A Chance Encounter of Swedish Kind Part – 3

A Chance Encounter of Swedish Kind Part – 3

Follow you to your room, I said, why of course, thanks to the mix up with the air lines, we both have penthouse suites, so we might as well enjoy their splendor together. The last lady was on the elevator with us, my cock was now semi hard again but still between her ass, she loved it, the thrill, the tease, I guess even the hunt if you think about it. I guess the lady must have noticed something or smelt the aroma of sex in the air as she became uncomfortable, Mariel noticed this and said to the lady, it is a chilly evening is it not, as she spread her legs, facing the women. The women turn to her smiled and said why yes it is, you are so luck that you have someone to keep you warm when you get to your room, I am so unlucky, my flight got cancelled and they stuck me here, my husband and k**s are at home.

Mariel then smiled as they locked their eyes, why darling, I am so chilly I decided not to wait til I get to my room, she then lifted the front of her sun dress to allow the women to view straight up her legs as my cock was sticking out from between Mariel’s legs.

The women turned red, turned her head as she blushed, Mariel said don’t be shy, it is just us lonely women, we are all from the same flight that got canceled, I met this fine young man in the lounge earlier and I could not resist him.

The women then turned her face to us and said you are both so lucky, young love and the spur of the moment sex that makes life so worth living. When you become as old as I am you kind fall into a boring routine. Such is life I guess, she said as she stared at my cock. I placed my hands on Mariel’s waist and slowly moved my hand over my cock as I stroked the head for a minute, the opened her mouth and stared straight at my thick cock sticking out from Mariel’s legs, she looked up and our eyes met, I knew it right then and there that I was going to have a three some with these two fine ladies.

The elevator bell rang and the doors opened up, Mariel kept her dress up as I stroked my cock, the women looked confused, Mariel knew she had mixed feelings and needed a moment, Mariel said to her, our room number is 2169 if you change your mind, we got the penthouse, you can lounge in style with me and this 9 inch cock that just fucked me silly in this elevator. The women smiled as the elevator bell rang, she looked at Mariel and shouted, Simone, my name is Simone!

As the doors closed, I took Mariel, spun her around, and looked her in the eyes and said, you are going to be a handful I can already see that. She smiled back, came closer, held me around the neck and slowly crawled up on me, I held her by the ass with both hands spread wide, I could feel her juices running down. I lifted her up, and slide her down on her cock, she reach down with one hand and assist me in finding her pussy hole, she said just slam me big boy, Simone made me so hot, that little goody good. I just dropped her on my raging cock as she screamed out loud in the hollow and empty elevator, I fucked her hard for 4 more levels as the bell rang she screamed again and we both came together, now that is timing she said, come darling a hot bath for you and I.

As we entered the room it was totally amazing, with views of the city and airport. Top class all the way Mariel said, I yes why yes you are darling, now come suck my cock you naughty little devil you. That move where you crawled on me was awesome, no women has ever done that before, I could feel you so deep on my cock, wow, please once more. She smiled and said, not sure, you might not be strong enough. You should take this new vitamin my ex boyfriend use to take, she reached in her bag and gave a little blue pill. I said what kinda vitamin is this, she said, it is a Special Swedish one and if you are going to be my Lover, you need to understand the sexual depth of us swedes, your lessons begin tonight and this special swedish vitamin is your initiation, kinda like the matrix, you take or not but the end result is up to you and you raging cock that needs my attention and affection. So stop worrying and take it so that you can pour me a glass of white wine and come suck my pussy while I drink my wine and enjoy the city lights, come darling, out on the patio!

Mariel you devil, I took the pill and drank down some water, then I said on out baby, I will get you your wine and be right there, yes lover, she said, as she walked away and slid her dress off and let it fall to the ground. Such a women is dangerous, I know it, but why, oh why can I not resist her lust and her love, she is so warm and tender to the touch, her lips are so soft, her kisses to tender and her pussy so damn tight and wet, it seems like the more I fuck that tight little pussy, the tighter it gets or she has great control over her vaginal muscles. I pour her a glass and I take a slug from the bottle as I am about to enter into her vulva and take her to another world tonight, I just know it, she smells so damn good, it is intoxicating and I just know she taste twice as good.

As I head on out to the patio, I find Mariel laying on a patio chair with her legs propped up and spread wide, I looked down and saw how wet she was, OMG, with the moon light shinning on her body she almost seemed to glitter in the dark and her juices than ran down her legs was pure heaven, she was not to be denied the orgasm of her life. I handed her the glass of wine, and then I said, are you ready I know that I am, she said well then, why you still standing there my servant, come and please your queen bee!

I got between her legs, smoothly rubbed her inner thighs and slid my hands up to her wet pussy, I looked up at her and said, you are so damn wet Mariel, and creamy, she giggled and said, well darling, I am wet, but that cream is not all mine, you fucked me good and came like three times up in that tight little pussy. So be a good lad and clean up after yourself. I smiled as I knew she wanted to see me eat her out and swallow the mixture of our love juices and so I did.

I gave into the moment as I gave into Mariel. I suck her dry, her pussy just kept dripping with wetness. she sipped her wine leaned back and began a consistent moaning and groaning, as she demanded that I not stop. Well, I had no intention, I could see this woman was a goddess who needed to be served and her servant I was about to become!

Oh my sweet Mariel, I said as I came up for a breath of air, then I dove back between her legs and she squeezed them tight around my head, I locked onto her clit and sucked away. I was determined not to stop until she orgasmed on my face, I needed to taste here sweet juices, she is so sweet, you just do not understand. Mariel is my muse.

As I held her legs, for she was now kicking about in excitement, and never let go of her clit, she screamed out, oh my lord, oh my sweet lord, you know how to please me!

Just then she came as if on point, the door bell rang, we looked at each other in surprise and said, I did not order in. Mariel said help me up darling, I am a bit dizzy, you a bad man, you know how to make me scream, she smiled at me and kissed me deeply and passionately and looked me in the eyes and said, you will not regret this, I will reward you with my most precious gift!

She then walked to the door, without missing a beat, she opened the door stalk naked, and to our surprise, it was our fair Simone. She turned red when she saw Mariel standing there naked, she said, I could not stop thinking of what you two where doing in the elevator and I found myself touching myself, and with no one to please me and it has been years since my husband touched me the way you were being held. I just needed to see where this would go if I came to your room. We invited her in, and realized that she did not just come for the sex, she brought her bags with her, she was checking into with us, more for Mariel, my Queen said, as she held Simone by the hand and walked her out to the patio, a glass of wine, she asked, why yes, I need to calm my nerves, Mariel looked at me and I knew what to do. I headed for the kitchen and poured another glass of chilled white wine then headed back out, as I got closer, I could see Mariel holding Simone in a warm and close as they kissed, she then pulled Simone’s blouse off, then her bra, Simone had two pair of magnificent breast, so plump, so juicy, so firm, they stood to attention all by themselves. Mariel held them and examined them, sucking on her nipples as they rose to stiffness.

Then Mariel undid the sipper to her skirt, Simone look bashful and turned red as I approached with the wine, I said not to worry darling, this will help you to relax, she said thanks but could not take her eyes of my cock which was not amazingly super hard, it felt so fucking thick and long as if it was stretching with each minute to new heights. I did not know what to do but smile and said, Mariel turns me on but watching you two together sends me in a frenzy, she took the wine in one hand and reached down with the other, she said, oh la la, it is so hard and thick, I cannot even grip it, you are not putting that in me, are you darling?

I said, oh yes I am, if my Mariel says I am. You see, she is the only Queen Bee here tonight darling, you and I are but servants. With that, Mariel let her skirt fall to her knees and we both took a step back and said, wow, so sexy, crotchless panties, for a woman who says her husband does not fuck her. She smiled and said, well I am French and I still love to feel sexy and sensual, so who cares if he does not want to fuck me, I fuck myself yes!

Mariel, said, oh hell yes darling, as she approached Simone and cupped her pussy around the fabric of her silk crotchless undies. So damn sexy I was so hard. As Mariel leaned in to kiss Simone and finger fuck her, I came up behind her and pressed my cock against her and said, please Mistress, instruct me, she smiled and said, I am very pleased that you know your place. Now, Fuck me silly from behind as I eat out Simone and bring her up to speed. They laid Simone down where she laid before as I sucked her pussy, she then spread Simone’s legs to reveal the most delicate shaved, puffy camel toe Vulva I have ever seen, you had to peel back her vulva to get to her labia’s and big clitty, which was so perfect and wet, as Mariel licked up juices up, she said, baby, she is so sweet, you must give her your special attention after you fuck me, I think you will love to suck her huge clit it is like a little dick, must be at least 3 inches long, Simone said, no, it is more like 4.5 when I am really horny, this is why my husband no longer likes me, he thinks it is not feminine.

And with that, I enter into Mariel from behind, she was so damn tight, not sure if it was her or my super hard cock, which seemed to now no longer be 9 inches but around 10 inches long and 4 thick… She screamed at the top of her lungs into Simone’s pussy, oh you are so much bigger than earlier, I said, yes, I bet it is your special Swedish Vitamins. She laughed and said, I know they are, they are my daddy’s secret recipe!!

Well, then, I must have the recipe as I slammed into her, sending her down onto Simone’s huge clit, Simone took another sip of wine and said please do not stop, you are making me come, I am coming so hard, oh yes, fuck her goo, give it to her hard. I fucked Mariel so hard, she knocked the wine glass out of Simone’s hand as she sunk her fingers into her pussy and reached up for her G-Spot, I knew she found it when Simone screamed out her name, it was too much, I shot my thick load into Mariel’s pussy as she made Simone come again and again, and again.

As I withdrew from her pussy, she was still sucking on Simone’s long clit, I was in amazement when she came up for air and I saw just how long and big her clit was, Mariel said to me, it is so awesome, and wet and tasty and she dove back in sending shivers through Simone who now stretched out, my cock was instantly hard, as I walked over to her, and fed her my cock, she opened her mouth and took it willingly, she was so damn good at sucking cock, it was like I was fucking another tight pussy, especially when she took me in deep in her throat and swallowed. Simply wonderful, never felt anything like it before.

As Mariel brought her to orgasm, I fucked her throat deep and hard, she began to tear up and when I released her for air, I asked if you are ok, she smiled and said, yes, I just love being fucked so good, do not stop, with that, I stuck my cock back down her throat and fucked her good til she gaged on my cock, and as Mariel brought her to another orgasm she squirted all over the place but most landed down Mariel’s mouth and throat. The three of us, fell into each others arms under the moonlight as we finished the bottle of wine.