A show for Mom (Chapter 1)

I quickly found work performing semi-skilled labor after leaving the military. The work was rewarding, but not financially so and I quickly decided that I needed to go to college if I was going to start and support a f****y. I had contributed to the GI bill and so had money to pay for tuition and books but would need a place to live so that I could concentrate on school without working full time. My single mother made me an offer that was too good to refuse. She would support me with room and board as long as I was going to school. In return I would help renovate her small house. I think she liked having a man around the house too even though we lived in about the safest corner of the country.

The downside to this arrangement was that it was hard for either one of us to date. I had a girlfriend early in my first term of school but she bolted when she found out how determined I was to stay in school and at home while I finished (and I was barely getting started). For the next two years I dated only sporadically and never had a steady again until after moving out. My mother didn't date at all during that time either. I know I was lonely and I'm sure my mother was too.

As 99% of men do (even while in a relationship) I used masturbation to alleviate the loneliness. Staying with my mom alleviated the financial hardship that a college education incurs and masturbation allowed me to concentrate on my studies. We lived in a very conservative area and finding porn (anything harder than Penthouse) was difficult. I was determined though and eventually had a small collection of magazines and made an acquaintance who rented his private collection on the side. Trouble was we only had one TV and it was right next to her bedroom. I was very selective about when I watched porn but the movies were a fairly new addition and very exciting. Many times after acquiring a “rental” I would have to wait days to watch it, unbearable to a young male whose only sexual release was through masturbation.
On one such occasion I had rented an almost new video with one of the new stars I had been dying to see. It was a Saturday and both mom and I had to work and working in the food services industry I worked late into the evening and got home just as mom did, damn! I got the movie hidden in my room changed out of my work clothes and went back upstairs to have a late dinner and try to forget about my new acquisition. It was a wasted effort.

My mom seemed exceptionally tired and went to bed early for a Saturday while I watched the end of whatever program was on the tube. I retired to my room knowing that I couldn't sl**p without relieving myself. I laid in bed for an hour or so reading and re-reading a feature article about the starlet starring in my new rental. She was so hot and I just had to see her perform and it would not wait until Monday between classes. I convinced myself that I could watch it without disturbing my mother in the next room if I kept the volume off. I moved quietly into the living room started up the VCR and inserted the movie (damn those things are loud!) and settled in on the couch with the (wired) remote. I muted the TV and started watching the tape, while listening intently for any sound that might be emanating from my mother’s room which was right next to the living room but situated so that I couldn't see her door. Mom always left her door open just a crack so I wouldn't be able to hear the door opening. Everything was quiet as I watched the opening lesbian scene on pins and needles while massaging myself through my gym shorts. The second scene was the one I was waiting for and as soon as she had the actors cock in her mouth I pulled down my shorts and started stroking my own erect cock. WHOA!!! I had to slow down and even stop, there was something abnormally hot going on here. Normally while watching porn I could hold off ejaculation without effort until the money shot! That was going to be an extreme challenge this time as even wrapping my hand around my cock was almost enough to send me over the edge. I continued listening but all I could hear was the whir of the machine. I saw that the money shot was imminent and took my rigid cock in the off hand and started stroking in earnest. I started cumming just before the stud on the tape did and stream after stream landed on my belly while stream after stream of his spunk landed on the starlets very pretty face. Oh God that felt good, even if she did turn out to be a cum dodger! I released my breath slowly as I remembered where I was and who was just behind the wall to my left. I made a mess! Time to clean up. I stopped the tape and started slowly getting off the couch when I heard a muffled intake of breath and whoosh of air that you get when closing a door quickly from my mother’s doorway. OH FUCK!

What just happened? What did she see? Did she see anything? Oh crap! I was mortified! What was I going to do? Well the semen now dripping off my stomach brought me back to reality, first things first. I cleaned up in the kitchen on the other side of the living room and then quietly returned the living room to the state I had found it. I went back to my room and although I was spent and exhausted, I wouldn't sl**p much. What was she going to do? Certainly she had to have seen something…at best me lying there on the couch with a stomach covered semen or did she watch the whole sordid thing! How would she react? These thoughts and others were rolling through my head as I drifted off to a very fitful slumber.