A nice day for a drive and a……

I was driving along in my hot car when out of the corner of my eye I caught this fantastic sight of a woman sunning herself in her side yard. I had to pull my car over and get a better look at this creature. She had the fullest, hottest body I had ever seen. She was so hot she could melt butter at a hundred yards (which I would smeared all over that hot body and eaten every inch of). I snuck up to get a better look at her. She was wearing a wicked weasel bikini that with her body left nothing to the imagination. I sat behind a bush and watched as she applied coconut oil to her supple skin. She started at her face and worked her way to her plump tits and spent a lot of time squeezing them and rubbing the slippery oil on her nipples rolling them between her fingers. She worked her way down her torso until her hand dipped between her legs. She spent a long time applying oil there, or so I thought until I noticed her back arch and a low guttural moan escaped her mouth and I could actually hear her fingers getting busy in her sopping wet pussy. Her twat was spasiming so greatly that you could hear it opening and closing around her fingers with a sucking sound. She reached up with a free hand and started squeezing her nipples with all her might. She pinched and pulled on them so hard I thought they would burst. Her other hand dug deeper between her legs and rubbed harder and harder until she was in a fevered frenzy. She was panting and gasping for air as her body convulsed from what have been an earth shattering orgasm. As it subsided, she collapsed in her lawn lounger and fell asl**p, one hand still between her legs and the other still holding a massive tit with an engorged nipple. I snuck up on her and just looked at this beauty. God she had me so hard that I just wanted to stand there and whack off over that fantastic body. It was then that I had the most devious ideas I had ever had. I decided to k**nap this beauty and make her my slutty sex slave. But how would I do it and when. Just the look of her body and the smells of pussy permeated the air around her and I decided to pound one out right there while she slept. I pulled out my meat and grabbed some of her coconut oil and coated my hard dick and slowly stroked it while looking down at this great body next to me. When I couldn’t stand it anymore I blew a huge wad all over her tits, face, and tummy. I wiped my dick in her soft hair, zipped up and retreated back to my hiding spot to wait her awakening. After a while she slowly awoke and started to stretch and rub more oil into her body. She stopped trying to figure out where all the sticky stuff had cum from. This woman had the body of a goddess. A goddess who I wanted bad. Now it was time to plan my a*****ion……… This was not an easy thing to plan for. This goddess was hot!!! I had to try and figure out three things.
1. How would I a***** her…….
2. What would I do with her once I had her…….
3. How would I keep her from wanting to go back……..
The first part was the hard part. I would have to a***** this beauty in such a way that no one would really miss her or in such a way as to not cause a scene. I watched her for a few days and realized that she had the same routine day in and day out. She always, weather permitting, went out to her side yard and sunned herself every afternoon. God she was so hot! She would wear the skimpiest outfits that barely covered her voluptuous body. I've seen wicked weasels in my time but what she wore would have to be considered evil weasels for there was more material in a foot of dental floss than there was in her outfits. She always followed the same routine. She would start to sun herself then after a while she would have the most frenzied masturbation session and then she would nap for a while. This woman was sex crazed. Each day she would bring a new toy into the back yard with her for her little hide the toy in my crotch games. After her nap she would go inside and shower (I know because I would sneak over to the windows to watch her). Each evening she would head out for a club and dance the night away before returning home in the wee hours of the morning. Besides being a complete goddess, she must have been well off since she did not work. She lived alone, in a nice house, and she drove a hot car (it paled in hotness though next to her). On the day of my planned a*****ion I headed over to my usual vantage point in her yard for the afternoon show. She came out wearing the sheerest white cover up I have ever seen. First of all it didn’t cover up much, and second, it was so sheer I thought it was plastic wrap. This cover up had spaghetti straps and was so short it barely covered her fantastic hot ass. Somehow I had the feeling that she new someone had been watching her and today she was putting on a show just for me. She kept bending over and making sure she spread her legs a little so I could see that her slit was beginning to glisten with her sticky sweetness. She would then stand up and stretch, almost arching her back so her nipples were hardening against the feeling of the material she was almost wearing. Today she brought with her the biggest but plug and dildo I had ever seen and a tube of astro glide. My god, what was she up to. She did a few aerobic stretches to limber up (which did anything but make me limber, hell, it made me harder than steel). She looked around the yard for an instant to see if she could catch who was watching her, but lucky for me she did not see me. She took her but plug and suctioned it, of all places, to the top of a short yard light, and proceeded to lube it up and down with the astro glide. She had to know I was watching her because she stroked it like I wanted to be stroked by her. I had to muffle my moans as not to be discovered. The next thing I know, she positioned her wet juicy slit directly over this massive plug and worked her slit back and forth over its tip. It was as she was trying to tease herself before giving in to any pleasure. I could see her stop and wiggle her hips as the tip of the plug would make contact with her clit. I could see her nipples getting harder as she reached up and pinched each one. She started to lower her now sopping wet pussy onto the plug but she stopped halfway. She did this over and over and over again. Each time her mouth would open and I could hear her moan. All of a sudden she stopped and hovered with the giant butt plug sticky and slippery from her juices just inches from her hot wet slit. She took a nipple in one hand and her clit in the other, threw back her head, and in one swift motion plunged her pussy onto the giant plug. She squealed and started to grind her pelvis into the plug as hard as she could while feverishly rubbing her clit and pinching her nipples. She was a woman possessed. Her eyes were glazed. I could tell she was close to cumming (God, so was I from just watching this goddess get herself off). Just as she started to cum she pulled her pussy off of the plug. She was so tight and so wet that when the plug came out it made a popping sound like the cork on a champagne bottle. All of a sudden without hesitation she again plunged her body back down on the ass plug, this time she drilled her ass with it. The second she had it buried deep in her ass, that was all it took to send her over the top. She started to shake and moan uncontrollably. The fingers on one hand were buried deep in her tight pussy rubbing and squeezing her clit as fast as she could while her other hand was busy kneading her breast and nipples. I pulled out my cock and began to slowly stroke it. It felt so good. Her breathing was short and fast and her moans were getting louder and louder until she seemed to freeze in place and all of a sudden she collapse, standing up, impaled on the yard light with the ass plug still buried deep in her tight hot ass. That’s all it took for me, I shot what must have been a gallon of cum all over her plants. When she started to become aware of her surroundings again I could see her trying to get off of the plug that was still buried deep in her tight ass.
Her body must have still be convulsing a little from the big “O” she just had because she couldn’t seem to pop it out of her ass. All I knew was that I was wishing it was me that was buried balls deep in that great ass feeling her vice like grip on my meat (but then again, it would be, soon). She must have worked five minutes to pry herself off of that toy when all of a sudden with a loud “POP” she freed herself while letting out a little yelp from the pain and falling face first onto the ground. As she picked herself up I was wondering why she had not used the dildo she brought with her. I would find out soon enough. I thought for sure she would now lie down and take a nap after such an exhausting little play session. Her ass must have been a little raw from such a huge plug, because when she started to sit down on her lawn recliner, she gave a little wince as her ass touched the cool fabric that covered it. I though, now…when she falls asl**p…it is time to make my move and a***** her! But, she decided not to sl**p. Instead, she grabbed the bottle of astro glide and proceeded to pour it all over her tits, stomach, pussy, and legs. What the hell was she doing? The next thing I know she took the massive dildo and began to suck on its head. She would run her tongue up and down its length and swirl it around the head before taking its massive girth completely in her mouth. Next she pulled it out and ran it between her breast and around her nipples before it made its way to her slick slit. She worked it up and down the length of her slit for what seemed like hours. Every now and then she would bury it deep in her pussy and then pull it out and suck off all of her juices that were now coating it. I was becoming weak as all the bl**d left my head and went to my other head. What a sight this creature was. She was a sexual dynamo. She played like this for over a half hour before she finally climaxed again. I was not sure I would be able to walk at this point, let alone a***** her. I was so delirious with horniness that I could barely function. She never took a nap or even fell asl**p in the sun this afternoon. Instead, she got up and went inside to shower. She even put on her clubbing outfit. That’s when it hit me! I knew exactly where and how I would a***** this fucking hot little sex machine……………..
I was standing outside of her room window watching her get ready to go clubbing. She came out of her shower dripping wet. I wished my tongue was the instrument she would use to dry off with but it was not to be, at least not yet! I had a feeling that she knew I was there but she never let on if she did. She took a soft cotton towel and slowly dried every inch of her fantastically tight and taut body. She made a point of gently drying her ass which was still tender from the punishing she had given it earlier. Once she was dry she put on the smallest silver thong I had ever seen. It barely covered her shaved mound and the back of it disappeared between the two glorious mounds of her ass. She then put on the sheerest tightest white dress. It hugged every inch and curve of her body. If you did not know any better you would swear her dress was painted on. Her nipples strained against the fabric as if they were trying to escape. She dabbed a little perfume behind each ear, between her breast and then with a finger, between her thighs. She put on some lace up sandals, you know the kind that lace up your calves before you tie them. My god, she was so hot that I was sweating from the heat of just looking at her. She could melt ice with just a stare. She grabbed her purse and walked over to her dresser and grabbed the bottle of astro glide and dropped it in. She also went to her bedside table and pulled out what appeared to be a little pocket rocket and a pair of handcuffs. My god was this woman kinkier than I had hoped? My mind was racing as to what I would do with my little sex slave once I had a*****ed her. She grabbed her car keys and headed out to her garage. I made my way back from her bedroom window to where my car was parked in the alley behind the bushes. I got in my car and waited for her to pull out so I could follow her to the club. She pulled out of her garage in a new candy apple red Volkswagen convertible. I thought, what a conservative car for such a wild sexual creature. She pulled out onto the street with her top down (the cars, not hers) and sped off down the street. I pulled out and followed her for what seemed like miles until she reached her destination. Image my surprise when she pulled up in front of “Club 69” one of the hottest new night spots around. This club was known for their head over heels approach to making sure you had a great time. I knew I had plenty of time to plan for the evening so I made my way home to clean up from the afternoons adventures watching her had provided. I lived in a beautiful home high on a cliff above the ocean’s edge. It was secluded plot of land with neighbors no where around. This was the place where I would bring this sexual dynamo and turn her from my sexual captive into my sexual wanton slave. I showered and shaved and got ready for what was to be the start of an erotic adventure for me and my new slave. I returned back to “club 69”. When I parked my car I made my way into the club and began the hunt. “Club 69” was a mind blowing place. The music was a heavy beat and brought out all your primal instincts. The lights were flashing in weird patterns and the alcohol was flowing like water of Niagara Falls. The only thing hotter and wetter than a hot tub was the women who were there. You could take all the perfect tens in the world and they could not compare to the class of women who were here. I made my way thru the club until I came upon some booths in back and found the goddess I was after. She was sitting by herself in a corner booth yet she was acting strange. She had a drink in her hand which she kept bring up to her lips to drink and each time she was about to take a drink she would throw her head back and let out a little moan and then squirm about in her seat. This went on for about 12 minutes and all of a sudden she was dipping her fingers in her drink and then dropping her hand below the table. This went on for about two more minutes when all of a sudden she dropped her drink and grabbed both of her nipples thru her sheer white dress and started pinching them and shaking uncontrollably. I was getting so hard watching her obviously cum from the effects of something I did not understand. I almost came in my pants from just the look of pleasure that was sweeping over her flushed face. With that she collapsed back in her booth and was panting like a crazed a****l. I was in a state of pure wanton lust for her at this point when all of a sudden from under her table pops up this little wiry blond with her shorts down to her knees and her tube top pulled down over her small but perky tits. The little blond just slid up into the seat next to her and gave her a peck on the lips and thanked her. The blond said “sex on the beach” had never tasted so good? And with that the blond pulled her top up and her shorts up and left with a smile. My goddess just sat there with a glassy eyed stare. Now, I thought, was the time to make my move…………………….