A Trip To Boston

A Trip To Boston

I was in Boston on business and my wife flew in on Friday
night to spend the weekend. I was pretty beat after a week
of long nights and my wife was feeling the effects also of a long week, so we decided to hang around the hotel Friday night.
There was a nice restaurant there and after a good meal and
some wine we decided to unwind in the hot tub by the pool.

The hot tub was relatively small, holding maybe a half-dozen
people but it was quiet so the two of us just sat there sharing
the wine and relaxing. After about an hour we had emptied
the bottle so I decided to go get another to take back to the
room to drink while we watched a movie. The bar was out of
the Chardonnay we both enjoyed but sent up to the restaurant
to get another.

All in all I was gone about 15 minutes. When I got back to the
hot tub I saw that another gentleman had joined my wife.
He was sitting at one end and she at the other. They both were
laying back with their eyes closed. The jets were still
churning the warm water. I knelt at my wife’s head and asked
if she was ready to go back to the room. I must have startled
her. She sat straight up, looked at me for a second and then
said, “Yes. Let’s go.”

Apparently I had woken the gentleman at the other end. He
sat up, opened his eyes and gave me a dirty look. I didn’t
know what that was about but he looked pretty well built
and I wasn’t looking to start any trouble with a big, black
guy. My wife was already out of the tub drying off so I just
gave him a polite nod and we walked back to the room.

I don’t think our room door had fully shut before my wife
pushed dropped to the floor on her knees.

. She pulled my trunks down equally
roughly and had me in her mouth before I knew what hit me.
She is not at all aggressive but she was really going at it.

The aggressiveness and the enthusiasm she was exhibiting
had me as hard as nails in no time. She stood up and slid her
suit down and straddled me. She lowered the warmest, wettest
vagina right down on to me. And she took it all.

I had never seen her like this. I started to k** her that the
black man in the tub must have really got her going. And she
started giving it right back to me–telling me she’d love
to ride him. And I said I was going to go get him. And she said
he’s hung like a mule. And I said he’s going to stuff his donkey
dick right up her tight little pussy and just like that we
both had a mind blowing orgasm.

She rolled off of me and laid on her side just looking at me.
After a couple of minutes she said “well?”

I said “Well, what?”

“Well, are you going to go get him?”

“You want me to go get him?” I asked thinking she was still
just playing. We had fantasized during sex about including another, but I never thought she’d do it.

She nodded a very serious nod. My normally shy wife
seemed uncharacteristically aggressive.
“OK, I’m going, ” I announced waiting for her to stop me.

I got out of bed and pulled on some pants and a shirt and walked
back to the tub. My mind was whirling. We had talked about
threesomes but I had never really pictured it happening
this way.

How do you ask another guy back to your room? I’d have to mention
my wife. Do I call her my wife? Maybe I could just go back and
tell her he was gone? Maybe he would be gone? Would she still
give me her butt just for trying? Maybe he didn’t like white
As I turned the corner to the hot tub he was standing right
there. He was drying off. We had already made eye contact
so I felt I had to say something. “Do you remember the blonde
that was sitting here a few minutes ago?”
“Remember? Yes, I remember, ” he sounded almost angry.
“She was rubbing my dick with her feet. I had to sit here for
ten minutes waiting for my dick to go down so I could go back
to my room. Oh, I remember!”
“Well, she’d really like you to stop by her room, I mean our
room, if you have time, ” I stammered.

He cocked his head to one side, knitted his brow and then
slowly nodded his head. “Yeah. Yeah, I can do that. Give
me a couple minutes to go to my room and get some insurance.
What’s your room number?”

“We’re in 718… ” I said with heavy emphasis on the we’re.

“Good. I’ll see you there shortly, ” he said walking off.

I walked back to the elevator wondering what the hell I was
doing. My wife was rubbing him with her feet? Did I believe
him? Would she do that with a perfect stranger? And now I’m
inviting him to our room? Was I crazy? She was as hot as I had
ever seen her. She had practically devoured me. She came
in seconds and with no foreplay.

I put the key in the door and pushed it open. The room was dark
except for the bathroom light that was on. There was a round
table in the corner. She was sitting at the table and had
filled both our wineglasses. She hadn’t bothered to put
a robe on. Just sitting there naked sipping wine. I wasn’t
sure what to say. I sat down in the other chair and took a long
sip from my glass. Finally I said, “he’ll be here shortly.”

She nodded. It seemed as if she had no doubt he would be coming.
We just sat there in silence. Should I turn some music on?
Maybe the TV for some background noise. Should I turn some
lights on or should I shut the bathroom door so there was
less light? I mean after all she was sitting there naked.
I didn’t know if she should put something on, if I should
take something off? We just sat there silently staring
at the door.

There were three sharp knocks on the door. I looked at Bobbi
and she picked up her glass and took a long slow drink. I guess
that meant I was to get the door. I got up slowly, still unsure
if I wanted to open it. I walked slowly across the room. I
turned and looked back at my wife, looking for a sign that
she was going to change her mind. She just stared at me. I
opened the door and let him in.

I walked back toward the table and said “my name is Ted and
this is my wife Bobbi.” Should I have used our real names?
I didn’t have time to really think this through. My wife
didn’t get up but she did extend her hand, which also revealed
her bare breasts. Her nipples were pointing straight out.

“You can call me John, ” he said shaking my wife’s hand.
You can call me John? I wondered if that was his name or if
he was better at this than we were. He then placed a small
cassette recorder on the center of the table. “My insurance”,
he said, “you understand.” When he said insurance earlier
I had just assumed he meant a condom.

He pushed the record button. “Now what can I do for you, ”
he said, looking at my wife.

“Can I see it?” she asked softly.
“See what?” he said. Did I detect a British accent in his

“Your thing, ” she answered quickly.
“I don’t have a “thing, ” he said. “Call it what it is.”
“Can I see your penis?” she said louder and with more confidence.
“Little boys have a penis. What do I have?”

“A dick. Can I see your dick?” she sounded almost impatient.

He was wearing athletic shorts, light blue, and rather
long. He reached down and lifted his white polo shirt over
his smoothly shaved head. He looked to be six-one, maybe
six two. His upper torso was muscular—not overly chiseled
but muscular. He was being very slow and deliberate in his
every move. He was teasing her and he knew it. He looked right
into her eyes and slowly pulled his shorts down. His penis
sprang out. It wasn’t hard but erect enough to stand out
from his legs.
He stood there facing my wife with his hands on his hips.
“What do you see Bobbi?” he asked.
“I see your dick, ” she said slowly.
“What kind of dick Bobbi?”
“A big dick.”
“A what?”
“A really big dick.”

“Bobbi what color is it?’ he asked fully knowing the answer.
“It’s black.”
“Then what is it Bobbi?”
“A big black dick. It’s a big black dick.”

I sat down next to my wife. I didn’t know what to do. She was
just staring at his penis. “Say it again Bobbi”. And she did.
And it started to rise. “Again, ” he commanded and again
she said it and again it looked to grow. It was standing straight
out from his body now and right at her eve level. “It’s getting
bigger Bobbi. It’s starting to get hard. Do you want to see
it hard Bobbi?”

She nodded. “Then say it, ” he said.
“I want to see it hard. I want to see your big, black dick hard, ”
she said. I seemed to note a change in her breathing. And
then she said it again. This time with no prompting. And
it was still growing. The big round head was starting to
point skyward.
“It’s not a dick anymore Bobbi. It’s a cock. Tell me what it
is Bobbi.”
“It’s a big, black cock, ” she answered without hesitation.
“A big, black, hard cock.”
“What do you want to do with it Bobbi, ” he asked.
“I want it in me.”
“Come on Bobbi. You can do better than that.”

She reached up to grab his penis but he grabbed her wrist
before she got to it. She was trying to speed up this game,
this slow erotic game of tease. But this was going to proceed
at his pace. Or he didn’t want to be touched.

“Touch yourself, ”
he said firmly. I expected her to squeeze her breasts, maybe
pull her nipples. But her hands went immediately to clit.

moaned with pleasure. Her face was now eye level with his balls and I’m
sure his penis looked even longer from below it. “Say it

“I want your big, black cock in my pussy. I want your hard,
black cock in my pussy.” He had already trained her to say
it twice.
That’s not a pussy anymore is it Bobbi. Tell me where you
want it.”
I could see her upper arms moving now. She was rubbing herself.
Her mouth was slightly open and her breathing was heavy.
“I want your big, black cock in my pussy. I want you to ram your
big, black cock into my hot, tight, pussy.” And with that
she started to shake. She had rubbed herself to orgasm.

And it was not lost on John. I believe it made him grow still
larger and I think his breathing was starting to change.

She got up slowly, her legs apparently weak from her orgasm.
She walked to the foot of the bed, sat down and laid back.
“Lay across the bed facing me, ” he told her. She turned
to do so. “Put a pillow under your head.” She reached up and
grabbed a pillow and placed it under her head so that she
was looking up at him. “Now put another one under your ass.”
She did as she was told. “Now spread you legs. What am I looking

“You’re looking at my pussy. You’re looking at my hot, wet

“Ted. Come here and get that pussy ready for me. Lick it and
get it opened up and ready for me.”

I got up and moved to the floor in front of her. I could see
that her lips were puffy and bright pink. The moisture was
obvious and her clit was very evident. I looked up at her
and saw her erect nipples. There really wasn’t anyway to
make her any wetter. This was as wet as I had ever seen or tasted.
I looked up at her again and saw that John was now standing
behind her head. His penis was directly over her head and
she was looking up at it. He laid the cassette recorder on
the one pillow remaining at the head of the bed.

“Where do you want it Bobbi.”
“I want your big, black cock in my mouth. I want to suck your
big, fat cock.”
“Open your mouth Bobbi.”

John was holding her arms down, pinned to the bed. I don’t
think he wanted her touching him. I was looking to see if
she was opening in her mouth and sure enough she was. Not
only was her mouth open but her head tilted was tilting back
to give him a better angle. She was going to take him in her
mouth. I kept licking her as she moved her hips to make better
contact with my tongue. He lowered himself but was still
just beyond her reach. “Ted, put two fingers in her. Now!”

I did as instructed and as I raised my head I watched the big,
round head of his penis dip into my wife’s mouth. And with
that she came again.

Her lower body was shaking almost violently.
Her pussy was flooding my hand and dripping down her butt.
Her vagina couldn’t possibly get any wetter or any readier.
Now it was my turn. I was going to make sure her tight rear
opening was wet. Her hips were raising off the bed, making
it easier to lick her there. I looked up never losing contact
to see that she was struggling to get more of him in her mouth.
Her arms were pinned to the bed at the elbows but her shoulders
were raised and her neck straining back. I thought she was
moving to enjoy my tongue but it seemed she was just after
more of his penis.

He pulled himself away from her and walked back over to my
side of the bed. I slid out of his way and stood at the foot
of the bed still not knowing what to do or not do. He stood
looking down at her and she looking back up at him. “What
do you want Bobbi?”

“I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck me now!”

He knelt between her legs. Grabbing her legs by the back
of her knees he spread her legs and pushed them back toward
her chest. His penis was still wet from her saliva and her
pussy was wet from my saliva. He lined himself up and ever
so slowly pushed it inside her.

About halfway in he pulled
out and did it again until he was almost all the way in. By
the third push he was completely inside. He stopped moving
and just held still. My wife’s head was still propped up
on the pillow and she was looking down watching him disappear
inside her. She started to move but he held her thighs tight
to him. “Say it Bobbi. Tell me what you want and I’ll give it
to you.”

“Fuck me. Please. Fuck me. Fuck me hard.”
He started to move in and out again. Slowly but faster than
before. “Keep talking Bobbi. I want to hear it.”
“Oh fuck me. Fuck me with that big, black cock. Fuck me with it.”
He started to move faster. She started to talk faster. And louder.

“Ram that cock in me. Fuck me. Fuck me with that big, black
cock. Fuck my pussy with that black cock. Fuck me! Fuck me!
FUCK MEEEE!” And with that she started to cum.

Her head was
turning from side to side. Her mouth hung open. And her eyes
were finally closed. In fact she didn’t even open them when
he pulled out and shot himself all over her stomach.

He rolled over onto his back at the head of the bed. Slowly
my wife caught her breath and eventually opened her eves.
Slowly she pushed herself up to a sitting position and then
spun around on her knees until her butt at the foot of the
bed. She lowered her head. I didn’t know if this was my cue
or not. What should I do? My penis was hard enough to pound
nails. Should I claim my prize?

I quickly entered her. One long, slow push until I was buried
deep in her butt. It was everything I thought it would be.
I stared down at her crack feeling her tremendous tightness
squeezing me. I was lost in the moment. I pulled out and then
watched as I disappeared inside of her. I went very slowly, I watched as she sucked his hard cock in rhythm to me fucking her.
After all I went
through to get here I wanted it to last forever. And then
John snapped me out of my trance when is deep voice asked
“What’s do you want now Bobbi?”

“I want you to both fuck me”

“Oh, my. Bobbi, you are a very naughty girl.”

She started to pump him too. I pulled it out and rammed it
in her. She gave out a little yelp but she kept on pumping
him. So I kept on pumping her. The harder she pumped him the
faster I drove it into her. I was going every bit as hard. And all too soon it was over.
I let go deep inside her.

I was no sooner out than she pulled away and straddled John.
She grabbed him and lowered herself right down on him. She
rode him, her breast swaying and sweat forming on her brow.
She bounced, she ground herself and she bounced some more.
After a couple of minutes she crawled off and knelt along
side of him. He gave out a little sigh of disappointment.
She ran her index finger down the length of his penis and
said “John, tell me what you want?

He looked up at her knowing exactly what she meant. “I want
to fuck that hot pussy. I want to ram my cock into that tight,
white pussy!”

She rolled onto her back and spread her legs wide. “Say it
John. Say it”

She wanted to turn the tables. She wanted to make him say
it. He crawled on top of her and said, “I want to fuck you.
I want to fuck that hot tight pussy.”
And with that he pushed it inside.
“Fuck me with that big, black, cock.”

“Squeeze my cock with that tight little pussy.”
And for almost five minutes they went at it. One talking,
then the other. Back and forth. Each giving as good as they
got. And when it was over she returned to the foot of the bed
and sucked my cock. He laid there spent.

She wanted it again and started to lick his limp
penis hard again. I rammed her hard from behind.

She told me she wanted me to cum all over tits, she jerked me off all over her flushed breasts.

After I finished John got
up slowly, dressed and left. He forgot his cassette recorder.
I turned it in to the front desk the next morning when we checked
out. But I kept the cassette. It was marked “Tape 6.” Every
now and then we play “Tape 6” on our bedroom stereo and I am