A greek passion, shared

A true story of something that will stay with us forever….

After another late night flight to Greece we got up in the morning to go to the usual boring meeting with the holiday rep, the only reason being as we wanted to find out about seeing the rest of the secluded island without going on an organised trip. grabbing a coffee we took a seat on one of the leather sofas and was soon joined by a lady on her own of about our age. 'so what do you think of the place, looks very quite' my wife replied saying it is quite, but thats what we like, not too commercial and great friendly atmosphere. after the rep had done her thing we waited to find out about hiring a car etc for discovering some 'more isolated spots' Mary had also waited and although it was only 9.30 am was already getting hot and she wandered over to the full length open window. i couldn't help to notice how the sun shone through her dress revealing a lovely curvy body. i looked at my wife Lisa, and she just gave me the look.
after the meeting we decided to go relax on the beach for the day as it was literally outside the hotel door. we got ourselves settled and then came along Mary, 'do you mind if i sit here' ? not at all, with that off came her dress to reveal a wonderful olive skinned curvy figure that i couldnt take my eyes off. time i went for a swim i thought, and left them to chat. from the water i could see that they were getting on well, laughing and chatting, but what amazed me was that lisa was creaming mary's back and neck. lisa has always denied any bisexual tendencies, although its a fantasy thats always been with me.
The day went by and we headed back to the room to shower and get ready for the night. in passing i mentioned to her about the sun lotion and she said well she didn't have anyone else there. 'did you enjoy doing it' ? with a grin she said yeah, ok. well that was enough to get my cock tingling so i moved closer and started to caress her naked body and kissing her neck. 'we havn't really got time for this' she said but i carried on with my cock now rock hard and pressing against her arse. i luv lisa to bits but i just kept thinking about marys body and her perfect looking tits, i was horny as fuck now, it didn't take her long to come round and was soon giving me head but i had to move her away as i was almost ready to pop. i went down on her smooth pussy and boy was it wet. i asked why she was so wet already, was it thinking about today ?. she said nothing and squeezing her own tits pushed her hot pussy hard against my face grinding away till she orgasmed i got up and slid my throbbing cock into her wetness and just couldn't help myself. after a few minutes i was filling her womb with hot surges of my cum. its not very often she climaxes so quick either, she was so horny. i withdrew and went down again to the musky scent of her filled pussy and nibbled her clit and licked til she came again, flooding our combined juices all over me…mmmmm.
well that was it for the rest of the day….no dinner !
next day we were up raring for breakfast and who should sit next to us ? yes, this was getting a bit strange but enjoyable. 'so what are you guys up to today'? we are going to get the bus up to the next village and spend the day on the beach and eat in a nice taverna we found the previous year, do you want to come ?. well i may as well as i don't know anything about the place. so we finished and off we went. on the beach i prepared my lilo which was a big double thing that we use to lay on and snorkel with. that looks fun, come and have a play i said, with that her top was off and with no bikini top on my jaw dropped. i cant do this ! i'll end up fucking her in the sea. i beckoned lisa in to take my mind off her a bit so in all three of us went. i opted to swim with my snorkel on while they laid on the lilo paddling out.i was enjoying the sealife when i looked up and saw them next to me and mary with her arm around lisa, i just looked and lisa laughingly said, mary keeps falling off. i smiled and made my way out of the water leaving them floating around. sitting on the beach watching them it looked as though they had known each other for years. and as they came out my mind was working overtime thinking of the fun that could be had. i asked if she had a boyfriend at home and she said, sort of but its pretty open. they then proceeded to put lotion on each other with lisa looking very relaxed having it rubbed into her neck and shoulders. the day soon went and when we got back she thanked us for a lovely day, kissed us both and we returned to our rooms. i was first ready after a shower so went down and sat on the balcony with an ouzo. then i heard, ' what a lovely day i have had, thankyou'. your welcome i said, glad you enjoyed it, lisa really had fun. we sat and chatted for a while with me gazing at her erect nipples poking through her thin top, getting a bit tingly down below. she could see what i was thinking and said, hope you dont mind me asking but has lisa ever been with another woman ?. i smiled and said 'i wish'. well she seemed ok with me today, i have been with several other women. she glanced at my growing bulge and said looks like you would enjoy it. i was choked but trying to keep calm i told her that we were broadminded and who knows. ok she says, gives me a kiss and put her hand on my cock. mmmmm feels good. when lisa finally arrived we went over the road to the local taverna for dinner. well you can imagine how i was feeling, almost shaking thinking what was going to happen next. well things got hot pretty quick and it wasn't long before mary mentioned about being bi. lisa looked at me with one of those wicked smiles. i spurted a few words out about never putting things down till you have tried it and the next thing i know is lisa has her hand on marys thigh. this was getting too much so i went to the bar had another ouzo and a ciggie to take in what was happening. after the meal we went to a local bar where we all sat closely together and after a few drinks talk started to get very dirty, and lisa was getting very flirty and she soon had her hand squeezing my cock through my shorts. you realise i cant just stop now, i need to get rid of this hard on…they giggled and we set off for the hotel where we opted to go to our double room. it wasn't long before i was laying on the bed and lisa came over to me and undone my zipper and started sucking my cock then mary was caressing lisas legs and bum, i had to get undressed, which we all done. i wanted to get hold of mary but they were all over each other, this was mind blowing mary kissed her way down lisas stomach until she was in between her legs licking her pussy. i took my chance and got behind mary rubbing my hands all over her soft body her tits were so firm but soft to the touch with her nipples as hard as hell my hands wandered round to her arse which was in the air and i slid a finger between her wet lips, a faint groan and she was pushing her arse hard against my hand with lisa now cupping her tits and squeezing her nipples. do i need a condom, i asked..no i am on the pill. i got closer to her and guided my cock towards her wet pussy, slowly i pushed in right up as far as i could go then slowly fucked her while she was licking lisas juices from her. i so desperately wanted to unload inside her but held off and withdrew and went round to lisa's head and she sucked my cock with mary's cum and my precum covering it. god this felt so good i was in heaven, and by the sounds of it they were too. i got lisa up on all fours and slipped my throbbing manhood inside and started fucking her hard till she came with a loud groan and fell down on the bed. now mary took my cock in her mouth and i just couldn't hold on…i'm gonna shoot, i cant wait. with that she bit the end of my helmet and stopped sucking…you cow i thought, please let me cum. she got up and kissed me passionately for a while and then turned her attention back to lisa. they were writhing together on the bed, you could hear their sloppy pussies every time they opened their legs and rubbed against each other. cum was oozing from me, i needed to finish off so i worked my way in, laid lisa down and guided myself into her, with mary watching and playing with herself it wasn't long before i was again filling her up with a real good load. my heart was pumping through my chest as i collapsed on the bed. mary was soon down on me licking all the cum off me then licked out lisas soaking pussy. they kissed each other and we lay together till the sun was cumming up. what a night and we still had 10 days to go !….
the mood was very different in the morning with lisa looking very embarrassed as to what she had done, it seemed quite awkward for a time but mary said she was going to her room for a shower so left us together to get ready for breakfast. we both showered and made our way, hand in hand down to the dining room. mary was nowhere to be seen so we ate and made our way along the prom towards town for a while. i asked if she was ok, she said yes fine, i stopped her, put my arms round her and said it was brilliant last night, did it upset you that i fucked mary ?. she just said she felt strange thinking about it now. well if your not comfortable then we wont do it again. i kissed her and nothing more was said.
we spent the day alone having lunch and walking along the beach until the evening. we ended up away from the main beach on what i called 'my rock', a sand covered outcrop which is where i used to do a lot of fishing. the sun was going down and it was still and warm. so the natural thing was to hold her close and start kissing her. it was so nice in the open warm air my hands running up her soft thighs while kissing and sliding my tongue around her neck and shoulders. quiet moans were coming from lisa and she turned and kissed me on the lips with such f***e i was almost pushed onto my back. i soon slid her top off to reveal her very hard nipples which i had between my lips almost immediately. we writhed around on the sandy plateau eventually taking all our clothes off. she went down on me and gently licked the length of my shaft up and down making my cock jump every time she got to the head…i needed more so moving her away i ran my hand up the inside of her soft thigh to a very wet smooth pussy. i then worked my tongue down from her neck over her warm breasts slowly over her stomach to the sweet smell of her now soaked lips. mmmm it tasted so good, sliding my tongue in between her lips, sucking them into my mouth and licking hard on her clit soon had lisa grabbing my head and moaning with deep pleasure. then another first..she gushed all over my face, WOW what an experience, first time ever i had felt it. i laid back and pulled her on top of me and soon i was slipping inside her with ease, she worked herself around on me pushing her pelvic bone hard against me cumming again with a tight clenching of her vaginal muscles. she got off and turned round on all fours, something that looked irresistible. again i moved behind her and penetrated her wetness with ease, slowly at first but getting so carried away i was soon thrusting hard and deep with my balls up against her clit…i was soon climaxing in an uncontrollable way with wave after wave of sperm shooting deep inside her. we both collapsed on the sand and laid for a while getting our breath back until we decided to wander back completely shattered to the hotel where we found mary sitting with a guy, more about them alter…. a few words to each other and a goodnight we departed to our room.
what a holiday this was turning out to be…
part two to follow