A Game of Dares

I've recently met up with my friend Tara from college and we were talking about the fun times we had and the things we'd get up to and I couldn't help but think that some of you on here might like some details.

Before college I was quite inexperienced. I'd been with a few guys but never properly explored my sexuality. At college I met Tara, who introduced me to her group of friends who were openly sexual. They talked about who, where and how they liked to fuck. They were so open and confident and I found my sexual libido rising. Within the first six months of knowing these people I was trying new things, fucking new people in new ways. I'd experimented with BDSM, lesbianism, threesomes. I was becoming what some people may call a slut, and loving it. Many people associate sexual exploration, especially in young adult girls as a sign of depression, hopelessness and low self esteem. For me it was the opposite. I had never felt more in control and confident. My phone was full of the numbers of men who would drop whatever they were doing in a moments time to see me. I enjoyed meeting new people and feeling their skin on mine. For a night we were as one.

Well this is all getting very deep, so let me lighten it up again. The main thing I liked was the excitement of taking a man's clothes off. Of feeling his cock for the first time. The look on his face when he first puts himself inside me (I love that little sigh of pleasure). I was always so excited to see what he likes and explore his interests. Would he be a dirty talker? Boobs man or ass man? Did he want to get anyone else involved, or dominate me? Kiss me or bite me? Men's sexual plays are so different, and that's the wonderful thing about them. I wanted to sample them all.

One evening Tara invited me to a party of her c***dhood friend Rich. Rich was a first year at university and was having a party at his house for his birthday. Rich studied Physics so he didn't have many female friends, so the party was mostly made up of males (no offence intended to physics students, but the course isn't very female heavy). The night went on and I was having a great time, but at around 11:00 Tara gave me 'the look'. The look we'd perfected over the past year. It meant basically, okay, who's doing who? I shrugged. Tara smiled cheekily and announced to the two boys sat on the sofa with us that we were holding a sofa meeting upstairs. The boys were confused, but the way Tara said it and the way she leant into them to whisper, who would have said no? So we walked up the stairs with them behind us. Our skirts were so short they must have been able to see up them. We led them into an empty bedroom and sat on the floor.

“What's this about then?” one of them asked. His name was Aaron and he was a little nerdy but super cute. “We want to play dares, you in?” Tara asked him. He smiled and let out half a laugh as joined us on the floor. Rich followed and sat straight down on the floor. I began. “Nikki, I dare you to talk off your shirt”. I don't think either Rich or Aaron expected me to, but I took off my shirt with a smile. I was wearing my favourite bra, a black lacy push up bra with a butterfly jewel in the middle. “My go?”, I asked, as the guys stared. “Tara I dare you to take off your top too”. “I'm wearing a dress”, she said. “Ok then…..take off your dress”. Tara stood up, unzipped her dress and let it drop to the floor. She was wearing a flowery bra and a matching thong.

Rich's turn now. He smiled and said “Nikki, I dare you and Tara to make out.” Tara and I kissed lightly for a few seconds then turned to look at the boys. They still looked interested though slightly disappointed. “That's not making out!” said Aaron. Tara and I smiled at each other. I ran my fingers through her hair and pulled her face to mine. Her lips were soft and her tongue massaged mine. Her kisses moved to my neck and then down to my breasts. I cupped her breasts over her bra and ran my hands down her back to her ass, sliding my hands under her thong. It was a routine me and Tara had done many times and had proved to be a crowd pleaser. Today was no different. We gently kissed each other before drawing our attention back to the game.

It was Aaron's go and he dared me to take off my skirt. A fairly innocent dare compared to what had just happened, but he was so sweet and nervous. I took off my shorts in a wiggle and threw them across the room. Tara decided to play a truth, and asked us all what the craziest place we’ve had sex was. Rich said in a camper van, Aaron's was in a restaurant with his ex-girlfriend on a meal out with her parents. Mine was in the function room of a church.

I dared Tara to give Rich a lapdance. She had told me about the crush she had on Rich growing up, and how they had kissed when she was 14 and how upset she was when he told her he was moving across the country. I pushed play on the radio on the bedside table and Tara pulled up a desk chair for Rich to sit on. She danced for a few minutes before climbing into his lap. As she did this I felt Aaron's arm around my shoulder. I turned to him and smiled.

“Nikki I dare you to undo Aaron's zipper with your mouth!” Tara yelled at us. “Well stand up then”, I winked at Aaron. I undid his jean button with my mouth, which was difficult and did require some help from my hands. Then I put his zip into my mouth and pulled down. I could already feel his cock hardening in his jeans on my cheek. Once his jeans were undone I pulled them down until he was in his boxers. I licked up his shaft through his boxers. He grabbed my hand and pulled me into his room next door. Aaron closed to door and leant against it. I dropped to my knees in front of him and pulled his cock from his boxers. I stroked it a few times before taking him into my mouth. I slid my tongue around his cock and felt him pull on my hair with pleasure.

He held out his hand and helped me to my feet. Then he walked over to his desk and pushed it all to one side. He pulled me over and bent me into position, his hand on my back and my ass in the air. He stood behind me and pulled down my knickers. He fell to his knees, planting kisses down and up my legs before feeling my pussy, which was already wet with anticipation. First he inserted one finger, then two. I moaned with pleasure as I felt them inside me. I moved to turn around to face him but felt his hand press me down to stop me. It was dominating but gentle at the same time. A combination that sounds impossible but has often led to the best sex I've had.

He reached into his desk drawer for a condom with his free hand. Then I felt his dick enter me. He let out a groan as he slid into my pussy and his hand pressed a little harder on my back. Then the pace sped up. I could feel him slamming himself against my ass and with every pound the desk hit the wall. The rhythm memorised me and I was close to cumming within a few minutes. He spanked my ass, which really turned me on. Suddenly I felt a wave of ecstasy flood over me and I came in a full body orgasm- the type that makes your knees weak and your head spin. He pulls out of me, takes off the condom and cums on my back, a long moan escaping his mouth.

Almost immediately he grabs a tissue and cleans me up, such a sweet boy. That's what I meant when I was saying earlier about the wonderful thing about men's sexual interests. I would never have known Aaron to like rough sex. I would have expected missionary and kissing, not bending me over a desk and spanking. What a thing, to find out a man's desires.

Well this was just one of many of my stories from being in college. I'll post more if you want later? Love to you all, Nikki xx

p.s. Tara and Rich totally banged too and still meet up occasionally if he’s in town. I fucked Aaron once again before he got together with his girlfriend.