By Amanda Wrighter


Karen Burke’s Apartment
10:28 PM


Janet had waited till past ten to creep out of bed in the dark and make her way to her closet. Quietly, she pulled the bi-fold doors open and then stepped in and pulled them back together before turning the interior light on.
From behind some boxes, she slid her water bottle full of industrial gelatin. Ballistics gelatin, her science teacher had called it.
“You can melt it at about 130 degrees and it will liquefy again and then you can pour into a new mold. It’s completely reusable.”
It was also far more durable than standard food-grade gelatin. From what she’d read, it was used for making simulated human bodies by law enf***ement CSI types for testing bullets and weapons on. They liked it because it was exceptionally similar to human flesh and was reusable which enabled them to keep it on hand. It probably wasn’t cheap, but her science teacher had a five gallon bucket of the stuff that just sat in her classroom storage closet.
She’d poured an small amount of the powered version of it into a bottle of water several hours earlier and now she was about to see what it had made.
It had solidified and swelled, pushing up out of the open bottle top about two inches. She picked it up and turned it upside down…shook it. It didn’t move, but the tip of it that had swelled out of the bottle jiggled like jelly.
She had a pair of heavy duty scissors and an exacto-knife on hand for removing it. Using the knife, she cut herself a hole about the middle of the bottle, and then used the shears to slowly and meticulously snip away the bottle, moving long ways. It took a while, but eventually she was able to pull the bottle apart and pop her bottle-shaped gelatin toy out of it.
She used the sharp knife to hack off the tip that had shot out of the open lid hole…and then she whittled it down till it was smooth on the top. As she’d expected, it look like it had a big, fat, tapered dick head on the end of it. And it was jiggly and flexible like a real dick…but yet still stiff enough that it was rigid…rigid enough she could fuck herself with it if she wanted to.
She stood up and pulled her long night-shirt tail up…then rather than fight with holding it up, decided to just pull it up and off completely. Now standing there with nothing but her panties on, she pulled out her waistband and crammed the gelatin cock down into her underwear.
The b**st was heavier than it looked and it immediately rolled out of her leg hole and fell onto the floor at her feet.
“Well that sucks,” she muttered quietly to herself as she bent over and picked it up again.
She leaned over and reached into an open box nearby and pulled out the discarded and unrolled condom that she’d snagged from her mother’s room. It was still fairly slippery despite having been exposed to the air, so she was able to slide it down onto her fake penis. It was a tight ass fit, but she finally managed to get it to encompass the entire whole of it. The rubber was longer than the phallus by almost an inch or more…so she pulled it tight, twisted, and knotted it to seal the gelatin off within the latex sock.
Reaching up to one of the hangers that dangled from her closet clothes rod, she pulled down a small, thin belt and then wrapped it around herself and buckled it…making sure it was low down on her hips. The tuft of knotted condom at the bottom of her dildo…she stretched and tied around the front of the belt. When she was done, the dong hung from her pelvis…about where an actual cock would be based.
She moved her hips back and forth and made the monstrous thing slap against her pussy. It was bumping her clitoris and it felt awesome.
She pulled the waistband of her panties back and tucked the dong down into them.
“Damn…if I just had some balls,” she whispered to herself as she bounced on her toes in order to make the cock move inside her underwear.
Rummaging, she eventually found a pack of round water balloons inside a box of junk stashed in the closet with her. She needed to fill them up with water if she were going to use them, but she had none stashed in her room. The bathroom was just across the hall though.
Wearing nothing but her panties and makeshift strap-on dong, she crept from her closet and made her way in the dark across the room to the door leading into the hall.
After listening for a time, she eased the door open and peered out into the empty hall. Light was coming from her mother’s room…the door was obviously open. The bathroom across the hall, however was standing open and no one was inside.
Sticking her head around the corner she peered down as far as she could into the living room and could see the top of Randall’s head over the couch back. He was still up and awake and watching television.
With two small balloons in hand, she darted across the hall in three quick steps and quietly closed the bathroom door. Inside, she filled the balloons with warm water until they were about the size of eggs before tying knots in the ends of them. When she was done, she crept to the door and eased it open, peeping out again to see if anyone was there or could see her.
Again, no one was to be seen aside from the top of Randall’s head in the distant living room.
She scurried across to her room again and carefully shut the door.
She had her fake balls now, but how to attach them?
She stared at them for a few minutes and then realized she could actually tie their ends together…which she promptly did. Holding them up by the tied together lengths, they hung down and resembled a massive set of testicles far more than she expected them to.
Pulling her panties down, she then wrapped their connected links around the base of her dong condom and then twisted them around it…pulled and looped them. BAM! She let go and the two round water balls d****d down to either side of her cock. She hefted the dong and let them merge together beneath it…then d****d it atop them before pulling her panties back up over the immense mass of faux manhood.
She looked down at the ridiculous bulges in her panties and got so turned on that she couldn’t stand it. She wanted badly to see what she looked like from the front…from the sides…to other people…but alas, she had no full length mirror in her room.
Excited, she stepped to the door and cracked it. Again, nothing but Randall’s head and light coming out of her mother’s room.
She stepped across to the bathroom and with each step the heavy weight of her fake parts jostled and sloshed, bouncing with each step…and each time, it sent shockwaves into her clitoris beneath them.
She quickly pulled the bathroom door closed, locked it and then turned the light on. Facing the back of the door she could see her whole body in the full length mirror that hung from it. She thrust her hips around and made her man parts move…made her pussy ache from the stimulation it caused…then found herself acting stupid…as she gyrated her loaded down panties as much as possible to increase that stimulation.
She moaned and had to cover her mouth.
She gazed in the mirror at herself and realized she looked like some kind of freak. She had titties…a fat belly …and a massive set of balls and cock! She looked so hot to herself. She began rubbing at the tools in her panties through the soft, silky fabric…grinding it into her pussy.
She moaned again and for a second, thought she’d urinated on herself…but apparently she’d merely reached orgasm almost instantaneously…and had ejaculated a squirt of clear fluid into her panties. Being a squirter was troublesome at times. She and her s****r both had the same issue…and she suspected their mother probably did as well.
Having messed her panties up, she figured she might should get back to her room and change. So she turned off the light and eased the bathroom door open. As she stepped out into the hall though, she heard noises coming from her mother’s open doorway.
She crept down the hall, curiously…and strained to listen. She could hear slapping noises that sounded sort of wet and occasional grunts…her mother’s grunts!
The fact that she was only wearing wet panties and had them stuffed full of fake man parts…suddenly was forgotten as her curiosity got the better of her. As cautiously as possible, she slithered along the wall until she was right next to her mother’s open bedroom door.
Luckily the hall was completely dark, so even if Randall turned around or got up off the couch, he’d likely not be able to see her.
As she peeped around the edge of her mother’s doorframe, she could see all too much herself.
Her mother was on the bed…on all fours, facing the headboard…Roger was behind her, fucking her doggy style like he was trying to beat her fat ass into submission. His feet were offset about a foot or more apart and he was bowing his knees apart…bending down in order to reach her…so as he pumped, his big ass nuts could be easily seen swinging to and fro…slapping her mother’s pelvis and the bottom of her fat, hanging belly…which was…on it’s on, swinging back and forth.
As she watched, Roger’s speed increased wildly and then she saw her mother squirting off…but there was thick white goo mixed with it. Roger quickly backed up from her and as he did so, she saw an immense amount of white, gooey semen blurp out of Karen’s gaping cunt.
He turned somewhat and glanced back at the door and she knew instantly that he’d seen her. Their eyes locked and she spazzed.
He grabbed his fat, drooping cock and shook it…slinging more cum out of it and onto the floor. He smiled and nodded his head at her…winked…as if he was telling her to go on and scram.
She blinked and then darted back to her room in a fucking hurry…all before Karen even rolled over on the bed.

10:44 PM

Karen had pulled her shirt down but didn’t bother to make sure it covered her ass. Things were different this time. This time she was going to do more than tease the boy, dammit!
She was soaked…sweaty and sticky. Her inner thighs were literally squishy with her own fluids as well as Roger’s. He’d cum in her…cum in her hard. She hadn’t let a man do that since her ex-husband when they were trying to get pregnant back in the day…meaning it had been almost f******n years since she’d had cum shot in her. She’d been s*******n when Jimmy pumped her full in the back of his Cavalier after his senior prom. She’d found out she was pregnant with Janet a month later. She’d gotten pregnant with Jennie by complete accident…and she’d never really been sure when that one happened. So yeah, it had been eleven years since she’d had actual semen in here…f******n since she actually recalled it happening.
As she stepped to the door and turned her bedroom light out, she wondered if she would end up pregnant from this tryst? Part of her hoped so. Part of her wondered how big her belly and tits would get and just how crazy it would make Roger?
She moved out into the hall and quietly glided down into the living room. Randall was still in the side chair watching TV…so she rounded the couch corner and plopped down on it…making as big a show as she could of it. The impact made her tits bounce and that tugged her shirt up, so by the time her ass was firmly on the cushions, the shirt was doing nothing to really cover her upper legs and she was fairly certain if she spread them, her pussy would be completely exposed.
Randall was staring over at her with a bewildered look on his face. He was wearing his shorts now and they were thin…very thin…and she could plainly make out the shape of his dick and balls within the front of them. He was sitting slumped again with his knees spread. And it looked like his dick was all but dangling down one leg hole.
“Are you hot? Geez…I’m dying,” she muttered, fanning herself with both hands. “Your Dad is a crazy man sometimes. Soon as he’s done with you though…nighty-night time for him. Fool is already out cold in there,” she added, thumbing back over her shoulder toward the dark hallway.
Randall’s eyes looked like they were going to bulge out of his skull…but he said nothing…just continued to stare at her without blinking.
She smiled at him with her best seductive grin.
“You know if you get hot yourself tonight, you can strip down…girls won’t move again till noon tomorrow probably. Me I liked to sl**p naked. So don’t go sneaking into my room unless you want an eyeful I guess,” she added with a chuckle.
“I’m fine,” he finally stated just as he resumed blinking and breathing. His eyes remained glued to her though.
“Ya’know me and your Dad are talking about all of us moving in together. It’s a big thing, so I sort of wanted to ask you about it in private when he wasn’t listening. So would you be okay with that?”
He gawked at her…his brows arching a bit before finally shaking his head. “Really?” he asked. “I’m fine with it…just…so for real?”
She nodded and smiled again.
“Your Dad is the most awesome thing that’s ever happened to me, man-wise. And I’m not letting him get away, dammit. He’s perfect in all ways. I just have…some personal issues that he has trouble dealing with.”
“What…kind…of issues?” the boy asked, his curiosity getting the better of him.
“Oh it’s nothing,” she said. “You probably don’t want to hear about that sort of thing anyway. It’s kind of gross.”
“What?” he asked.
She smiled and held her breath so she’d look like she was blushing…then she glanced back in the direction of the hallway as if she were making sure no one was listening to them.
She leaned sideways towards him and whispered, “I sometimes…well I can’t get enough…ya’know…sex.”
The boy’s eyes bugged again.
“Told you it was gross,” she said, but she didn’t sit back upright. She knew from how she was positioned, that he could probably see down the neck of her shirt…could see her mammoth DD-cups hanging down and resting on the couch cushions in front of her.
“It’s not gross,” he submitted in a whisper back to her.
“It’s weird though. Do you know what it’s like to be constantly horny all the time?” she hissed back to him.
Her eyes bugged as the shape in his shorts lifted up and began pressing against the thin fabric.
“Uh-ohh,” she said. “Maybe you do,” she added with a suppressed giggle.
He shot up and leaned forward in an attempt to conceal his erection, but she just giggled more and reached over the couch arm to tap his shoulder with her hand.
“I’m not your mother,” she told him with a grin.
He looked uncomfortable for several tense seconds, but then he gradually relaxed and leaned back in the chair once more. His erection was still bulging through his shorts though.
“I guess your Dad ain’t the only one with a big’ole wiener is he?”
Randall rolled his eyes and suppressed a smile, but his face was beet red.
“I’m not scared of big dicks,” she whispered to him and then smirked. “Besides, you done seen my whole fat ass earlier, didn’t you?”
He blushed hard and turned his gaze to the TV.
“I saw more than just that,” he confessed.
“I know you did,” she agreed. “And I don’t care.”
He glanced back at her and she smiled again.
“Hey…show it to me,” she told him.
His eyes bugged again and he immediately whipped his head back to look down the hall.
“He’s out cold. That man wouldn’t wake up if a train rolled through here. C’mon…you saw my whole fucking fat ass and probably my hoochie too. Show it to me. I just wanna see if it’s as big as your Dad’s.”
He looked nervous but slowly pulled up on his shorts leg until a fat headed sausage began to snake out of it. It was indeed as big as Roger’s…hell the head alone was massive…much like Eric’s. To her shock, she realized it wasn’t entirely erect either.
“Holee shit, Randall,” she hissed. “Shit, boy…are you bigger than your Dad?”
He glanced back at the hallway nervously before answering, “I don’t know. I ain’t never seen him…hard.”
“Well I have…and I’m thinking you might be,” she asserted with complete honesty. Roger’s dick was fat as hell, but it was only a little over six inches long…and she was fairly certain from what she was seeing, that Randall had a longer dong.
“Maybe,” he admitted. “It’s pretty big.”
She was lying fully on her side now and she reached down and pulled her shirt tail up higher…then hefted her right thigh and d****d it over the back of the couch.
Randall watched with awe as she slid her hand down and started masturbating right there in front of him.
She was making faces…staring at him…at his dick…at him and then his dick again. Her mouth was hanging open and she was breathing loudly as her hand moved steadily between her legs.
“Pull your shorts down, Randall,” she gasped at him. “Show it to me…show me how big it is!”
Randall looked around nervously and then resumed staring at her.
“Roger likes fat bitches…and I bet you do too, don’t you, Randall. Did you like when I bent over earlier. I know I made it hard. I’m making it hard right now, ain’t I?”
He slid down in his chair and pulled his shorts down to his thighs and her fat dick flopped free and immediately began elongating and rising upward toward his belly button.
Karen gasped as the big head reached his navel and kept growing. He had to have a seven or eight inch dick. Erect, it wasn’t nearly as fat as she thought…not as big around as Rogers…but it was bigger in its own way. And the tip of it…the head…was massive! His testicles though, unlike Rogers, were saggy and dangly. Randall’s were high and tight…a balls of flesh that looked to be near the size of an apple.
“Beat it…jerk it for me,” she begged him.
He fumbled to push his shorts down past his knees without rising up in his chair. It was as if he were trying to hide within the confines of the overstuffed chair. Finally he got them down to his shins and kicked them and his briefs off at the same time. Pants-less, he wrapped both hands around his long cock and started pumping on it.
Karen abandoned her own masturbation and crawled off the couch onto the floor and moved out in front of him between the TV and his feet before sitting up on the backs of her knees.
Both hands on the tail of her shirt, she began to pull upward…slowly…teasingly…little by little as she swayed and gawked at his cock. Grinning, she finally tugged the shirt above her belly and then up and over her massive titties before quickly and suddenly flicking it over her head and throwing it across the room.
Her nakedness and tossing of her shirt took him by such surprise that he stopped jerking off and just stared unabashedly at her sweaty body.
She nudged forward on her knees and wrapped her hands around his dick and began sucking and jerking it at the same time.
She tasted salt and leaned back.
Semen was oozing from the tip of his head. He was so worked up he was pre-ejaculating.
Karen moved a bit closer and hefted her titties up onto his thighs and then squeezed them around his cock.
“I’m tit-fucking you, Randall,” she cooed to him as she began to pump his shaft with her sweaty breasts.
The boy was breathing heavily and she knew he was gonna blow out at any moment.
“I don’t know what to do, Randall…I’m so horny all the time…all the time…I can’t help it…I can’t help myself…I just wanna make you cum so hard…cum for me…cum on my big fat titties!”
And he did. He erupted all at once and it was hard and messy and semen shot straight into the air above her breasts and then dropped back down, coating them with sticky goo.

Then her mouth was on the end of it again and he couldn’t stand it…it was so hot…her tongue…then she popped up and he shot off another short spurt of jizz.
Before he knew what was happening, she was standing up and crawling up on top of him in the chair…her fat, sticky thighs sliding to either side of him…her knees burying into the cushions. He was pinned under her massive weight…and then she was leaning towards him, her huge tits coming at him…and then he was engulfed between them!
Her big brown areola were fluttering past his mouth and finally he pressed into them and caught a nipple with his lips. He heard her moan, and then he began to suck it with wild fervor.
Her hand was touching him…touching his cock…and then he felt her stroking it…tugging on it…then his dick head was on fire…wet…burning with heat…and then he felt himself being engulfed by her sticky pussy.
And all at once she was bouncing…just literally using the chair as a trampoline! Her pussy was going up and down rapidly on his cock and he could nothing to stop it. Not that he wanted to…but the way she took control of him and just f***ed herself onto him…was overwhelming.
His balls were aching. His dick was twitching.
His hands were clutching at her fat ass cheeks now as she humped him viciously and rapidly. Her tits, free of his lips now, were flopping and slapping him in the face and he didn’t care. Her fat belly was bouncing as well…and it was hot and sticky and plopping repeatedly against his own thin torso.
“AAhhhhh,” she moaned and he felt hot fluid run down his cock onto his pelvis and balls…a great flood of liquid and then she went absolutely wild atop of him.
For what seemed like several minutes, all he could hear was their breathing…the chair springs protesting, and the wet slapping of their bodies and then he couldn’t take it any longer and her pulled her into him…his hands and fingers gripping into her ass fat…tugging her down onto him until the whole length of his dick was deep inside of her and then he erupted in her. She kept trying to buck, but he held her with all his strength. She fought…she resisted and finally broke free of his hug and continued to bounce wildly on him. He moaned loudly and she wet him down again before collapsing atop him.
They lay there panting for several minutes without a word said between them. But eventually she scooted back and stood up in front of him. His cum was still all over her titties and now it was dripping out of her pussy too!
She smiled and shook her head at him.
“It’s definitely bigger…and better,” she whispered. “It’s longer…you were hitting bottom in me,” she added.

She glanced down at his crotch and saw that his tight ball sack had now relaxed and was hanging…dr****g like Roger’s did. His balls were as big as Roger’s without doubt.
“Somebody likes my big, fat ass, don’t they?” she said with a slight snicker. “And I’m still so horny,” she moaned as she turned around and sat down on his lap. “Look how fat my ass is…why can’t I get enough? Can you give me some more? Please, Randall…please fuck me some more… it aches so bad…it only stops when I got cock buried in my fat pussy.”
His hands were kneading her blubbery butt cheeks and she started rocking back and forth on his lap…grinding her ass and pussy on his limp cock.
“Make me cum again, Randall,” she pleaded. “Here,” she blurted. “Put your thumb in my asshole…it’s gross… but trust me…do it and I’ll suck your dick again.”
He didn’t move for a moment but then she felt his hand moving between her thick cheeks and she leaned forward…waiting. And then she felt his thumb pushing as her asshole…and then it was inside of her.
“Ahhh…okay…okay…curl your fingers up and push them into my–” she didn’t get to finish…as he plowed his fingers into her cunt and began wiggling. “Oh shit…going pro on me already,” she whispered. “There’s a spot inside of me…a little knob…just try to find it…it’s between your thumb and…AHHHH,” and she shot off a stream of fluid onto the chair cushion beneath them. The suddenness of the event made her arch her back and the ejaculant stream shot forward out onto the carpet in front of them.
She panted and rode out the wave of orgasm before climbing off of him and turning around to face him again.
He was staring at his hand as if it were on fire. He didn’t seem to know if he possessed a contaminated poop thumb…or the most powerful sexual weapon in the world.
She picked up his shorts and proceeded to wipe his hand off and then she threw his shorts across the living room. On her knees again, she began to suck his limp cock like a hungry a****l attacking a carcass.
Eventually she released her suction and began to pump his semi-flaccid cock with both of her hands…and then she had it between her tits again. He was almost fully hard once more and she was becoming more excited by the moment.
“Take me on the floor,” she told him. “On my back. Fuck me hard and then pull it out and jerk it off on my belly…or…or roll me over and shoot it on my ass. I want cum all over me…I wanna be nasty!”
She lay down and he came out of the chair in a lunge and buried himself in her pussy before she was even in position. She was twice his mass and it felt awkward, but his dick was taking her mind far away from the strangeness of their sizes. He was pile-driving her…hard… just like Roger always did except Randall’s dick was hitting places in her that Roger never quite reached. He was tapping her g-spot hard and rapidly and she moaned like a wounded buffalo and shot off all over him and the carpet harder than she had all night. Her pussy was aching…was getting raw…but she wasn’t about to stop him.
“Call me a fat whore…call me a fat fucking slut,” she told him as he humped her wildly…a****listic-like!
“I wanted…to fuck you…so bad…Ms. Burke,” he grunted between thrusts.
“Don’t call me that…call me…call me Momma,” she blurted…not quite sure where it came from.
He started gasping madly and his hip bones were like motorized pistons between her legs.
“You like that…you wanna call me Momma…do it…do it baby…call me Momma,” she taunted him.
“Momma,” he grunted and jumped back with a sudden burst of movement and then he was hosing her fat belly down like a cum geyser…jerking…and shooting…semen splattering her blubbery and round stomach.
She reached down and smeared it around…writhed on the floor and bathed in it.
“Eat my pussy…lick it…I need to go just one more time, Randall…please…lick it,” she begged and he dropped to all fours and his face was between her legs.
Oh fuck…that’s nasty…he’s…he’s actually gonna eat me out after I fucked him…damn…damn that’s nasty!
“Right there…that…that’s my clit…suck it…bite on it a little and–” she cut herself off…twitching…from him tucking his fingers into her pussy again. “Aahhh, mothefucker…mother-fucking-fucker,” she blurted and hosed his face down with a stream of her own juice.
She was done then…just done…nothing left.
After a few moments, the flickering lights of the TV drew her from an exhaustive rest…and after opening her eyes, she realized Randall was just lying on top of her…not moving.
Oh good grief…I fucked him to death!
She could feel him breathing though…his breath hot between her titties.
She looked over toward the couch and realized Roger was standing there behind it…smiling at her. She knew he was naked…assumed he was surely hard too…and it was at that moment she knew she wasn’t done yet.

Roger watched Karen jaunt down the hall into the living room and as soon as she flopped down on the couch, he stepped back towards Janet’s room and quietly turned the knob.
The light in her closet was on so her room was mostly illuminated…at least enough that he could see her in her bed with the blankets pulled up to her chin. Her eyes were wide as saucers as she watched him walk in…naked, and approach her bed.
“So were you enjoying the show?”

Damn, why is he so good looking? Had it been any other dude, she would have spazzed completely out. The creep factor of this was a two hundred on the ten scale and yet she didn’t quite yet want to scream for her mother …at least not yet.
She had run back to her room and jumped into bed as quickly as she could…still wearing nothing but her panties and her homemade dong and nuts.
“So were you enjoying the show?” he asked as he stopped at the edge of her bed. “I don’t care,” he added. “I don’t think you mom does either. She left the door open, didn’t she?”
Janet said nothing but continued to stare at him…at his dangling fat cock and balls…back at his face…back and forth, her eyes darted uncontrollably.
“I didn’t tell her I saw you…it’s cool,” he informed her. “Sorry I’m naked…not that you haven’t already seen my full monty anways,” he tacked on with a smile. “Your mom ran to the kitchen and I wanted to tell you not to spaz out. I used to spy on my parents too. Of course I didn’t do it naked,” he added.
“I wasn’t naked,” she asserted.
“Didn’t look that way,” he argued.
“I was going to the bathroom…I had panties on,” she insisted. “Don’t want people looking…shoulda’ shut your door!”
“You want us to shut it from now on?” he asked.
It was a question she wasn’t prepared for. Was he serious? There was no reason to throw down over it. He saw her…she’d been busted red-handed. And she’d been watching in awe…a fact her expression had no doubt given away when he turned around and caught her.
“No,” she finally replied. “Don’t tell Mom though.”
“I won’t,” he assured her with a smile. “I used to hide in the closet and jerk off when my parents fucked. I’m a grade-A pervert freak myself.”
She giggled.
“I saw your panties,” he suddenly asserted and her giggle abruptly stopped. “What’s up with that?”
She blushed hard and wanted to bury her face in her blanket, but decided to try and hold her on with him.
“Maybe I’m a freak too,” she popped back.
He leaned down and tugged at her blanket until she let go and allowed him to pull it off of her. And then he stepped up to the side of her bed and sat down on the edge of it beside her.
“Wow…you got a big dick there,” he said as he reached out and rubbed her gelatin cock through the fabric of her panties.
She was weirded out…but also a little turned on. The man was so fucking good looking and he smelled incredible. His cologne…his sweat…something musky mixed in with it…something…that reminded her of pussy stank. It was probably her mother that she was smelling on him intertwined with his man odors. Somehow that sort of turned her on as well. Her mother’s man was in her room…naked…and messing with her. Did he like her more than her mother?
He rubbed her fake cock again and pressed it against her pussy…an action that made her sigh a little bit.
“Why you want a fat dick when you got such a nice pussy?” he asked…his fingers pulling at the sides of one of her leg holes. And then his big fingers were inside the fabric and digging into her opening. “If you want to play with a big cock…there’s one right here,” he said to her as she began pumping her pussy.
“R-r-roger,” she muttered and then spread her legs widely. He twisted more towards her and she reached out and snatched his flaccid cock and squeezed it.
“Pump it,” he whispered to her…and she did. She started slow and then when wild with it until he was fully hard and then he stood up and grabbed her legs and pulled her forward towards him…to the side of the bed and with a barbarian like rip, he yanked her panties off of her…just ripped them like paper and then he had his cock mashing up into her tight pussy. It was so big…too big… but he was determined and she was so wet…little by little it was going in her and then…then he was inside of her and pounding her like a machine. She could feel his giant balls slapping the back of her ass cheeks as they hung off the edge of the bed. He had her by the ankles, holding her legs straight up in the air as he pumped away at her.
Her belt was still on…her fake dong and balls flopped around on her lower belly uncontrollably as they fucked and he didn’t seem too perturbed by it…nor did she. In minutes, it was over and he pulled out and shot cum all over her chubby gut and inner thighs. But he wasn’t done.
He released her legs and reached for her arms and pulled her upright and forward and then he was jamming his massive, fat cock into her mouth…and she was taking it…sucking it…it was nasty and it was awesome at the same time.
“This is what you do with a real fat cock,” he whispered to her as he worked her head on the end of his.
Her pussy ached. He’d stretched her so wide…and yet part of her ache was the need to cum…to get her own joy from this unexpected treat.
He finally let her pull her head back and his cock was semi-hard. He slapped it a couple of times and squeezed it and it grew a bit harder.
“Do it again,” she begged him and flopped back on the bed and spread her legs.
He took her by the ankles yet again and put it to her. This time she reached down and grabbed her dangling, flopping, fake dick and pulled at it till it came loose from the belt and then she tossed it off the bed.
“I want real cock,” she gasped as a stream of liquid erupted from her pussy and sprayed his lower belly.
He leaned down and covered her mouth with his hand to keep her from shouting or screaming…but never broke the rhythm of his pumping hips as he continued to fuck the shit out of her.
She rolled her eyes upwards into her head and shook it from side to side as another stream sprayed out of her pussy and off the side of the bed onto his upper thighs.
After a few more moments of thrusting, she went limp beneath him and he pulled his worn and swollen cock out her tight ass pussy and backed up.
She was panting…staring up at him.
“I…I thought…you liked…fat women,” she muttered between heaves.
“You’ll get there,” he said and slapped her plump little ass before throwing the blanket back over her.
Having said that, he walked out and shut her door back without another word.

2:23 AM

Janet blinked and scanned around her darkened room. The light from her closet was still on.
It had been a dream but she was so horny now. She pulled the blanket back and gawked at the front of her sl**p-shirt. When she moved, she could tell her panties were drenched as well.
Her slumber had yielded a twisted version of what really happened. Having peeped on her mother and her boyfriend…she’d returned to her room with them none the wiser of it. Then she’d gotten dressed and actually gone to bed. Nothing near as exciting as what she’d dreamed.
She wondered what would have happened if Roger had turned around and seen her watching them? Most likely he wouldn’t have been so bold as to walk naked into her room while her mother was home…that was certain.
But then again…they were fucking big as all hell right next door to her with their damn door open and the light on. What the screw was up with that? Did they just get carried away and forget it was open? Or had they left it open intentionally in order to invite viewing? Randall had been in the living room. Surely he stood just as much chance hearing and seeing them as she did. Was that a thing? This was the first time Randall had spent the night at their place…so was this something they did for him? It hadn’t happened before when he wasn’t there.
She rolled out of bed and looked at the digital alarm clock on her bedside table. The green numbers displayed 2:24 AM. Despite the time, she was wide ass awake. No doubt her perverted dream had much to do with that.
She tiptoed toward her door and eased it open. The whole apartment was dead quiet and the door to her mother’s room was shut now. A light in the kitchen somewhat illuminated the length of hall enough that she could see where she was going as she padded down its length toward the living room.
The television was still on…randomly flickering light and imagery, but the sound was muted. Randall was nowhere to be seen.
As she walked, she caught something on her foot. Bending down, she picked the mysterious and soft item up and realized it was her mother’s sl**p-shirt. She didn’t think much about it until she detected the smell of the living room. The scent was musky and almost rank. It smelled like a cross between a locker room and pussy.
She stepped closer to the couch and spied a pair of shorts and…boys’ underwear discarded by the television not too far from the chair Randall had been sitting in all night.
Suddenly startled, she looked down and realized the boy was on the couch right in front of her buried in a blanket with a pillow over his head. He stirred and moved and rolled over. The blanket was tucked in the end of the couch though and it did not roll with him. Instead, it tangled his legs and sl**pily he started kicking at it until he had successfully walked it off of himself.
She covered her mouth to suppress a gasp. She was shocked enough to realize she’d walked up on him without knowing he was there…but now she realized that had only been part of the show. As she looked down, she saw that he had no pants on at all. He still wore a shirt, but below it was nothing but skin…skin and red, shiny…swollen cock that dangled over the side of his left leg as he lay on his left side. A knot of testicles bigger than her fist protruded beneath his dick and they too, were red and sticky in appearance. The scent she smelled was emanating from him.
She looked at the shirt in her hands and then down once more at the boy.
Her mind rolled around in utter battle with facts and speculation until she arrived at the most bizarre conclusion: Was her mother fucking Roger and his son??
The very concept seemed ludicrous, but yet here she stood absorbing the evidence. Her mother had demanded that her and her s****r stay in their rooms after ten…and yet Randall had been allowed to stay up…and for what? Why? And then they had been fucking with their door open. She and Jennie had been supposedly secured in their rooms, but what about Randall? And now she was smelling him…seeing him like this…well there was only one logical explanation. And if Roger had left the door open, well surely he was aware of it…had to have heard the two of them in the living room going at it, right?
She looked down at Randall again and marveled at the size of his penis and balls. His dick wasn’t nearly as big around as her fake one she’d made with gelatin, but his was definitely longer she was certain. It was limp at the moment…but still looked like it was five or six inches long as it lay there d****d over his thigh nearly resting on the couch cushions he lay upon. His balls weren’t as big as her fake ones either…but they were still some seriously big motherfuckers—
Ewwww! she thought as she realized what she’d just called them in her mind. “Motherfuckers,” in deed if not fact. Of course if this was true it brought into play a whole new set of questions.
Was her mother some kind of nymphomaniac? Was Roger making her do it…or was she into it? Were they having threesomes? Or was she just having relations with both of them? One thing was certain…both of them had a thing for fat women! And her mother…her mother apparently had a knack for finding huge cocks to ride! That also had to be considered a certainty as well!
She stared longingly at Randall’s genitals for a while before finally turning around and making her way back to her room.
Once inside, she went to her closet and plucked her homemade strap-on equipment from the box she had it hidden in. Carefully, she untied the dong from the belt and made her way to her bed with it.
She took her night-shirt off and crawled into bed with her toy and lying on her back, pushed the end of it into her mouth. For a few moments, she just sucked and slirped on it. It was all she could do to get it into her mouth to begin with…so there was no chance of tongue action. Had the thing not been made of soft, jelly-like material, she wouldn’t have been able to suck it to start with. And even as she did it, her jaws were aching…so she eventually pulled it out and then moved it down to her crotch.
She grabbed at her panties and yanked them. She heard a seam tear…probably the elastic in the bands…but to her disappointment, they didn’t rip completely off as they had in her dream. Aggravated, she slid them off the old fashioned way and then spread her legs.
Struggling and wriggling, she pulled and nudged until she managed to get her toy sliding into her pussy, but getting it all the way in seemed like a lost cause. She wanted penetration badly though and so in frustration, she began rubbing her clitoris vigorously while mashing the end of the dildo into her orifice. Eventually it paid off and she sprayed the already soaked mattress…and that somehow gave her pussy a little bit of leg-room to work with. She got excited then, realizing the dong was sliding inside her…and her fingers began to work her clit even harder and faster until she sprayed yet again. This time, she exerted her orgasmic energy into a push at just the right moment…and she managed to cram the monstrous thing into her pussy.
She immediately felt full and aroused. Never before had she had something this massive pressed inside of her. She twisted the thing in a circle and felt the ridges along its length stimulating her labia. Her pussy was so wet and slippery now that she could slide the b**st in and out somewhat…and so she began in earnest to do so.
She was fucking it…fucking it hard…and it felt like nothing she’d ever experienced in her life. Her mind drifted back to her dream…of Roger’s bloated cock ramming her…his massive nuts slapping her pudgy little ass…and then she was cumming again…spraying wildly and having to cover her mouth to prevent screaming in ecstasy.

2:46 AM

Randall awoke and flipped the pillow off of his head. The living room was dark save the glow from the television and for a moment or so he was unsure of where he was, but then elements of the room around him slowly reminded him that he was at Karen’s apartment.
He sat up on the couch and surveyed his nakedness from the waist down. His dick felt sore and raw.
I had sex. I had sex with Karen.
His mind still couldn’t wrap around that.
How the fuck did that happen?!
He sat there on the couch for the longest just trying to fathom the events that had led him to being naked with her. She’d seduced him, no doubt. She’d been teasing him earlier when she came in and was on all fours and shit, diddling with some candy wrapper under the end-table. He knew that now. At the time he’d thought maybe she was just a fucking ditz…but no…no, she’d been working him like some sort of bad porn actress in a three dollar bargain bin fuck flick. And yes, he’d seen more than a few on the internet. The adult filter on his computer was about useless…of course he never told his Dad that and certainly never his mother. But he knew all about dirty sex at this point…and now he’d even experienced it.
The problem, was that it was with his father’s girlfriend. He’d fucked his Dad’s piece of ass…and maybe the woman he was about to hook up with and marry! He felt ashamed at that…guilty…and yet it had been so damned hot! He’d thought Karen was fine ever since the first time he met her. Especially her big ass titties. They were fucking huge…massive…big, fat fucking nipples the size of his thumb tips! It was no wonder his father was up the woman’s ass.
Thumbs and ass…speaking of…
He glanced down at his hand and realized he’d been poking her poop chute with his thumb and had never really washed it. Not to mention he reeked of sweat and shame…and raunchy pussy. His upper legs were sticky and crusty with who knows what juices or from whom. He wanted a shower badly.
He looked around and saw that his shorts were over by the television. He got up, snagged them and stumbled as he tried to put them on…on his way down the hall to the bathroom.

3:00 AM

Jennie awoke with a start. Blinking, she reached over and turned her alarm off.
“Time to eat the donuts,” she muttered with a smirk as she reached down to the floor and pulled plastic shopping bag out from under her bed. Inside it was various junk food items including candy bars, chips, and two bottles of soda. She also had half a box of soft chocolate mini-cakes topped with chocolate icing. They were like cupcakes with sprinkles on top and they were so delicious that she got moist in her pussy just thinking about them.
Each night, she set her clock for midnight and three o’clock…each time, waking up and eating till she couldn’t hold any more food. Midnight was usually a feast, but three was more times than not…just a snack. Her midnight eating usually had not worn off by that point, but she knew eating late at night was the best way to pack on the flab…not to mention no one knew she was eating, thus nobody would dog her out for it. She’d also learned that eating regular food at midnight…and saving her delicious junk food treats for three helped. The super-sweet, delectable goodies were always easier to cram down her throat than normal foods. And the three AM eating was always a battle. Especially tonight as her older s****r had helped her with snagging food from the kitchen in various forays before they’d gone to bed. So at midnight, she’d had a tremendous amount of leftovers from dinner to gorge on…and she had. She’d eaten till she couldn’t breathe. And now…now she felt like she had a little bit of room…and she was determined to eat all of the cupcakes as well as down a bottle of soda.
But first she had to pee…and pee badly.
She climbed out of bed and stepped off towards the hallway and crossed it before making her way to the bathroom. The light was on inside, and the door was shut.
Agitated, she reached for the knob hoping someone had just left the light on. To her elation, the knob turned and she opened it.
As she barged into the small room, she stopped dead in her tracks. Directly in front of her was Randall…standing half in and half out of the tub and shower enclosure. He had one foot up on the tub wall, standing like he was an advertisement for Captain Morgan…’cept the thing he had for sale wasn’t liquor…no, no…what he had to present was a dangling cock that d****d across a huge sack of nuts. He was half wet and was in the process of drying off as he got out of the shower.
His eyes bulged when he realized she was standing there staring at him. And her own eyes were following pretty much the same course she imagined.
Her heart was pounding and she couldn’t seem to make herself breathe.

Randall wasn’t sure what to do. The girl was just standing there gawking at him with the bathroom door wide open behind her.
But the exposure wasn’t what troubled him the most. What caught his attention was her! She was so much fatter than he thought she was. Her face and arms and legs were so thin…and yet as he looked her over, he realized her belly was fucking huge…as was her ass. She normally wore big, baggy clothes…but now…now she was wearing a long t-shirt that fit everywhere but her lower torso. The fabric was thin and worn and so tightly stretched around her belly that he could clearly see the indention where her crater of a navel was.
He could also see her hard nipples bulging through the old, thin fabric. She didn’t have much for tits, but she had some seriously big nipples just like her mother. She evidently had her mother’s predisposition for a hugely fat belly too. The girl looked almost pregnant!
By the time he realized his cock was getting hard, it was a little late to do much about it. He thought about lowering his towel and trying to cover it, but she’d already seen it…seen more than enough…and she wasn’t running away screaming…no, no…she was actually gawking in awe at him.
He wasn’t sure what to do…but then she took charge of the situation herself and stepped backwards…pushing the door closed behind herself.
Suddenly he was nervous. The girl was maybe ten or eleven at best…but apparently she had her mother’s bold slut genetics.
“Sorry…I thought I locked it…I…I was half asl**p,” he muttered as he put his foot down flat on the rug in front of the tub and continued to dry his back. As he slid the towel side to side behind himself, his long cock slapped between his legs. He did it on purpose to see how she’d respond.
By the time he was dry, his dick was hard as a rock and standing upright…all seven and half inches of it…and her eyes weren’t missing a single millimeter.
Jennie suddenly stepped towards him and he looked shocked until she moved toward the toilet and popped a squat atop it to pee. She had her panties around her knees and her shirt pulled up before he knew what was going on. He literally heard the trickle of urine hitting water before he understood what was going on.
“Sorry…really had to pee bad,” she apologized, pointing her head toward the door and doing her best not to look at him.
He realized she was embarrassed and this made him feel as if he were in control of the situation. Karen had controlled him earlier…just had him doing what she wanted done…but now…here he was with a situation that he could command. He liked that.
He stepped up to her on the toilet…his erection pointing right at her…moved up close till the end of it was almost in her personal space.
“I need to do something bad too,” he said to her.
She turned straight and glared at his boner with eyes that looked like saucers. Her lips parted and her mouth slowly opened as if she might say something but nothing came out.
Her peeing finally ceased but she continued to sit there staring at the big dick in her face.
“Wow…you’re really fat, aren’t you?” he commented, waiting for her to get pissy…to which he was going to tell her that, “No…I meant that as a compliment…I like fat bitches.” But to his shock, she looked up at him and smiled.
“I’m soooo fat,” she cooed back to him. She leaned back on the toilet and pulled her shirt up, plopping her hugely corpulent belly out atop her thighs. “See how big my belly is?”
He felt like she suddenly had control of him and that disturbed him…but also aroused him. The fact that the younger girl was so bold and sexually provocative blew his mind…and made him want to blow his load as well!
“You need to pee to…or what?” she asked him while her hands slithered around on her pregnant looking bare gut. As he watched, she buried a finger in her navel and began to grind into it…digging…probing…almost seemed to him that she was trying to fuck the hole with her hand.
“You got a really big belly,” he said and she smiled.
“I know…I’m so fat. I just can’t stop eating all the time. Janet says I look like I’m pregnant…and my butt is getting huge!”
“I think you look good,” he asserted.
“I noticed,” she said with a grin as her eyes darted down to his erection that was mere inches from her.
She was into it…into him…and he’d already probably fucked up by banging Karen…so he might as well go ahead and ruin things good…and fuck his soon-to-be step-s****r too!
He grabbed his dick and began pumping it.
Her eyes lit up and she gasped, but her smile only widened.
“Do it on me…do it on my belly,” she told him as she scooted down on the toilet and pulled her shirt up even higher. “I knew guys liked it…I knew it,” she muttered. At school they pick on me and shit…but they all stare at me when they don’t think I’m looking.
He was pounding his cock pretty vigorously, but he’d already shot so much cum earlier in the night, he just wasn’t sure if he was going to be able to coax another load out. But his dick was hard and it felt good…so he was giving it hell.
The younger girl was sitting there…fingering her navel again…but he noticed she’d kicked her panties off and had her legs spread wide so that he could move in closer to her.
From her expression, she was getting off just watching him…or was it something to do with her belly button too?
He reached out and pulled her hand away from it and shoved is own finger into it and she gasped.
“Lick it…I like to have it licked…it makes me…makes me go hard…I will totally shoot off if you do it,” she whispered to him and he dropped to his knees between her legs and buried his face in her flab. “Ahhh,” she moaned a little too loudly and then he felt her spritzing his chest with her pussy juice. So much for my shower!
He pulled back and stuck his fingers into her pussy and began to finger-bang her. She was gripping her belly with both hands and shaking it…jiggling it…more for herself than him, he noticed.
Damn…it’s like she gets off on her own fat belly! It was weird but also kinda fucking hot. He watched her kneading it and then poking her navel again and then she moaned once more and spritzed him.
It was more than he could stand and he pulled her forward off the toilet and onto his cock. She put her feet down and braced herself on the toilet seat with her elbows…as he pressed into her with some serious degree of resistance.
She was breathing in quick, loud, deep breaths…almost gasping for air as he pushed deeper into her. Her pussy was so tight that he was beginning to think he wasn’t going to get all the way in…and he didn’t. About four inches in and he bumped her inner wall…tapped her g-spot as well…and she moaned overly loud, to which he responded by reaching up and covering her mouth.
“SHHH!” he told her. “Gotta be quiet!” he hissed.
She nodded, but her eyes were flittering wildly as if she were having hell controlling herself.
He leaned back and sat on his calves and pulled her forward…gripping her fat ass cheeks as he had her mother’s not too many hours earlier.

Using the toilet to support herself, she allowed him to work her hips on his cock and it was unbelievably intense and made her feel like she’d never felt in her life.
She bit her lip and spritzed his lower belly. It was embarrassing to continually do that, but she couldn’t help it. It felt too good to resist…to hold it in. She relaxed and squirted all over him again…while biting her lip almost hard enough to draw bl**d.
At some point, she felt him tense and pull her tightly against himself…driving his cock as deep as her body allowed him to…and then she felt a strange sensation inside her pussy as if his penis were twitching…jerking… and she realized he shooting off inside of her.
She knew enough from her s****r’s expertise and teaching, that letting a guy do that was how you got pregnant…and for an instant she almost panicked. But then as she pondered the idea, she grasped that if he did manage to get her pregnant…all it would do was make her belly even bigger…and then nobody would mess with her for eating a lot. And on top of that…her titties would probably finally start to grow…maybe even get massive like her mother’s. Somewhere within that swirling mass of thought, she decided she actually wanted to get pregnant!

“Don’t stop,” she muttered to him. “More…more,” she begged and it reminded him of Karen.
Holee shit…they’re all three nympho-sluts! He thought as the younger girl start bobbing up and down on his withering dick in a dwindling effort to make him continue fucking her.
“I…I can’t…not…maybe with my hand,” he offered but she shook her head.
“I mean squirt in me,” she said. “I wanna get pregnant,” she added with a lusty “oh” face that made him want to pound her again.
He leaned sideways and let her slide to the floor and then he started stroking his limpish cock until he got his somewhat hardened enough to penetrate her again and then they were at it. As they fucked on the floor, he felt his penis hardening fully and within seconds, he felt like he might actually manage another orgasm. How, he didn’t know, but her pussy was so tight, it felt like it was sucking the cum from his balls…literally sucking it out.
He ejaculated again…it was short lasting, but he managed it…then he rolled off of her and sat up on the cold linoleum.
She tried to sit up, but her fat belly inhibited her movements, so he ended up helping her up.
“Sit-ups aren’t my thing,” she giggled.
“Not with that gut,” he commented, a snarky smirk on his face. “So do you get off on it?”
“What…my belly?” she asked.
“Uh-huh,” she admitted. “I like being fat too. I even like it when people call me fat. I like it when other girls look at me and make fun of me.”
“Why?” he inquired.
“I know they’re jealous. They can’t eat whatever they want and stay thin. So I annoy them when I’m standing there shoving a whole twinkie in my mouth. And the boys always stare at me…and I know they wanna touch my belly and play with it.”
“Well not all guys like fat chicks,” he stated with a smirk and an arched eyebrow.
“The ones with big dicks do,” she popped back with a smirk of her on as she reached over and played with his limp cock. “Even the ones who don’t…still look. I think they still wonder what I feel like. They bump into me at school constantly…always mouthing off about, ‘Watch out fatty’…but it’s always the same ones…and they always make it a point to touch my belly or my butt. I know what they’re doing. And I think the other girls know it to.”
He smiled and suppressed a chuckle. He’d done exactly the sorts of things she just described all in an effort to cop a feel on some fat chick or chick with huge titties. He’d even bumped into Karen a few times on purpose.
“So now what?” he asked.
“What do you mean?”
“If our mom and dad get married or hooked up, we’re gonna be living in the same house together.”
“Yay! We can do it whenever we want!” she said with a giggle and expression of glee.

“Hey, we can’t be boyfriend-girlfriend…you know that right?”
She nodded, but her expression of joy faded quite a lot. “If you could though…would you? Would you be my boyfriend?”
“Totally,” he replied and her expression lightened. “So did you…I mean…did you get fat on purpose?”
She grinned. “Yes I did…and yes I am!”
His eyebrows rose a bit and she knew he was interested but not sure how to inquire further, so she decided to just tell her tale.
“I got a little chubby and noticed how my belly started jiggling and I liked it…so I started eating more and just not doing anything else. I’ve gained like almost thirty pounds in the last four months since school started. That’s like two pounds a week almost. But the bigger my belly has gotten, the more I like it…so now I’m not just snacking.”
She waited for him to push her further.
“What do you mean…not just snacking?”
“For the last two weeks I been making myself eat. Like setting my alarm clock every night…waking up, and eating till I can’t breathe. I do that twice a night, every night.”
“Say whuuuutt?!” he blurted.
“Since last week…I’ve gained six pounds. So six of my thirty, has been just in the last coupla’weeks.”
“And it’s all going to your belly, ain’t it?” he said, smiling and reaching out to pat her round tummy.
“My ass too…in case you hadn’t noticed.”
“Oh I noticed,” he said. “Did you mean what you were saying about getting pregnant?”
“Yeah,” she replied. “I can eat all I want then…and my belly and boobs will probably get huge like Mom’s.”

“Yeah, your mom is pretty hot,” he confessed, wondering how she’d respond to that.
She smiled oddly but said nothing.
“Damn…I need another shower,” he said as he climbed up to his feet and stepped back into the shower.
She stood up and followed him in and then spent the next ten minutes soaping up and playing with his swollen dick for him…while he lathered and kneaded her bloated and fat spare tire.
He wasn’t sure how any of this had happened – then again he sort of did see how it had unfolded. His father liked fat women. He’d hooked up with a fat woman who enjoyed big dicks. Her daughters were of course fat and also partial to big dicks…and here he was…his father’s son and well-endowed and hot for fatties as well. And this girl was not his s****r. They shared no biological connection at all. Him falling for her was no different than his father falling for her mother. So as she played with his cock, he felt no guilt over her…but something in the pit of his stomach gnawed at him over Karen. Was she going to jump on him again like that? Probably. Would his father eventually find out? Probably. Would it all go to shit when he did? Definitely. But for now, he wasn’t about to tell his father and lose access to the two pussies he was banging…nor did he want to mess up his Dad’s affair with Karen. He was happy with her and as long as he was careful…well maybe his Dad might not ever find out.