A to Z Fuckstories – F is for Fuckfest (Part

After a grand week of losing my virginity, I thought I was in for a nice, restful Saturday. Probably no jerking off either, as I’d blown well over 20 loads (14 with the girls, before Alex’s blow jobs, not to mention jacking off), in the last 5 days alone. That’s a new record for me, easily.

I went to bed almost as soon as I got home. It was about 10:30 when I pulled the covers up and laid my head on the pillow. I thought of the great week I’d just had as I drifted off to sl**p.


When I woke up about 8:00am, I checked my phone first. 8 new text messages. Wow. As I clicked through them, they were from Alex, Jenna, Jess, Catherine, another from Alex, two more from Jenna, and one from Morgan (Ninth paragraph of “D”). That one interested me the most.

Catherine’s and Jess’s just said they really wanted my cock again, Jess wanted it in all of her holes, her mouth for the fourth time and pussy and ass for the first time. Catherine’s mentioned how I could fuck her whenever I wanted, she’d drop everything to drop to her knees for me and shower herself with my cum.
Alex’s first text told me of a party that night at an undisclosed location. I could only know about it if I showed up to her house at 7:30. The second text said that there would a be a small fee to pay to be allowed to know where the party was. She didn’t elaborate, but I feel like it would probably be a sexual favor.

Jenna’s first told me about the party as well, and to meet at Alex’s at 7:30, and also no one else was to know. Her next two texts were like Jess’s and Catherines. She mentioned in the first how she was so happy with her decision last night, and her first time with me easily beat her first time with Luke, even if I did fuck her ass without eating her out.

The third one was telling me how she better get some tonight at the party, or she’d be very disappointed in me and would forget to fuck me on my birthday after a 6 hour birthday blowjob. I shit you not, she said SIX HOURS.

The last text was from Morgan, the Large C (probably D) sophomore. It was eight words. “Hope to see you at the party tonight!” I’d heard stories that she’d make out with anyone, but I had no idea if she was just hoping to get to know me better or if she was hoping to “Get to know me better”.

Needless to say, I was all horny now, so I jacked off. Damn, I was building the stamina of an ox. I wasn’t sure how I was going to tackle today, whether I should jack off all day in hopes of lasting longer with Jenna and/or maybe Morgan, or if I should hold it and give the first lady a big surprise load right on her face.

I decided I’d jack off only once more that day, prepare myself for a great time. So I went downstairs, ate a bowl of cereal or two, then went back upstairs. It was only 10 in the morning, so I needed to distract myself until about 3:30 when I could jack off and not worry about it being sore for 7:30 at Alex’s.

So I showered and browsed the internet, carefully avoiding any porn. It wasn’t long before my mom yelled at me that I should eat some lunch. It was 2:30, so I agreed and wandered down stairs. I made myself a PB&J sandwich and munched on that for a while. I glanced at the clock, noting the time; 3:25. It was time for my last jackoff of the day.

I went to my room and pulled it out. I looked up some jailbait pictures and some anal videos for what I was planning that night. I got horny fast, and jacked off furiously. It only took 10 minutes to blow my load. It was satisfying, but I realized nothing beat the feel of getting off in a girl’s mouth.

It was now time to wait. My next stop was Alex’s house to do who knows what, just so she would tell me the location of the party. After that came the actual party, where, hopefully I’d get a piece of Morgan, and definitely a piece of Jenna. I’d check out the rest of the girls and see who else needed some too, but that would have to wait.

Then I realized the condom issue. I had none. I’d been relying on the girls providing one. Catherine did, Alex did the first time, Jenna was on the pill, Jess provided one for me to fuck Cassidy…I needed condoms.

Then I remembered my b*****r, who lived a couple hours drive away. I walked across the hall to his room, to see if he had any left over from his crazy hot, crazy exgirlfriend. She had a cousin in my grade, Kristen, who was pretty hot. Word around the school was she was going to do porn when she turned 18 that year. Everyone already knew she was crazy in bed and did it every day. She even got laid at school sometimes, even though she had a boyfriend who graduated the year before us. She cheated on him regularly, but our guess is she didn’t break up with him because he was either really big or lasted a long time. He didn’t break up with her because he didn’t know, or so he would always have sex.

I found no condoms in my b*****r’s room, so I decided that I should get some. I knew that nowhere in town sold condoms, so I needed to make the 25 minute drive to a Wal-Mart in a neighboring town.

“Mom, I’m headed to Tom’s for a bit. He wants to show me some gameplay from a new video game.”

“Okay, don’t be too late back, I want you to eat before you go to that party.”


And I was off. I got in my car and drove to Wal-Mart in a very i*****l fashion, arriving in just 15 minutes. I bolted to the condoms, grabbed a box with a dozen condoms in it, and checked out. I took my time getting back, and made the drive last a whole half of an hour instead of 25 minutes. I drove past Tom’s house, so it wouldn’t be a complete lie that I had gone there, and arrived home approximately 50 minutes after leaving. Good deal, just long enough to believe. I shoved the condoms in my glove box and went inside. Mom had made lasagna.
Before I sat down to eat, I sent a quick text to Jess. “I need your help with something.”


I arrived at Alex’s house at 7:25. I knocked on the door, and she let me in, smiling wickedly. I had a feeling it was going to be a fun time coming up.

“So what time does the party start?” I asked casually.

“Oh, not till 9:30.”

“So it’s going to take two hours to get there?”

“Oh, no, it’ll take you about an hour and a half to complete your task to get the location of the party.”

“Alright, let’s do it then.”

She smiled, and led me through her house to her room. There on the bed was a girl who looked exactly like Alex, just a little shorter, wearing a bikini.

“Marcie, I think you know our guest today?”

“Mmmhmm, I’ve heard stories.” She winked at me, and licked her lips. Marcie was a year younger than Alex. This was going to be awesome.

I walked over to the bed and admired the girl laying there.

“Okay, make her cum. Just remember, no hands,” Alex grinned at me.

I thought it over, but finally decided to just pull out my dick. I was fully erect and ready to go.

“Start sucking. I’m gonna need to blow before I can pleasure you at all.”

So she did. She licked the tip and then grabbed it full hand and sucked the tip into her mouth. It felt so good. She ran her tongue all around it, never in the same pattern. She learned from the best, I take it. She pumped her hand as she
worked my head, almost like she was milking me.

She did this for a couple minutes before plunging the whole cock in her mouth. She moaned slightly, which caused me to look towards her nether regions. I half expected to see Alex eating her out, but instead I see two girls. Their faces hidden by hair, one was laying on her back, the other was laying tits to tits on top. The bottom girl was rimming Marcie while the top one ate her out. The bikini bottom was still on, just pushed to the side. Damn!

I felt a hand creep slowly around my waist and lightly squeeze my balls. Alex whispered in my ear. “Jess and Cassidy came in while she was sucking your dick. They thought it would be hot if they did this without you knowing.”

I smiled, my balls getting a nice massage, my dick getting sucked, and two girls going at a third with no hesitation. Perfection at its finest. I had a feeling if the rest of the night was going to go like this, I’d have a great time at that party. And my cock would too.

I groaned in pleasure, my balls almost ready to release into the mouth of the almost-incapacitated Junior in high school. Instantly, she perked up, almost as if she was waiting for that groan. She slapped Alex’s hand away from my balls (She missed my balls, thankfully) and removed her mouth from my dick.

“I’m not as good as Alex,” she said, then sucked my balls into her mouth. I take it she meant she couldn’t deep throat and lick my balls at the same time, but I didn’t care. I wonder if she knew I took Cassidy’s blowjob virginity? I think Cassidy was rimming right now, but it was kind of hard to tell with all the hair on the top girl’s head. It spilled over her face, the other girl’s face, and Marcie’s shaved mound.

She suckled my balls for a couple of minutes while she jacked me off. I was so close it wasn’t even funny anymore. I needed to blow.

“Oy! I’m gonna blow whether you choose to let me or not!”

She smiled wickedly and stuck just the head in her mouth, licking just below it. And she sucked. Literally, she applied suction and I blew my top. Into her mouth, down her throat, out the corners of her mouth, and down onto Alex’s bed sheets. This was a pretty big load.

“If that stains, you’re cleaning me off next time a guy blows on me, no matter where it’s at,” Alex said sternly, looking at the drops that Marcie let spill

She swallowed what was in her mouth, and moaned at the sudden increase in pace of one or both of the girls down below. “So….sorrrrrrr…oooh….sorry.”

The girl on top, who I now discovered was Cassidy, moved quite quickly to the spot of cum on the bed. She licked at with ferocity I’d never seen before.

“Mmmmm…I love the taste of your cum!” She moved towards Marcie’s face and licked that off the corners of her mouth too.

Marcie was too preoccupied with Jess’s tongue in her ass to notice.

“Hey, Jess, I got it from here. Thanks though,” I said, tapping her shoulder. She got up, grinned at me, and grabbed Alex’s face, forcing a very tongue-filled kiss on her. Marcie moaned, wanting a tongue back inside her.

I knelt down between Marcie’s spread legs, and without using my hands other than as a balance on the bed, penetrated her with my stiffy that returned after seeing Cassidy so eager to taste my cum again. I pumped in and out for only a couple minutes before I felt Marcie’s pussy clamp down on me in her own orgasm. I looked up to discover why her moans were muffled, only to see Alex had seated herself on her own female sibling’s face.

Jess and Cassidy were each sucking on one of Marcie’s nipples, and her bikini top was on the floor a couple feet away. I pulled out, feeling the urge to cum again (I was disappointed it was this soon again, but from the site, could you blame me?), and pointed it at the two girls on the nipples.

“Oh ladies,” I said in a somewhat singsong voice.

Cassidy looked up immediately, and smiled, just as the first shot came out. Jess looked up when felt the first string of jizz hit her hair. Cassidy took the second shot on her waiting tongue and lips, and the third shot landed short, on Marcie’s stomach.

“That was fantastic!”

“Did he make you cum, Marcie?”

“Yes, but he cheated. He used Jess and Cassidy’s work not his own.”

Marcie didn’t seem TOO disappointed by this notion. “Oh well, you’ll live. You came, And I pushed you over the edge. It counts. So Alex, where’s the party?”
She told me it was at a house out by the river. Supposedly it was the second biggest party of the year, the back to school party. The biggest was obviously the end of year party. I guess this was the party where the most people hooked up and broke up.

As I got up to leave, Cassidy stopped me.

“Not so fast, big guy. I want a turn.”

She dropped to her knees and pulled out my cock. I was gonna be out of juice before I got there. She sucked on my cock a bit better than last time, she was only as experienced as I made her, and that wasn’t much (Yet!).

Still, it was a mouth, and that meant she only needed about 30 seconds to get me hard, and about 5 minutes after that have me blowing all over her cute brace-face. That’s when I remembered that Morgan has braces too.

Jess stood up from between Alex’s legs. “Are we gonna go now?”

“We?” I asked.

“Yeah, you’re taking me and Cass. Alex is bringing Jenna later after Jenna learns the location of it.”

I shrugged and followed the girls out the door. I waved and winked at Marcie, knowing she’d remember me for awhile.

I made a motion for my car, when Jess shook her head.

“Cass is driving. I need you cock.”

“Oh, I’ve already cum three times. I still have to fuck Jenna and maybe another girl if I find one at the party.”

“Don’t be a wimp. I guarantee you’ll get it up if you need to.” Cassidy nodded in agreement.

So, I climbed in the back seat, and before I could buckle my seatbelt, Jess had pushed me to my back and unbuttoned my jeans.

“We’re fucking all the way to the party.”

“Wait! I have condoms in my car. I was going to take those with…”

“Don’t worry, there’s a tub of condoms at the party,” Jess said.

“That doesn’t help us now.”

Cassidy turned around in her seat and handed one to Jess. “That should do the trick.”

So, down went my shorts and up went Jess’s skirt. Her shirt came off too, but her shoes stayed. All she had was her skirt around her middle, and shoes. She spit on her hands and started giving me a handjob. I moaned slightly everytime her hand passed my head. She leaned over, and (like the porn videos) spit on my enlarged purple head as she continued to jack me off.

That’s about when Cassidy started to drive. She backed out of the driveway and started to head down the road.

“That’s our cue,” Jess winked. She rolled the condom down over my cock, then positioned herself.

“Ten seconds till fun time,” She winked again.

I wasn’t going to let her play the game Alex had. I grabbed her hips and pulled her down onto my cock.

She moaned loudly. God she was so tight! It was like having a smaller version of Jenna riding my cock. Unfortunately, since this was the first time she’d had a cock, and not a dildo or strap on, it didn’t take long to realize I needed to take lead.

I pulled her shoulders down till she was laying on me. Then, I drove my hips back and forth, plowing her good. I felt myself sliding in and out of her wonderfully tight pussy. She moaned with such intensity that I’m sure Cassidy was horny right now.

The drive was supposed to take somewhere between 10 and 15 minutes. It took us an hour. I was in such horny bliss at most points during the car ride that I was unaware of what was going on. I do know that at one point, the car was stopped, in a grove of trees somewhere. I noticed Cassidy wasn’t in the driver’s seat, but standing outside of the car, behind Jess, with the door open, fingering herself.

I feel like now would be a good time to mention Cassidy’s chosen clothes for the evening. Yoga pants, stretched tight across that big teen ass of hers. Uggs, of course, because I’m sure she didn’t own another pair of footwear, and a white tank top. Much simpler than Jess’s super short denim mini skirt, high heeled sandals and very low cut, pink blouse that only had the bottom 4 buttons done up to begin with, but it was equally sexy. Yoga pants rock.

Another point, perhaps not that much longer, Jess had removed herself momentarily to relax her aching thighs, while Cassidy took her place. I enjoyed the sensation of her tight pussy once again. Jess resumed control not much after that. I remember the switch. It came with another condom, and a squirt of lube.
Then I was in her ass. Slowly, yes, but she lowered herself down, penetrating herself with my cock in her bum for the first time.

“I’ve never even experimented with my ass before,” She moaned outloud, panting for breath.

I went back under the spell of euphoria once more, unable to comprehend what was happening (I was told later that she rode me for 10 minutes before I was coherent again).

When I came too again, Jess had removed my dick from her ass, and was standing outside the car, motioning for me to come too. I got out, and she bent over the trunk. “Fuck my ass again, hard.”

So I obliged. The tight no-longer-virgin-ass of Jess stretched to accommodate my cock, much like Jenna’s had the night before. I realized then, which for some reason I never had before this point, that I needed to get those two flexible, sexy-legged, tight girls in bed together, preferably with me.
I fucked Jess for another couple minutes before it was finally time for me to cum. I groaned, warning Jess.

She pushed me back, grabbed Cassidy’s arm as she spun around, and pulled Cassidy with as she dropped to her knees. She grabbed the tip of the condom and yanked it off, as Cassidy stuck out her tongue and licked my head.

My cock erupted all over the girl’s sweet, innocent faces. I think it was maybe 6 or 7 shots before I was spent. I staggered to the open back seat and sat down, legs out of the car. I watched as the girls, once again before my eyes, cleaned each other up.

Within 5 minutes of that, Cassidy had pulled towels and deodorant from the trunk of her car and we were less sweaty and better smelling than before. We were all dressed fully as we pulled up to the party.

As I stepped out, I realized that neither girl’s dress style was out of the norm…in fact, there were so many different styles that NO ONE was out of norm. Prom dresses, Yoga pants, soffe shorts, jeans, skirts, you name it, someone was wearing it.

And the sex…wow. As soon as I stepped out, I could smell it. There were tents all over the yard, air mattresses outside, and I saw a sign that said the beds inside could be used too. I saw people going at it like wild a****ls on an air mattress while some people cheered them on. Another couple was fucking against a tree. A tent unzipped near us and Marcie walked out wiping her mouth.

“Took you guys long enough. I’m running a blowjob booth. I have 3 tents reserved and I just go between each one, sucking the guy off. They’re these three red ones here, if you get bored later.” She winked and kept walking without waiting for an answer.

I watched her go, her teen ass swaying side to side in a pair of Alex’s homemade jean shorts, when I saw what could only be described as a cauldron. It was 4 feet tall, 6 feet wide, and full of condoms.

It was expected to be a very long night.

To be continued….