A Wife Pleases – V

As noted, I had been stimulated by hearing her session with her lover and now I was going to get some of the action….when I entered her bedroom, really our bedroom, the aroma of sex was overwhelming. She had the sheet pulled up to her neck and was grinning like a “possum” as I came over to the bed, leaned over and kissed her…as was her routine when she was hitting on someone else, the kisses were wet and hot..

She said: “Could you hear okay?” I said yes and it sounded like all was good..she giggled and said: “Oh, yes!” I pulled the sheet down and her breasts were showing signs of heavy nursing, I reached down, sucked one and got me a little nourishment, then pulled the sheet away and there was an unusual item between her legs.

“What's this?”, I asked. She replied: “I made him let me use his shorts for a stopper so all the goodie wouldn't run out on the bed…and so you could have something to remember this moment with. I pulled the cum ladened briefs out, gave them a smell, and laid them aside to dry.

She said: “You can wear them to remind you of the moment…just don't laundry them, so the smell of our combined juices will keep you heated up!”

I spread her legs and a more beautiful sight is hard to think of…a small stream of cum and pussy juice oozed out between her pussy lips. She said: “Would you like to taste?” Nothing else was needed, I dived in and in one session, I became addicted to eating cum from her pussy and that desire continues until now.

After cleaning her out, I inserted my raging hard into her and never has a pussy felt any better…we should bottle cum for a lube…it is the best! I came shortly and since it had been a long time waiting, continued to the second shot..so she got 4 loads from 2 men in one night.

Wearing his “dirty” shorts was a special treat and led me into other fetishes.

Next time, I will tell you about her screwing one of her doctors..