A Friend in Need Part 2

Mick's pulsating cock told me he was ready. Like with Suk, he wanted a one on one so went back to her bedroom. Even with both of us naked he had a little concern about being with me. He had been with a married woman before but never with him in the next room and wanting us to do it. I assured him we would not be in the bedroom if there was a problem. I had him lie down on the bed and crawled in between his legs. His cock, which had been in Suk's mouth not long before, was now in mine Any doubts he had about me being married disappeared with each mouthful of his cock I took. A warm mouth sucking on a man's cock will make him forget whose it is. I looked up to see his eyes following every move I made, From licking his shaft from top to bottom, holding his cock deep in my mouth with the head in the back of my throat, to licking and fondling his balls I had his complete attention.

Within just a few minutes he literally begged to let him fuck me. I gave his cock another few moments in my mouth the rolled over on my back. He rose up and ask if he could do it from behind doggie style, like he has seen me in the living room. I smiled and got on all fours for him.

He rubbed the head of his cock all around my pussy then eased it inside me.. With this being his first pussy in who knows how long he held my hips and entered me as slowly as I have ever had any man stuff my pussy. Fully inside me, he ground his cock against me then began a slow fuck. I told him to take his time and enjoy me. Having cum within the past hour, I was sure he would last longer.

Taking deep breaths, inhaling when his cock entered me and exhaling when he withdrew, his cock throbbing with every thrust. I ask him if he had ever had his cock fucked by a pussy and he wanted to know what I meant. I told him to pull his cock out till just the head was inside me. Then I told him to look down. He watched as I began to slide my pussy back and forth over his cock. His low moan told me he was enjoying it.

Grabbing my hips tighter, he began to fuck me harder and faster. I wanted to feel his hard cock pounding my pussy. I urged him to fuck me even harder and faster. I found myself unable to keep up with his thrusting. Then I felt that first shot of his cum quickly followed by another. And another. I am sure they could hear us. With shouts of “Oh my God!” and “Oh Fuck!” his balls never seemed to empty. With one last thrust and one last spurt of cum, he pressed his body against mine.

I wanted to make it more special for him. As soon as his cock slipped out of my pussy I pushed him down on his back and my mouth took it back in. I began to lick and suck on it. It seems he still had a little cum left in his balls and he held my head and began to mouth fuck me. I sucked him dry. I had to let him rest before we went back to the group.

He asked me if it was always like this on the weekend. I told him we came to fuck and be fucked. Friends taking care of friends.

We came out just in time to see Scott unload in Suk's mouth while Wes shot his load up her ass. All Mick could manage to say was “Damn!”

Completely at ease then, after we rested for awhile he was right in the middle of things. From our mouths to our pussies to our asses, he traded places with the other guys as we had four cocks fucking us. His next load ended up in Suk's pussy and his final one, with my hubby's cock in my mouth, filled my butt.

He will be leaving early tomorrow. Traveling with a hard cock and a memory he will never forget. I honestly have pity for the first women he fucks in Florida. She is going to get pounded.