A great day at the beach

It was a very warm day and I decided to go to the beach and try to catch some sun and maybe look at some tits if I was lucky.
I was feeling a little frisky and decided to just bring my thong swimwear, meaning I would have to wear it or go naked. Don't worry. I was going to a nudist area. I didn't want to scare anyone!
As I got out to the rocks down by the water's edge I was getting a little nervous. Nervous and excited! On the one hand, I regretted bringing my thong, but on the other I was getting very horny from my own boldness.
I pulled off my t-shirt, my shoes and my shorts. Then I looked around to make sure no-one was watching. There were some other sunbathers around, but they were all pretty far away. I took a deep breath and pulled my boxers down.
My cock was already semi hard and dribbling a clear string of pre-cum from the excitement, and I quickly bent down and pulled the thong from my backpack.
I stepped into it and quickly pulled it up, wriggling it up over my hips and felt the thong slide up between my buttocks, and the pouch enclose my growing cock. It felt amazing! And so naughty!
I had another quick look around to see if anyone had seen me, and there was one couple looking my way. They were talking, and I could tell they found my choice in swimwear very interesting. I could tell they were not too impressed, but at least they didn't throw things at me. Always a start!
I felt my face blush, draining some of the bl**d from my cock, which settled for a semi-hard state, making a very nice bulge in my thong.
It was just a couple of meters down to the water, and I quickly made my way down and got in. The water was so nice I let the ocean cool my hot body and horny mind. After swimming a couple of lengths I turned back and swam for the place where I got in, and I got a shock.
There was a naked couple who had set up their towels right between the water and my stuff! Shit! There was no way I would be able to get past them without showing them my thong. For a short moment I considered pulling it off and going by them naked, figuring that would be less embarrassing, but my cock betrayed me and started growing hard.
They noticed I was stalling and the girl called out to me.
“Hey! Is that your stuff there?”
“Yup,” I replied.
“Well, come on up! We don't bite.” She was very cute, and very naked, and so was he. They were both shaved and seemed totally cool with being naked in front of me, so I figured they wouldn't mind. I was wrong. I got out of the water and the instant she saw my thong she cried out.
“Look! He's wearing a thong!”
I was so embarrassed! And my cock kept growing.
“And he's getting a hardon!” She started giggling uncontrollably, and her boyfriend joined in. My face went red as a tomato and I hurried by and started gathering my things, hoping to get away before they called the cops. My cock was bulging in my thong, making it look like a tent.
“Hey! Are you leaving already? Please don't! I'm sorry! We didn't mean to laugh at you! Sit down. I actually like guys in thongs!” She gave me a radiant smile I felt all the way down into my tummy and on down into my balls.
“Please? Pretty please with sugar on top?”
I could tell the guy was getting turned on by his girlfriend inviting a total stranger to sit down next to them with a hardon. His cock was growing too, and her nipples were stiff. I sat down hard on my towel, but kept my legs up and my knees together.
“Aww, come on! Show us!” she teased me. “Open up!”
Throwing caution to the wind I did as she asked and spread my knees, showing them the huge bulge between my legs.
“Mmm, I like that!” She ran a hand over her breasts, rubbing her stiff nipples. Her boyfriend's cock was now semi hard and he took it in his hand and started stroking it slowly. His other hand went to her round and very shapely ass and started squeezing it.
I couldn't believe what was happening! There I was, showing off my big bulge to a naked couple who were getting horny!
“Come on then. Pull it out! I know you want to,” she teased me, and without thinking I whipped it out, and it sprang to full attention.
My glans was all wet and shiny with precum and I could see the arousal in her eyes as she ran a hand down her belly and started rubbing her very smooth pussy.
“Mmm, that is hot! Make it cum for me!”
Was this really happening? A super cute girl asked me to cum for her and her boyfriend! I was afraid I would wake up and it would all have been a dream, so I started stroking for them.
She rubbed her clit in time with my hand as I slid it up and down my hard dick.
“Mmmmm,” she moaned and I saw her boyfriend increase his pace too. He had a big cock, and he seemed to be enjoying himself. So was I. Both from the view and from knowing they got off on watching me.
I could feel the orgasm building in my balls and I told them so. “Oh, I'm gonna cum!”
“Oh yes! Cum for us! Make that big thing shoot!” She urged me by increasing the rubbing of her now very wet pussy and I couldn't hold it any longer.
I felt the explosion start low in my balls and shoot up my shaft and out the top. The first spurt went high and splattered my face. She started giggling, and as the second spurt hit me in my open mouth she started laughing. When the rest of my cum shot in jet after jet all over the place she fell over laughing, and as she laughed, she came and so did her boyfriend. His load splattered her ass. I collapsed on my towel, all spent.
“Wow, that was amazing!” She sat up again, still with her hand between her legs. “Thanks!” Her voice was a little shaky from her orgasm. She was so cute!
“The pleasure was all mine,” I smiled at them. And then I got self conscious again. “I'd better go.”
“Mmm, you better! Because we're going to have to fuck after that, and I'm not sure you would be able to resist joining in. And that would make Dave very jealous, I believe.” She turned to her boyfriend.
“Yes, it would,” he said with conviction, and I found it best to leave them alone.
I quickly gathered up my stuff, swept the towel around my cum-drenched hips and hurried away.
Damn, that was exciting!
My cock was already growing again, and I ended up finding a secluded spot where I could jerk off another load, just so I could make it back to the bus without cumming What a great day at the beach!