A wild night with an ex girlfriend Part 1

This is a real story that actually occured last weekend…

I was out in the city doing some shopping when I bump into one of my ex girlfriend Maree. Now let me describe Maree she is eurosia (American dad & Japanese mum) 166cm in height with a pair of sexy long legs. Her body is slim with a pefect pair of b-cup tits, her pussy is fully shave now (used to have a small landing strip) and as tight as I can remember. We split about 3 and half years ago due to her moving to Asia for modeling. But we has been hooking up everytime she came back to visit. The last time she was about 7 months ago and I didn't expect her to be back until later this year. Anyway when I saw her she came running up and planted a big wet kiss on me as usual. As we parted from our kiss I asked why she is back so soon, and to my surprise she told me she is working for an big asian airline now as an air hostess. She also told me that she will be back here at least twice a week with overnight stay evertime with that flight schedule. That news from her had just put a big smile on my face as I knew I can now fuck her more often and in a 5 stars hotel room everytime. I asked her if she want to have lunch with me and have our usual “catch up”. She say no to lunch as she is catching up with her girlfriends, but she gave me her room number and told me to meet her there around 5pm and be ready to stay the night. We went our seperate way and all the way home I can't stop thinking what I am going to do to her.

I arrived at the hotel about 20mins early and knocked on the door. Maree opened the door wearing the hotel robe with a big smile on her face. As the door closed behind us I started kissing her deeply while my hand went under her robe exploring. All she had under the robe was just a sexy lace g-string and her b-cup tits was just there waiting to be massage and suck. I started to massage her tits with one of my hand and the other was rubbing her pussy. Maree hands was busying undressing me and massaging my now rock hard cock. After about 5 mins of kissing and rubbing her pussy and tits, I put away and help Maree out of her robe and now soaking wet g-string then I stepped out of my own clothing. I then lead her to the bed and lay her down and spread her leg as I start eating her very wet pussy. I started to licking her clit and as my tongue make contact she let out a sexy moan. after a few minutes of light licking and sucking her moan was getting lounder and her juice was flowing down her pussy past her sweet ass. I started to finger fuck her while still licking her and within second her hand was behind my head pulling mein closer and asking me to finger fuck her faster and don't stop licking her. With that I finger fuck her hard and tried to hit her g-spot everytime and pick up my pace at lick her clit, and within a few minutes of this assult she cum hard and her body was trembling so much from her orgasm it took her about 10 mins to calm down. as she was calming down I inserted 2 fingers up her ass and finger fuck her tight ass. She then sit up and got me to lay down and we kiss for a few minutes then she head south and give me her signture blow job. She first lick the whloe lenght of my shaft then she suck on on my balls and after a few minutes of this my cock is rock hard and she will deepthroat me while humming to the background music. The vibration from her humming make me even harder, then she started to mouth fuck my cock. Maree can truly suck the life out of my cock if I let her but I really want to fuck her pussy.

So after a few minutes of her giving me the best blow job I asked her to come up and sit on my cock, she say okay and slide up my body and as my cock near the her pussy she placed it in her pussy entrance and slowly slide down on it. As my cock entered her tight, warm and wet pussy she started to moan and I can feel her pussy wall squeezing my cock, when I am all the way in she started to moved her hip seductively and ride me. As she picked up her pace her moaning turned to “fuck me hard… your cock is so hard… I want more… fuck me and make me cum”. After a few minutes of her riding me I can feel her body start to tremble again and within second she had her second orgasm. I pulled her down to me and started to fuck her hard and fast while her body is still trembling from her orgasm. As I fuck her hard she scream out I am cumming again then second later she had her third orgasm, and I can feel her pussy squeezing even harder on my cock and her pussy juice flowing down my cock and forming a small pool around the base of my cock. After she calm down I slide my cock out of her pussy and got on top of her ready to fuck her in the missionary position. As I entered her pussy she started to moan again and ask me to fuck her and make her pussy feel good. I start to fuck her slowly while I suck on her tits and kissing her deeply, then I pick up my pace as I knew I will blow soon. I throw her legs over my sholder and start pounding hard and fast into her pussy and a few minutes of this I told her I am going to cum and is she ready to taste my cum again. She told me she is on the pills now and want me to cum deep in her pussy, with that I fuck her hard for another few strokes and with one last push I shoot my hot cum into her pussy and she scream out with pleasure. I left my cock in her pussy asI rested and after a few minutes I can feel my cock is still hard so I started to slowly fucking Maree and we kiss very passionately for another 10 or so minutes before my cock gone soft. I slide out of her pussy as my cum follow suit.

Afterward we just lay there touching each other body and talked about what are we going to do for the rest of the night. She told me that she want me to fuck her all night after dinner and then she went to her handbag and took something out and passed it on to me. She gave me a small blue pill and with a smile on her face and say “this will help you stay hard all night honey…”. I think with just the though of fucking her all night make my cock hard again and Maree noticed. She started to massaged my cock with her hand and turn to me and told me “not sure about you but I am going to have my entree now”, with that she start to suck me off. After about 15 minutes of her exception blow job skill I shoot my second load into her mouth, and she swallow every single drop of it and also trying to suck every single drop out of my cock.

After that we both clean up and went out to dinner and what happened that night after dinner with the help of the blue pill will on next post…..