A bit of Posh!

Right then… in my ‘pretty woman I am not’ post I mentioned 2 other ‘gentlemen callers’ that had recently made my acquaintance. Well in this entry I am going to fill you all in on the second one. As with the first, my inspiration for nicknames has for some reason or another vanished, and as he already said he really didn’t want to be called ‘cutting-in’ (suggested for a couple of reasons… all of which clever I thought) I needed to go back to the ‘sex-inspired’ drawing board. I kind of had the feeling that I should try and incorporate an element from the film ‘indecent proposal’ but was buggered (not literally) if I could remember any of the characters names! Well in true ‘google dependent’ style (and thanks to idmb… mbdi… imdb – bollocks the film info site thingy) I decided upon ‘Mr Gage’ lol.

As with the majority of other meets we had been chatting for a while on a fairly popular … erm… supposedly ‘date’ site but really is just a ‘do you want a shag’ site, and he was surprisingly articulate. Typical shameless flatterer, but not over the top and managed the correct balance between clingy and keen. This was all new to him (as with many of you) and I always think it somewhat admirable when you pluck up the courage to meet both ‘Eeyore’ and myself.

Now, I seem to be developing a trend for able bodied seamen (and the like) but then living where I do it’s hardly a surprise! He was an older gentleman… tall, well-groomed, salt and pepper hair (yummy), good physique…. Yep! I thought to myself… he will most certainly do!!! We relaxed in the conservatory with a glass (or few in my case) of wine for a while (in an attempt to combat the apparent nerves) before joining ‘Eeyore’ in the lounge. I had chosen to dress fairly conservatively (for me at least), but did feel he was relaxed enough for me to lay my legs across his lap as we sat on the sofa. He dutifully and attentively stroked my legs and feet as we all chatted, and I would have been perfectly happy (and enthusiastically responsive) if he had decided to kiss me. I don’t know if it was due to nerves, being far too much of a gent or simply an obvious uncertainty regarding cuckold/voyeur etiquette but after a few hours (which flew by I might add) and much laughing, he decided to go home! Now ladies and gentlemen this is most definitely a first, and I suppose I could have merely pounced on him, but the dextrous way in which he was stroking my legs and feet gave me the impression that he would be a formidable contender (without the hindrance of nerves) so decided to let him take the lead on this one lol. There was also the option that perhaps he just wasn’t that into the idea… or maybe I wasn’t his type, but that was soon rectified upon leaving when we enjoyed a short yet sensual goodbye kiss…. Fucking tease, I thought…. Making me wait… Not sure if I had the willpower for this lol.

Thankfully (and despite a brief waiting period due to timing etc) we didn’t have too long to wait before our next tryst. Excitingly, I was lucky enough to be allowed an ‘away game’ too… the anticipation was almost too much! Lol… Being the gent that he is ‘Mr Gage’ (who lived a good 30 min drive from me) offered to pick me up and take me to his house. Now part of my rouse for nosey eyes and ears was that I was going on a night out so wouldn’t be home til late (can I just say that ‘Eeyore’ was privy to the whole thing … I never meet without his prior consent or approval, as you well know) That said it was necessary for me to ‘dress-up’ a bit, as I would for a normal ‘night-out’ with the girls. I could actually have passed for quite a nice young lady, if I hadn’t upon arrival at his home I cheekily asked him if he lived with his mum (only due to the tidiness of his house – not the choice of décor lol). Again we sat for a while, enjoying a cheeky glass of wine (well I did… he was driving – I know; bitch!). The conversation was good, he was very tactile (and not at all subtle when sneaking a peak down the front of my vicariously positioned dress lol) and I am pleased to say that I didn’t have long to wait before we were kissing… very passionately on his sofa. He was hungry! I felt his hands exploring underneath my dress, and as the style didn’t allow for a bra there was little to stop him gently stroking my small tits. I gasped and held his head close and his kissed down and chest and sucked at my nipples. I was expertly twisted round onto my back in one fluid movement as we continued to kiss. He took his time to slowly relieve me of my shoes and stockings, stroking my long legs as he went. Then, without warning and rather ceremoniously, he proceeded to lift me up into his arms and carry me upstairs to his bedroom (without the usual signs of struggle, breathlessness or subsequent fear for my safety at being dropped in a heap…. impressive!) I was thrown onto the bed and relieved of my clothing amidst spells of kissing and caressing, in a manner befitting a Mills and Boon novel. If there had been any doubt in my mind at that point about how ‘posh’ he was (which there wasn’t) they would have been clarified by the fact that after removing my LBD in a lust fuelled embrace he took care to hang it neatly over the bedstead… oh er! He ravenously lapped at my already wet pussy, delving deep and sending shockwaves through my stomach. The intense sensation caused me to arch my back and feeling my hips lift slightly ‘Mr Gage’ used his hands to raise my pelvis up to his face so I only had my head and shoulders left on the bed. I could do little but groan and grind against his mouth… getting lost in the sweet, growing warmth emanating from my tingling pussy. Not only did he have ‘very good oral skills’ lol but he should really consider taking up the piano!!! If the ‘there’s a lot to be said for experience’ quote hadn’t already been used on a blog, I’d use it now… as it certainly applies. Upon my return from a short ‘ablutions break’ I was met on the landing and we ended up in a sweaty heap on the floor. The tip of his hard cock brushed against my hot clit and I ached to be fucked. Once again I was lifted off the floor and carried back to the bedroom, where he donned the condom and I eased him inside of me. Delicious. Now, this wasn’t the first time that prior to meeting a chap he had mentioned that he wasn’t overly keen on blow jobs, but 9 times out of 10 I see that as a challenge! And I have to say, he definitely rose to it… He was very receptive and responded in the usual way to me licking along the length of his throbbing shaft, teasing the end of his cock using circular motions of my tongue and taking him deep into my throat to the point of gagging. My efforts were rewarded as he shuddered and filled my mouth with his cum. As I swallowed down my hot sticky prize, I felt an accomplished thrill as he lay panting telling me that it felt like he was being turned inside out!

A very enjoyable evening and I know I’ve said this before but I will definitely be up for another encounter with this one… Thanks very much!