Jeremy and I have been friends since elementary school. We were both frequent targets for bullies so it seemed natural that we'd become friends. He was a shy, skinny k** with sandy blond hair that fell around his shoulders and he never spoke about girls. I was too naive and inexperienced at the time to see that Jeremy was in fact gay. But this secret would be revealed during a sl**pover at his house.
Jeremy had an older s****r named Alice who was quite cruel to him at times and frequently called him “fag” or “queer”. I thought she was just being mean and dismissed the taunts. Once we snuck into her room and he showed me a dresser draw where Alice kept a variety of sex toys. This was all foreign to me but I was fascinated.
But on this particular sl**pover Jeremy told me a secret he had not shared with anyone. He told me about an old next door neighbor who sat while his parents were out for the evening attending a friend's wedding. They played wrestled on his parents bed and he felt his crotched being rubbed and squeezed periodically. At first it was awkward and uncomfortable but soon it became very pleasurable.
The older man's name was Mr. Geary and he was about sixty or more. He had a long snow-white beard and all the neighborrhood k**s believed that he was Santa Claus. But Jeremy felt his penis begin to harden as the fondling continued. Soon Mr. Geary had unzipped his pants and removed Jeremy penis. Jeremy lay quietly on the floor as Mr. Geary gently rubbed it.
“Will you call me Grampa?” asked Mr. Geary with a warm smile on his face.
“Yes,” Jeremy responded softly.
“Does this feel nice?” asked the old man, who had quickly opened his own pants and was rubbing his own cock with his free hand.
“Yes, very much, Grampa,” responded Jeremy.
“I'm going to suck it. Have you ever had your cock sucked before?”
Jeremy just shook his head but was very excited by this time and would do anything to prolong the pleasure. The little bit of fear had faded by now.
Mr. Geary took Jeremy cock into his mouth and began to suck it gently. The sensation of the old man's tongue brushing over the sensative tip proved to be too much and he quickly ejeculated. The old man looked up at him with a radiant smile. He showed Jeremy his own cock. It was not particulary long and was partially hidden. Jeremy had never seen an uncircumcised penis before in his life.
Jeremy was initially shy at first but the old man guided his hand towards his balls that sprouted snow white hair similar to his beard. The balls were very warm and haevy in the palm of Jeremy's hand.
“Squeeze them a little,” instructed Mr. Geary.
Jeremy complied and applied the gentlest amount of pressure upon the dangling wrinkled sacks dangling between Mr. Geary's fleshy thighs. This provoked a long deep sigh. The cock began to stiffen again. Jeremy got bolder and took the cock ino his hand and rubbed it as he was rubbed just a few minutes ago. Mr. Geary ran his long fingers through Jeremy's hair. Suddenly a stream of come jetted from the tip and splashed onto the floor. The old man exhaled a deep groan and sank down on top of Jeremy.
I listened with absolute silence to this confession and remained silent for a long time after he had apparently finished. He looked almost relieved to have shared this little secret but fearful of my respinse.
“Did you see him again after that?” I asked.
“Several times. We'd meet in secret spots in the woods behind the house. I'm not ashamed of what I did,” he added.
“He shouldn't have done that with you. It seems wrong.”
Jeremy shook his head.
“I've always prefered boys for as long as I can remember. I've always had a crush on a boy….”
He lapsed into a brief silence and turned his face up from the floor.
“….like you.”