mother. Another person looked at me and pointed to the corner, “Suck him, I knelt in front of a very old black man whose skin was wrinkled , his eyes red and tired, most of his teeth had gone, his thin bony fingers rubbing his cock through his material of his trousers. I undid his zip and took his huge hard knarled shaft glistening with precum on the flanged head and closed my mouth over it and sucked and licked until he spurted his hot cum inside me, some of it dribbling down my chin onto my breasts

I was then aware of something rubbing my sopping wet pussy, I looked round and found the old man naked kneeling on the floor his giant cock in his hands rubbing the massive head up and down the opening. I was then splattered with thick globes of his cum spurting over my legs and belly.

“Let me show you something else.” Mother said. Linda, sit on that shiny pole.”

I went to a smooth gold pole about foot high on a base on the floor. “Everyone ready?” Mother and then she turned a dial and I felt me body convulse, electric shocks went through me and I collapsed as it stopped.

“She will do anything even if it means she dies.” I heard mother say.

“Shock her again” a woman said, Mother said sit on it again so we can watch you get shocked again.”

I heard myself say “Yes.” and did as she said. The woman took the dial and I again shook as the current went through me. I heard her laughing through a cloud and people clapping as my body jerked and writhed, spurting cum over the floor and my legs and then I fell to the floor.

“Again Linda ,” someone said and I did it again. “Fuck, look, she is having multiple orgasms, the floor is soaked.”

I heard myself say, “Please, make me cum again.”

Another shock ripped through me and I was out on the floor. I woke to the sound of drums beating a fast and heavy rhythm, several men and women were around me cheering each other on as one after another fucked me in any open hole that was free, I was covered in cum and having intense orgasms that just wouldn’t stop, I could hear myself screaming obscenities as wave after wave of unstoppable lust surged through my willing body, other couplings were taking place in the room as well. I watched through a haze as other women were being ravaged by huge black studs. Some were trying the pole, others coupling with the old man, some fucking, one on one, other in 3somes and 4somes..

After a while I felt the effects of the d**g wear off and I just laid back and watched the orgy of raw sex continue but it was not long before Winston and Michael their black naked bodies shining with sweat and cum came over to me and pulled me to my feet, their huge cocks swinging in front of them as they frogmarched me over to a wooden frame, they tied my wrists and ankles to the frame so that I was completely exposed, my cum covered body for anybody who wanted to have fun with me. Winston rammed his long hard cock in my arse as Michael did the same to my cunt and they proceeded to fuck in unison, Winston’s hands grabbing my tits and offering them to Michael to bit and suck. Their Mother came over with a beaker and offered me a drink, I was so parched I nodded, she put the beaker to my lips and tipped it up, I was expecting water but what I got was warm cum!

Drink it all down slave, that’s all your getting

I eagerly drank it down my parched throat as the boys finished with me spurting their loads into me, their place was taken by 2 other men who fucked me hard and fast but pulled out and spurted their hot cum over me.

Then a young black female came over to me, she was beautiful, slim body, long legs, firm breasts with hard erect nipples, she put her arms around my neck and lifted her legs around my waist and proceeded to kiss me and lick all the cum of my face, rubbing her breasts over mine and her hips undulated in a fucking motion until she orgasmed, her warn cum dribbling down my belly, but it wasn’t long before a black man mountain got behind her and slid his giant phallus up inside her quivering cunt and pulled her off me and carried her impaled over to a bed and proceeded to fuck the daylights out of her, her moans and screams getting loader as she reach orgasm after orgasm with him.

I looked across the room and watched in anticipation as Winston and Michael climbed onto a bed with Teresa their mother, she was on all 4s as Michael was ramming his huge thick cock deep into her gaping pussy while she was sucking and licking Winston’s long ebony shaft, her large tits hanging down swinging in time with their urgent thrusts. I could hear her words of lust urging them on and on.

I was joined again by the slim black girl again who introduced herself as Naomi, she untied me from the frame and led me to a settee, we started caressing and kissing each other, our bodies moulding together, our hands and lips exploring each other bodies, the intoxicating smell of cum driving us on to even more excesses as our fingers went deeper into our sopping wet pussies.

It wasn’t long before we were joined by another woman, about 50 yrs of age who was still dressed! But wasn’t long before we were eagerly stripping off her expensive dress to reveal a beautiful red basque and lacy top stockings, her ample breasts barley contained within the bodice and a miniscule red thong which I soon ripped off her and plunged my eager tongue into her shaven pink pussy tasting with delight her sweet sticky precum, while Naomi had pulled down the bodice of her basque and was sucking and biting her large nipples making them very erect and swollen, the woman was moaning and softly screaming as her body was writhing and undulating under our administrations. Her orgasm soon started so we both went down on her, spreading her stocking clad legs wide and eagerly tasted her thick cum that was oozing from her, at that point the old man who had taken on a new lease of life promptly stuffed his engorged cock into her mouth, which she sucked and licked eagerly, exciting him so much he managed to spurt another load of his cum all over her face and breasts which was immediately licked up by the dog.

The woman responded by gently stroking the dogs cock and was rewarded by it coming out of its sheaf, seeing that she immediately moved her head underneath its belly and started sucking the red swollen cock, Naomi and I grabbed the woman’s hands and pushed then near our sopping wet pussies, she got the message and started to finger us while we watched her performance, it was one unholy scene of wild debauchery that just spurred me on to more and more excesses well into the early hours of the morning.

I woke up on my bed, the pale winter light filtering through the curtains, my naked body aching and covered in dried cum, I stood up and looked out of the window and watched, as the first snow flakes started to fall.