A Golden Oportunity

I don’t seek out sexual partners at work. I try not to shit where I eat. But sometimes a golden opportunity just falls in your lap.

I was in my early thirties, in good shape, recently divorced, and in possession (though not necessarily in control of) a 9 inch cock. I was working on a project with a colleague when our boss got us a new fulltime typist to help with our reporting requirements. My friend and I were in my office discussing something or other, when a perfectly beautiful, slim, young woman appeared at my open office door, sporting shoulder length wavy blond hair, and wearing a white blouse, a short pleated plaid skirt, white knee socks and black “Mary Jane” shoes. (Think Molly Rome, only prettier.) She introduced herself as our new typist. My friend and I tried very hard to maintain our professionalism, explaining what we’re doing and what we will need from her, all the while trying not to trip on our tongues. We explain that we don’t actually have anything for her to work on right then, so she should get acquainted with her office (which is adjacent to mine) and the other staff, and that we’ll have some work for her in a few days.

As the days go by, we get to know her better. She’s eighteen and a recent high school graduate, where she did well and participated in several sports. She’s working this summer job that her father, a retired Army Colonel, got for her. He’s very strict, and hasn’t allowed her to date or to even apply to colleges (He doesn’t think women need any education, and would probably have gotten her to drop out of school if she hadn’t begged him to let her stay.) She has a “boyfriend”, the son of a f****y friend, that her father approves of, but that she hasn’t actually spent much time with. As the days go by, my friend and I are amazed at how smart and capable this woman is, accomplishing some unusual and complicated tasks with only limited direction from us, and remarking that she could go far if she weren’t bound by the antiquated ideas of her overbearing father. She is very open and friendly, and we have gotten quite close in a short amount of time. Oddly, over the weeks, her wardrobe, while always clean and neat, doesn’t vary much, as she continues to wear white blouses and skirts.

One day, I go into her office. She’s seated at her desk, so I sit on a short file cabinet next to it, and tell her that we’re very pleased with her performance, and will miss her when her summer job is over. She smiles, opens the top button of her blouse and leans forward, and I can see that her A-cup bra is a little too big, and that she has the most perfect white breasts capped with puffy pink nipples. She sees me staring and her smile broadens. She leans back and slouches in her chair, which exposes more of her beautiful white thighs. I can’t help myself, and place my hand on the inside of her thigh. She spreads her legs, forcing the hem of her skirt farther up, exposing her white cotton panties. I quickly check the doorway to make sure no one can see, and I run a finger up and down the wet crotch of her panties. She looks up at me with half-closed eyes, and moans. I continue for a while until the brain in my head takes over from the brain in my pants, and I realize I can’t continue this risky behavior. I withdraw my hand, and look at my watch. She looks up at me questioningly, and I say “It’s ten o’clock. At eleven o’clock, I want you to go into the women’s restroom and stand in front of the big mirror” presuming that the women’s restroom is the mirror image of the men’s restroom, minus the urinals. I continue “I want you to watch yourself in the mirror as you take off all your clothes, then I want you to get dressed again but without your bra and panties. Then I want you to come back to your office and wait until twelve o’clock, when you will come to my office. Do you understand.” She looks up at me with her big, beautiful eyes and her mouth hanging open, and nods her head. I get up and walk back to my office, where I try very hard to get some real work done, but fail miserably.

I think back upon the instructions I gave her, realizing that I’ve never even fantasized about doing anything like this, yet I seem to have pulled it off, and right out of the blue! I’m currently dating two beautiful women on a fairly regular basis, both of whom are closer to my own age. It never occurred to me to start something new, let alone with someone much younger, much less someone I worked with, and definitely not in a dom/sub relationship. Yet here I was. At lunchtime, I’ll know more, but until then, my 9 inch boner is trying to split my pant leg.

At the stroke of 12 (figuratively speaking), she walks through my doorway, stands in the middle of my office with her hip to one side (God, I love when women do that!) and proceeds to unbutton her blouse. When she gets to the third button, I am past the shock of what’s happening and jump up to close and lock my office door. I turn back to her, and she’s smiling up at me with her blouse half unbuttoned. I take her face in my hands and kiss her. She responds with a closed mouth kiss. Up until now, everything that has happened has made me wonder just how inexperienced this beautiful young girl really is. She has partially disrobed in front of me in a public workplace, allowed me to caress her wet pussy, and (presumably) followed my specific instructions about disrobing in the women’s restroom, yet she doesn’t seem to know how to kiss with an open mouth. I run my tongue back and forth across her lips and she opens her mouth, I slowly insert my tongue until I find hers, caress it and then retract mine. She sends her tongue out to find mine, and they perform a marvelous dance that elicits more than a few moans from her.

I run my hands up and down her body, caressing every square inch within my reach. I caress her breasts, confirming that she’s not wearing her bra, and with the other hand, I lift her skirt and caress her ass, confirming that she’s also not wearing her panties. I break the kiss and whisper “good girl”. She looks up at me with a broad smile, places her hand on the back of my head, and pulls me down for another kiss. I unbutton the rest of her blouse and pull it out of her skirt. I caress her breasts as she continues to hold my head to hers. I break the kiss and lick and suck on her nipples, and she throws her head back. I slide a hand up her thigh until I reach her pussy. I slide a finger through her soft, sparse pubic hair, and rub from her clit, through her labia to her vaginal opening and she quivers. I slide my finger in and out, getting it well lubricated, and bring it back up to her clit where I continue to play. She grabs my head and pulls it tightly to her breast. I pull away and raise my wet finger to my mouth, savoring the taste, and she looks at me quizzically. I back her up so she is sitting on my desk, I push her back, pull up my chair and sit down, tuck the hem of her skirt into the waistband, and kiss her pussy. She’s lying back, but up on her elbows as she watches me between her legs. As I lick her clit, she throws her head back and moans loudly. I start to think that noise might become a problem, so I lick her clit and slide my index finger into her opening. When it is soaked with her juices, I withdraw it and replace it with my tongue. She almost screams until I place my wet index in her mouth and her lips close around it. She licks it madly and all I hear from her is a low guttural sound, not from her mouth but her throat. I slide my tongue in and out of her pussy, and the pitch of her moans increases. I then withdraw my tongue to return to her clit as I insert two fingers from my other hand into her pussy. As I slide them in and out, she cums violently. I’m thinking “That was easy!” then quickly thinking “I hope she doesn’t bite my finger off!”

When she comes back down, she tries to sit upright, but I push her back down and raise her legs. I start licking her clit again and she is resigned to enjoying it while sucking on the two fingers that I just removed from her pussy. Now that I have access to her anus, I start paying some attention to that. She recoils initially, but soon begins to enjoy it. I soon withdraw my tongue from her anus and go back to licking her clit. Meanwhile, she is still sucking on my two fingers, I slide my original index finger along with my middle finger in and out of her pussy. After a few strokes, I withdraw my middle finger from her pussy and place it on her anus. She senses what’s about to happen, and writhes in anticipation. While licking her clit, I slide my index finger out almost all the way, and slide both fingers into their respective holes, resulting in another low guttural moan. I keep it up and she soon has another orgasm.

I withdraw my fingers from all her holes, stand up, and lower my pants, as she stares up at me, sweating and exhausted. I’m holding my 9 inch cock in my hand and ask her “Have you ever done anything like this before?” She shakes her head and breathlessly responds “not like this.” I run the head of my cock up and down her pussy while she moans. I lay my cock on her clit and slide it up and down. She tries to grab it, but I back up and slowly insert the head into her opening. She shouts, which reminds me that I need to do something about the noise she might make, and I slide a finger from one hand into her mouth while playing with her breast with the other. I back my cock out and put it back in again, and she looks up at me with her face contorted in what might be pain, but it doesn’t stop me. I continue teasing her with the first inch or two of my cock while she looks up at me with this pleading look on her face, though it’s not clear what she was pleading for. I took a step forward, and slid about half my 9 inch cock into her, and her eyes got really big. I withdrew and slid in balls deep. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she thrashed about, knocking stuff off my desk. I pulled out and continued to pound her until I felt my own orgasm approaching.

I was aware of my own infertility, but I didn’t want to frighten her with a creampie. I was tempted to cum on her belly, but didn’t want to soil her skirt. I ended up pulling out and standing there with my cock in my hand and feeling like an idiot. She lay there looking up at me, panting, as I said “Don’t worry. I didn’t come inside you.” I jerked off into a blank sheet of letterhead while she watched, amazed. I noticed the time and said “Lunchtime’s over. We need to get back to work.” We both cleaned up and made ourselves somewhat presentable. I asked if we could meet after work, but she said that her father always picked her up after work to take her home. My office smelled like sex, so I made sure to meet with others in their offices, not mine, for the rest of the day.

We hooked up a few times after that, though never with the same dom/sub theme, and obviously just to broaden her level of experience in a number of areas. At one point I asked her whether this was serious or just for fun. She smiled up at me and said “I’m having fun. Aren’t you?” I admitted that I was, and resigned myself to the occasional “nooner” until the summer was over and she left. I heard that she got married a little while later.