Alice and the Babies

author: PJ

This all happened nearly forty years ago. You will understand that the facts and the more exciting scenes are burned into my memory. The conversations naturally are sometimes invented as the length of time has eroded them. Where they have been invented, they give the flavor of the time Sadly I lost Alice in the mid eighties, she developed breast cancer and they didn't catch it in time, the foul thing spread. Later I married Freda who was a widow by then. My two lovely daughters live in the states and are both married with c***dren.

We had been married about 4 years when it all started. We had from the first been trying for a baby but nothing happened. It was starting to tear us apart when we decided to take medical advice. After some tests the Doc said as far as he could tell there was nothing wrong with Alice and he wanted specimens from me. After a fortnight he called me into the surgery for a word. Apparently my sperm count was so low as to be invisible and this accounted for the lack of result. He wanted to know what c***dhood diseases I had had. I said that I had suffered the usual but did remember being in Hospital when I was about 10. This turned out to have been Scarlet Fever and I had run so high a temperature that they didn't think I would make it. The Doc said that would have been it and that my testes had been damaged and he was sorry but that nothing could be done about it. He knew that Alice and I were very keen on a baby so he suggested that we might consider adopting. Alice and I talked about adopting in a desultory fashion but never came to a decision.

So life went on. Then, I got a job with RCA as a shift engineer and was working a rotating shift pattern. Alice got a job as a counter assistant at the local chemists. What I found out later was that the Chemist supplied her with commercial numbers of condoms as long as she let him use one on her once a week. Alice by the way was a pretty woman, stopped from being a beauty by a heavy jaw line but she had lovely black hair, sparkling brown eyes and a figure and legs to die for. She palled up with a girl called Anne and one day said that Anne had asked her to go out for an evening and did I mind, as she was bored sitting at home on her own with me on shift. I said of course not, go and have fun. This then became a regular thing they would go out together two or three times a week. Now, when you talk to someone every day they tell you things that they do not mean to. After a couple of months I began to suspect that Alice's outings were not as innocent as they might be. This I found very exciting and became a wanking fantasy. My sperm might be non-existent but I am quite well hung and can produce a lot of cum. Then I began to notice the Alice's cunt was often looser than it should have been but never showed any sign of excessive wetness.

After about 6 months it came to my notice that Alice and Anne were getting a lot of invitations to parties that seemed to occur mostly when I was on shift. One night Anne let the cat out of the bag.

She had called for my wife just a tad early and I was sitting with her, while Alice was upstairs getting herself ready. I asked Anne if they had enough condoms and she, thinking that I must know what was going on said Alice always had a and never fucked without one, while she had a couple but she wasn't bothered if she ran out. I immediately got an enormous hard on but didn't give the game away.

Later when we were in bed and Alice had her fingers round my dick I told her that I knew that she was being fucked by other men. She went rigid and started to say how sorry she was but this confirmed my suspicions and my hard on grew enormous I stopped her mouth with a French kiss and the said feel what you've got hold of. I told her this was the most exciting thing that I had ever known then I gave her the hardest fuck I ever had.

Afterward we talked and she said that Anne was an enthusiastic amateur and had fucked most of the town. She said they were invited to the parties to provide cunts for guests to cum in, but that she always made them use a condom. You must remember that this was before the age of the pill and a rubber was the only thing going.

I said ok but tell me about what goes on, so this we agreed. I asked wasn't she tempted to let one of the men inside without a rubber so that she could have the baby I knew she wanted. She said that so far she had never met anyone she fancied enough, but if she came home with a cunt full I would know she had really fancied having this guys baby and what did I think? I got a bigger than usual hard on and told her that would be fine with me.

Then after about a year a pipeline started to be laid near the town and the laborers would come into the pubs and of course Anne was getting laid constantly and Alice wasn't far behind her but still the only spunk she got was mine. The pipeline workers left and the maintenance and installation squad arrived to complete the inline pumping station. Then one Sunday when I was on day shift Alice arrived home at about 1230 am, let her self into the house crept up to bed undressed in the dark and got into bed. I was waiting for her and slid my hand up her leg to find a slopping wet cunt which was more stretched. than I had ever known. My heart gave a

thump and started to race.” So you've met him.” I whispered.” Yes she said getting hold of my cock. It's two actually, they have both fucked me without rubbers. ” Then she told me what had happened. The new pipe workers had been told who the good time girls were and had fastened on to Anne and her. They had several drinks and had been taken back to the Portacabin where the workers lived. Anne had been put onto the table and was being worked on by several of the fellows. While Alice was being undressed, slowly, by another couple when she saw the two laborers for the squad. They were identical twins and were very black and built like bodybuilders. They came across and told the two men who had undressed Alice that they would take over now. The others told them that there was no fucking this one without a rubber. “OK”, they said stripping off, “that's cool.” They laid Alice on to a bed.

The first one pulled a rubber onto his large black erection and positioned himself in-between Alice's legs. Then she said, she had this thought. Looking at their beautifully muscled bodies she thought what if I let them spunk in me, they might make me pregnant. This was very feminine and an absolutely gigantic turn on. So before he could enter her, she put her hand over her cunt and said, ” Take that rubber off. I want you to give me a baby, and you as well”, she said to his b*****r.”Great”! said the man between her legs said ripping off the condom. His prick growing larger at the thought of impregnating her. He spread her legs wider and Alice said that her cunt was suddenly dripping, he pushed his helmet against her and she felt it slid in. She said that her whole body was shuddering with excitement as she felt his balls come up against her arse. He drew back, grasped her hips and drove in again then settled down to a steady fuck, which drove her over the edge in a few seconds. Then he suddenly pushed hard into her and said, “Here it comes lady “and she felt him twitch inside her as he pumped his spunk inside. He jerked a few times to empty every drop then pulled out slowly. At once his b*****r took his place and once more Alice felt a big cock fill her cunt. This time he went straight up to the balls, as she was slippery with his b*****r's cum. Alice said she heard herself making a****l noises in between pleas for a baby. This seemed to encourage the man in her and he responded with long deep strokes that drove her over the top, again then again, she felt a big erection driven deep into her and a groan of pleasure from the stud as he shot his load deep inside. Slowly he pulled out and some of the other men who had been watching came over. But the b*****rs said that Alice was their lady and no one else was to touch her. Nobody wanted to argue the point with two fellows as big as the b*****rs.

While they recovered Alice told them about our problem and that I would be ok about this. The first man said that he was sorry for her husband but he was ready to shoot another load if she liked.

Once more Alice found herself impaled on a nice big black cock and took another load of spunk, soon joined by another load from his b*****r. They helped her get dressed and ran her home in the works van.

At this I was ready to burst and had a hard on like you would not believe. “This is wonderful. I would love you to have a black baby “I said then I rolled onto to my wife and as she said, she was carrying about a pint of spunk so my dick slid effortlessly in and soon a load of my useless seed joined that of the b*****rs.

In the morning I rolled out of bed at 6:30 to get ready for work leaving Alice fast asl**p. I caught the works bus at 7:30 then spent an awful day at work. I kept thinking about Alice being stuffed by two black men and getting pregnant, instead of getting on with my work. When I got back at 1/2 past 5 Alice had got dinner ready but she looked awful and alarmed I said “What's wrong?” “Oh!” She replied,” I have started my period and you know I always feel rough when that happens. “

After dinner we washed up then sat in the sitting room sort of watching the TV news. Suddenly Alice cuddled up to me and said why don't we give a party Friday week on your weekend off? I asked what she had in mind? She said if we invited Anne and got her to tell the pipeline fellows I could meet the two who had filled her up. I instantly got an enormous hard on which she noticed. “I see you approve.,” she said. ” Also”, she said “I should be finished my period by Thursday and by Friday week should be as fertile as I can be.” “OK”. I said “Set it up, you can see Anne tomorrow and I'll get some booze ordered. I can phone from the office.”

The week went slowly but Thursday night arrived and indeed as Alice had said her period finished. The next week was agony and never ending, however we invited the neighbors from each side. This way there would not be noise complaints. Anne called in to say the all 15 men from the pipeline were coming and that she had invited a couple of her female friends along as well so we would be looking at about 25+ people. Thank God I had ordered enough booze. Alice looked good in a short black dress that showed off her perfect legs.

About 6:30 the neighbors arrived I settled them down with beers and port and lemons for the wives. Then Anne turned up with all the men from the pipeline and a couple of her female friends. Everyone got a beer or whatever they wanted and I handed over the record player to one off the neighbors. Over this mob I could see these two very big black men then Alice appeared with them in tow. ” Phil”, she said “I want you to meet Joe and Sam.” They were exactly as she had described them as alike as two peas. I said I was very glad to meet them but they both seemed very shy and ill at ease. “Come into the kitchen “, I said,” I think we need to talk.” I got them seated round the kitchen table with a beer each and with the door shut the music was easier to talk over. I said, “Alice told me about that. Sunday and it's ok with me.” The two men glanced uneasily at each other and one said, ” Look man! Alice told us about your problem. We think that's a real bad hand and we are sorry.” I interrupted him by saying. ” Then you know. Look “, I said, “Alice desperately wants a baby. I can't give her one. She wants you two to give her one. That's ok with me.” “You really sure?” said the man I later knew as Joe. Sam had a small scar under his left eye and that was the only way you could tell them apart. I decide to change the subject.

” Tell me about yourselves, are you single? ” Hell! No”, they both replied and out came the wallets and photos. Joe showed me his Mrs, a cute black lady with three small daughters. Sam had the same but only two k**s. I said” Hey Sam. Joe's one up on you.” ” Ah!” He replied “there's one in the oven.” So there was when I look closer at the photo. Joe suddenly looked at me strangely. “Hey man! he said” you're checking us out.” ” Yes” I said” I don't want Alice to be disappointed. I now know that you're not like me.” ” So it really is ok?” said Sam” You really want us to give your lady a baby.” I said “Yes that's exactly what we both want.” Suddenly they both reached across the table and shook my hand. “OK”, said Joe “How do we go about this?” I said. “Well, when do you go back to work?” ” Monday at 8:30.” said Joe. ” Ok “, I said,” stay here over the weekend and you can have a really good go at making Alice pregnant.?

Just then Alice opened the door and came in. She looked at the three of us as we grinned back at her. She said” You boys OK? I'm trying to a good hostess and all you lot do is sit and drink beer.” “Yes”, I said, “we have come to an agreement. By Monday you will probably be carrying a black baby. “Oh!” She said giving a sort of squirm,” Hell! I'll have to change my knickers. I have just made this pair wet.” ” That's ok”, said Sam grinning wider” just take 'em off you won't need any.”

Alice shrugged and reached up under her skirt pulled her pants off and tossed the into the laundry basket. Then she put her arms round me kissed me hard and said. “Thank you darling.”

The b*****rs stayed in the kitchen as that was where the beer and food was while I made sure that everyone had a drink or something to eat. After some time I slipped back into the kitchen to get more beer and food . I said ,”You guys OK?” “Yeah,” said Joe ” we've been talking about later on. When we fucked Alice last week, Sam was first. So tonight I going first. OK with you?” “Yeah,” I said feeling my dick stir,” I can't wait. Alice is dancing with some fellow whose name I didn't catch. Have a peek.”

The b*****rs peeped through the hinge crack of the door to see Alice doing the twist and as she went down and her skirt flicked aside you could see that she hard no panties on. “Man!” Sam breathed, “Has she got a great body” I left with more supplies leaving them watching Alice and getting large bulges in their pants.

The party went with a swing. Anne got fucked in the conservatory by three men. One of the neighbors found his wife lying next Anne with a pipeline worker giving her a real fuck without a rubber. He joined in and fucked his wife after the stranger had finished. He was a bit d***k and told me that it was the best fuck he had ever had. He also told me that he had heard things about Alice but had never had the guts to ask me. I told him, that I agreed, a spunk filled cunt was something else and why didn't he get his wife to get herself fucked regularly by other men. He said he would think about it. I said why not now. There are plenty of men in there doing nothing. “Yeah!” he said and told his wife to stay where she was and rest. When I next looked in, two fellows were working her, one in her cunt while the other feeling her tits and waited for his turn. Her husband had got himself a beer and a deck chair and was watching his wife enjoying being filled with spunk,.

Around midnight people started to drift away. Anne left with 6 blokes for her own flat. Freda, the well fucked lady from next door left supporting her very d***ken husband. As she left she thanked Alice and me for a fab party. Said she had never been to a better one. Suddenly the house was empty; I glanced at the clock. 2:30. Alice through her arms round my neck. She kissed me and said. “Thank you darling for what's going to happen.”

I locked the front door and then went through the kitchen and locked the back up. The b*****rs stood up and followed me into the front room. “Let's go upstairs,” I said thickly, my cock starting to stiffen. The b*****rs grinned at me I grinned back and Alice led the way up the stairs giving us a lovely view of her arse up her skirt.

In our bedroom she stood by the bed and looked expectantly at the men. I sat down on the chair by the dressing table and unzipped to allow my erection some space.

Joe went behind Alice and started to unzip her dress while Sam stuck his tongue in her mouth. Her dress fell to the floor and Joe started to unhook her bra and Sam pulled it off. Her perfect tits sprang into his face as he bent to remove her suspenders and stockings. Soon they had her naked. Her nipples were standing out showing how turned on she was by this. My erection was hurting so I removed my pants and started to stroke it.

She started to unbutton Sam's shirt then his belt and as she pulled his trousers down and then his underwear his large cock appeared standing to attention. He was certainly thicker than I was and about an inch longer. She turned round and started on Joe. Sam put his cock against her arse and his hands around her tits. I could see her legs starting to tremble. As soon as Joe was naked he pushed her back onto his b*****r and placed a hand between her legs. “Why, Alice,” he said,” you're very wet. I think its time for your first load of spunk.” “Oh!, yes, yes.” said Alice glancing at me and smiling. Sam laid her with her arse on the edge of the bed and started to feel her tits. She looked up and said, ” That's nice. Sam. Let me hold your cock.” Joe pushed her legs open, placed her legs over his arms and looked round at me. I nodded. Ten he looked at Sam and said “Every drop of cum we've got, goes in her cunt. We are making a baby not having fun. Right?” “Yeah right on. Man!” replied Sam. “Ready Alice?” asked Joe. “Yes, yes, fuck me Joe. Make me a baby.” She replied.

Joe positioned himself and I got up to watch. Her cunt lips swelled as Joe slowly pushed the end of his prick inside. Alice's cunt was dripping with her love juice and he had no difficulty in entering her. He steadily pushed in as Alice shook with excitement, until his balls came up against her arse. ” Oh! Oh! Fuck me Joe, make me a baby.” moaned Alice. Joe stated fucking her with deep strokes that brought made her gasp every time he prodded her cervix with his pole end. Oh! Yes “, she said lifting her cunt to meet his thrusts ensuring that when he came it would not be in her vagina but would squirt straight into her womb. Sam's erection was getting bigger by the minute as he watch his b*****r fucking this more than willing female.

My own feelings were indescribable as I watch my wife fucked by a black stud, my prick was read to burst. The contrast between her white skin and the black man in her was very exciting She wanted a black baby and it was obvious the Joe fully intended to put one in her belly.

Suddenly, Alice grunted and I saw her go rigid as she came. Joe threw his head back as her cunt clamped onto his dick and he thrust as deeply as he could. He gasped and jerked his arse as he pumped his spunk into her. He pumped until he was sure she had got every drop. Then withdrew slowly to make sure that his cock was squeezed dry. The b*****rs changed over smoothly. Joe started to suck her tits while his erection slowly weakened. Sam put my wife's legs round his back and said. “Ok. Darlin' squeeze me in.” Alice tensed her legs and pulled him into her. He slid in smoothly until I thought his ball sack would go in as well. Alice grunted deep in her throat as he started to ride her hard. Alice looked at me and said. “Phil, come and kiss me.” I moved over to her left side and while Joe sucked her tits and Sam rammed his dick in her cunt I kissed my wife, It was a bit jerky as that big black cock was pushed into her then suddenly he thrust hard. “He's cumming,” she said .So, I tongue kissed my wife as her cunt was flooded with black man's spunk. “Come on Phil fuck me.” She said as Sam withdrew. I dropped my pants and moved in between her legs. Joe looked at me and said. “Hey man that's not a bad cock you've got there. An' it only shoots blanks. Tough.”

I was surprised to find there was no spunk in her cunt as I pushed in. The black spunk must have gone right up into her womb. Then as I got in as far as I could feel just the end on my prick dipping into a mass of spunk. This excited me so much that I came in a few seconds.

Joe said ” Any beer left?” I went downstairs and brought up a crate and we sat around drinking beer. Alice sat on the chair with her legs pressed tightly together so that no cum could leak out. “You got a super lady there Phil.,” said Sam smiling at Alice. “Right on “agreed Joe “I could fuck her for days.” “Well you can”. I said grinning at him “Oh! Yeah,” he said,” its only Saturday morning.” He smiled at Alice, who smiled back at him. Sam said “Well if she ain't got a black baby by Monday we ain't tryin” Alice looked at him and smiled .She said.” I want a black baby and from the way you two cum in me I must have one already.” “Don't worry “, said Joe,” in about ten minutes I'll have another load for you.” Then he looked at me and said.” You're really enjoying this aren't you.” I grinned at him and said. “Hell! Yes. Aren't you? “Yes “, he replied “Alice is the best fuck I've had for years specially as we are trying to make her breed. And I think she enjoys it too.” “Oh! Yes “, said Alice” you are the best I've had especially when you cum inside me.”

After another ten-minute or so I noticed that they were both getting hard again. “Come and hand me up Alice.” said Joe. She sat on the bed between them and took a cock in each hands and rubbed up and down their shafts as their cocks hardened. Then she did something that nearly blew my balls off. She lowered her head and started to lick Joe's knob end. He groaned and said “God! That feels good.” She gradually took his helmet into her mouth and sucked him. He rapidly grew very hard and in between gasps said. “I'll cum in a minute but it ought to be in your cunt. You can suck me off when you've got your baby”. She lifted her head and looked him in the eyes and said. “Is that a promise?” Joe looked at Sam and said “Ready b*o'? “Yeah”, said Sam “Lets fuck.” “This time,” said Joe” I want to get in as far as possible. You take one leg Sam and you take the other Phil. Then pull her into the splits.”

Sam and I pulled her legs open until she was fully exposed. Alice grinned and gazed up into Joe's eyes expectantly. Joe placed his cock on her cunt lips he sank effortlessly in to her. “Oh! Yes.” said Alice as Joe's belly and balls pressed against her. God! She's great.” Grunted Joe,” she's taking everything I've got.”

In a few minutes after some hard plunges by Joe Alice grunted and bucked beneath him as she came. Joe arched his back pressing hard into her cunt and shot his load deep inside. He pulled out and changed places with Sam. As Sam pushed in some spunk was f***ed out round his prick. Alice moaned with pleasure and Sam grinned at me and said.” There's so much spunk in here I can't feel the sides. This didn't stop him from adding another load after a few minutes. We released Alice's legs and she brought then smartly together to stop any spunk leaking. “I need a pee.” said Sam. “Me first “said Alice jumping off the bed and heading for the door.

Sam and Joe formed a queue at the bog door while I got the mattress and bedding from the spare room and placed it on the floor by the window. Alice came back into the bedroom so I joined Joe in the queue. We took some time, as you can't pee very well with a half erection. When I got back into the bedroom I found that Alice had made my bed and was already in our double bed with Joe and Sam on each side.

I put out the light and snuggled between the blankets on my lonely mattress. I was exhausted by all the excitement and as I fell asl**p I noticed the bedside clock said 4:30.

Some thing woke me at 7:30. The bed to my right was creaking and there were gasps and moans as Alice got her morning spunk load. I rolled out of bed and headed for the toilet when I came out Joe was waiting with his cock shiny from my wife's cunt juice. ” Morning.” I said, “Where's Sam.” “Oh! He'll come in a minute.” grinned Joe.

Suddenly Alice appeared heading for the bathroom. She flashed a grin at Joe and gave me a peck on the cheek. The shower started and she called, “Phil get my uniform ready please Love”, over the splash of water. I went into the bedroom. Sam was lying there with his limp shiny cock over one thigh.

I got Alice's work clothes out and laid them on the bed. She appeared toweling her hair vigorously. She dressed with amazing speed as I headed down to the kitchen to put the kettle on. I went back up and said to the b*****rs. “If you want a shower there are towels in the airing cupboard.”

The b*****rs headed for the bathroom and I inspected the sheets on our bed. They were stained so I changed them and made the bed. I made my bed and waited for a chance to shower. I heard the front door bang as Alice headed for work. And I found Joe and Sam making coffee in the kitchen. “She workin' today?” asked Joe. “Yes”, I explained,” But only a half day she'll be back at 1/2 past 12.”

I grabbed a coffee and some toast and started to clean up the debris from the party. Despite it being November I opened the windows to get the smell of stale beer and tobacco out of the room. I went to the kitchen to empty the ashtrays into the trash can and found two very busy fellows washing up the dirty glasses and plates.” Where do these go”, asked Joe. I showed him where it all went then went back with the Hoover to continue the clean up. I noticed Joe starting to clean up the conservatory. Sam stuck his head round the door and shouted over the Hoover,” Where's the nearest shop?” “There's a CO-OP just round the corner. Turn right. Then right again.” I replied “OK.” Sam when out of the back door and Joe and I carried on cleaning up. We had the sitting room spotless by now and Joe searched the kitchen found some polish and started to clean the Alice's brass ornaments. I hoovered the conservatory and found a ladies watch with a broken strap.

Sam came back with an enormous box of groceries and told me to get out of his kitchen. I went and helped Joe as we polished and talked, I found that Joe and his b*****r were really nice fellows, I think gentle giants is the right phrase. The more we talked the more friendly we became. Until Alice and I were being invited to meet their wives. I said “Is Sam ok in there.” Referring to the Kitchen. “Oh! Yeah,” replied Joe “he was a short order cook once and he's bl**dy good.”

There was a knock on the front door. When I opened it there was Freda from next door. “Have you found a watch. Phil.” She asked. ” Yeah,” said Joe overhearing the request, he appeared behind me with the watch in his large hand. Freda's eyes bugged as she took in this very large very black man. I could read her thoughts. Feeling mischievous I asked her “See something you like?” “Oh! Yes.” she replied. “Get on with you,” I said,” I'll tell your old man.” We shooed Freda away and went back into the room. Sam appeared from the kitchen and demanded beer. We all sat down and drank beer. I said,” How much do I owe you for groceries?” The b*****rs reacted with astonishment. “Hey man! We should be payin' you.?