A show for Mom (Chapter 2)

The next morning I was very apprehensive about going upstairs until my mother peaked her head into my room and announced that she had made French toast for breakfast. “We have a lot of work to do today”, she said. It was our only common day off and we had scheduled to start walling off a second bathroom in the basement. Wait, did I dream what happened last night? Was I just paranoid and she didn’t see anything? Whatever happened I wasn’t going to miss the French toast!

My mother didn’t say a thing about my activities the previous night and that was fine with me as I certainly wasn’t going to bring it up. We were unusually quiet while she helped me frame the two walls and door way into the new washroom. I played the radio a little louder than usual to alleviate the tension and eliminate the need for conversation. As the day and the silence wore on, I became more convinced that she must have seen me; there was just no other explanation for what I had heard last night and her silence while we worked. I had to be careful when thinking about it though; the thought of my mother watching me masturbate was giving me an erection! Not a good thing to have while swinging a framing hammer!

Over the next week things returned to normal, my mother either didn’t see me or was going to let it pass. The thought, though, that she had watched me was becoming more erotic each passing day. Her bedroom was situated such that I could not see her doorway or just outside it but she could see as much of me as she wanted before peaking all the way around the corner to view the side of the couch where my head lay. She could have very easily stood in the small hallway connecting her bedroom, the living room, bathroom, and the den and watched me masturbate and I would’ve been none the wiser. The thought of my mother watching me masturbate and just possibly masturbating herself to the sight of her son masturbating dominated my thoughts and I couldn’t let it go. I just had to find out if she was and wanted to watch.

I worked late that Friday and got home about 11. I went to the bathroom and saw that her door was open just a crack. I didn’t announce that I was home, but rather changed into my shorts and t-shirt, retrieved a porn tape and popped it in the VCR turning the volume down to zero. I lay in my standard position on the couch pulled down my shorts exposing my already erect cock but, how would I know if she was watching? I turned around on the couch and faced the hallway. Now she could not see my cock without being seen herself. Probably 15 minutes went buy with me working my cock with the offhand (this is where I became a big fan of the “stranger”). Then I saw her, just a flash of her dark hair at the edge of the hallway. She had come out to watch but saw my orientation on the couch and retreated. I flipped on the couch so that she could watch if she wanted without risk of being noticed in her voyeurism. I got that old tingling feeling as my balls tightened; I had no idea where the movie was and it didn’t matter. I let the orgasm take me and my cock spewed forth 5 or 6 strings of cum onto my belly. Wow, that was so intense! I’m not usually one to squirt when I orgasm, mostly a dribbler. I took a chance and walked right past her bedroom door with my semi hard cock hanging out to clean up in the bathroom. As I went by her door I noticed it was open about 6 inches. I closed the door to the bathroom and cleaned up before returning to the living room. When I came out of the bathroom I noticed that her door again was only open a crack. My chest tightened in the knowledge that my mother was into watching me masturbate!